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  1. eerw

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    heavier looking slide. what material is the plate? thanks
  2. eerw

    CZ 75b extended safety

    Not the easy way. but had some safeties welded up by Jim Milks at Innovative Custom Pistols.
  3. eerw

    CZ 75b extended safety

    what model 75B. 75B stainless models are tumbler 75B SA 9mm and 40SW, is tumbler 75B compact with ambi are D style SP01 and SP01 Shadow are D-style
  4. eerw

    CZ 75b extended safety

    tumbler and D-style are different. for LHS only safety use D-style.
  5. eerw

    TSO 40

    People usually lose the little buffer springs
  6. eerw

    TSO 40

    TRS is different in TS/CM guns. Never seen on break. slidestop, extractor. Spare springs. Main, recoil, fp, extractor, ejector housing buffer springs
  7. eerw

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    Double check trigger bar spring, both sides and mag catch screw . Assuming its slipping off before full stroke.
  8. eerw

    CZC Mec-gar Magazine Basepads or Others

    Fits like this on Shadow 2, which would be same as on SP01 Shadow / SP01 I run two of them on my SP01 Shadow CO pistol.
  9. eerw

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Cole's reference is to the safety on the TSO 40. which is the same as the SA safety. mag catch will be different due to width of frame of the TSO vs the Shadow 2.
  10. eerw


    Optic Plate for 75B https://czcustom.com/multi-sight-base-75-st-black.html adjustable that will install on the 75. sits high, but has to when on top of slide. https://czcustom.com/zdl-75-adjust-rear-front-sight.html
  11. eerw

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    USPSA , no box. So would be fine.
  12. eerw

    CZ 75 SP-01 Carry Optics Build

    I am running an SP01 Shadow with an RTS2. So far so good. I started with a DPP, but it went out and is in for repair
  13. eerw

    TSO Firing Pin

    Just install.
  14. eerw

    CZC Slide Racker Multi Optic Mount??

    Racker bases are not legal for CO. if you want a photo, I can probably do one in a couple of days
  15. eerw

    Cz shadow 2 or shadow for carry optics

    same mags for both pistols both shoot well, just depends on what you like heavier or lighter pistol. not that the SP01 Shadow is a light gun