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  1. I got one. A level 2 thumb break. Redhill tactical
  2. Polished...i have never messed with the hooks. It will break in with rounds and dryfire
  3. 3.36gr n320 over 147grcmj. 129 pf- 1.112 oal I prefer the n310 with 3.06gr. 129.5 pf--- 1.`15 oal federal spp
  4. You could always buy a regular stock2...chuck xtreme parts in it. Polish the sear cage and plunger.
  5. Not sure. .but most in Europe and Canada...and i think Australia are small frame.
  6. Springs changed...light polishing only.others i know with later gen. Stock3s need some tlc. I had 3 s2 's prior to this...but none had the trigger out of the box like the xtreme did.
  7. Excellent. This was 1st gen from may 2014
  8. Here are a few of my divisional pistols. S2 xtreme...limited custom 40...annd 38 super. Also an airsoft set up to trainfor open
  9. I have an insight m3 ? Takes 2 cr123, Temporarily until i get something that most holsters can handle.
  10. This!!! But with an IPSC production legal trigger.
  11. I have had 2 sti edges...and no matter what i did to make it fit, my hands fit the tanfoglio pattern better. I love the sti look,and they worked excellent for me...but i was never comfortable with them. I run a Limited Custom 2 40, an Xtreme stock2 9mm..and a 38super V8 i built on an old 40 frame. Parts are not an issue. I have never broken a slide, frame...etc. only thing i ever broke was a rear sight on an old well used stock2, and the safety detent pin on a old safety. I have shot so nany rounds, i actually forget how many rounds. I am not a fan of the wood grips. The aluminum grips allow m
  12. sti Lawman in .45acp. Adjustable Tritium sights, Wilson combat mag release, VZ operator 2 thin grips.
  13. not sure if I posted this before....here are my production, Standard (L10- limited) and Open tanfoglios. The Open gun has the Henning firing pin, rolling plunger,.etc.. standard has the Henning firing pin, front sight, guide rod, hammer, sear, pins, mag pads..grips.,(although I using OEM currently). production guns have Henning front sights.I have a few henning small frame mag pads that fit the USPSA production box.
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