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  1. jimmcc, currently we are trying to clear out our backlog of "short list work" to concentrate on full custom builds for a bit. Contact Matt Cheely at CCGunworks, he may be able to assist you. If not, watch our forums for an announcement that we are taking short list work again and we'd be glad to take care of you.

  2. I have a LDC Edge and the frame is plated in 14K gold. Ive put 30,000 rounds through it and have considered getting it refinished in TiN and wondered the cost. While I was at it, I considered cutting the frame for an internal light rail. I'm in no hurry to get the work done but it is my only STI and don't want to be without it so I would appreciate a rough time frame for the work. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the tip...It appears that I just wasn't aggressive enough filing down the follower. They pass 'cold' tests now and they passed a brief 'live' test today.

    Thanks again!

  4. On the issue of your mags not dropping free, remove the spring and follower and reinstall the base pad. Insert the mag in the gun and see if they drop free now. If they do, you know the follower was getting hung on the slide stop. If they still don't you have a problem somewhere else.

  5. It's been a long while since I ran into somebody who really went the extra mile over something that mattered a lot to me. I appreciate all your time, attention to detail and late hours to give me a pistol that will help me do my best. You're tops in my book, brother.

  6. For small compact rifles for a traveling hunter that carry a .5MOA guarantee, quick caliber conversions, repeatable zero, a carry friendly weight, trigger user adjustable from 1-6lbs and shorter than most weapons systems, check out the Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout Hunter. http://www.deserttacticalarms.com/firearms With a 26" bbl it's only 37.5" long and weighs in at just 11.25 lbs. If size is an issue, the company advertises their Covert rifle as the shortest sniper weapons platform in production.
  7. One well known smith use to offer a rebarrel package that was quite reasonable. You send him your Rem700 rifle and he sends you back a custom built tack driver guaranteed to shoot .5MOA at 1000 yards. Now most shooters aren't capable of that degree of accuracy, but he is. He trues the action, beds the stock, tunes the trigger, and installs a Broughton bbl that he has chambered and threaded. All that for $980.00. He's about like Karl though, plenty busy and is picky about the new work he takes on. He built the most accurate rifle I've owned, so he knows how to do it.
  8. Karl is a great guy (friend of mine, imagine that) and very respected smith. He hasn't been taking any new work for over a year now and his repeat customers keep him pretty busy. I can give you a list of other guys that also do excellent work at reasonable prices if you're interested.
  9. They are notorious for coming apart. Lawsuits on the internet abound. Look at the underlined portions above. I am not even certain what lawsuits on the internet abound means and I have my J.D. Needless to say, if your direct sources are "the internet", "scary numbers" none of which are actually verified, and whatever "lawsuits on the internet abound" is, all I can say is you should never represent yourself pro se. The OP asked whats probably the most accurate, and I added my thoughts. Seems like you tend to disagree with everyone in this forum. Regardless. In case you didn't notice, that was a quote, not my words, so you might want to go ask the person that said it. I did a quick google search and did find evidence of a couple lawsuits, but I would not personally say they abound. I didn't disagree with ANYTHING you said, so if you want to try and turn this into an attack, please do so in PM's. I never claimed the rifles were inaccurate, I simply provided data found on the internet and told the OP to do a little research before recommending said rifle to his friend. The design is in itself enough that I would not personally do so and I've read threads for years now on the possible risk and dangers. One of the threads commented on the fact that Sig Sauer supposedly stopped importing them some while back because of the same reasons, that information from a company rep. Take it for what it's worth, I'm just sayin'
  10. Do a little research before you recommend the Blaser 93 to your friend. Here's a few quotes from the internet, some of them being from newspaper articles and court dockets: They are notorious for coming apart. Lawsuits on the internet abound. Not for me, not a straight pull bolt aimed directly at my face, no thanks.
  11. 11/111 LONG RANGE HUNTER w/ACCUSTOCK ™ • .300 WSM • 4 capacity • 26 " fluted barrel • Matte finish • Ideal for hunting in wide open spaces • Features fluted barrel, AccuStock ™ with positive cut checkering, dual-pillar bedding, adjustable muzzlebrake, Karsten adjustable comb, & hinged floorplate • Free-floating, button-rifled barrel • Hinged floorplate • Accutrigger ™ $825.99 available on line
  12. Chris, there is no Georgia Precision rifle builder, you mean GA Precision, which stands for "Gnats Ass Precision". You'd barely get into one of their rifles at $3k. To what level of accuracy is your friend looking for? What weight rifle? What caliber? What kind of stock? What barrel? Does he want a factory rifle or a custom? What distance does he plan to shoot? I hunt with a 7WSM, not the same rifle I compete with, but same caliber. It's probably my favorite all around cartridge. I shoot a 168gr Berger HVLD at just over 3100fps which makes for a light recoiling rifle with very flat trajectory and plenty of kinetic energy. If I were going Elk or Moose hunting, I'd still probably take my .338LM. I don't have to worry about getting within less than 1000 yards with it. I've grown bored of seeing how close I can get to game, now I want to see how far away I can get from it. It's not hard to put together a .5MOA rifle for less than $2500.00 with all the top of the line components.
  13. Seth, If someone were to want the spikes welded on to the base, can you do that? Maybe have something so that you just stand on them to set them in the ground. Got an idea on the cost per stand yet?
  14. Only 165pf? I shot some factory Blazer in 180gr that was 1000 fps for a 180pf in my STI. I would have thought the factory stuff would have been a little faster regardless of gun.
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