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  1. eerw

    Accu Shadow 2 for CO?

    PM me if looking for an S2 upper.
  2. eerw

    Shadow 2 barrel reaming

    1.090-1.1245 works well just about every 115, 124 ammo its the weird cast, coated, etc 147 and heavier that have issues. I run Federal Syntech 150 with no modification to any barrel. so not the barrel or gun, its the ammo
  3. eerw

    Shadow 2 barrel reaming

    the barrels will destroy reamers.
  4. eerw

    Burris FF3 Mounted on a Shadow

    You can direct mill a Ff3 to a Shadow slide
  5. eerw

    Maria Gushchina limited edition

    if interested, we got some in at the shop.
  6. eerw


    on the website is a workorder form, bottom of page. click and get a PDF. fill out and send with upper. if you can send optic. great. can do carry optic and RDS cut. any more questions. email stuart@czcustom.com
  7. I emailed CZC Thursday, but haven't got a response. I'd like to send a shadow 2 slide in for your RDS plate mount. How do I go about it? Will use a sig romeo 1 for now, but I would like some weight to spare in case I use a heavier optic down the road.  I see the sku, 50241. What do I need to do?

  8. eerw

    Want to buy Slide & bushing for CZ 97 bd

    We ( CZ Custom) don't have any 97 slides available. sorry, Best source is search the auction sites. the link above looks promising but I dont know anything about them.
  9. eerw

    Red dot Screw Size

    IIRC. Burris uses a 6-48 screw
  10. eerw

    cz shadow tac 2 front sight

    If keeping the rear sight, CZ / CZC sight would be 5.5mm tall
  11. eerw

    SP-01 Shadow Tac 2 Mags

    Full size mags, 16, 17, 18 mags will fit fine
  12. eerw

    Shadow 2 Black nitride vs Black Nitride with Polycoat

    All the other oranges are polycoated TS Orange and SP01 Shadow Orange
  13. eerw

    Shadow 2 Black nitride vs Black Nitride with Polycoat

    Sku was removed beginning 2018 from what we saw only about 50 brought in US in March-April 2017
  14. eerw

    CZC Tactical Sport/TSO threaded barrel

    At czcustom.com