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  1. I have an original X5 which I believe is cut for the Romeo 1? (can someone confirm) I currently have a Springer adapter plate with a Burris FF3 on it, and while the dot isn't objectionable in and of itself I find using it somewhat difficult because of the height it sits at with the adapter plate (it feels less natural than the CMORE slide ride mounted to a frame mount on my 2011 open gun) or even the RMR on my Glock 17). I don't really have trouble finding the dot off the draw, but moreso losing it for longer periods of time under recoil and transitions/other movement of the gun. I attribut
  2. Got it. I swapped the weight from my stock grip. Is it different in any way than the weight that comes with the TSG grip (with funnel)?
  3. Got my TSG today. No weight in it, sounds like it should have one?
  4. Is a regular X5 with TXG grip legal in USPSA production or carry optics?
  5. rtr

    Rules history

    Was "if clear, slide forward, hammer down holster" ever a range command?
  6. Can anyone either link me to a digital copy of whatever rules were in effect in 2006 or tell me what the official range commands were at that time? Thanks.
  7. rtr

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    Where striker engages sear, on the original sear where it engages striker (irrelevant with GG kit), top of thing that pushes firing pin block up, surface on trigger bar that engages sear, rear area of trigger bar that rubs against FCU (front area around hole that trigger fits into I should do but haven't). Shot the GG kit today and like it better than original trigger, I think the shorter reset (and total travel) really help, still would like the reset to be shorter.
  8. rtr

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    My X five trigger was 4.5 lb stock, about 3.5lb with polishing and just under 2lb by adding the Gray Guns kit. Pre travel, over travel and reset feel reduced with the Gray guns kit.
  9. rtr

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    That have already said no.
  10. rtr

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    The length of pull on that kit is 0.328”, barely less than stock. Apex LOP is 0.210”. My pull is 3.5lb with polishing, wanting to make it lighter with aftermarket springs but not aware of anyone that sells just springs.
  11. rtr

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    Thanks for the video that helped. My main objection to my X5 trigger is the length of pull and the length of reset. The Burke is much better in these categories but too expensive. It appears the Apex improves the travel quite significantly. Are there aftermarket trigger return and sear springs available anywhere to help lighten the trigger pull?
  12. rtr

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    Can someone post the length of total travel and the length of just the reset for the Gray guns trigger?
  13. I am looking for the best competition (USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3Gun) trigger for my X5. Looking for the following info on any and all trigger options. 1. Pull weight 2. Trigger travel 3. If trigger has less overtravel than stock
  14. The data I need is a comparison of the three. I get that the MPX is the best. But how close is it to the Ruger and how close is the ruger to the CZ?
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