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  1. eerw

    CZ TSO 2016

    Shadow 2 triggers also
  2. eerw

    CZ TSO 2016

    TSO is made in Czech Republic
  3. eerw

    CZ 22 fun

    Kadet kit for Shadow 2? they have been pretty scarce lately.
  4. It depends. It will speed up the slide cycle. But a too light of a slide can feel like crap and a heavy slide can feel like crap. necessary. Up to you .
  5. eerw

    P-09 Optics Ready???

    Yes we can. Absolutely!
  6. eerw

    P-09 Optics Ready???

    PO9 design was before the popularity of OR guns. demand for the P09 is small. So demand of an OR version smaller.
  7. Price of OR gun is about same as a Shadow 2 and getting milled. both will benefit fro trigger work, so overall price is about the same. OR gun uses same plate as P10 OR. So perhaps that’s a benefit. don’t overthink it. Get either and shoot!
  8. eerw

    CJ Maven

    its good that people have some skills, but I have heard that tale and seen a box full of parts a week later too many times.
  9. you need to go to flat followers and mag springs to get the extra rounds.
  10. so no one has to make a new one-off grip. so this gun can come to market and CZ, Henning, LOK, VZ already have grips available.
  11. They probably can be made. Would be about same price as front sight as it’s the same amount of energy to make one.
  12. Have 10 of these being built with ACCU bushing. pretty sweet.
  13. eerw

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Short reach disco, different for short reset only disconnector part number is listed with trigger cajun reach reduction disconnector is similar
  14. you will want D style ejector housing, sku: 10023 ( CZC part number, but we are out of stock) *just checked CZ USA and they look out as well non spring detent for right side of gun, sku: 10135 and D style thin safeties, sku: 10164 * those are CZ Custom part numbers
  15. Shadow 2 OR plates should same as P10 plates
  16. eerw

    TSO without a magwell?

    Any of the full size grips will work
  17. eerw

    CZ 75 magic question

    mecgar mags too thick for Phantom. need to run the SP01 mag, #11152, they are slightly smaller dimension and work better in the polymer frame
  18. eerw

    CZ 22 fun

  19. eerw

    CZ 22 fun

    A little project amongst doing A01s , Bull Shadows, Shadow 2 and 10MM . Kadet build on 75 SA lower with a single chamber compensator.
  20. Allowed at Nationals 3 years ago on first Shadow 2, been good since on other platforms.
  21. Accu bushing as a production legal Modification on other guns has been allowed for the past 3 years
  22. eerw

    CO Weight Limit

    it seems they are
  23. We just received some TSO 40 and TSO 9mm so still in production
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