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  1. Happened today on the range. Knew something was up because the gun was extremely hard to get to rack. Shot a stage and looked and it was JUST barely out of battery. had to inertia clear it to get the round out. Hopefully STI will warranty with their lifetime warranty promise. Guessing 5.4 barrels in 40 arent in stock anymore at the factory. Anyone have recent experience with the STI warranty process?
  2. Reading the OPs first post. I will agree that if you just want to hit A class on paper. Yea, doesnt matter what you shoot. I would say the top guys will shoot a classifier fast with all As, so it really doesnt matter the caliber Want to be a 'competitive' A or higher, it will matter. SS is really the only division that Major/Minor is a real battle and it depends solely on the match. Open & Lim major will always win. Someone said you have to aim for 90% of the points in a match. If you shoot Major, thats a A/C on every target or a 1 to 1 ration. IF you shoot minor y
  3. I would like to think thats because they purposefully designed it around indoor matches and not being able to run around alot. HOWEVER. I dont think thats the case. I think someone saw the GFDS postal match and was like "dam we need to do that" and then half assed 4 stages that are the epitome of IDPA lameness. Also the way they do the nationals points is silly, So silly I dont follow it but I would guess thats why it ends in March, thats when the year window for nationals points is up. The fact that they did it in a way, with a end date, there will still be snow on the ground in
  4. Sounds like an opportunity for you to approach a range and be a MD for a indoor.
  5. Unless you run a MSH magwell the Skinny gun is going to have a hard time finding a magwell I'm guessing. I also dont know how I feel about the skiny gun being super underweight in the division. Not that it matters at all, but just thinking.
  6. I knew I was going to be bummed, but I just didn't know why until 10am. I think they could have done alot of stuff to make it sweet, but just made a G19 in 22LR. For us in the sport, its silly. for them in a business, I bet they'll sell a ton.
  7. I'll offer you this tidbit of advice to piggy back of mrs. moto's success Face the camera on your instagram photos = Never getting sponsorship Turn to side in instagram photos = sponsorship inbound
  8. I had a out of battery detonation on my first stage at A5 in 2017. Looked at the RO and they were just looking at me so I slapped another mag in it, put it in my left hand and finished the stage. I didn't have a backup gun and there was no practice bay. Had to just keep shooting. It didn't do it the rest of the day. Long story short, the gun did its job and kept you safe. No reason to believe that in the rare event of that happening again, the gun would hurt you the second time. Not to say 'get over it' because its scary as s#!t, but really nothing you can do. Go bust some simple clays
  9. I'm not sure thats the proper metric to measure by
  10. I think Value wise, you should probably avoid the 43 dollar book and get the 21 dollar book.
  11. I can think of maybe 3 Minor friendly stages A few with some 6 round positions / Doesnt matter And at least 1 stage where I ran the gun to slidelock in major twice. Did it favor major-No. Did major get hurt by the stages - Also No. A 2 being the same weekend, the only GM in SS won it. I think all the heat was in Nats. Nils was on fire at both matches.
  12. The Bul armory 1911 with all the bells and whistles is the same price as the 33oz Stacco R (1800ish vs the STI rep at SS nats saying 1800ish once they confirm pricing) The STI rep did say their 2011 is SS legal. So by that logic and the gas pedals on sig 320s, might as well try and sneak a real 2011 into SS nats next year It would be my opinion that they will get murdered in the competition world by Bul, if they truly go head to head. But STI doesnt do competition anymore, they want the LEO business. So they will make some offshoot gun to try and appease what made them famous a
  13. The competitor needs to know that its not going to make a difference. But in the same respect, while it would make me frustrated after the 17th overlay, I do think that at a Major, it is in the rules that a competitor can challenge a call. And they aren't there to shoot for anyone but themselves, so why would they not fight for every point that they rightfully deserve?
  14. I think thats great, lots of people I see running clubs dont travel to majors, so they dont know whats going on nationally, just that the same bay gets the same type of stage every month and it gets boring.
  15. But then the people that put in the work to shoot at a M or GM level arent rewarded with anything? You have to be very intrinsically motivated to spend the Time and money on this sport to shoot at that level and not get anything in return. That is exactly why I dont like IDPA, You see DMs putting in work and then getting nothing. I think the Classes should be awarded, 1st B has a prize that could be similar to 1st M. Many years ago at nationals they had the prize room broken up by division, then they called the 1st GM and then the 1st M and so on down the list, then 2nd GM and 2nd M. I thi
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