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  1. It’s a modified Techwell. started with the one for the JP, and had to do a bit of fitting. talked with them and they said they would be working in one to fit the aero EPC.
  2. The kynshot short stroke buffer needed the A5 tube as would not let my bcg ( stern defense) back far enough to reset. My QC10 buffer would work with the carbine tube. running A5 with the blitzkrieg kynshort short stroke buffer.
  3. finished my EPC build. really fun PCC to shoot.
  4. Resurrecting this old thread. so now that you’ve had chance to run these. Any differences between the 10.5” barrel and the 12.5 barrel?
  5. eerw

    Buy Shadow 2 Slide?

    You can fit aftermarket slide / barrel and be production legal per rules so a shadow 2 lower with bull upper is good to go production and carry optics.
  6. eerw


    Uses TS 9mm mags
  7. I kind of like the small body. easy enough to mill for. meant for the smaller slide guns, but works great on my CZ
  8. Hi Stuart, we have communicated several times on the forum. Would it be possible to talk on phone. Thanks, JD 

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    2. JDIllon


      Just give me a call when you have a few minutes. Jim Dillon 773 677 4299.  Thanks 

    3. JDIllon


      Are you at the shop tomorrow? best # to call you? Jim Dillon

    4. eerw


      sorry. missed this.

      yes phones are on 10-5pm MST.




  9. eerw


  10. I do not know. guide rod and plug similar to 1911
  11. I like the balance of the 75 frame ( short dustcover). feels about perfect to me there is aluminum magwells. someone might make a brass version. but I dont think needed. frames need some clearance in dustcover for the wider guide rod area of the bull slide uses a specific A01/Bull Shadow guide rod. uses CZ full length springs.
  12. eerw


    Would be my guess. saw for first time yesterday
  13. eerw


    More shadow 2 styling. silde is shadow 2ish. trigger guard is shadow 2 dust cover is more angular vs round of TSO
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