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  1. I got one. A level 2 thumb break. Redhill tactical
  2. I think it would benefit with a longer, weaker recoil spring
  3. I find the rn feed well always...fn feed a little bumpy when the gun gets dirty. Feed ramp makes a difference
  4. 1.195 to 1.2 oal with 180gr berrys type bullet. Large frame.
  5. Ignition parts are the same except for firing pins
  6. Sear cages and trigger parts are same usually. ..trigger bar is different.
  7. fortunately,..I can use the rubber base pads in IPSC....they never break. When in the USA shooting in USPSA, (where the mags inserted in the gun have to fit in the box) I use the Xtreme or henning base pads. factory aluminum work well too for USPSA.
  8. Depress it with your thumb to releave tension...and adjust it while depressing it.
  9. Cool. I replaced one years ago. It was starting to flatten at the point of the hook.
  10. I was loading 1.195...180gr berrys I switched to a small frame and had to go much shorter
  11. Check the chamber. ..maybe piece of debris in there?
  12. Make sure it is a 9mm extractor
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