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  1. Interesting only 93 people signed up and had 6 DQs. Also, whats up with that SS guy beating the Ms? lol
  2. Thats the best option: Buy That for 800. Take to someone and put in ambi safeties, Techwell grips and magwell, SVI trigger parts and blend, undercut the frame. You'll be right around 1400. Also if your going to shoot 40 long like in a limited gun, you have to buy 10mm mags, the 40 specific mags have a spacer and wont work.
  3. Are those the guns that have a beefy slide that doesnt fit in most regular holsters? Or am I thinking of something else
  4. Depends what the gun is going to be for AND in comparison to what you already own. I shoot Limited in 40, loading 40 long to 1.2 OAL. My SS guns are set up to take the exact same load as the limited gun. a 9mm SS gun can be shot in USPSA SS & IDPA ESP a 45 SS Gun can be USPSA & IDPA CDP a 40 SS gun, you can have 10 round mags that fit the box, so you show up to your major match and walk stages, realize that a 10rnd gun is an advantage over a 8rnd gun, so you can declare minor and have a advantage. I think minor is stupid so I dont have any 9mm SS guns. EDIT: But, you shoot the same plan as a Prod guy. SS is a low head count division. So you wanna squad with a Prod GM/M and copy their plan, go ahead. Your SS 9mm minor gun is basically production with a magwell and better trigger. Atlas SS guns are rare. STI Trojans can be found in the wild used for sale. Factory new that is still in production, Springfield or DW
  5. My most recent was 2.67 with a 1.0-something draw. 8yds Always shoot it right to left, Maybe If I did it left to right maybe itd be faster.
  6. Single Stack the rules are the same except for Major, 8rnds in mag Minor, 10 roudns in mag That being said: Gucci: Infinity Louis V: Atlas Mens Warehouse: STI Trojan Macys: Dan Wesson Pointman (9 or 45, pick your poison) Kohls Clearance Rack: Springfeild RO Edit: Probably looking at, screwing with the leaf spring to adjust the trigger, Adding a magwell, and buying extra mags
  7. That is one Sexy looking gun.
  8. The 'Gen 2' if you will made weight, and they would Warranty the other ones to make weight if you called and asked.
  9. That mimics my test data at 4.8gr SP with a 180 Bayou If you wanna push it close, the 4.6 was a 165.67 PF @ 1.2 OAL I pretty much exclusively shoot the SP in 9, 40 and 45 now. Way better than TG
  10. To go along with the Majority. The Dillon 750 reloader package is $1500 (rounding) -Buy once cry once. I dont recommend the SDB or any SS presses if you shoot any type of volume, greater than 100 rounds a month. I buy by the case so: 5k Win Primers 130 3500 Bayou 124gr 250 8lbs powder: 150 You will have your own brass Your hovering around $110/1000 rounds Federal syntech 124 is 228 a case (whatever website came up first on google) To address the original Question: Will your ammo perform better than the syntech. Marginally yes. Talored to the gun, you can play with the load, maybe more accurate, maybe less recoil. But every time you go to shoot instead of throwing 2 quarters at the target, you will be throwing two dimes at the target. Even the 'Remanufactured' 9mm you see around your LGS or online is overpriced in my opinion. Find someone local to you, buddy at the club or whom ever, ask them to show you their reloader. Ask them if you can come over and load a 100 rounds and see if you even want to do it. Maybe after 5 handles pulls you say 'this sucks i rather drink beer and order ammo online' in which you would have saved yourself a bunch oh money. If you have any questions feel free to PM, I'm no SME but can offer my advice on dillon machines, bullets powders etc.
  11. But, If They are covering the shipping and not changing the price pallet vs flat rate. To my wallet, the flat rate is cheaper.
  12. Best way, I use a empty 1lbs jug of powder bottle. Cut the top off, Spray in, Dump cases, Shake, then right into the case feeder.
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