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  1. 75 Bull Shadow with dot and 140 mags is only like 43-44 ounces
  2. Looks like a great build. Love my 75 Bull Shadow CO pistol
  3. hope you enjoy it
  4. no, should be no issue at all
  5. load shorter, take the buffer out.
  6. what parts were used for a top tier trigger job?
  7. 80 came in. Dealers allowed to advertise and sell with NRA Annual Meetings. spread amongst various CZ dealers
  8. Use CZC 11#main, 2075 FP spring, extended firing pin. if you want a little more CZC pre B disconnector or gunsmith fit disconnector , and CZC competition hammer.
  9. Has the same disconnector as we install on CZC shadow 2s we work on.
  10. https://czcustom.com/cz-75-sp01-shadow-9mm-91154-black-cz-custom-exclusive.html
  11. we have 91154 SP01 Shadow actually have SP01 Shadows in these configurations 91154 91168 91780 91165
  12. same mounting, but RTS2 glass is bigger.
  13. CZC has both 91154 SP01 Shadow $880 and 91168 SP01 Shadow Line $1050 also a two tone with AUZ barrel SP01 Shadow. Send a message if need help locating.
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