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  1. My take on stage design is that it's all about balance. Gadgets are fine as long as they don't dominate. Same with box to box, standards, hoser, precision etc. I shot a match recently where almost every one of the rifle targets was a mini target with a no shoot covering all but the head. Basically you had a 2" square to shoot at, and if you missed low, which almost everyone did, it was a huge penalty. It took the fun out of shooting rifle at the match. Do it on a stage or two, or even a target or two on every stage, no issues. But when that is the only thing tested with the rifle it becomes a bit of a snooze.
  2. I just shot a match that used one. Had a couple spots you could engage it from. In back you could get enough of an angle with it that you could take about 7ish shotgun rounds and mow it down. Or you could go up if you were shooting PCC Division and have to shoot it 1, 2, 3 each row. It still gave some options. Either find that one exact sweet spot and take less rounds, or run up and try to go more quickly. It was also a very small part of the overall stage. Say 10-15 seconds if you were really slow, 5 seconds if you were quick. The stage itself was won in the 90 second range (if memory serves). If the target is that small of a part of the stage, I have a much easier time justifying it. Make the stage shorter, and that gadget the all important part, less OK with it.
  3. Agree on reset. How about the 18 plate rack from MGM? High round count gimmick target, but super easy reset.
  4. 150mm sounds about right. That's about the same dimension as the factory Glock 24 rounder. I think they made them for a military RFP and released them to the Civilian market. Definitely not made for USPSA/IPSC.
  5. I'm fine with the targets. I think the OP was trying to articulate the concern comes when the gadgets dominate the course of fire. Basically doing away with all the other fundamentals of good stage design to just say, look, we bought the thing, we need to use it at every match so we get our money's worth. Personally, I don't think that has anything to do with the target itself and more to do with those designing the stages.
  6. It's as definitive an answer as I would expect without Troy being able to speak to the RO and get his side of the issue. I've seen many of these emails that give, well lets just say a generous side of the story. Not saying this one is, but it causes more harm than good to say the RO was wrong without talking to him.
  7. I've shot in some pretty miserable conditions. Rain, snow, mud, whatever. But when the safety of shooters or staff is at play, it's not worth it for a game. Cancel the match when you know it's unsafe and move on. For the Crimson Trace match we had thunder and lightning one year on the other side of the valley from us. I came very, very close to cancelling on that one. It was pretty much constant watching the radar and watching the cell a few miles away. It was a match with no extra time built in, if we had to call it for a couple hours, it was going to seriously mess everything up. It's probably the most stress as an MD I've been under. Everything else is easy. So if another MD had to cancel an event because of weather, I'm damn sure going to do my best to try and make whatever the make up date is.
  8. And how pissed are people after you cancel it a week out, and then the range is just fine?
  9. There's a big difference between our rain and what A4 got hit with.
  10. Suck it up buttercup. I mean that seriously. Suck it up into your shoulder. The looser it is, the more likely to bump fire. You can also adjust your buffer weight/spring/recoil system. The bump fire happens because the gun moves back enough in recoil your trigger finger comes off past the reset point, then the bolt comes back forward. When it hits home, the gun moves back forward and the trigger hits the finger. Reduce that movement and the potential is reduced.
  11. Never? IPSC is just as messed up at USPSA, just in different ways.
  12. IPSC didn’t change from 10 to 15 rounds. They changed from factory capacity(ish) down to an arbitrary 15. Drawing a conclusion about increasing capacity doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  13. Saw this happen at Area 6 several years ago. Angus Hobdell was at the top of the results page with a time significantly faster than Max Michel and the rest of the Open guys on a 32 round field course. I asked Angus about it like a proper gentleman. He told me he had already brought it to stats attention and there had been an error entering the paper score sheet into EZ Win Score (yeah, back in the dark ages). Quick fix after the looked at the sheet and realized his 1x.xx time should have been 2x.xx. About that time another competitor came up and asked in a slightly less dignified manner. Angus being Angus told him tough, score sheet was signed and he was keeping it. Based on the competitor’s face that was coined “purpling the Dave”. (And no it wasn’t Sevigny). That dude was pissed.
  14. It’s interesting that Kurt sees 3Gun now as more box to box with less options. I had the opposite view. I started in the mid 90’s and most matches were pretty much shoot this with shotgun, go here shoot this with pistol, then go here and shoot rifle. There were some options in style and order, but very rigid about what you had to shoot with. Since 2012 I’ve seen way more options related to what gun to use, and how to shoot stages as a result. The last match I shot I was heavy on pistol, much more so than anyone else because that’s what I’m good at. But there were big time options on which targets to shoot with pistol or shotgun. Rifle you just had to suck it up and shoot 2” targets all day. As far as stage design it’s definitely regional and dependent on who is designing stages. It’s very easy to help out with some ideas and move that feel one way or the other. Most MDs welcome good stage designs because they have enough work already.
  15. Something to think about using a 9mm as a back up to a .40. You will either have to carry ammo for both calibers or buy locally (hopefully). If driving, not a huge deal. Flying is another matter. As far as wanting the 9mm for the non PF matches, what are you using them for? I used to shoot Speed Steel with my .40 major gun. I didn't really care about the Steel match, I was just using it for practice for USPSA Limited. If that's your goal, stick to major. If you are doing it to enjoy the matches, then .40 minor or 9mm are good picks.
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