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  1. 9mm would be minor unless you shoot it in Open division.
  2. If you shoot to have fun then shoot whatever you want when you want. Should you want to achieve a M or GM then I would say to focus on 1 division to achieve the goal. I shoot open primarily because I have a difficult time to see iron sights. Knowing that, I shoot iron sights for the change of pace and reminds me of all those that are still shooting iron sights and are really good at it. If I could do it again, I’d shoot iron sights while I was younger and move on to optics.
  3. Try posting a WTB ad in the classifieds. I keep reading how a few Labradar owners went to a different chrono because they didn’t need all the features.
  4. That’s a lot of work and sounds like you know what you need to do. I would just switch to a 2011 style frame since I don’t know anyone who went that route. Good luck and post your progress should you pursue the grip change.
  5. I tried to buy a stripped upper receiver for a 9mm AR type and they wouldn’t send it to me saying it was a restricted item in my state (it’s not) and then saying my state has restricted mag capacity laws. Don’t know how that applies to a stripped upper. I still buy from them when they have a really good price but most of the savings is eaten up by their shipping charges. They are not my first choice.
  6. If you coming to Maui, I can loan you my S2 mags (10 rounders)
  7. Big things I see (besides equipment) are you can’t do sight pictures, have to stay within the shooting areas, and in-service training with the RO’s. Would doing IPSC style matches keep the club from having to pay USPSA activity fees?
  8. What he said. If I squad with the guys from home, I know they’ll work. Recently I was in a squad with majority of GMs and some of us had to constantly reset the stages.
  9. Are you using steel cased ammunition?
  10. I volunteered and now I’m posting the match results in the early evening the day the match ended. A few shooters voiced their appreciation of posting the match results same day as the match.
  11. Do the cuts match up with the case mouth? Looks like it is going in the case off center. Bullet feeder?
  12. https://nroi.org/stage-design/shot-per-view/#more-894 does this help?
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