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  1. 2 days. Everybody shoots both days? Revo shoots regular match with SS? Rev buds will be wanting to know.
  2. I shoot better with strangers. Less BSing, more concentrating on the game.
  3. Is there a definitive reason given? Loved shooting this match every year.
  4. Changing one target on a stage makes it a different stage. They'll change more than just a target here or there. The stages need to be checked. A lot. Even running a set up and staff match day sometimes isn't enough to get the bugs worked out. That said.......who cares? It's a kick ass, fun match every year. No huge prize table and nobody gaming their class to win a bottle of lube or a hard case roller bag. If ya ain't one of about 3 people shooting the match that has a chance to take home a plaque, go have fun. I know i will. Oh and don't be pissed Al
  5. In a regular local match where we have 100+ shooters, we don't allow it as it would back up the squads too much. Al
  6. I'd go the opposite. Forget about getting a ton of new people into the sport and focus on the small amount of new people who do try it out. All the regulars already know each other so when ya see the new guy or lady who has maybe been at practice but is at their first match, introduce yourself and TALK to them. Make them feel welcome. Make them feel comfortable around the top shooters. Ask them if they have any questions or want any advice. Those little bit of niceties will likely have them return and tell others how fun it was and how nice everybody was. They are the ones who will bring their friend to try it out. At least that is what i see happening here locally. There was a time at my home club years ago when the new guy was almost but not completely ostracized. If you were new and signed up on the wrong squad you were moved from the good old boy squad to the nerd couch at the cool kids house party squad. I personally know of quite a few who didn't return because of the feeling of being an outcast. Like i said, those new folks will be the ones to talk to their friends who may be on the fence about starting comp shooting. As far as the new/intro class goes, we have a couple a month with 10 or 15 peope in each. Most never show up after that class even with a free match thrown in. Some have been coming to saturday practice for well over a year and have never shot a match. Some stuck with it and are awesome shooters, ROs and friends. YMMV. Al
  7. When they ask i just tell them Action Pistol. When they have no idea what that is, instead of me explaining everything for the umpteenth time, i just tell them to go look up "USPSA match" on Youtube to get an idea. Al
  8. Couple things. 1. First come, first served. Want in bad enough, you'll make time in your day at work or home to sign up or worst case for your SO to sign you up if needed. 2. Dump the prize table entirely. Award plaques, medals or whatever, of course for the winners. Prize table? Get rid of it. Sponsor money for match and stage sponsors with their name plastered on stages would likely work just fine. Any sponsor money goes to help offset the cost of rooms and food for staff and can even go to the host club for materials such as props, building supplies etc. Al
  9. If you love short, small stages with minimal reloading, this is the match for you. Also the reason that after attending once, a few years ago, i won't ever go back. Local level 1 matches have more challenging stages than the SS Nats. Al
  10. I'll come up with my own stage plan and stick with it unless i see somebody on a walk thru or a run do something that i completely missed. I'll only consider it if it is a major time saver or saves a mag change at a crucial point and i have enough time to go over it in my head and be sure. Last minute changes don't seem to work out for me most of the time. Learned that the hard way lol. Anybody can ask me why or how i plan to shoot a stage. Usually i have no issue with it and i'm more than happy to explain why but when it becomes the norm from a seasoned shooter to always ask others how they plan to shoot a stage, it does become irksome. Part of the fun for me is figuring out the best way to shoot a stage on your own, not simply copy what everybody else does. Sometimes what everybody else does is simply the best way to run it anyway.
  11. In the cooler months, i drive 3 hrs to Fresno for a match. Usually spend the nite before though and drive home after the match. The Reno folks regularly drive down here to the Bay Area and back the same day twice a month. Around 3 hrs each way. Al
  12. +1 on Sleep Inn (now Quality Inn). Not the nicest place but it's in a decent area and can't be beat for price just to have a place to crash at nite. Prices are high for March but Quality will be about the cheapest for that area unless you want the Super 8 ghetto area. Al
  13. First week of spring training, snow birds staying south for the winter, cold climate people taking vacations where it's warm etc. Protip: Call the hotel and talk to the GM. That person will get you a better rate than any online site or desk person. I'd like to know if the match hotel (usually Country Suites?) is going to have a decent rate. As of now they are pushing $160+ a nite. Al
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