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  1. QC10 upper and lower and bolt all for Colt mags. Runs great.
  2. Today, Hawaii Governor Ige announced that effective Thursday, March 26, 2020, there will be a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all arrivals from out-of-state. One county, Kauai, has implemented a curfew between 2100-0500 hours.
  3. Maui County government officials have issued a directive to close the public shooting range as of tomorrow morning. Closure length is undetermined at this time.
  4. They’re cheap enough that you can try it and if you don’t like it, not a major cost. I use the aluminum ones and like the feel of it.
  5. How do you clean the insides between stages?
  6. Not yet. I keep checking their website and still not available. Says available in March 2020.
  7. Just under 4 weeks out. Any more info such as round count, stage diagrams and descriptions?
  8. HI5-O


    Hopefully he used a 9/38 slide
  9. HI5-O


    Sounds like a failure to extract instead of a stove pipe. The extractor slipping over the rim and not traveling back far enough for the stripper rail to catch the next round from the magazine. Did the gun and ammo combo work before? Is the slide being slowed down by your thumb? Or rubbing against some other part of the gun? Do the rounds feed and extract if you manually cycle the gun with dummy rounds? Why do you need to remove 5 coils from the recoil spring ? Ammo making Major PF?
  10. Website says they have closed.
  11. There’s a thread on this topic in the Open Guns section
  12. Looks like American Airlines; United Airlines; Delta Airlines and Allegiant Air service the regional airport in Grand Junction. The airline I wanted to use does not go there so we’ll be driving there.
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