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  1. eerw


  2. I do not know. guide rod and plug similar to 1911
  3. I like the balance of the 75 frame ( short dustcover). feels about perfect to me there is aluminum magwells. someone might make a brass version. but I dont think needed. frames need some clearance in dustcover for the wider guide rod area of the bull slide uses a specific A01/Bull Shadow guide rod. uses CZ full length springs.
  4. eerw


    Would be my guess. saw for first time yesterday
  5. eerw


    More shadow 2 styling. silde is shadow 2ish. trigger guard is shadow 2 dust cover is more angular vs round of TSO
  6. eerw


    Green and the Bronze have more features
  7. eerw


    Received some TS2. Not the fancy ones. More of a replacement to the original TS new frame and slide are nice. These will build up into something nice.
  8. Been shooting my 75 Bull version for about 4 years now. Love it.
  9. Have only seen a few times when slide lightening changed the feel of the cycling enough to be detrimental. bruce has been doing that cut for a few years now and haven’t heard anything bad about performance.
  10. eerw

    Shadow 2 mag problem

    I get 21 with stock follower and springs, 22-23 with CZC follower and springs. CZC pads. my guess is the follower is contacting the pad and stopping
  11. eerw

    CZ TS 2

    That’s a single side trigger bar. So curious why the spring
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