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  1. just asked, said they will off different length triggers.
  2. eerw

    10mm CZ custom

    the pistol at SHOT had a lot of options added to the build that will be offered.
  3. the LE division does a range day
  4. eerw

    A01 LD for Limited

    Not posted on web store yet. Posted IG and FB. will be shown next week at SHOT
  5. eerw

    A01 LD for Limited

    Getting to do some A01LD guns set up for Limited. Fun stuff. Bull Barrel, 40SW.
  6. I thought that was what Eric was going to do for CZ.
  7. It’s on a Facebook group.
  8. basepad and spring/follower kit. 20-21 rounds. with the P10/P09 mag. we have same set up for A01 Limited gun. Matt Hopkins has a video of loading and shooting a DWX with 21
  9. Only problems ever had were 170mm big sticks going over 27 rounds. not a problem with any other CZ magazines
  10. eerw

    New Stuff?

    They discontinued all the other SA only offerings except the TSO. so this gives the an SA gun in the 1k range. lots of shooters don’t like the bother of having to customize to get a gun they want. Lot more than competition shooters getting into CZ now.
  11. eerw

    Accu Shadow 2

    A Shadow 2 with ACCU bushing is legal for USPSA production.
  12. S2 slide is longer than rear of frame, so will overhang. Barrel lower lug is different dimension also. Not sure will fit proper.
  13. Have seen a lot of builds using 99021 and shadow uppers. Havent seen comps as no one is making comps for other than P10 and P07/P09
  14. eerw

    Accu Shadow 2

    Not really
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