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  1. If frame and slide fit are tight. lap them with fine compound, then clean up and oil.
  2. eerw

    That new TS2

    Sebo made a comment on FB on someone’s post about TS2 in 40 “coming soon” so who knows.
  3. eerw

    New P-10 F CR

    Just shot mine sighting in the dot. No matches yet. put in brass backstrap, tungsten rod from Vince at Stonebridge and APEX trigger. Now sent off for some grip work. but I can tell you, it shoots like a P10!
  4. If you are getting and using 23 in the mag, the springs are worn and don’t have much force with the last few rounds. Doesn’t matter how many times, they’ll take a set and that’s where they will be. change them out, problems should go away. load 22, and they’ll last longer. Pick a mag for your 23rnd mag and just change it’s spring more frequently.
  5. Most common issue on TS /CM guns not running is pre travel and over travel screws moving.
  6. eerw

    New P-10 F CR

    Regular P10F barrel on left P10F CR pistol on right. some changes made in the feedramp.
  7. We have SP01 Shadows in stock The Shadow Target 2 is just not a catalog item for CZ USA, but CZC is still making the model as well as SP01 ACCU Shadow, etc.
  8. If nitrited barrel, polish the chamber
  9. if pulling out factory hammer. most new competition style hammer will need some fitting of the pad of the safety where is slips under the sear arm. a few minutes with fine file or hone will do it.
  10. Wish they made it optic ready. ok with no levers etc, can deal with only 7 rounds, be nice if it was 10, but ready for optic would’ve been nice.
  11. eerw

    New P-10 F CR

    Pull weight is not improved. it’s a better feeling trigger that standard P10F, but doesn’t feel lightened. Would benefit from some trigger work. don’t know about the barrel, but would believe it’s the same, which is no issue if you use and load for it correctly. told there is some improvement of feedramp and throat for bigger bullets. But sure what that is. will try and look at the two barrels. You’d have to as CZ USA about choose of pads, but they wouldn’t fit in the case if that’s a reason. mag release, slide release, 5” slide are all awesome features.
  12. If nitrite coated barrel , carefully polish barrel chamber. problem will go away.
  13. eerw

    SP01 vs S2

    I’m more a fan of the SP01 Shadow than Shadow 2, for the balance and feel for me
  14. eerw

    TSO gen1 not feeding

    extra power extractor spring can cause problems. wont allow round to feed up underneath extractor, thus feed issue. try a normal extractor spring, see what happens.
  15. Maybe they’ll show it at NRA?
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