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  1. No. Only the 75 Bull Shadow.
  2. Slide is aluminum. Would worry that the dovetail would stretch out. Might need to run screws through the mount and into the slide. Might hold it a little longer before breaking
  3. eerw

    Anyone own a A01 LD yet?

    IPSC Production and Production Optics Legal. as well as 75 Bull Shadow and A01 SD
  4. eerw

    Anyone own a A01 LD yet?

    Just bustin on you , why wouldnt you buy the spring and firing pin from CZC
  5. eerw

    Anyone own a A01 LD yet?

    CZC is in process of making some extended mag release.
  6. it doesn't thats the large magwell. we also do one for the IPSC standard box.
  7. A01 uses P09/P10F mags. CZC offers the pad to stop on frame.
  8. The 75 Bull Shadow is on the USPSA Production and IPSC Production lists. So does make a great Carry/Production Optics gun too.
  9. eerw

    Throating a CZ barrel ?s

    throat for your bullet OAL and test as you go.
  10. eerw

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    I dont know what the going rate is for the pistol. we dont offer it through our shop. the Shadow Custom 91030 is $1300 ( fixed rear )
  11. eerw

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    Target 2 is a Shadow that CZC builds for CZ USA distribution. so has trigger work with competition hammer, short reset disconnector, extended firingpin, 13# main, 11# recoil. SS guide rod, thin grips, full adjustable rear sight , FO front sight. Hope that helps clarify the build and orgin.
  12. eerw

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    good deal. enjoy the pistol!
  13. I'll get some better photos what we have that will fit S2 https://czcustom.com/cz-shadow2-tac-rear-sight.html https://czcustom.com/shadow-h-tac-rear-sight.html
  14. eerw

    Anyone own a A01 LD yet?

  15. eerw

    shadow 2 rear sight

    Heavier hammer. Gunsmith hammer too light
  16. 75 Bull Shadow with dot and 140 mags is only like 43-44 ounces
  17. Looks like a great build. Love my 75 Bull Shadow CO pistol
  18. hope you enjoy it
  19. no, should be no issue at all
  20. load shorter, take the buffer out.
  21. what parts were used for a top tier trigger job?
  22. 80 came in. Dealers allowed to advertise and sell with NRA Annual Meetings. spread amongst various CZ dealers
  23. Use CZC 11#main, 2075 FP spring, extended firing pin. if you want a little more CZC pre B disconnector or gunsmith fit disconnector , and CZC competition hammer.
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