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  1. I've gone down a few times. Once going forward and just supermanned into the ground. I shoot a gun with a safety so when I decided there was no saving it, turned the safety on and just braced for impact. Once at a indoor match, tried to stop, feet kept going on the slick concrete and ended up on my but. It only hurt after ULSC. Third at a IDPA I tripped on some drainage grate thing in the middle of the stage and thought I was going to go flat on my back, somehow managed to flip around and pancake myself on top of the gun. Which is good because I thought I'd get DQ'd if I had just thrown all my arms and legs straight out. It happened so fast and its IDPA...so..... Both times have one thing in common, point the gun downrange and grip the s#!t out of it to avoid dropping it. Once you've stopped bouncing, get up and keep shooting
  2. XDm, Only gun I've ever seen the actual feed ramp break off the bottom of the barrel. When I was working the counter at a indoor range, it was our rental gun. Also, with the PRP drop in trigger, best 'drop in' trigger I have ever felt. It has pluses and minuses. I will still make fun of it though, just like I expect people to make fun of me for my 1911s. All is fair on the range.
  3. When I was brand new to guns at 22-3ish I was easily sold into things that were incredibly dumb. And wouldn't listen to anyone who would try and help because I thought they were Fudds. But then I myself became those in which I despise: I've literally come full FUDD circle. Started Fudd, only to 5 seasons later, come back to shooting a 1911 in Fudd 45.
  4. From the entrance into my 'shooting career' with brief logic S&W SD40VE for Production, I thought I could carry and shoot it cuz the guy at the gun store said its 'basically a glock 19 but american made' ended up selling that for Smith 5906 in 40 cuz "stopping power" which I ended up selling for CZ 75 40sw Decocker with 10rnd mags For Production cuz I already had 40 but someone said CZ was the bees knees which i traded for M&P 40 full size for limited and ipda ESP (kept this one) Got bored of the above nonsense Glock 35 open gun with slide ride red dot, no comp, had a barrel with the ports in the slide lighting hole on top, thought I was hot s#!t. which i sold all the dumb stuff for Glock 35 for Lim after realizing I should google things before I buy them 2011 custom built buy a guy who said he knew what he was doing and I'd shoot better with a 2011 Same 2011 custom rebuilt by guy number 2 who said HE knows what hes doing Same 2011 FINALLY rebuilt buy guy who did in fact know what he was doing STI Trojan 1911 off 2014 Nats Prize table CZ 75 SP01 Cajunized Now STI 1911 trojan for IDPA CDP and a trojan and DVC Classic for USPSA SS I have acquired other glocks-CZs-2011s etc along the way but dont use any of them. (For Sale OBO)
  5. You'd think that it being electronic they would have an answer right at 12:01AM
  6. The the problem, The Guys that dont shoot alot but are really good cant get in.
  7. I would like to know how they are maintaining the integrity of the wait-list when from the outside looking in it appears as if this is a monkey screwing a coconut. What a absolute cluster. I'm surprised they chose to withdraw shooters, instead of just calling PS and somehow make PS click a undo button.
  8. What part of MI? What do you like to shoot?
  9. I know they approved some more people last Thursday, looks like they squaded. Would be nice to know where we are on the list
  10. I have 1911s that have never seen a factory round and dont have feeding problems (insert s#!tty 1911 jam joke here). Use the 38 super or 10mm mags (whatever gun you have) and load em long
  11. I've shot matches with both types of fault lines. I *think* it was the 2017 FL state had something along the lines of the wood is OUTSIDE the shooting area. it was said in the Shooters meeting and everyone was held to the same standard. With that with a big stick like a 2x4, it was as easy as a regular fault line, Go up and cram foot up against the stick, then you know your in position. I will agree this doesn't follow 96% of all other matches I've ever been to, but the rules allow it. Makes no difference to me. Without knowing the specific rule I did just read over 6.3 The inside(of cover) edge of the 2x4 delineates the shooting area. Dont go on top of it. Seems fair. Is there a rule and can someone cite it, where it says the fault line must be lined up with the center point of the INSIDE most target in a position?
  12. Second Picture for sure is my style. Spartan and Ar500 seem to run deals on Lvl 3+ plates on the regular. If just for training and the like I would be ok with that. If it was duty gear and I had a increased odd of it actually saving my life, I wouldn't put a price on it. I hear from people that wear armor for work ceramics are the way to go. Ferro Concepts Slickster if you wanted a carrier.
  13. This doesn't seem to follow the statement that 'All internationals are random Draw' A whole 2 squads named IDPA CHINA Per the IDPA member Website there are 24797 Listed Members 861 members listed with a Chinese Registration. or about 3.47% of the membership base USA members 17839 So if about 50% of the slots went to internationals. 200 slots, 12% of the WS slots went to IDPA China.
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