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  1. need the 10 coil/flat follower to get the 23 number. but I have not played with the combo in the P09/P10 magazine.
  2. so far been running good, been getting 21 rounds into the mag.
  3. I am just running the factory follower and spring right now. might try something in the future, but this is just kind of playing around to see what the P10 is like. More focused on running a 75 Bull Shadow in CO right now.
  4. eerw

    New Czechmate parrot

    also the latest batch of Parrots have a TSO style dustcover.
  5. eerw

    New Czechmate parrot

    use full adjustable for TS/TSO or use the factory height adjustable rear. 6.5 FO front for a P10/P09/P07 will work with those two sights.
  6. also consider Bull Barrel upper.
  7. set up for CO using CZC optic plate, extended mag catch and 140mm pad. Havent done any trigger work yet. Have only done some sight in and in and practice with it so far, as running another CO gun.
  8. eerw

    P10c for Carry Optics?

    Using the 140mm pad for the P09 CZC sku: 1001097 and the 10 coil kit
  9. the Orange is a series of pistols that CZ UB produces to a higher spec. better slide to frame fit. better barrel fit. more upgrades. safeties, mag releases. triggers, etc over the standard production model. they make the Tactical Sport, SP01 Shadow and coming soon a Shadow 2 version. when the pistols come into country, CZC will sometimes upgrade a version even more with other changes.
  10. There is an SP01 Shadow Orange that has custom work performed and there is also an SP01 Shadow Orange that is available as it came from CZ UB.
  11. https://czcustom.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=CZC+p10+optic+plate&cat=
  12. Only on slide lock reloads.
  13. Run a p09/p10 mag with our 140mm pad.
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