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  1. if it is a outlaw match, then I hope that they go back to the old targets and scoring system when the match first came out.
  2. I revo is kinetic bullet puller. you have to put a very tight crimp on them, almost to the point of going to a profile crimp over a tamper crimp. The way I do a taper is to get the bell removed so it is flat, then turn the die in 1/2 turn more, go fire the gun and see if you will have to put more into it.
  3. what is your questions on??? The electrical side or compressor side.
  4. I'm kind of curious how the area 2 match can be USPSA approved and registration hasn't even opened (April 29th) and they have limited 10 and revolver already excluded from the match. it's hard to keep a division alive when it can't even get started at a area championship.
  5. if its a performance center 327, then ask to talk to the performance center, give the serial # and see if they will get you one. If its for a retrofit to a 627, then I would suggest that you stick with the SS cylinder. I've had two 327 cylinders that have flame cut from split cases and are eroded before the cylinder gap. My 2 cents. Hey George, I'll show you one of the cylinders if you remind me. I usually carry one in the back of my jeep.
  6. you can pretty much make up rules at a level 1 match, as long as you state a start position on a piece of paper for each stage. (written stage description) for all divisions then you can take out the gaming of a stage. easiest way to fix PCC is to make the start position aiming at a clay pigeon on the floor in front of the starting area or put a orange shooting paster on a wall and have them aim the barrel in that direction with butt on hip.
  7. so they are going to hold the SS and Revo match the same weekend as the Area 2 match, if area 2 holds their match the 2nd weekend of November,
  8. you can get a great trigger with the Ti cylinders, but my experience with my 627-5 38/357 has been 3 cylinders that flame flame cut, especially when you get split cases, they also have what look like erosion where the bullet initially pushes out of the case. I've since went back to the steel cylinder. On my 4" and 6" 625, I've no issues with both Ti cylinders, the cylinders look the same as when I installed them.
  9. MBX extreme sells para mags. based of STI/SV mag bodies.. very pricy, very much worth the $. My 140mm 40 cal will hold 21. the 140mm 9mm will hold 24 rounds.
  10. we use to have a tweeker who would hide in the hill by are range and when the bay was empty, he would go out there and pickup all the brass and aluminum cases and pick the lead out of the berm to go and well to the recyclers.
  11. on a properly set up match, the only advantage that a 8 will have is on a steel stage in ICORE. This was with the previous rule book and with new rule book, the 6 shots and classic divisions got hung out to dry. no more 6 shot neutral arrays. I will shoot my 8 shot as a 6 shot on paper with the benefit of having 2 extra shots to make up a B or a C shot. Angus Hobdell won Limited division many years ago at a IRC with a 625, so the 6 shot is competitive, but with the old rule book. In USPSA, a 6 shot is standing reload at every array. They will set up the stages with a 8 round minimum for the single stake major guns and we just happen to benefit with a 627 or 929 for a level 2 match or above. For a local or leval 1 match, they can set up 10 rounds in one shooting positions and you will have to just go with the flow.
  12. go to home depot and buy a greenlee job box, one big enough to hold everything, also get a set of coasters to move it easy. lock it up and don't tell them what is in it. let them assume it is tools.
  13. I just recently found out on my dawson extended mag release that if the end of the spring is clocked just wrong, that it will bind up when pressing the release. The end of the spring will actually dig into the frame. just take it out and rotate the spring 180 degrees and see if it stops hanging up.
  14. check the sub plate bolts to see of one hasn't loosened. run the ram up and they are a tapered allen bolts. mine have loosened In the past. what I do is remove them, clean the holes and threads with contact cleaner and them use red Loctite to hold them in.
  15. now you know why you shouldn't use a factory loaded taper crimped round in a revolver, aka kinetic bullet puller. I use a lot of adjustment in my 38 super 627-4 and I don't care if the bullet is deformed, they don't pull after I crimp them.
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