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  1. Dutchman195

    Alliant Sport Pistol

    I did notice this on the data. Im at 4.8 gr for a 180 bayou to make a 173PF at 1.2 oal. 200gr is 3.6 max but with shorter oal. Im surprised it drops the charge weight so much.
  2. Dutchman195

    What is this thing

    Thanks everyone. Will see if i can find a handle or fabricate one. Not a rifle guy so ill have to figure out a user for this.
  3. Dutchman195

    What is this thing

    Side veiw. Also assuming im miss a handle for it.
  4. Recently my grandfather passed and going through his reloading room. Not sure what this is or who it is made by. Any help would be apperciated. I believe it is some form of priming station for precision rifle.
  5. Dutchman195

    SVI triglide

    As everyone else has said, these are awesome triggers. Every 1911/2011 I own has the Triglide in them.
  6. I never found their prices to be that appealing. The saving grace was the brass credit program. But even then what they sold a case of reloaded ammo for was the same I could buy it at a LGS.
  7. Dutchman195

    How has STI been recently?

    FWIW. The tactical community does have deeper pockets. but I feel they are getting away from their own niche market. This drives people to purchase their competition guns from other builders. Or be like me and pay out the waazoo for a BNIB Trojan. Also, still having issues with my DVC, I called in the other day and was just asking about the weight limit on the gun. STI offered that they will 'warranty' the gun and cut metal out of the gun in order for the gun to make Classic/SS division weight. Which is a nice. Still kind of messed up that they produced and advertised a gun that was legal and actually wasn't.
  8. Dutchman195

    STI Trojan best 9mm minor reload

    OAL 1.135 TiteGroup: 3.2gr 135gr Bayou Mixed range brass and whatever primers are cheapest (usually Winchester)
  9. Dutchman195

    How has STI been recently?

    Other than the fact they dont make any 1911s anymore past the DVC Classic. I feel they are quickly getting away from the competition market with guns like the cost carry comp and whatnot. Personal opinion though. I've called in a few times over the last month for questions about this or that and they always answer the phone. Which has been a step up from last year when I had issues with my DVC Classic
  10. Dutchman195

    At what point is it not worth it?

    No I do not help set up....BUT... The club(s) sets up after work Friday or Saturday before the match so I cant get out there because of my work schedule...
  11. Second ^ Was good up until then. After they started doing stupid stuff and lost my interest
  12. Dutchman195

    Good Ammo Prices

    Save your brass and sell it to me In hindsight I realize my post was not helpful, apologies. Gunbot, ammoseek are both good websites to kind of get a base line. Look for Manufacture rebates from Federal, Magtech Etc. See if any local loaders or ranges want to buy your brass back (helps the bottom line). Since shipping will sometimes eat your money, Sometimes ranges have a remanufactured ammo supplier stocking their shelves for the range ammo. Trace that company back to the source and see if they'll load you whatever you want 124/147 and buy a few thousand. A local guy here does blazer 124gr cases. IF the class is outside can shoot steel Wolf stuff for cheap.
  13. Not knocking anything here, but is $60 more a case worth the slight increase in accuracy (Bayou vs EM)? I'm pretty sure Steoger shoots Blues and he does ok. Generally I feel like its the guns connection to the ground as opposed to the equipment. I put 3 inside a dime last night at practice freestyle with a STI and Bayous. I surprised myself with that level of accuracy, even though I know the gun will forever be more accurate than me. So the question again is...What is a acceptable group size before you decide the equipment pairings dont match? 60 bucks is to much for me, but thats also why I dont shoot JHPs like some people do.
  14. My Gen 1 MPX shoots a 135gr Bayou with 3.2gr of TG at 1.130 OAL Never had a problem in probably 2k rounds. Maybe 500 suppressed. And I barely clean it. Have also shot 115 and 124 bayous through it that probably hovered around 1000FPS. No issues.
  15. Dutchman195

    At what point is it not worth it?

    Anything over 1.5 hour drive is to much for me for a local. Its not worth it once you factor in gas, 25 match fee, sunburn and wasting my only day off for maybe 300ish seconds of shooting. Unless there is a Major coming up and I try to cram as many locals as I can in. A major problem I have with my area is that these matches have kick off at 10AM and dont finish until dinner time 4-6ish. I would rather have kick off at 8 and get home earlier.