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  1. Uh.. carry optics requires Hammer guns to be decocked at the start. Are you going to cock the hammer? sa. Install sa trigger. Should be no effect on your Cajun gear.
  2. eerw

    Which Shadow 2

    If buying stock one. 11#12# mainspring, 11# recoil, extended firing pin, 2075 rami FP spring.
  3. Yes they are 140. the 10522 can be fitted to the P10 tube
  4. eerw

    Base Pads CZ Mags vs MecGar

    Give you an idea. CZ 16, CZ( MecGar AFC) 17, CZ 18 ( SP01) magazines the tubes are different length and widths ( slightly) different lock plates with position of retaining nub and different springs and followers ( mecgar-blue) tube length. so be aware of basepads to meet the OAL for Carry Optics mags Difference in position of nub on lock plate
  5. eerw

    Checkering CZ Shadow frame

    At this point there is not really a cost effective way to do it. A couple of folks have tried lasering checkering , with some success.
  6. eerw

    S2 with SRO

    about a week.
  7. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    I don’t. VZ and LOK both have the pattern for the A01
  8. eerw

    AO1 SD

    I find the balance of the SD to be a bit more to my liking. the balance is more in my hands than the sensation of hanging out at the end of the gun I dont have a lot of rounds through them. but do handle and dryfire one almost every day. also pick up the LD quite frequently and have shot one of those quite a bit. The SD does have the fat Ghost Competition hammer installed. extended firing pin and lighter springs. The SD is available direct from CZ Custom.
  9. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    Nice . Looks like milled for the factory optic plate
  10. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    We have grips in production with thicker insert into the grip for better stability of standard magazines.
  11. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    Angus's A01 LD and A01 SD. set up with mag catches and Ghost Competitiion hammers.
  12. eerw

    AO1 LD Review

    We found some mags will work. There are grips in design to work with the smaller dimension magazines.
  13. Trying heavy full profile comp. ports are cut at 15 degrees.
  14. eerw

    P09 extended safety

    Just saw a post on IG where someone had built up a safety lever for an omega. see if I can find the shop that did it.
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