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  1. HoMiE

    Canki TP9 SFx Trigger Upgrade

    Weight limit is 4oz over now
  2. HoMiE

    Canki TP9 SFx Trigger Upgrade

    Call them up and say you don’t need a 10 pack and if they can ship mixed diameter? Tungsten isn’t as cheap as lead.
  3. HoMiE

    Canki TP9 SFx Trigger Upgrade

    Search for derby car tungsten weights and you should find them.
  4. HoMiE

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Usually no restriction for open so yes legal. Limited and Tactical usually have 3” long x 1” diameter for muzzle devices.
  5. HoMiE

    C-More Railway Dot Size

    In my experience, the aluminum body cmore tend to hold their zero better than the plastic body.
  6. HoMiE

    Drills for getting used to red dot

    I find that if you pick a particular spot on target you can keep your focus there and the dot will show up where you look. Pick a piece of tape, pick a line, look at the stamped A on target. When I just look at brown then your focus will come back to the dot and that is slower then looking st what you want to hit and then your hands will get the dot there. You also do not need to track the dot in recoil. You only need to see where it lifted to call your shot. I think that is where a lot of people struggle, they look at target, then try and follow the dot. Then they try and keep the dot in focus and move it into next target. Trust your vision.
  7. HoMiE

    C-More Railway Dot Size

    I prefer a 4moa on PCC
  8. HoMiE

    How has STI been recently?

    Probably realized they can sell more guns to concealed carry/defensive shooting crowd. Competitive shooters are a small niche market.
  9. HoMiE

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    That may be compressing too much and making mag body swell or bulge too much. Are you using uplila to stuff 41 into mag? I load by hand and it’s pretty tight to get that last round in. Most of the time I just load to 40 since it’s easier to seat mag.
  10. HoMiE

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    Maybe the mag body got too wide and there is a section where the bullets are able to roll over just a bit too much. Do you use one of those loaders to load up mags?
  11. HoMiE

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    What OAL are you loading to? I had some issues loading past 1.145”, the bullets start to tip down as you load and then would stick. I shortened up my load to 1.125” and so far so good.
  12. HoMiE

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    Did you watch the TF video on how to modify the follower?
  13. HoMiE

    The worst state for 3 gunning

    Nice, if you ever come out this way give me a shout.
  14. HoMiE

    The worst state for 3 gunning

    Grants Pass is having a two-day 3gun this coming weekend 6/16-6/17 and Medford is having a 3 gun match June 30th. Keno is having a 3gun march July 29.