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  1. Here’s one we offer at CZC otherwise Double Alpha offers one that can be mounted.
  2. eerw

    Tac Sport Malfunction

    pretravel screw moved, back it out and trigger will move forward to reset. take slide off, look at trigger between return spring and body of trigger, will see screw.
  3. None.. the R3 Max body to too long. youll need to trim the front of the dot just slightly
  4. Too light... the gun will handle like s#!t. cut for the dot and run drills. then start cutting in small increments if needed.
  5. Actually not much difference. .352 of an ounce.
  6. eerw

    Flat Trigger Question

    Order the CZC short reach DA kit for Pre B with the trigger.
  7. I’m away till Monday. If no one has weighed them , I will get some numbers for you.
  8. Dang... got my holster already too
  9. its to hold sear and hammer in alignment and not allow cage to move like is does.
  10. That’s pretty cool. the screws for the sear cage is to stabilize and hold it. That way you could get better SA trigger. where in trigger bar is the other screw?
  11. eerw

    Shadow 2 extractor

    To remove. Top down to re-install bottom to top
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