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  1. We had to throw out stages and everyone got a 0 on classifier that were shoot with incorrect start position. Sucks, but that’s what you have to do. Better than having to zero everybody.
  2. Since the shooter only had 3 scores, they would still be unclassified. Then when the scores for the 6 classifier scores go in, at that points I think they will just use the best 6. Then as you continue to shoot they look at the latest 8 and take top 6. If any are duplicates, you get the higher even if it was shot early, a worse more recent run doesn’t count against you.
  3. The 90% won’t get thrown out since it was used in initial classification. As an example, if he had shot one more match and had 4 classifiers, those classifiers would have been used to come up with initial classification then the classifier match score of 90 would of got thrown out most likely for being too high.
  4. Have you measured bullets? Maybe the bullets are slightly larger in diameter.
  5. Classification uses the highest 6 of most recent 8. But for your initial classification, you only need 4. So in the example of OP, the June one wouldn’t be included assuming no duplicate stages were shoot.
  6. If I want to practice reloads, I shoot production. If I want to shoot a dot and reload, I shoot Open. PCC is pretty much an unlimited division, why try and put limits on it now just because you have chosen to shoot a platform that limits your mag choice to 30 rounds? I agree with you that 60+ mag is not necessary but there is no mag limit. And if you need 60 rounds to make 32 required hits, that’s not really practical either.
  7. I don’t run 50+ mags in uspsa matches and the specialty matches I have shot, there is always a spot to reload. Making people reload just to reload does nothing for a platform where wether you run Glock, colt or mpx, you have options to carry up to 40rds in a stage with simple addition of a basepad. On a large field course with 32 rounds, I only load my mag up to 38 rounds most of the time anymore. If I have to do s reload on a stage I’ve lost or had a gun malfunction.
  8. There are no photochromatic lenses that will work with auto glass and in my experience photochromatic don’t get dark enough when it’s sunny and then if you go indoors they are stay too dark. I now have 3 lenses, dark, Amber prism for overcast, and clear for low light or dark shady lighting.
  9. It seems the AR versions of trigger don’t have nearly enough engagement of the disconnector so the sear doesn’t catch on hammer hooks.
  10. Case gauges are usually made to what the max saami spec is while a chamber may be cut to minimum saami spec. And then your reloading dies maybe cut somewhere in between and thus the issue that you are experiencing. You could use that cerrosafe alloy and cast your chamber to find the exact dimensions and find a suitable reloading die or have one made.
  11. I have a rifle that won’t take my reloads either. Had to use the RCBS small base dies which size cases slightly smaller than typical dies and then rounds will chamber.
  12. I’ve only broken a blitzkrieg buffer. I carry spare firing pin but have never broken one. Also carry spare extractor and springs.
  13. This is the difference letter of law vs spirit of law. People have become so ingrained in Production that you can’t do something unless it says you can do it that they take every situation literal. That’s how we got another rule that says you can take a Barney mag from front pocket, you can’t do that after the buzzer however. I’ve had someone try to bump me to open for doing that in the past as well.
  14. Since the OP had 2 scenarios were the divisions also have restrictions put in place by appendix E3, the location of storing comes into play. Again, the storing of magazines in retention devices is only applicable if starting from that position before buzzer. Say if I dropped a mag and picked it up and held in hand or out in pocket, I would still need to make sure it goes behind hips. Shouldn’t make a difference if the stage makes you start with all your mags on table or elsewhere.
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