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  1. Is your second shot high or low of first shot? If it’s low you might be pushing trigger or anticipating recoil. If it’s high, you may just be pulling trigger twice with one sight picture. Work on 50/50 or doubles drill, start off slow and increase speed when the sights return to position with minimal hand wrist movement or gun dipping. many either don’t grip gun hard enough with support hand when trying to shoot fast or they are milking the grip when trying to pull trigger fast.
  2. Do you have any more details on what barrel and round counts fornPCC? You would expect faster velocity from 16” vs 14.5” but don’t know if different wear or twist etc
  3. I like the idea of having a Division National at one of the Area matches. Cha-Lee 2020!
  4. Extended if you have over 75,000 rounds. Use to use mobil 1, but now prefer Lucas gun oil. Doesn’t stink like mobile 1 and it doesn’t run off as bad.
  5. Not the smartest thing to be looking through barrel from muzzle end if you are at safe table and gun is apart. Just as easy to look from chamber end at that point.
  6. I have shoot groups from a bench @ 100 and sub 2” with wsf and CFE, Everglades and Montana gold 115s jhp. I threw a 8.5-25x scope on to see what my 14.5” shooting innovations barrel was capable of. Groups open up to 3.5-4” when shooting with a 1x dot at 100yds. Shooting past out to 200yd, the bullet drops like 12”+ but capable of hitting a 2/3 ipsc or a 12” steel.
  7. Seems way to light, I’d be afraid of squibs running that load.
  8. When is the last time you cleaned piston? I’d start there first before I bought another trigger.
  9. Maybe the snow fence is not defined as a view, but once you attach a banner to such a wall it’s becomes a vision barrier. And once that vision barrier was changed as part of the course, the competitors should be notified. Given that the change was made in the last day during the final hours and maybe the weather conditions were worse don’t negate the fact the the stage was different for some competitors. Notify all competitors and then if it’s a big enough difference someone can challenge results and arb for the stage to be thrown out of match officials felt compelled to keep stage. You can do this at any time with a 3rd party arb.
  10. I would say that banners being out up are part of the course since it affects the view of course. Section 1.2.1 of uspsa rules spell out location and view for course design. The appendix spells out what a view is. If putting up a banner the next day changes that view, then the course has been modified. The appendix also defines “significant advantage” as having a greater view or targets which a banner could affect. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6’4” and can can see over the height of a banner. And it doesn’t matter if Troy said it wasn’t an issue or change course. At any match, if the stage is changed, ALL competitors should be notified of the stage changes and given the opportunity to arb it or not per the rules. I’ve also seen where banners affected max traps by blocking or deflecting the wind. Something to think about when putting up a banner.
  11. The rounds are at an upward angle but as you add more and they stack up, the rounds start to tilt down since 9mm is a tapered case. That’s why the oal needs to be shorter. The transition from mag tube to base pad happens around that 35 round,so I usually give it a downward smack with my thumb on top round as I insert that next round.
  12. Funny how things change when it’s not a popper that activates something and now it’s a clear case of REF.
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