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  1. The best deal yet for a state match. Must be a typo
  2. You’ll need to use the C-More Slideride for that mount. Size of the dot is your personal preference. I like the dot sizes of 6 or 8 moa.
  3. Looks like none of the Oahu clubs anything listed for those dates. They have a couple of matches in October before those dates tho.
  4. I too had the same issues you are experiencing upon my initial use of the Labradar. Things I did to get it “working” were: Reset the unit back to factory settings, then enter your preferences; Make sure you have good batteries in it or a fully charged external battery; Place a short straw in the aiming groove to make it easier to aim the unit; The Labradar has to be kept relatively stable when firing, I have seen the unit shake a little but it recorded the shot; Muzzle offset distant has to be within the distance you selected, I usually set the muzzle about half the offset distance (I use 6” offset and keep the muzzle about 3-4” away from the unit); Muzzle has to be inline with the center of the unit for reliable shot detection; Set the muzzle a couple inches behind the unit (towards the shooter) so it can sense the shot better; Target distance I set is about 25 yards away, too close and I had problems; I set my different velocity distances in feet; Make sure the unit is armed and ready to record the shot; Labradar works great for me. I mostly use it for pistol load development and will soon be doing rifle. The club I shoot with had one donated and the guys who were tasked to get it ready had a lot of “problems” getting it to run. I was asked to help and using what I learned, was able to show the guys that proper setup is crucial for reliable operation. The unit was used in our state match with winds blowing 10-20 mph and the Labradar worked well because they set it up correctly. Don’t listen if someone says you need to drill holes in the side so the unit can “hear” the shot. The unit detects the shot impulse, not the sound of the shot.
  5. Something to keep in mind and get the support of your squad mates would be nice. 6.5 Competitor Scheduling and Squadding 6.5.1 Competitors must compete for score according to the published match and squadding schedule. A competitor who is not present at the scheduled time and date for any stage may not attempt that stage without the prior approval of the Match Director or Range Master, failing which the competitor’s score for that stage will be zero.
  6. I discovered the adjustable sensitivity feature and found the timer would pick up the click of the thumb safety and the hammer strike during dry fire practice. Plus the ability to adjust the volume of the start beep keeps the neighbors happy. Haven’t tried interfacing it with PractiScore yet.
  7. I’m in a different boat. All major matches that I attend are costly because I have to travel by air since I live on an island in the Pacific Ocean. That doesn’t give me the ability to drive to the match on the day of or day before the match. The time zones are a factor too so I go at least a day and a half before the match to get acclimated to the time and temperature. This was the first time it happened to me where I wasn’t able to shoot at all. So due to the logistics involved, I would write it off for the year and plan to attend next year.
  8. Area 4 is postponed/rescheduled so looking for another match to shoot the ammo we brought over.
  9. Do you plan on attempting to tune it with the piloted drill out ports? I recall seeing another company using removable set screws for turning their brakes.
  10. I use the Pro Grip but use just enough (trial and error) versus some guys who put a huge amount in their palms. If I need to clean it off and I’ll clean it occasionally, I use 91% isopropyl alcohol and an old toothbrush to scrub it and blot it dry. Comes out clean enough.
  11. This has been posted in the rules section and a discussion is taking place.
  12. Their G43X and G48 come with nPVD coated silver slides. Maybe they are testing it out to see if there’s a market for that finish. I think it’s mostly for corrosion resistance.
  13. I just got a 7360 for a Glock G17 with a light. What gun and what is the height of the front sight you plan on running?
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