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  1. TS2 is new slide style for CZ. mimics Shadow 2 look.
  2. neither slide showed that metal on the slide. contacting CZ or cleaning up impact marks on barrel and possibly relieving slide area.
  3. TS2 has guide rod, plastic reverse plug, round wire recoil spring.
  4. eerw

    Single action break

    keep the sear, its good. install one of the comp hammers, better hook geometry.
  5. It’s the Brekke Custom comp and barrel. IIRC they use Criterion barrel.
  6. eerw

    CZ Custom optics cut

    How the slide is cut. rear sight plate on left optic plate on right. on some smaller dots, will be gap between slide and dot body. R3Max and R3Xl dot body it bigger than cut. so plate is tall. Seems to work well from those that are using it.
  7. yes we do, I replied to your email.
  8. Couple of builds, frame can be modified for Shadow2 mag release.
  9. eerw

    CZ TS 2

    Breechface is different 9mm has a guide rod plug, 40 does not.
  10. It’s a modified Techwell. started with the one for the JP, and had to do a bit of fitting. talked with them and they said they would be working in one to fit the aero EPC.
  11. The kynshot short stroke buffer needed the A5 tube as would not let my bcg ( stern defense) back far enough to reset. My QC10 buffer would work with the carbine tube. running A5 with the blitzkrieg kynshort short stroke buffer.
  12. finished my EPC build. really fun PCC to shoot.
  13. Resurrecting this old thread. so now that you’ve had chance to run these. Any differences between the 10.5” barrel and the 12.5 barrel?
  14. eerw

    Buy Shadow 2 Slide?

    You can fit aftermarket slide / barrel and be production legal per rules so a shadow 2 lower with bull upper is good to go production and carry optics.
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