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  1. The LimPro is a good gun for 3-gun, I also use it with a Safariland GLS.
  2. Dry fire is KING! Develops muscle memory for a quick target acquisition on draws, transitions and after reloads.
  3. Anybody experienced this with their Benelli M2? You pull the trigger and just hear a click and round sits on the carrier, rack the bolt chambered round ejects and the one on the carrier loads. And when this happens you cannot load shells in the tube, seems the lifter will not go all the way in to allow shells to be loaded. What's the cause and how to cure?
  4. Bill, to answer your question all my Tanfos got the Henning grip now. Yes, as mentioned by others they are a bit thicker.
  5. Pretty happy with my builds... Scott's Sig looks pretty bad ass though and the MPX does shoot softer.
  6. PCC is all I've been shooting lately and I actually opted for a non-LRBHO upper. But installed a Phase 5 Tactical extended bolt catch to make it easy manually locking back the bolt to show clear and insert a chamber flag. Like all the guns we use in the different divisions a good trigger helps too.
  7. Same here, Stock 2,3 and LimPro with Titan hammer and stock FPB.
  8. Don't want to post this as it might be viewed in a negative way.  My buddy also had some Stock 2s, Small Frames too... he was using Xtreme plated bullets on his guns and according to him wore out his barrel too quickly when the main gun lost accuracy.  He stopped and sold all his Xtreme bullets and switched to Polys like BBI or Ibejihead.  The guy knows the gun well and one of the go-to-guy for Tanfo work so I'm pretty sure he knows his guns to blame the issue on the bullets.

    1. hwansikcjswo


      Thank you so much for the comment!

      I am actually looking into switching to coated bullets :) 


  9. Highlander... watched so many time I was able to do line by line at one point.
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