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  1. Then just bump to open and load to 10. Takes care of the inequity from those who would of shot chrono first and load up to 10 minor vs those who shoot last and only got to shoot 8 rd minor for score.
  2. Yeah, I don’t agree with swapping just for perceived advantages of more rounds.
  3. I’m not in favor of trying to make whole someone who broke a rule. I don’t get to reshoot any of the stages if I fail chrono. We all draw cards and some start on a hard stage or an easy stage, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.
  4. Both declared major and didn’t pass so getting scored minor is in them.
  5. You can’t flip flop and shoot when 10 round minor is at an advantage to a stage and then go back to major. But if you’re shooting major and don’t pass chrono, there is no disadvantage to going to a 10 rd minor back up gun. Flip it the other way, if you shoot 10 rd minor in single stack and that gun broke and you had to had to go to back up gun which was 8 rd major, you’d still be shooting minor. The gun is still legal for division.
  6. 8 major vs 10 minor is allowed in division so the competitive advantage argument is moot.
  7. Plenty of GM and M shooters in Redding, you should be squadding with Ian and Issac.
  8. Max Leograndis is coming to Keno, OR at the end of August. 2 day class and shooting our local club match in Sunday. If you want to know how to get better, here’s your opportunity. It’s not just for PCC shooters, Lynda Turnbull who’s is also an open shooter will be there as well.
  9. I like shooting it steel then paper, like you said the steel can be picked up after reload if you miss and finish on the risky noshoot target last.
  10. Was at an area match and guy shooting single stack sight broke on a .45 and He was allowed to use his backup gun in 9mm shooting minor. He just had to re-chrono.
  11. As long as mags fit in box per Appendix D5 #7, you can shoot 10 rounds as minor.
  12. HoMiE

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Cha-lee, with Nationals being in ST George during month of September, how much of a factor do you think it will make? Would you take hot and dry over slightly cooler and humid?
  13. Can guarantee it’s not CFE Pistol, have tried that powder and very dirty and doesn’t burn as clean as the syntech ammo. The syntech powders burns so clean, don’t even need to clean cases to reload.
  14. I run my brass through a Redding grx push through, ammo fits case gauge but was tight in chamber. I had barrel throated for longer loads and I still had some loads that would not go into battery with a STI. I was loading lead FP profile and the ogive is not consistent with these lead bullets so it didn’t matter if I loaded long or short, I had some that would not go into battery.
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