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2020 Western States Single Stack 22-23Feb20

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For this year, we are allowing competitors the choice to shoot in an optional division that has a mounted optic on their traditional single stack. Shooters in this optional division, will not affect the final overall outcome of this traditional Single Stack match, they will only be shooting for score against those in this new division.

Stages - 13 Stages + Chrono

NON-Sanctioned / OUTLAW Match - (because of our additional division, we will no longer be a sanctioned match)





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15 minutes ago, HI5-O said:

How cold is it there in February?

Average low in Feb is 48°F with average high of 72°. So it’s freezing for you Hawaiian guys. 

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Before this thread started and the updated practiscore page I inquired the match director wssc1@gmail.com and received this response:




The match has been cancelled, and will no longer take place at Rio Salado, possibly another location in the future.


Thank you,




I was asking because there was nothing on the Rio Salado calendar. That was two days ago.

So now it’s really up in the air.



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Got this email this afternoon:


Western States Single Stack Championship 2020
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the WSSSC match has been canceled. We appreciate everyone who has supported the match during its great run. We will keep you posted with any future developments.

Thanks Steve Horsman

For those that have already paid and registered, your full receive should post to your statement in the next few days.

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On 10/3/2019 at 10:33 AM, Don_B said:

I have not heard it was canceled. Where did you get the info?

I had signed up for the SS match, pd and squadded.  However, I received an email today that

my match fee was being refunded and the match was cancelled.  Still trying to find out

what happened.  Hoping they can get it worked out and still have the match???

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Too bad, I got to go to my first Desert SS match last year. I live in Montana so what a treat to escape the cold and snow in February and go get warm and shoot.


LOL, it snowed in AZ, we did not even bring a jacket. But it was a great match, even the 50 yard stage was great fun. Too bad it is cancelled. Maybe Vegas can pick it up.

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