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  1. eerw

    CZ 75 magic question

    mecgar mags too thick for Phantom. need to run the SP01 mag, #11152, they are slightly smaller dimension and work better in the polymer frame
  2. eerw

    CZ 22 fun

  3. eerw

    CZ 22 fun

    A little project amongst doing A01s , Bull Shadows, Shadow 2 and 10MM . Kadet build on 75 SA lower with a single chamber compensator.
  4. Allowed at Nationals 3 years ago on first Shadow 2, been good since on other platforms.
  5. Accu bushing as a production legal Modification on other guns has been allowed for the past 3 years
  6. eerw

    CO Weight Limit

    it seems they are
  7. We just received some TSO 40 and TSO 9mm so still in production
  8. eerw

    A01 LD for Limited

    message or email me
  9. SP01 Bull Shadow, Shadow 2 Bull Shadow, etc., all good for Production and Carry Optics Aftermarket slides and barrels fit the fun, fit the box, make weight, good to go.
  10. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    Who knows? But at least can play now
  11. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    Well now. This just makes things fun. Appendix D4 Appendix D7
  12. eerw

    Romeo 1 Pro on CZC plate

    mounting bosses are incorrect. R1Pro, the bosses are to the rear, DPP bosses diffenent size and location.
  13. eerw

    Romeo 1 Pro on CZC plate

    the Romeo 1 Plate uses a 6-48 screw. The R1Pro now uses an M4. CZC is manufacturing a new plate for the R1Pro.
  14. we got a pretty price on both S2 and SP01 Shadow right now.
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