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  1. Looking got the Person that purchased Remington 700 5R rifle from me. Lost contract info. please email Kloeppel@bellsouth.net Chris
  2. You need to dance with the one you brung. The recoil impulse will be different with the lighter bullet. You need to practice with the same equipment and ammo you use in a match. You are only looking at $180.00 per year or $15.00 per month based on $30.00 difference per thousand. Or look around for a better deal on bullets.
  3. Get a Redding a Micrometer Seating Die. It will perfectly align the bullet with the case mouth. I would flare the case using the powder funnel and the let the Rdding Die seat it. If that doesn't work I would change bullet manufacturers.
  4. When I loaded super comp I tried 4756 and had a few cases bulge. Quit using it in fact have a whole container less 200 rounds on the shelf. I load Auto Comp in both of my 9 mm open guns. One Limcat Flashcat and an Akai. Both guns shoot the same load with a spread in PF of 2. I load Montana Gold 121 gr IFP bullets at 1.150 OAL.
  5. If anybody has one in stock it would be Shooters Connection.
  6. I use Lee FCD dies for every caliber I load including my 38 super revolver loads.iuse the following for all calipers Lee U sizing die Redding Micrometer seating die Lee FCD I also use Dillon Case Lube thinned with alcohol. Takes very little effort to size brass and makes the machine operate smoothly. You can buy plain lanolin from the drug store and thin it with alcohol and have the same thing as the Dillon Lube.
  7. I would thread the holes and put screws in them and grind flush. Another thing would be to silver solder a plate over them or silver solder the holes..p
  8. Limcat Open 24 oz Sight Tracker Limited 24 oz Les Baer 1911 2 lbs
  9. When I first started shooting the next shooter get ready to shoot and the shooter in the hole did the same. Two people on the squad would go pickup the brass while the balance of the squad pasted reset targets. By doing it between shooters it did not take anty time and sorting was not a problem. For this to really work all the squads have to do it this way so only the last shooters brass is on the ground. Brass recovery was better because it did not get stepped on or kicked around like it does if you wait on the entire squad to shoot.
  10. How hot does it get in Phoenix? It gets hot in Frostproof also but i it is bearable even in July and August.. Looks like the ranges in the Phoenix area are all sand and no trees , grass etc . Florida ranges are grass with trees around for shade. This helps when it is hot they don't radiate heat like sand does. They are both at extreme ends of the U.S. when looking at it from Northern locations regarding travel. Airline service extremely good for Frostproof due to Disney World being very close. ( fly in to Orlando numerous flights from most major airports). Frank has a Huey also so that is a wash. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head to consider when comparing ranges. I live in Florida so I obviously would vote for Frostproof.. There are plenty of other ranges that should also be considered.
  11. I shoot a Model 41 with a Clark 5" STC Barrel threaded for a comp. The only misfires I have had with this gun was bad ammo. I also have a Buck Mark with a Tac Sol barrel for back up and a Marvel Unit 1 on a dedicated Caspian single stack frame. Both guns are threaded for comps and both have conventionally mounted C-Mores as does the Model 41. I have been the Ruger route and prefer the Buck Mark over both models of Rugers. Ammo is usually CCI Standard Velocity.
  12. Tumble brass, Lee U die for resizing, Redding Micrometer Seating Die, Lee Factory Crimp Die. This is on range pick up brass loaded on a Dillon 1050 less than 1% failure rate with 180 gr BBI or MG 180 gr JHP.
  13. Can't go wrong with Clarks. I have had nothing but excellent products a service from them.
  14. I don't care if it is a new shooter or somebody that has been shooting for years the RO should not say anything but range commands. They are there for safety not to be a comedian. If it happened to me and it was the RO and not another squad member I would stop immediately and demand another RO and a reshoot. Any RO that lacks professionalism needs to be reported to the Match Director.
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