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  1. Now Atlas Gunworks are producing their own line of magazines too.
  2. Well, if that happens then I guess I won’t be using the front screws and bushing
  3. I didn’t know that was an option. I recently went to a steel grip and installed the front bushing and screws. Noticed in some pics of guns with steel grips that the front screws are not installed. I will keep using the front screws and bushing, makes it look complete.
  4. How did you adjust the trigger guard?
  5. I run new brass through all the dies just in case there’s no primer flash hole like he said. So far haven’t found one. New brass sizes a lot easier too.
  6. Blast it then Cerakote it. It’ll look like a new gun.
  7. My first attempt at fitting a steel Cheely E2 grip onto my STI 2011 went relatively well. There’s one issue that I couldn’t figure out how to do. I was able to get the grip on the frame and have the grip screw holes line up with the grip bushing holes and the trigger guard lug line up with the trigger guard bushing hole. I can’t figure out how to close up the small gap between the rear of the grip and frame.
  8. 115 jhp over N320. I would use the N350 in my open gun.
  9. I bought a case a year ago that was loaded in Starline 38SC brass. It chrono’d at 173 pf and very consistent. Now I see they are using Eley 38SC brass. Haven’t tried this batch and was going to order more but they don’t have the components to make loaded ammo.
  10. I use the Brazos tuned ejector for 9mm single stack, 38SC open and 40 limited with no problems. Should work with 45 but I have not installed one in a 45. Haven’t shot any of my 45s in years. Can always call Brazos and ask.
  11. 9mm would be minor unless you shoot it in Open division.
  12. If you shoot to have fun then shoot whatever you want when you want. Should you want to achieve a M or GM then I would say to focus on 1 division to achieve the goal. I shoot open primarily because I have a difficult time to see iron sights. Knowing that, I shoot iron sights for the change of pace and reminds me of all those that are still shooting iron sights and are really good at it. If I could do it again, I’d shoot iron sights while I was younger and move on to optics.
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