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  1. AMG labs hands down. They just need to produce more timers. Inexplainable how they have the best product but cant make timers. Also belt clip. Bought one cheesy molded kydex thing off a guy online (florida I think) for 25 bucks and its done alright Given my experience with the pocket pro, the ced 7k and the pact timer. I'd buy the AMG again anyday of the week. And that includes waiting for it to show up
  2. its 4 for me and I'm going. They put on a pretty good match. The range and town are nice. They hosted A2 and NAZC last year, and NAZC every other year since i started shooting in 14. Would recommend you try it at least once. Drive in the night before and go out on the town to check out the breweries and what not then, wake up, shoot and drive home.
  3. I used to live 5 min from a club that had some goofy rules and therefore would drive about 70min to a different club just to practice. Did it one day a week, had work change my schedule to let me bounce a hour earlier on whatever day to try and avoid Detroit traffic (did't work) All depends on your level of commitment. You can live fire 2-3 times a month and dry fire alot more and save some gas. Or you can go whip rounds downrange. See if you can start meeting up with some training buddies at this range thats this far away, that way it'll make the drive a little better to shoot a bit, grab some food quick after and that type of thing.
  4. That seems like alot of money and time into something that doesnt really matter when your running and gunning. Best advice I can give OP. Shoot the 124s, 135s and 147s and pick which one you want. Most companies offer sample packs, or buy 100 of each and then give them a go. Over time as you shoot more I think you will come to realize it is all a wash. Gripping the gun better probably has more to do with it. As moto said above, 124s will snap the sights back onto the target faster, the 147s seem to have a dwell time as the gun recoils. I feel that with the 147s I am watching the front sight sit there for a milisecond before I see it go back down as the slide goes into battery. all that being said, I shoot all three. I used to swear by 135s, until I realized I can get 200 more 124s per case over the 135s so now I just shoot those. (also cheaper by .002 cents a bb)
  5. Just picked one up. Super not impressed. The part that attached to the actual belt isnt recessed like every other holster on the planet. Actual mounting screws stick out towards the gun side, will need to shave them down eventually. Lots of adjustment to fine tune everything. To much BS, doesnt matter if the gun is 1 degree this way or that way. And finally, the middle position for the lock is really far down (to me) so i'll never use that as it changes how I'm going to draw the gun. The benefit is the ability to whip any gun in there and go with it, no need to mess with the inserts. Should have gone with a Double alpha like everyone else uses.
  6. I'm not even holding my breath for them to respond to a email.
  7. Really hoping someone officially jumps in a clears this up.
  8. A2 has always been known for having an amazing prize table.
  9. USPSA + IDPA shooters arent even a fraction of a percent of the total market of reloaders. The weekend hobby guys and reloaders probably make up 90% of the reloading market. Plus the hassle it would take and how much we would all bitch and moan about something like this. unfortunately it'll never happen.
  10. Buy once cry once. or find a deal on a STI Trojan and dump money into it to make it gucci.
  11. Livingston gun club is best for membership if you want to practice on your own and shoot matches. Would recommend raccoon to. really depends where you live and how far you want to drive.
  12. Happened today on the range. Knew something was up because the gun was extremely hard to get to rack. Shot a stage and looked and it was JUST barely out of battery. had to inertia clear it to get the round out. Hopefully STI will warranty with their lifetime warranty promise. Guessing 5.4 barrels in 40 arent in stock anymore at the factory. Anyone have recent experience with the STI warranty process?
  13. Reading the OPs first post. I will agree that if you just want to hit A class on paper. Yea, doesnt matter what you shoot. I would say the top guys will shoot a classifier fast with all As, so it really doesnt matter the caliber Want to be a 'competitive' A or higher, it will matter. SS is really the only division that Major/Minor is a real battle and it depends solely on the match. Open & Lim major will always win. Someone said you have to aim for 90% of the points in a match. If you shoot Major, thats a A/C on every target or a 1 to 1 ration. IF you shoot minor you have to shoot was more As than Cs
  14. I would like to think thats because they purposefully designed it around indoor matches and not being able to run around alot. HOWEVER. I dont think thats the case. I think someone saw the GFDS postal match and was like "dam we need to do that" and then half assed 4 stages that are the epitome of IDPA lameness. Also the way they do the nationals points is silly, So silly I dont follow it but I would guess thats why it ends in March, thats when the year window for nationals points is up. The fact that they did it in a way, with a end date, there will still be snow on the ground in many states by the time its over means they wont get the participation numbers they want.
  15. Sounds like an opportunity for you to approach a range and be a MD for a indoor.
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