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  1. I bought one of their plate racks years ago and it’s still going strong. The PD has also bought steel poppers, swingers and dueling tree from them with good results. Most of the steel are still in use today. They work fine outdoors but have no experience using them indoors, I guess that would depend on what the indoor range owner says. I was squadded with Robert at the last WA State match and he is very easy to talk with about anything you need in targets. Call him and ask him. The link you posted has a typo. randrtargets.com
  2. For this year, we are allowing competitors the choice to shoot in an optional division that has a mounted optic on their traditional single stack. Shooters in this optional division, will not affect the final overall outcome of this traditional Single Stack match, they will only be shooting for score against those in this new division.Stages - 13 Stages + ChronoNON-Sanctioned / OUTLAW Match - (because of our additional division, we will no longer be a sanctioned match)
  3. Let me know if he’s successful. I would get a set of lenses.
  4. I wasn’t there and the ones who went and got DQd wasn’t quoted a rule when they questioned why. Don’t know what they listed as the reason and they used PractiScore so maybe it’s in PractiScore somewhere. 12 competitors were DQd in this match of 62 competitors, yikes (don’t know if was for reloading in CT)
  5. Here I was told another local club ran their annual championship match. One stage had two Cooper tunnels where you had to shoot through ports while in the tunnel. The MD decided to DQ shooters who reloaded while in the tunnels. No reason was given on why they didn’t want anyone reloading in the tunnels. Some shooters questioned why DQ but that sounded like it started an argument. 10 round mag law
  6. Everything went back to Florida. Looks like I’ll be sitting out the nationals in 2020. At least the west coast has some good matches, closer to me.
  7. Have you tried to contact MBX? I have heard both positive and negative feedback about their customer service. What about your recoil spring? Any shock buff? New style MBX follower? New MBX mag springs? Sounds like it’s started all at once and if affecting both 140 and 170, maybe something different in the ammo? I used to have a problem with case lube left on the case and when the above round was stripped, it dragged the next round forward.
  8. Delay being attributed to last minute changes as stages were being setup.
  9. SIG "HICAP" 2019 Open & PCC Division National ChampionshipThe Matchbook will be released on the 16th. Current round count is 473 rounds.
  10. Just about a 7 minute video of the British open team. I guess in IPSC you can’t run outside of the fault lines to the next position?
  11. Good question. I know it’s been discussed before and most 9mm proponents cite the cost of brass as the reason for going 9mm. I didn’t like the unreliability of 9mm open. When it started to get popular was when scope mounts turned the scope sideways to help with reliability and now the miniature red dots have become the way to go. All my open guns run 38 Super Comp, slide ride mounted sideways, Starline brass, and they run great. More choices of powder to make major and less spillage of powder when loading. Home range I can recover most of my brass and reuse them until I lose them. To convert my guns to 9mm would be costly (at least 2 guns) and I figured I could use that money to buy more 38SC brass. I am also wary of buying “once fired” 9mm brass or range brass. I’ll stick to 38SC in Open until my guns wear out.
  12. The S1050 is able to seat primers deeper. I have mine adjusted to seat the primers 0.004” to 0.006” below flush. Even at that depth my primers don’t look crushed.
  13. After you run them through the sizing die, those marks are reduced to almost nothing.
  14. 2020 will be on Oahu and I haven’t heard any dates yet. Don’t know which club will be hosting the match either. Maybe our SC or someone will chime in.
  15. That’s what I did to mine and put a layer of black electrical tape where it clamps on to the ball.
  16. If you make it to Maui, bring your rig and I can get you the rest. A few of our guys will be heading to PI to shoot the Australasian match in November.
  17. Never been to this range, yet. Next trip to Vegas I will have to check it out.
  18. 1.225-1.230 with a Zero 121 JHP in STI and MBX mags in an STI frame gun. A fellow shooter using a Caspian frame gun loads his longer around 1.250-1.260 because the Caspian mags allow it without binding.
  19. Using the other brand of hinged plates and I don’t care for them. Yesterday’s match they started to turn as they got loose in the ground. Couldn’t drive them deeper as it would have changed their presentation for the next shooters. Another match had them pop back up after being knocked down. Their short size doesn’t give you much options when setting their height unless you fabricated some stands or something.
  20. The best deal yet for a state match. Must be a typo
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