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  1. I friend of mine has the Stern adapter and loves it. He said he hasn't had a single issue and uses it often for range instruction. I picked up one of the Sylvan adapters a while back and finally tried it out. I loaded up a few different Glock mags with an assortment of reloads and factory ammo. The gun ran just fine. I did have to try a couple of different lowers as it fit all but the ones I had coated via a rattle can from Lauer. But the ones it fit in it ran 100%. I am not crazy about the mag release lever in front of the mag but it does work smoothly and quickly as intended so it's more of a training issue I will need to work on. I am glad companies have designed these vs having to get a dedicated lower. I have considered the Stern for the M&P/ P320 mags as well for a stubby HD pistol build. I have a supply of mags for both.
  2. Just the confirmation and register/pay here emails from practiscore. Nothing regarding the crash. Craig.
  3. I sent in via phone and computer. The computer link said the website was down. The phone went through. I tried to log on a friend but neither would work then. I think the site crashed right after that initial flood of entries. So if it was a few seconds later, it got the site down response. Linda will get it fixed. She always takes care of it.
  4. 200 yards on a 2/3 popper with a Colt Woodsman 4.5" barrel and CCI Blazer bulk ammo. After about 5 shots to range it, I could hit it about 3/4 of the time.
  5. Ken

    Enjoyed shooting with you on 18, in spite of the conditions. With look on your face after you finished the stage with the Tiger, I wasn't surprised you cut your losses and headed home. Sunday was better after the thaw dried although the ground was very chewed up and uneven. Good luck at SSM this weekend and I will probably see you in KY in a few weeks.

    Craig Nor...

  6. Go with a Dawson extended basepad and Arrendondo insert. Keep the stock spring and follower. Should easily get you 20 in 38 Super. I get 22 in mine shooting 9mm.
  7. Just load a pistol primer load every other round and have your double taps on demand, at least 60% of the time.......... Craig
  8. I would stick with factory Para mags if shooting 45. With Grams pads, springs, and follower, mine hold 18 reloadable. I have heard of others getting 18 using Dawson pads but mine won't. For a 9mm Para, I would also stay with Para mags. Mine have Dawson pads and hold 22 for 140mm. The other option is STI for Para but they don't make them anymore and the one I have isn't reliable like the factory Para mags. I have heard the SVI mags are better suited than STI for 9mm, especially when loaded long. For a 40 cal, I would be tempted to use STI mags and a modified mag release. The shape of the STI allows for easier reloads while still holding as many rounds as a Para mag. I have a few MecGar Para 45 mags that work 100% but they are only 10 rd. All other MecGar mags I have for BHP, SIG, and XD work fine. Craig
  9. Fastest data I could find for a 55 gr bullet: Hornady Load Data BL-C2 28.1 gr 3300 fps 26" barrel Rem 700 1/12 twist Nosler Load Data N135 25.0 gr 3195 fps 24" Lilja barrel 1/12 twist Sierra Load Data (These for max of 3100 fps) XMR-2015 25.2 gr X-Terminator 25.1 gr AA-2230 26.1 gr TAC 26.3 gr VV N135 25.6 gr 20" COLT AR15 1/7 twist Sierra also lists loads for a Rem 600 bolt gun but they are also higher pressure. Some of these loads reach 3300 fps but again in a bolt gun with 1/14 twist 24" barrel. Speer Load Data 28.0C 748 3313 fps Ruger 77 MK11 1/12 twist 22 " barrel Most books suggest slower twists with 55 gr or at least keep velocity down. Quote from Speer Book: At 3200 fps out of a 1/7 twist barrel, the bullet is rotating 300,000 rpm when it leaves the muzzle. This rotation is more than most varmint bullets can withstand so they are literally ripped apart as they leave the barrel. I load 55 gr to shoot out of my ARs at around 2950 fps and they are extremely accurate in both my 1/12 SP1 and my 1/7 Match HBar. Hope this gives you some suggestions. Craig
  10. It's always a good feeling to know you can back a charge off even more and still make major than having to keep adding to it. Craig
  11. From the Area 3 Chrono: Para 5" STI TRUbore S2 9 Major 7.8 HS6 Mixed brass 124 gr Star FMJ 1.175 OAL Velocity 1365 1369 1358 1364 AVE FPS 170.5 PF ------------------ I also found out that the problems I was having with the velocities of the Longshot loads mentioned previously were due to ambient light messing with the chrono readings. Once I corrected the variances in light on the skyscreens, the readings straightened out and went back to normal. Whew!!! So my earlier load of 7.4 Longshot @ 1.170 with the 124 Star are fine after all and run about 171 PF. I shot some of the Longshot and HS6 loads side by side and really can't tell a difference other than the HS6 might be a tad smokier. No difference in POI or accuracy. Craig
  12. Naturally with Area 3 a few days away, my original load of 7.3 Longshot with the Star 124 fmj starts giving erratic readings. Same load I had been using and didn't change a thing but somehow it lost velocity. I tried changing the OAL and powder charge but couldn't get back the original velocities. I can't figure it out. It has been hot and humid here the past few days but I would hope that isn't the reason for a 30-40 fps drop in velocity. Because it's gonna be more of the same in Lenexa this weekend. I had a can of HS6 so I tried it. No problem making major at all in my gun. It is a bit dirtier than Longshot but it runs fine. So right now I am at 7.8 HS-6 loaded to OAL of 1.175. Star 124 fmj bullets, mixed brass, WSR primers. Ave velocity is 1378 which is where I need to be. It seems to be a bit snappier than the Longshot but the dot still stays in the lens and tracks up and down with very little side to side. I will check them for accuracy tomorrow.
  13. New info: Changed to 9mm Para mags and the need for long OAL went away. So a new load that has worked really well so far, is: 7.3 gr Longshot 124 gr Star FMJ .355 1.170 OAL Mixed brass Federal Primers 1386 Ave fps 32 fps ES 171 PF Flat shooting, accurate, and runs great in my Para.
  14. Well, I am in the final stages of getting my Para Open gun converted from 38 Super to 9mm. I have found the Para mags and 5" S2 Trubore require longer OAL to work together. Luckily both the mags and barrel have room for the longer OAL. 124 gr Star FMJ 7.4 gr Longshot 1.190 OAL 1366 fps ave velocity 29 fps ES 169.4 PF Accuracy is fine, no flat primers or OP signs. Recoil impulse is pretty flat. Dot wiggle is up and down but stays in the lens. A lot of that is me getting used to shooting a dot again after a long layoff. Just working through a few ejection bugs now, especially with the very last round.
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