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  1. Doesn’t it depend on how WSB is worded, like “from wholly within shooting area” vs “one foot in shooting area”?
  2. HoMiE

    New Production Rules and Magazine Release

    That horse left the gate a long time ago.
  3. HoMiE

    New Production Rules and Magazine Release

    Don’t think that will fly since the “if it doesn’t say you can, then you can’t” still applies and I can’t find it but I seem to recall it wasnt allowed in carry optic.
  4. HoMiE

    Glock Holster Question

    Race holster not legal in uspsa production
  5. HoMiE

    Glock Holster Question

    If it’s closed at the bottom, get it for the G34 and the G17 will work. I use a bladetech G34 holster for both.
  6. HoMiE

    Leaving a position faster and sooner

    A lot of people struggle with this because when they come into a position they prairie dog and stand up. So to leave out of position they need to transfer weight back down to legs to get a good launch. See if you are keeping your legs loaded when you come in to position so that your are ready to leave.
  7. Why not just toss the bag over to activation first then shoot.
  8. HoMiE

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    Uspsa match only has to recognize 1 division and if organizer only wants it to be a rifle only, then I guess that’s it. I would politely let MD know you’d like to shoot with PCC and if they get enough request maybe they consider it. This is where I think uspsa is missing the boat on what people want to shoot. Uml pcc only and 2x4 where pcc is an option is gaining traction.
  9. HoMiE

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    The PCC appendix has specific pistol calibers spelled out and with previous A6 appendix it doesn’t say you can substitute pcc for rifle, only that pcc may be an additional firearm. I don’t think the 5.45x39 as the minimum caliber includes 9x19 pistol caliber just because the bore diameter is larger.
  10. HoMiE

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    I haven’t witnessed PCC as it’s own division in uspsa multigun, have one local club that runs uml pcc only division in addition to other multigun divisions.
  11. HoMiE

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    5.45 x 39 is minimum caliber for rifle in multigun. Per Appendix A6 of multi gun rules... Pistol Caliber Carbine in Multi-Gun Inclusion of PCC into the Multigun rules is provisional and included here on a trial basis. A PCC may be included in a MG match as a specific type of firearm, (i.e., a 4th firearm type.) It will not be allowed as a substitute for another firearm required in a match such as a handgun or rifle. Inclusion of PCC in these rules does not allow for the running of a PCC Only match under this rule set. That is governed in another set of rules. This appendix expires 31 December 2018 unless approved for extension by the Board of Directors.
  12. HoMiE

    Complete book for building a 1911/2011

    I know it’s not a book but the AGI videos by Gene Shuey are good and he goes through the whole process.
  13. AS soon as I got the 3 stage kit I tried he wave spring in that forward buffer position. I didn’t like it as it gave a double spring effect.
  14. I tend to run my stock shorter as it helps in snapping the gun up to shoulder and transitioning to weak shoulder for hard leans. I run a collapsible stock usually 1 click in from fully extended. I’m only 5’10”.