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  1. I've been using Imperial Sizing Wax. Every 15-20 rounds, when the pull starts to get heavy, you just touch the wax and touch the next case. One little tin of it has lasted for several years and probably close to 100,000 rounds.
  2. That makes some sense. Shooting is an inherently dangerous activity and people have been seriously injured while doing it. That said, I've been in trap leagues for years, shot dozens of three gun matches and have probably witnessed shotguns being fired a couple million times. I've never seen that happen. So what happened to you was akin to a lightning strike, or winning the worst lottery ever. Odds of it happening twice are functionally zero.
  3. I'm a few years ahead of you. I shot a Shadow 2 for one season, then an orange for two seasons, and this year I went to a 2011. The Orange is a great gun, and by comparison to a lot of 2011's, it's a great bargain. I'm glad that I used one for a few years, because being a factory gun, with readily accessible parts that don't require any fitting, I could concentrate on my own skills without having to worry about my gun. It's ready to go right out of the box. It doesn't need a trigger job, or any custom parts fitted, just take it to the range and get after it. Magazines were WAY cheaper and didn't require any tuning. I feel like the Orange is a fantastic pistol for someone who is starting to get serious about the sport. It's good enough that you could be competitive with it at the top levels, but accessible for most anybody. Maybe you'll want to shoot something different in a few years like I did, and that's ok. Turns out people are willing to buy these things used, so you can recoup some of your money and try something new. In the end, gun choice is a very personal thing. You can be competitive with either one, it will come down to which one you're more comfortable with, which one you shoot better and which one you're willing to spend the money on.
  4. Looks like it was moved to Chino, CA. Registration reopens next month.
  5. I'm sure there is a golf shirt out there that doesn't offend your sensibilities. And I agree about the Solomons, but I'm shooting open with a set of E.A.R. Primo's and have found them to be sufficient.
  6. The price of Techwear is out of hand, in my opinion. I wear a golf polo most of the time, the Nike Victory is a great shirt that stays cool and keeps a little sun off your neck. Pretty much the rest of it is dead on though. Instead of saying sundry kicks, you can narrow that down to Solomon's. Can swing a dead cat at most of the matches I was at this year without getting fur on some dude's Speedcross. You guys thinking about big hats need to look into in-ear hearing protection. It makes you free to wear a giant straw hat and really get some shade.
  7. I'm in about the same place. I'd love to reduce the time I have to stand in front of the press. Having trouble deciding between the 1050 or 1100 with an ammobot, or just going with the Revolution.
  8. That's awesome! You know what that means? You're getting better at this.
  9. I'm using an older SVI IMM with two popple holes. Accurate 7, 9.4 grains, Zero 125 grain JHP, CCI Small rifle primer. 1.230 OAL 175PF. What I've discovered is that different guns will have wildly different power factors with exactly the same information. If you don't own a chronograph, you're going to need one right away.
  10. Yep, I've read a bunch of them. The deciding factor is almost always that 9mm brass is easy to find, and cheap.
  11. This is really good information, I've been thinking about trying it out myself. Everything I've read about caliber selection comes down to brass being easier to find for 9mm, and it being cheaper and easier to reload. Is there any reason to choose one over the other based on the way they actually perform, ignoring the added cost and difficulty associated with 38SC?
  12. I've been doing a lot of testing with N310 and Sport Pistol. Had big problems with the N310 measuring correctly in my Dillon. It kept sticking in the powder measure, then raining down on the plate, leaving me with a light load. I went through 2k rounds with it before pulling the powder measure apart in a fit of rage, cleaning it out and refilling with Sport Pistol. I'm making major at 4.7 grains, it's flake powder rather than stick and measures very accurately. It's maybe not quite as clean as N310, but it's very not bad compared to most. So it's cheaper, I use less of it, it's easier to work with and I can't tell the difference on the range. Sport Pistol is exactly what I've been looking for.
  13. Alright, so I have a theater in my home with a 120" screen. I've built a media center PC in there, and it runs SimRange LaserShot software. I happen to have the Steel Challenge software. So I'll post two cell phone pics, one is a picture of the LaserShot Steel Challenge Software of Smoke and Hope, the other is a full screen view of the picture you posted. I'll let you extrapolate your own answer from that. You will notice that they're both a little crooked, I am not a professional photographer. They also look much larger in person, but to compare one against the other, this should suffice. First the image from the LaserShot system. And now the image you created.
  14. I've been using a Mobius Action Cam. It's cheap and tiny and weighs practically nothing. I made a little bill clip for it out of some kydex and it sits on the underside of my hat bill. I flipped the image in the software, and get decent videos out of it. It almost allows you to see down the sights.
  15. I've been shooting limited for several years, and picked up Single Stack over the winter. My skills with my limited gun are so much better this spring for it, that I almost can't believe it. I got used to the heavier recoil of the 45 and learned how to find the sights again quickly. My reloads got faster because they were more frequent, and without the benefit of a giant magwell, I'm more accurate when inserting the magazine. Maye that shaves a hundredth off, I don't know, but it feels like it. The 1911 also made me more conscious of how to break apart a stage and make a solid plan. I'm a much better shooter for it, and I plan to continue shooting Single Stack Major only from about October to March every year.
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