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  1. Last year at a 2-gun match, I was shooting a day early with the other RO's. We're on a blind stage, you have to turn right and go through some barricades, but we've had no issues. One of the older guys is running the timer and tells me to make ready. So I load a mag and chamber a round, and then two of the other RO's come around the corner down range, maybe ten feet in front of me. I quickly holstered, put my hands up and called the MD over. (He was on our squad too.) I explained what happened, and he told the guy not to do it again, and the old guy says something like, 'But this is taki
  2. I took a tactical class one time from a guy who has been in more wars than the US over the last 50 years, and he taught a thumbs up grip style. The ideas was that you could rotate the left hand back, and the right hand forward to get a kind of twist lock on the gun. It's very much not in fashion, but it can work for some people. For strong hand shooting, he advocated sticking your thumb up, canting the gun toward it, and using your thumb as an something to push the gun into. I shot thumbs-up for many years, and had great success with it. I recently went back to a more traditio
  3. Some interesting information in there, thanks! I'll find the caliber conversion crossover parts chart to be especially useful.
  4. It's just so ugly! I kinda want one.
  5. Well you've got the sickness now. I'm sorry, but there's no cure.
  6. We don't have a direct flight to Vegas anymore, which means two flights or a 12 hour drive. Could use a break from the cold though! I'll keep it in mind.
  7. I'm not sure that can be stressed enough. At a multigun match last year, shooting with the staff and taking turns as RO for each other, one of the guys got in a hurry and had me load and make ready. I inserted a mag, and as I was doing a press check, two guys came walking around a blind corner 20' in front of me. Happened again, later in the day with the same RO on a different stage, but it was me downrange. He still doesn't understand why I was so upset, or why I refused to paste targets while he ran the timer.
  8. LOL! I'm sure of that. What kind of work do you guys do to them before you send them out the door?
  9. The VR80 is an interesting shotgun. I've been working on mine for a few months now. I think it has the potential to run with the Dissidents, but the nice thing about the Dissident is it's ready to go to a match the day it shows up. My VR80 is just starting to get reliable after a lot of tweaking. I did not buy mine from T&N though, although they do make great mags.
  10. I just finished rolling about 10k pieces of nickel brass and checked it for you. Zero damage to the machine.
  11. I lol'd. You learn something at every match, don't you?
  12. I'm actually starting to consider it. There is a very active ICORE club a few hours North of me. They shoot all year, when USPSA is shut down eight months at a time.
  13. I have exactly the same questions. I'll be watching with interest.
  14. They no longer make most of their competition guns, as has been mentioned, modifying them for competition is voiding warranties. And if you have a problem, warranty work is taking forever. They used to be the go-to entry level 2011, now you're better served looking at CK or Bul armory.
  15. I carry one Goliath, which starts in the gun, and two regular old G17 mags with +5 Taylor Freelance baseplates on my belt. If there is a mandatory reload involved, I switch the Goliath to a standard 33 round mag, I don't like dropping the Goliath. Really looking forward to these new Magpul drums. I predict they will be the thing to have this summer, and will quickly become much more common than the goliath.
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