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  1. A limiting factor would be your magazines. I used to load 1.250”-1.260” and sometimes the rounds would get hung up in the magazine. I load my rounds 1.225”-1.235”. 121 grain Zero JHP.
  2. Probably because it will leave lead in the barrel, not bad just a pain to clean out. Typically, coated bullets use a softer lead. I would load them again and shoot them.
  3. A couple days ago I received notification that my holster has been shipped. So it was about 30 days after I placed my order through Safariland. I’ll let you know about the lever lock. I believe the lock doesn’t have to be used all the time when drawing the gun.
  4. I use the Zero 121 JHP. It’s sized .356” After I run out of them, I’ll switch to 124 JHPs as they are easier to find.
  5. Same here. I believe this die also helps in keeping the bullet centered when seating. Found way less off centered bullets.
  6. On the GG gpedal, I had the mounting pad area milled down to half its thickness. That works for me, plus it moves my thumb closer to the gun. Using a Guga Ribas holster. If I need any more clearance, I would cut down the pad.
  7. Match is postponed as the range is not open yet. Plus the governor has extended the 14 day quarantine for travelers through the end of June. Hopefully it’ll be rescheduled later this year.
  8. I would try it, once. Think it would be like shooting the work gun in USPSA competition. Wait, I actually already did that. Shot the Desert Classic with my duty rig and stock Glock a long time ago. So, no, I wouldn’t shoot a stock gun in a match that I had to pay for in USPSA. There are other games where I could do that if I wanted to.
  9. 14 day travel quarantine continues through the month of June. Law enforcement have been tracking down violators and arresting them. At least now the governor is allowing beach time in small groups and social distancing rules apply. No shooting ranges are open yet.
  10. I just ordered one too. I guess because it’s custom made for me it takes 35-50 days and special products may take longer (says that when you place order). Curious about how these various guns will fit. Only had one option that covered a few brands of pistols (Colt style 1911, STI, SVI, EAA).
  11. What conditions have been imposed in order to open the range? We tried but were told “Not yet”
  12. Looks like the bullets are seated crooked and maybe need a little more crimp. The third round from the left is what I’m looking at. I use a Redding micrometer seating die and it helps to seat the bullets straight.
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