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  1. I daily carry a DW ECO 9mm that Matt McLearn went through and made perfect. Very nice pistol in a smaller package.
  2. Answer: Disengage grip safety. Better answer: Buy carry gun built with Cheely metal grip:)
  3. I carry a pistol for protection of my family and myself. The expense and weight of that pistol has never entered the equation. People who carry should carry what is best for them. I carry what is the best *for me*, and that is and has been a single or double stack 1911 (not an STI). If a plastic striker fired pistol was more reliable than what I carry, I would carry it. Good luck with the project, Ranger Trace...and stay safe.
  4. Both nice but that stainless pistol is *clean*.
  5. Steve-O: I have a DW ECO 9mm. It was good from the factory. I did send it to Matt McLearn to go through, and in my opinion he made it the perfect small carry pistol. 99% of the time I carry it in a leather holster from John McPhee...the SOB Condom holster. Makes the pistol easy to move around the belt, or carry in a lot of different ways. https://sobtacticalshop.com/category/leather-holsters/ The ECO has been 100% reliable. It is accurate, fits big hands okay (it is a small pistol), and it is a pistol I trust. I would not purchase a new STI. Good luck!
  6. Bruce

    SVI Slides

    Thank you. The website outsmarted me:)
  7. Will SVI sell bald slides without the 'Infinity' engraving? I have emailed them and have not heard back yet...too impatient I guess:) Thanks
  8. Between DoubleTap, Buffalo Bore and Corbon, I counted 14 loads in 38 super to satisfy the defensive carry group. Lots more if you don't mind carrying fmj (I don't mind). If a person does not reload, 9mm is and always will be cheaper to shoot in practice and matches. I still prefer the 38 super, 38 SC and 9x23.
  9. My opinion---find a used Springfield Range Officer in .45acp, beat them down as low as they will go on price, put the pistol in a box and send it to Matt McLearn (now living / building in Ohio). Call and explain you are new to single stack and ask him to do what he thinks needs done to make it reliable for what you want to do with it. Good luck, have fun.
  10. I am sorry to hear that about Alessi. Lou was an incredible person and friend, I miss him.
  11. Any link to contact DS Perman for grips? Thanks
  12. Nils Jonasson has done pretty well:) shooting 1911, 2011 and Open pistols built by Matt McLearn at McLearn Custom. I am not on the same planet as Nils when it comes to shooting---but I have poured many thousands of rounds through my McLearn 1911 and it has been absolutely perfect.
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