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  1. Yes, if you smack them hard they want to come out. Should clarify the back plastic piece for retention comes out with mag.
  2. Yes it obviously fired out of battery but I would say the main cause was the bullet setback on a stepped case. It might not of blown out of it wasn’t a stepped case. Don’t know what press the ammo was reloaded on but my 1050 gets stuck on stepped brass and won’t resize cases. Wonder if press could have had similar issue on sizing/depriming and didn’t fully resize and that’s possibly why round wouldn’t chamber all the way if you don’t case gauge ammo.
  3. Bullet setback on a stepped case causing higher pressure, not oob.
  4. I tried WST with moly 135s, was around 3.7-3.8gr out of a 16” barrel.
  5. Online magazine can be found here https://uspsa.org/magazine/view//2019-09#page=64
  6. Average low in Feb is 48°F with average high of 72°. So it’s freezing for you Hawaiian guys.
  7. As soon as you discover a problem and you know the steel wasn’t up or I have seen were a bigger pops falls and hits ground and causes nearby popper to fall, stop shooter. I wouldn’t want to waste ammo and I wouldn’t want to give shooter a practice run on rest of stage either.
  8. Parallax has the been the culprit for me at longer ranges with red dots.
  9. I shoot production with a Glock g34 and love the challenge of trying to keep up with other divisions that don’t have to reload. The division has a low barrier to entry, I shot with uncle mike mag pouches in the beginning and a bladetech Kydex holster. Most of the stages have turned into shoot 8, reload, shoot 8, shoot 8 reload, etc anyway. Keeping it to a 10 round division makes it the most inclusive to gun and caliber option, and other sport crossover like idpa or steel challenge. Switching it to 15 rounds is just a couple of rounds away from it being Limited minor. Having to do one less relo
  10. Check out the CMORE C3 rifle scope good 1-6, I like the reticle and check Todd Jarrett Instagram, there is a discount code there to get scope for $799
  11. So much for the bringing a rifle to a pistol match argument.
  12. Limited goes back almost 30 years, as far as I can tell they have Limited National champ going back to 1992.
  13. Having to do reloads is not what keeps new people from coming out and shooting matches. It’s the perception that you have to have some high dollar tricked out gun to compete or be competitive. The 10 round limit made it equitable across all states and didn’t exclude guns that have 12, 13 or 15 round mag capacities. If you shoot production 15 as Limited minor, then just look at the results for those people if that’s what you want to compare yourself too. I’ve seen plenty of shooters shoot Limited minor and beat others shooting major.
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