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  1. Their G43X and G48 come with nPVD coated silver slides. Maybe they are testing it out to see if there’s a market for that finish. I think it’s mostly for corrosion resistance.
  2. I just got a 7360 for a Glock G17 with a light. What gun and what is the height of the front sight you plan on running?
  3. Use the trigger setting , not doppler and no external mic and set on level 1 sensitivity. Where people run into problems would be the unit is not aimed at the target, too much movement of radar, muzzle location relative to the sensor, and weak batteries. Minimized the aiming issue by using a straw set into the aiming notch. Put the radar on a tripod or sandbag on the table mount. With a tripod, the radar can be set high enough so you can shoot standing. Muzzle needs to be centered with the radar and slightly back of the unit and within the offset selected. Depending on the settings you selected, battery life can be short. Using an external battery helps. A lot of issues can be avoided by reading the users manual. If someone has been changing the settings, you can reset back to factory settings and start over. We had one person even suggested to drill holes in the housing so the unit can “hear” the shot. DO NOT let someone like that near your Labradar.
  4. Thank you for coming to our little island match. We enjoyed having you shoot with us. Come back anytime.
  5. I have used the Atlanta Arms ammo in 38SC. The ammo was a hair over major pf in my guns. See if you can try before you buy. Other than that, the ammo used new Starline brass with a JHP bullet. No malfunctions and was accurate. Big Country Tactical looks promising. I would try them in the future.
  6. https://lvl10i.com/collections/all-products/products/ultra-ultra-low-profile-shellplate-retaining-screws-for-dillon-1050-presses
  7. I had to change the four lockdown screws with the thinner white locking tabs and the screws with thinner heads that secure the ring that holds the shell plate. The original screws and tabs were too thick after I installed the roller bearings kit and wouldn’t let the tool head go all the way down.
  8. Maybe sell the railway and get one of those smaller sights where it’ll fit on one short rail. I think the railway would be to bulky as a backup sight and a little “fragile” too.
  9. What if you put two short ones on?
  10. Check to see that the powder failsafe rod is attached and adjusted correctly. Sounds like the powder bar is not making full travel.
  11. $15 off of $150 or more OPBI190D3AA 5% off BXTZ5
  12. I placed the order on January 02, 2019 and got it yesterday. They’ll send you an email when it ships. Glad I got the clip and the skin. The skin gives it body armor and makes it grippier.
  13. We have some sponsors for this match and have some prizes.
  14. Just got my timer yesterday. Works well for dry fire so far. Next to test it on the range with live fire and PractiScore.
  15. From the change log: 21.4 Grips Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are allowed. Replacement grip panels are allowed provided they do not extend below the butt of the gun to form a make-shift magwell. Revolver grips may be replaced with OEM or aftermarket grips of any shape, profile and surface texture. Special Notes/Clarifications: See 22.2, below, for specifics with regard to modifications on revolver grips. Replaced language on grip modifications with language from Carry Optics Appendix-effectively removing constraints on stippling, checkering, etc, and no reference to E4. APPENDIX E4 Checkering, Stippling and/or Application of Grip Tape (Production Division) Checkering, stippling, and/or tape may only be applied to the areas illustrated by the dashed line boundaries which include the frontstrap and backstrap. Grip Tape cannot be applied to any part of the slide, trigger, trigger guard, or any lever or button. Grip Tape or Grip Sleeves cannot disengage a grip safety. USPSA Handgun Competition Rules, February 2014 Edition So, the underscored is the intent of the rule change for 2019. Plus the language of, “.........modifications such as, but not limited to, ......” would lead me to believe grip tape outside of E4 is legal. E4 has been deleted in the 2019 rules update.
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