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  1. Snapped some pics while packing up a box yesterday. Rest of the crap is getting packed tomorrow after class. Rich
  2. Great Job SHAWN!!!! It's always nice to surprise them: While "taking a picture" at Disneyland Nothing like having the wife be your best friend and support your addictions. Rich
  3. Does that really matter? In other words, what does shooter preference have to do with serving as an R.O.? I tend not to use warnings, but have, in instances where they were warranted. Shooter preference, identity or experience level of the shooter had nothing to do with it; rather it was situation driven..... Good call Nik. Rich
  4. Given recent events, I would have gone, but can't. Maybe next year. If so, I'll be shooting Limited. Rich
  5. If patterns hold true, we won't find out 'til early 2010. That said, I'm for Vegas again. Didn't go this year, for other reasons, but from talking with others, it was good that I didn't. That said, it's always a learning experience and hopefully the stage designs and administration could be stepped up. Of course, I'm for it going back to USSA too. A random storm shouldn't be the damning of a facility. After all...the Limited Nat's went off without a hitch. Rich
  6. Not to be antagonistic, but I have to agree with the Mod. My 20+1 40 mags run perfect and have zero desire to try and eek out another round or two. Given that ANY stage that's more than 12-16 rounds will have movement or provide an opportunity for a reload, the ammo advantage is very little. However, it's unfortunate that there are stages where it WILL matter and because we did a caliber change that's been in place for almost 2 decades, the gun, by caliber will be lacking. Rich
  7. I've got a pistol for sale then if it happens, but again, I'm quite certain it won't. As for simplicity of platforms, well...I'd say tough S&E*! The only reason why Production exists is because people whined about wanting a "fair" and "level" playground for their factory guns. Man I miss the good ol' days of this sport of Open & Limited...better yet would be no divisions and run what you brung. Rich
  8. Trace, Venry has built an Open gun in 357 Sig if I recall. Too, Johnny Lim has his 9 Limcat (I think that's what he called it). It's totally doable and not difficult. Feed issues will be fine with normal care, but I think I'd want to check with those that are more experienced with it to confirm. I'd PM Venry or call Johnny. Rich ETA: Don't forget that it wasn't too long ago folks were running open guns in 9X25. Worked, for a little bit, for that TGO guy, so it is possible. Barrel, is a barrel, is a barrel. On getting one, I'd think to call Bar-Sto first as cutting barrels in whatever caliber is cake for them.
  9. You, for sure, did hesitate. I could not tell if a warning was needed or not, but I go with what I feel. If you scare me you are probably going to hear about it. That wasn't a pause, your internet just sucks!
  10. Its pretty much a Master level technique. I could lose my card just talking about it. Ok I'm kidding, its nerves, trick of the day, habit, or maybe a mental issue but nothing That's why I'm not there yet. Dang it! Oh well...I'll just keep grinding through checking the chamber for a round. Rich
  11. ALL, and I mean ALL of my mags have been tuned by Grams (probably somewhere around 20-25). 1000% reliability and Beven has been doing it longer than anyone and has supported this sport when there was nothing to support. Too, all are on STI tubes, save my 30 rounder that's on a SPS tube. Howard and Bobby do great work and I would go to them in a minute...if Beven stopped tuning mags. Rich
  12. I would like to hear WHY someone wants 9 Major to be allowed in Limited. Too, of those that do, do they already own a Limited legal pistol. If this were to happen, and I'm quite certain it wouldn't, I think it's safe that there'd be an exodus of shooters from USPSA or at least Limited division. I for one, would probably not renew my membership and stick to non-USPSA 3-Gun and other competitions where there is less of a concern on equipment. Rich
  13. Not bad at all and great job on your part for stepping up to support the RO. Doesn't appear that you had a hitch and just kept on going. Absolutely the right thing to do. Rich
  14. Great job Cliff! I was cheering for you and Bagakis! Rich
  15. A couple of upsets doesn't override a decade of lack of being competitive. Rich ETA: In the same amount of time, we've won 2 National Championships and 3 Heisman Trophies.
  16. Streak continues for the 'Huskers (not beating a top 20 ranked team since the 90's). Rich
  17. All I'm saying is don't be surprised if it comes out that the POS that was playing QB today was either on the take or was throwing the game for his old QB coach. Either way...NO ONE plays that bad without it being on purpose. Rich ETA: Less than 10 minutes after the game and 2000 fans on the USC Football Forum and ALL agree that the QB is a POS and is gone!
  18. Beat up 10/22 at the local pawn shop - $50 Nordic Component Chasis - $180 New Barrel - $100-150 Stock & Small Parts (most laying around the shop) - $200 End product: Rich
  19. Just about the understatement of the year. Rich
  20. Can't you e-mail them from the iPhone to your computer? Rich
  21. There are a couple of good hotels in Columbus that are nice. Holiday Inn Express and the Windham, both next to Texas Road House are nice. Rich
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