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  1. HoMiE


    Don’t think it matters, that is why you shouldn’t pick up mags until ulsc and stage is finished.
  2. HoMiE

    How slow is slow enough?

    You certainly can. This whole game is based on how fast can I shoot an A zone. Anyone can hit the target if given enough time. The goal is how fast can I shoot and know I hit target. You need to work on both, not one and then the other.
  3. HoMiE

    a small explaination of zen

    I think you are more in agreement with Him than you think. Once you realize what’s going on and just focus on the moment or task at hand, you just become that what you already know which is true.
  4. HoMiE

    How slow is slow enough?

    Shoot a clean match and you will make it to B class. You will also stay there if you don’t push it. But you cannot push it in a match if you have not trained and pushed through practice. There is nothing faster than knowing you shot an A and moving on to next shot.
  5. Collect cans and take them to recycling center.
  6. HoMiE

    CZ sp01 shadow external safety

    The production division rules are structured so that you can do it if rules say it allowed otherwise it’s not allowed. But now that you can replace minor exterior parts, it seems like there is no way to know if you shaved down the part and not going to be enforced if you did.
  7. HoMiE

    Removing the bolt weight

    If you do not have it sprung properly, you could get to much reward travel and damage upper. I have tried it without the bolt weight and the recoils impulse is faster but not as smooth with weight in. I have not seen any damage to the bolt carrier but I would imagine the added bolt speed would put more force on trigger parts.
  8. HoMiE

    PCC technique

    Cmore makes a tactical riser that is 3/16” or you can have one cut out of deralin for whatever height. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/C-More-Tactical-Spacer-Plate-P2183.aspx
  9. HoMiE

    9.1.3 Question

    I guess it is because you have two eyewitnesses not just one RO making they call.
  10. I would think shooters just moved from production to carry optic or pcc. It was a growing division up until the introduction of those newer divisions.
  11. HoMiE

    Ruger AR556 MPR for entry level rifle?

    Hope to see you get out there and shoot limited division with that rifle.
  12. HoMiE

    Virgina count missing steel Virginia Count must use paper targets exclusively, and must only be used for standard exercises, classifiers, speed shoots, or short courses.
  13. HoMiE

    Ruger AR556 MPR for entry level rifle?

    Be hard to find a complete rifle with that setup for unde that price. Did a quick google search and most entry 3gun rifles are $900 plus. Don’t even think you could put one together for cheaper than that. May not be the flattest shooting but as your budget allows upgrade trigger, comp and and whatever optics.
  14. HoMiE

    Steel guide rod in glock.

    No issues, I run steel and tungsten in g17 and g34. Non-captured is my preferable choice.
  15. HoMiE

    Bottom Metal Question

    They work, no issues I’ve run into.