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  1. Shooting is...........fun Being mindful and observant comes, for some. Being while in the shooting
  2. Viggen

    Glock 34 Kaboom

    Had the same sort of thing happen with a G35 with original barrel. Felt the same way you described it, extractor gone, upper was ok, and on mine the frame was ok. I had been using range brass fired one too many times - it appeared that the case let go. Happened once for me in about 40k+ rounds. Replaced extractor when I got home, years later now and it only happened that one time.
  3. Viggen

    CZ 75B

    Run it like it is until you figure it out. The 75 is a wonderful platform and really doesn't need much. Eventually a new set of sights from Angus at CZ Custom and a lightning of the double action. But shoot it for several thousand rounds and then figure out any changes you might prefer.
  4. Just clean it a bit. But do watch the rollpin up top. Sometimes wants to walk out. Great little unit.
  5. Like 59Bassman suggested. Buy a few more magazines for the Ruger. Learn to shoot with what you have for a while. Learn the game. Sometime down the road, then buy the gun for the game you want to play. You will know more about what you want.
  6. It's not far from the west valley to the east valley - a short drive. And on the east side there are some reasonable ranges and some matches. Tuesday night steel at Rio Salado is a good place to start, no matter what your plans might be. Come watch a few times. Safety meeting at 6pm for new shooters. Best to come and watch a couple of times.
  7. Decent all around information www.marksdailyapple.com will give you a perspective.
  8. The revolvers have been like this for quite a while. When getting a new S&W revolver the first thing to do is take it apart and deburr everything. Smooths things up a bit, the parts and the frame, then a little lube. Seems like the company eliminated that portion of the build process some years ago. It's just a necessary step these days.
  9. You can load OK ammo, not precision. But you are going to need other things like mildot1 and popsmoke detail.
  10. I though "old school" was leaving messages on answering machines. For me the breakthrough came with email then text. Fought it for a while and then I finally got smart and things got a lot smoother and quicker. Still leave messages if I have too but prefer email and text. I wonder what new technology is going to come on the horizon the next time? Pretty exciting.
  11. Ammo costs being what they are, I might strongly consider Production. 9mm ammo is a lot less than 45 - reloaded or new. I really doesn't matter where you start. Pick one and go.
  12. Early results are in - with 2 days of scores to go.
  13. Any action to report from PASA? Shooting should be about half over for the day. RO's shot yesterday, I think.
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