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  1. Try standing on a 2x6 board to shift your center of balance forward by learning how to get on balls of your feet.
  2. Brass will work harden and loose neck tension and mixed brass will have different wall thickness.
  3. Re-watching again as I get ready for last season. Season 1, Episode 8, The Pointy End. Arya is practicing swords with Syrio and he tells her my tongue lied but my eyes were telling the truth. Arya responds I was watching...watching is not seeing dead girl. The seeing, true seeing is the heart of sword play.
  4. Pretty sure if it ever get made into mass numbers there will be push back and that top piece will be considered part of the frame and not the slide. But is definitely a game changing design. My guess is they will make the first 500 and then try and sell design to another company.
  5. Not saying the lockup mechanism is the same but when you start to try and short stroke and use heavier springs, you introduce the human element. I have let people shoot my gun and it won’t run until I say, here hold the stock on your pectoral area. My pcc will run if I hold it only with my hands but you have to hold it firm or have it solid against your body.
  6. Have you ever shot a benelli inertia shotgun? You can hold those loosely and get them to not cycle. Same concept depending on how you setup your recoil system.
  7. Agreed. I think the issue my brother had was he was holding it in pocket almost on his bicep and his arm was moving back. I had him square up to target and hold stock more into pec muscle and it works better.
  8. No matter how fast you can pull the trigger, it doesn’t take any longer to your your vision while doing so. You can focus on vision, or you can focus on speed, choice is yours.
  9. ...and that’s when the fight started.
  10. You can do whatever you want with the trigger in USPSA Production now so as long as they get the 2,000 units and it gets on list good to go.
  11. You better be able to call your shot with whatever you need to see even at close hoser split distance. I’ve witnessed and been guilty of pulling off a target too soon because I did not see the sights lift. Did I have to have perfect sight alignment for a 2 yard target, no. But I would have to see the front of sight over top of slide and keep it there until shot fires or else I guarantee there is going to be a miss.
  12. HoMiE

    X5 Rumor?

    Don’t think IPSC rules allow it, USPSA isn’t the only game he plays.
  13. You are probably picking up someone 9 major brass and I’ve experienced high reject rates when trying to case gauge. So other than using a case roller, trying to preprocess brass with lee u-die may help some but not entirely.
  14. The ambi version the cylinder that is supposed to block the sear from traveling will rotate from the way the hiperfire engages the center section of safety. The hyper fire is designed to rest on round part but those incompatible safeties have a flat spot. the single sided version works and it is what I use in one of my pcc.
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