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  1. Yo stuart .. you mentioned a TS 40 slide fs.. still got it?


    1. eerw


      Hello. Sorry I don’t have another TS slide.

       Let you know if I come across one



  2. For me. I’d pick an SP01 Shadow any day over a Shadow 2 the smaller shadow fits and feels better in my hands. Performance is equal.
  3. It will get dirty from the muzzle blast but should be fine
  4. We just got a shipment at our shop.
  5. A lot of products from CZ are backordered and waiting for shipments from CZ UB I would imagine any product coming in will be suck right up by all the orders standing by already. the 91254 model, black with black grips are out in circulation. just switch out the grips to blue if want that bad.
  6. R3Max and S2 OR cut if you trimmed the dot body, you would be into the front pin holes, but front of the slide cutout could support the dot.
  7. We have a R3Max and OR gun in shop . Let me take a look. Will let you know.
  8. It doesn’t fit. The front of the dot is just slightly too long
  9. eerw

    If you’re a lefty...

    Right side.
  10. eerw

    CZ TSO 2016

    Shadow 2 triggers also
  11. eerw

    CZ TSO 2016

    TSO is made in Czech Republic
  12. eerw

    CZ 22 fun

    Kadet kit for Shadow 2? they have been pretty scarce lately.
  13. It depends. It will speed up the slide cycle. But a too light of a slide can feel like crap and a heavy slide can feel like crap. necessary. Up to you .
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