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  1. HoMiE

    What kind of Plate Rack is this?

    Most likely home built.
  2. HoMiE

    Not Bad

    Nice, factory or handload ammo?
  3. HoMiE

    PCC Buffer Tube - Need High Quality?

    i don’t know if vltor makes them for bcm but I also have vltor and the only difference being 5 vs 6 position.
  4. HoMiE

    PCC Buffer Tube - Need High Quality?

    The one you linked is what I run. I cant help the links that the viglink does automatically so our host can try and make some ad revenue.
  5. HoMiE

    Help me set up my Buckmark

    Lighter weight swings faster for steel.
  6. HoMiE

    Help me set up my Buckmark

    Ran the allchin and striplin 90 on a buckmark. Went back to just irons. I preferred the allchin over the 90 degree mount. The 90 made it more difficult to rack and difficult to adjust.
  7. HoMiE

    Carry Optics Thread

    I would say it depends on the gun since some guns like the hk usp tactical come with threaded barrel and there is a threaded barrel OFM for some glocks like the 17,19 and 34. I’m willing to bet that NROI doesn’t care but who knows.
  8. HoMiE

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    Lots of companies getting ready or going to SHOT show so orders may be delayed with some smaller companies.
  9. HoMiE

    PCC dryfire

    I’ve found having the grip point towards weakside and coming up with gun is faster than picking up and rotating magwell. Come in underneath, lift gun up, insert mag as I’m moving towards shoulder, then rack it. It definitely helps with a side charging upper. I have to leave some space when using rear charging upper whereas with side charger the gun is already in your shoulder when you cycle bolt. I can pretty much fire the first shot as I’m moving support hand forward.
  10. HoMiE

    PCC dryfire

    Same rules as pistol, slide forward, hammer down is bolt forward, hammer down unless the wsb says you can.
  11. HoMiE PCC muzzle

    Anywhere but the safety area.
  12. As many have said ejector is too flimsy, seems like only reliable option may be on a cmmg banshee upper but haven’t seen any further reports on mag inserts.
  13. HoMiE

    PCC Buffer Tube - Need High Quality?

    I’ve had good luck running bcm 6-position 7075 receiver extension.
  14. HoMiE

    holosun 510C is huge

    The cover is just over an ounce, I believe that weight is with the mount removed as well.