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  1. Check to see that the powder failsafe rod is attached and adjusted correctly. Sounds like the powder bar is not making full travel.
  2. $15 off of $150 or more OPBI190D3AA 5% off BXTZ5
  3. I placed the order on January 02, 2019 and got it yesterday. They’ll send you an email when it ships. Glad I got the clip and the skin. The skin gives it body armor and makes it grippier.
  4. We have some sponsors for this match and have some prizes.
  5. Just got my timer yesterday. Works well for dry fire so far. Next to test it on the range with live fire and PractiScore.
  6. From the change log: 21.4 Grips Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are allowed. Replacement grip panels are allowed provided they do not extend below the butt of the gun to form a make-shift magwell. Revolver grips may be replaced with OEM or aftermarket grips of any shape, profile and surface texture. Special Notes/Clarifications: See 22.2, below, for specifics with regard to modifications on revolver grips. Replaced language on grip modifications with language from Carry Optics Appendix-effectively removing constraints on stippling, checkering, etc, and no reference to E4. APPENDIX E4 Checkering, Stippling and/or Application of Grip Tape (Production Division) Checkering, stippling, and/or tape may only be applied to the areas illustrated by the dashed line boundaries which include the frontstrap and backstrap. Grip Tape cannot be applied to any part of the slide, trigger, trigger guard, or any lever or button. Grip Tape or Grip Sleeves cannot disengage a grip safety. USPSA Handgun Competition Rules, February 2014 Edition So, the underscored is the intent of the rule change for 2019. Plus the language of, “.........modifications such as, but not limited to, ......” would lead me to believe grip tape outside of E4 is legal. E4 has been deleted in the 2019 rules update.
  7. What would make me crazy is what will the different ROs say when they see the holes. Grip taping them would help alleviate the craziness I think.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Prices are reasonable.
  9. Going to Rosenberg, TX for the Area 4 match this year. Where does one stay in Rosenberg?
  10. HI5-O


    Do they have hats?
  11. At first I used the recurve trigger to shorten the reach and when the new rules kicked in, I got the CZC reduced reach trigger kit. For me, I was now consistently able to reach the trigger in double action and have decent hits on target.
  12. I still use the large CMore on my open guns. They have been reliable and inexpensive so I stick with them. When the RTS2 came out, I contemplated on switching over. Then there were reliability issues so I gave up on the thought of switching over. And the cost to switch for two open guns is a little painful. New scopes, and new mounts and a different battery. I played with another shooters gun with the RTS2 and I don’t believe I’m missing anything.
  13. We’ been having a lot of rain so lots of indoor time. Indoor time causes me to spend money. Browsing the SC website, adding things to my cart, looking at stuff nice to have and enjoying the new look of the site. Before I knew it, my cart was pretty full so I went to check out. This always causes some concern for me because I live on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. Went to get a check on shipping charge options as I was preparing to cringe. The shipping options for my local have increased and I was able to choose a method of shipping and the cost. Very happy that SC gives me options to select what type of shipping I liked. Thank you, thank you for looking out for your customers NOT in the CONUS. Plus, SC had in stock all the stuff I wanted. PS - the shipping charges were very reasonable. PSS - I got order confirmation and initiating shipping confirmation within an hour of placing my order.
  14. Well, no time like the present to start something new. Glad you are interested in USPSA competitions and hope you do well and have fun.
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