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    Hopefully he used a 9/38 slide
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    Sounds like a failure to extract instead of a stove pipe. The extractor slipping over the rim and not traveling back far enough for the stripper rail to catch the next round from the magazine. Did the gun and ammo combo work before? Is the slide being slowed down by your thumb? Or rubbing against some other part of the gun? Do the rounds feed and extract if you manually cycle the gun with dummy rounds? Why do you need to remove 5 coils from the recoil spring ? Ammo making Major PF?
  3. Website says they have closed.
  4. There’s a thread on this topic in the Open Guns section
  5. Looks like American Airlines; United Airlines; Delta Airlines and Allegiant Air service the regional airport in Grand Junction. The airline I wanted to use does not go there so we’ll be driving there.
  6. It looks solid. Has the features I look for such as being able to take the body off of the hanger for travel, plenty of clearance between the holster and hanger and height adjustable. I think the description of the lock position listed in the description is incorrect. Will get one when available.
  7. I used to use an undersized die for resizing. The amount of force needed to resize, even with case lube, was kinda much. Then the die started to shave the brass and forcing brass down towards the rim. Said forget it and got me a Case Pro. Best investment I made in reloading. I deprime on a single stage brass, that keeps the primer poop out of my reloader then I clean the brass via wet tumble with pins. Then I run it through the Case Pro and then lube and load. I no longer use the undersized die and just use the Dillon die. No problems passing the case gauge. As for the “popping”, with wet tumbling I find it more pronounced versus the dry media cleaning. I just try to keep the funnel clean.
  8. As someone who resides in a restricted state, it’s our USPSA competitors who promote the sport. I haven’t seen anyone here yet that didn’t get into USPSA matches because the law here restricts mag capacity. Wish it wasn’t the law but we have adapted. Shooters are resourceful and a bunch here regularly compete in free states in unrestricted capacity divisions. Promoting the 2A is everyone’s job. One of the guys I shoot with regularly, said he won’t shoot a major match in Limited 10 like he did when he started out. He’ll do Limited but not L-10. I haven’t heard of anyone else from here trying to get into the L-10 Nationals, I wouldn’t. I rather spend my money on shooting in Open division, and I’ve been given advice not to drop my mags after 10 shots, all in fun. At home I have been pushing to not offer Limited 10 as a division in our local matches and having only Limited division. The new rules take into account of the jurisdictions laws anyway. I shoot Production on occasion and I wouldn’t care if the mag capacity stayed at 10 or changed to 15, wouldn’t affect us locally anyway. And as I said earlier, shooters are resourceful and will adapt. So, thanks for looking out for those of us living in restricted states, appreciate the support.
  9. Don’t know what sub-freezing while shooting feels like, I would be frozen. Afraid I’ve become too soft living in tropical weather year round. I can tell you my timer is working great in 80-90 degree temperatures.
  10. I use the Pelican 1470. Holds both of my Cmore scoped 2011s.
  11. HI5-O

    Squad Lists

    It did work well. The sort and random doesn’t work well with what we are using. Takes several attempts to sort randomly for the order to change and that wastes time and often it puts the same few shooters at the top of the list. I like knowing in advanced who I am following in the shooting order and alpha does that. In major matches, everyone will have a chance to be first shooter at least once.
  12. I’ve never seen the chrono guys half cock my gun and pull the trigger. I would not be very happy if they tried it. I have seen the chrono guys fully cock the hammer, apply the thumb safety and pull the trigger to see if the hammer falls.
  13. The shooter should have received penalties if wording is important. Some are only looking at and only up to the mandatory reload. The rest of the wording is important too. Such as after the mandatory reload, THEN engage the OTHER array. Not a lawyer but learned to read the entire text and not just parts.
  14. On Maui, the Records Section does have copies of firearm registrations for those that have registered firearms in Maui County. I would suspect HPD Records does the same thing. I believe you would have to request that info, probably in writing, and they will dig it up and probably charge you for a copy and postage. Try calling them and see what kind of response you get. Good luck, if was on Maui, I could help.
  15. I let it roll out into my palm. If it falls, I pick it up and clean it off. All gets loaded in a mag eventually and shot.
  16. I too would wait for the RL1100 even though it costs more. It’s much smoother than my S1050.
  17. Maybe the toolhead spring needs to be replaced? I have the Level 10 spring and bushing too.
  18. Since it is billed as a state championship, shouldn’t it be a level 2 match?
  19. Thanks for the range report. Got an email sent requesting a set. Hopefully they have a template from your order. I tried the Velocity model at the Open Nationals. Loved the lenses, hated the frames and need a more adjustable nose piece for my “asian fit” bridge.
  20. I use fine bronze wool and Kroil to remove surface rust. Bronze wool is gentler on gun finishes.
  21. I bought one of their plate racks years ago and it’s still going strong. The PD has also bought steel poppers, swingers and dueling tree from them with good results. Most of the steel are still in use today. They work fine outdoors but have no experience using them indoors, I guess that would depend on what the indoor range owner says. I was squadded with Robert at the last WA State match and he is very easy to talk with about anything you need in targets. Call him and ask him. The link you posted has a typo. randrtargets.com
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