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  1. Shooting a 160gr at the absolute minimum major PF(165) it would be pretty quiet. if I had not a Gen 1 MPX, or I could sell my MPX I would perfer the JP I think. Glock Mags and all. Would they ship me a lower and a 10in barrel separately while I wait for the stamp?
  2. To respond to the original question. Call your local range and ask them what credentials an instructor needs in order to come in and teach a class. Then go get those. Maybe try that with a few ranges to get a good feel for what you need.
  3. Do they make Gen 3 replacement MPX Barrels? Only thing I can find are the Gen 2s on the sig website
  4. Oh nice, I was wrong. Been there before. Now the question lies, do I take my Gen 1 MPX that runs perfectly fine suppressed with 124gr Bayous and SBR it. or sell it and get a Gen 3 MPX or a JP and SBR it.
  5. I thought I remember reading or someone telling me IDPA has a dumb 'no SBR' rule. Can anyone confirm that? I have a Gen 1 MPX with a 8in Barrel that I would be interested in turning into a PCC gun on a Form 1 but if the 10in barrel rule applies then I'm out.
  6. Interesting. The main problems I see with leading is when the coating itself is somehow compromised before it is fired, then it leaves lead in the barrel. Theory: Have you made sure to remove all the lead from the barrel before test firing again? maybe thats ripping the coating off? Have you tried without the Redding Push through die and just a size die? Unfortunately lots of variables to test here and limited range to to fix.
  7. Expensive. Understatement of the year. But Generally after about one stage of not pasting I'll just go say something to someone. As I would want someone to say something to me if they feel I am slacking. No reason to have animosity towards people when we literally get nothing out of this. If they are my new shooters I'm bringing I'll give them a talk on the way to the range as to what is expected IE, pasting dos and donts.
  8. Is your crimp to tight and stripping the coating off the projectile? EDIT: DUH, I didn't read the original Post. Is the crimp die leaving a ring on the projectile itself?
  9. 4.1 sport pistol with a Bayou 200 @ 1.19OAL was 169 PF.
  10. Especially after Plane tickets and hotels and what not. A travel match is pushing a thousand bucks these days after all said and done. Not interested in absorbing the costs after a cancellation.
  11. No DQ, But boot them from the range. Thats usually a range rule as well. You dont want to follow the rules, then you cant be here.
  12. If its actually during the Load and Make Ready, and your in the box with your gun in your hand. I would holster the gun and tell the person to shut up and then tell the RO your not shooting until hes quiet or off the bay.
  13. Well I guess the Kimber was specific to the kill on Hotel grounds in JW 2. The STI: Taran Butler had to get that hollywood money so they had to specifically mention his 'combat master' with major powerfactor ammo.
  14. Just saw it. Was something to do on a boring day. Lots of the hand to hand fight scenes, I noticed the guys already had the blocks up and the other guy was just starting to swing. could tell it was very choreographed. Only cost me 9 bucks. But wouldn't see it again.
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