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  1. I have the middle weight springs on the trigger. I couldn't get the non-colored springs to work.
  2. I started with a CMC and it would not reset, so I went with the Hyperfire.
  3. I put a Hyperfire trigger in my PCC and I had burst a couple of time this weekend. I have a New Frontier lower with a JP bolt and JP captured recoil spring.
  4. I heard it is a Caspian frame with a limcat upper
  5. the stages are posted. I've got a question on stage one. how is the stage legal?
  6. hey guys, here's the entry form. I know the nationals are the same weekend, but, since they are using a 5 day format. I think there will be plenty of people not wanting to go that far and stay that long. so, we should have a good turnout. dvc, lynn TNentryform2014.pdf
  7. emerson commander klotzli wimpff design victorinox officer
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