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  1. Not sure where they are, but keep in mind if you do find them. Arbs are one time events. They don’t set precedent or change rules. I’ve seen arb committees make great rulings and identify weak spots in the rules and I’ve seen arb committees basically engage in jury nullification and completely ignore rules. There are some really messed up arb decisions.
  2. Something interesting to note. I rarely see top level competitors DQ in pistol matches. The Max Michel, Dave Sevigny, Rob Leatham crowd. Even going down a couple tiers. But it seems like just about every top notch three gun guy has DQ’d. Even with a lot less matches to do so. I’m sure they are out there, but I can’t think of one that hasn’t been sent to Dairy Queen. And not just at USPSA matches. But IMGA, 3GN and other outlaw events. There is just a lot more going on, a lot more chances to make a mistake. Not saying anything should change, just saw someone talking about top level guys walking on eggshells.
  3. That rule wasn’t in response to two piece belts. It was a result of the Guga Ribas holster. The one where the little tiny holster body could be removed from the belt. NROI didn’t want people walking around with a pistol with what looks like a barely visible trigger lock attached. The difference is intent between the two. Dropping a gun and having an RO pick it up is not handling. Handling the belt or holstered gun while not attached to anything is handling. There is an area where a line needs to be drawn. That’s where USPSA chose to draw it. Other sports draw it in different spots.
  4. There are also several records that have been eliminated from the record books based on conduct. As far as stopping a DQ before the safety violation many of the rules are designed that way. To stop the shooter before someone gets hurt. Running with the finger on the trigger, breaking the 180, stuff like that are meant to stop the shooter before someone hurt. Break one rule, go home, pay price. Usually takes breaking two before someone gets hurt.
  5. Does the score of the person who was kicked out of the match count to set the stage high overall time? If the match is using hit factor (is anybody?) or stage points it could change the results for everyone. If hero or zero boy wins three stages, then DQ’s it affects the scores of everyone else.
  6. DQ’s are punitive. Action shooting is based on a premise of shooter responsibility. You are responsible for yourself and your gun. Fell and broke the 180 because poor prop maintenance? Should have been paying attention. Shotgun dump barrel fell over because it wasn’t staked properly? Should have been paying attention. You should be operating at whatever level you can control your body and equipment 100% of the time. If you fail, you failed. There should be consequences for that. Kurt, you talked about some of the safety reasons for a DQ. What about the other ones? Cheating and Unsportsmanlike Conduct? Should the competitor get to keep the stages he didn’t alter the PS time on? Should his scores remain in the match after he got caught adjusting the scope dials on another competitors rifle? What about the screaming match with the RO on the last stage over his 7th immaculate double of the match. Theres wide latitude in 3 Gun matches for DQs based on whatever the MD wants. Like DQs getting all the scores tossed? It’s easy to pick an established rule set that says that. IMGA, USPSA, UML, whatever. If you want to include scores after a DQ just write the rules for your specific match to say that. I’m betting most people won’t care one way or the other and will attend the match if they were going to. I probably won’t though. I’m a bit rigid when it comes to safety. We have a local Practical Rifle match. It’s one of the first sports I shot. I won’t go any more because of the MD’s lax approach to safety. He thinks he’s a range nazi, and on certain things he is. The last match I shot they had a rule about never pointing the muzzle over the berm. Cool, but he also let a guy stay in the match after he pulled his rifle out and pointed it downrange while people were still resetting. Twice, in a row, after being told not to. The MD let him stay in and shoot the next stage. From the bed of a moving truck. No thanks, I get shot at enough at work. Don’t need it on my days off as well.
  7. That’s great until Daniel Horner wins the match after DQing on the last stage. I’ve seen more than one match where he has been far enough ahead he could have given a stage away.
  8. So if shooter A DQ’s on stage 1, and shooter B DQ’s on stage 1, both on the same loose stair, they have the same potential for score. Unless shooter A started the match on stage 1 and shooter B started on stage 2.
  9. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. There is always talk. Nothing ever actually changes though.
  10. I was really surprised at CO. Took a couple years off. When I left it was just barely getting off the ground and, well kind of lame. The majority of the competition was in Open and Production locally with all the sharks in those two divisions. Came back and hardly anyone was shooting Production, which is good, because I kind of suck now. Seems like CO and PCC have a big following. PCC didn't surprise me but CO did. Lots of speed coming out of that division.
  11. Check to make sure the ejector is fully intact. The spring steel should be tight at the rivet and have a springy bend in it when pushed towards the receiver. Also make sure the tip of the grooved plate the ejector rides in is still intact. They occasionally break. It should lock up with the barrel. If the ejector needs replaced it’s a definite gun smith job. Rivet needs to be drilled out and replaced and usually the receiver needs to be refinished.
  12. I’ve been running the Deltapoint triangle on a Saiga for...not really sure, but several years. Guessing 10ish. Works great. For my gun the top of the triangle zeroed at 50 worked out to the bottom being almost perfect at 100. I’m playing around with the Holosun now but I’m less impressed. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong but the QD mount loosens up every couple hundred rounds. There will be some loctite in its future.
  13. Shot this way a few times. Usually in tactical training. Basically what to do if you get knocked on your ass. I remember taking a class from Jim Cirillo on it back in the 90’s. He taught using a version of the Crimson Trace laser. Made it really obvious all the many, many times he swept himself.
  14. Podium finishes yes, but if memory serves the importer thing was fixed very close, if not before, Ben started shooting them. When Eric was crushing it with them and shot several matches in the US. Ben definitely had a positive influence, but is definitely not the sole defining factor. Just like Eric isn’t either. Of course I have a Tanfo sitting in the safe I had J.J. work over for me. Still don’t shoot it as well as Glock or even my old SP-01’s. So I might be biased.
  15. The number of Tanfoglios sold to US Production shooters is a drop in the bucket. The difference in sales likely has less to do with Ben and more to do with actually having an importer who imports them. It wasn’t long ago when they carried an above retail price because they were a pain to come by. At least now you can find them for sale.
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