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  1. Bruce

    1911 38super or 9mm

    Between DoubleTap, Buffalo Bore and Corbon, I counted 14 loads in 38 super to satisfy the defensive carry group. Lots more if you don't mind carrying fmj (I don't mind). If a person does not reload, 9mm is and always will be cheaper to shoot in practice and matches. I still prefer the 38 super, 38 SC and 9x23.
  2. Bruce

    Lube for 1911?

  3. Bruce

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    My opinion---find a used Springfield Range Officer in .45acp, beat them down as low as they will go on price, put the pistol in a box and send it to Matt McLearn (now living / building in Ohio). Call and explain you are new to single stack and ask him to do what he thinks needs done to make it reliable for what you want to do with it. Good luck, have fun.
  4. I am sorry to hear that about Alessi. Lou was an incredible person and friend, I miss him.
  5. Best I ever owned was made by Lou Alessi.
  6. Bruce

    1911 38super or 9mm

    38 super
  7. Bruce

    1911 Grips

    Any link to contact DS Perman for grips? Thanks
  8. Bruce

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    Nils Jonasson has done pretty well:) shooting 1911, 2011 and Open pistols built by Matt McLearn at McLearn Custom. I am not on the same planet as Nils when it comes to shooting---but I have poured many thousands of rounds through my McLearn 1911 and it has been absolutely perfect.
  9. Bruce

    STI Staccato

  10. Bruce

    Dan Wesson PM9 vs STI Trojan

    My Dan Wesson was far superior to the STI 1911 I owned (for a short while).
  11. Bruce

    Suppressing a 1911

    Very nice! Any photo of it with can in place?
  12. Bruce

    STI made by Dasan Machineries korea??

    Nate is the managing director of Westwind Investors...the equity firm that bought stake in STI? He has a lot on his plate, I agree with Sarge...I hope he turns STI around, we will all benefit.
  13. Bruce

    STI made by Dasan Machineries korea??

    Buck...was Greg Mooney replaced as CEO? Who is the CEO now? I look forward to seeing the new and improved STI lineup!
  14. Bruce

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    I have sent a couple RO's to Matt McLearn for reliability work, trigger, etc. For total cost they are great package. They have been 100%.
  15. Bruce

    Advice for my next competition 1911

    I recommend you email or contact Nils Jonasson about his single stack built by Matt McLearn. Then, contact Matt and ask him to "build me one just like Nils has":) I have 2 single stacks built by Matt, both in .45, one damascus slide, one regular slide, and both have been 100% reliable, very accurate, and just an all around pleasure to shoot.