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  1. I shoot my nickel 40’s at matches to get rid of them. They crack easy and won’t chamber, so half my cracked pile is nickel. It’s that only a small portion of my brass is nickel
  2. Weird. My 929 takes everything including split cases. I use blazer only. I did get rid of the 7k I reloaded 10x for no other reason I built a stash of 24k from an indoor range i shoot at. Lots of newbs there. Did take a while.
  3. Slavex has used a tonne of them I believe.
  4. Well that was quicker than I expected..... https://simpleflying.com/us-self-quarantine/ That about kills any plans of traveling to matches down south.
  5. It's a 4 page + thread. Just set up an account, don't have to be Canadian to join!
  6. I would bet those who use software are buying to re-sell. I checked my email and it was only 16 months ago that federal was giving rebates on primers, I talked to a rep at the 2018 Shot Show and he mentioned they were gearing up primer production from a shortage in the Obama years. And then a year later they were having to dump them. Wonder what will happen to demand going forward given the current administration... From that low and with the rebate, prices have doubled. And currently everyone is out-of-stock up here but only as of a few weeks ago.
  7. http://www.icore.org/match.phtml It's still a go, but who knows how much 2021 will be like 2021? The aussies probably won't be able to make it. We will try but the new covid pre-flight tests are going to be a royal pain.
  8. These aren't my pics, Ganderite over at Canadiangunutz shot rounds that only had primers in them at night. You can clearly see the difference between brands https://www.canadiangunnutz.com/forum/showthread.php/1819206-Primer-Choice?highlight=primer
  9. I’m no expert I’m a 100% believer in strength training above all. Especially 3 dimensional work where the body itself moves. Such as squats, dumbbell lunges and chin ups (mostly wide grip). These are still the core of my workout and my workout is a whole body one 3-4 times a week. I have shifted to a more strength focused as I still need some motivation other than maintaining what I’ve got from lifting for 26 yrs. I do legs & shoulders bi set [3-4 sets] chest/back/calf/abs quad set [3-4] bi’s/tri’s bi set [2-3] sometimes I’ll add a forearm set to the arm one
  10. What Alec said. I simply treat the gun as a frame that needs a sh*t tonne of work done to it.
  11. Using www.freightcom.com I had my Evo pro shipped from DAA in PA to Toronto for $195US. Even though MARKIV is in FL it should not cost that much more. Then again I didn’t take insurance.
  12. Meeting pf isn’t necessarily the end all and be all.
  13. I aim for .115 before my new press on my 650 I would give an extra squeeze to seat them deeper. While I never had an issue (in practice) I would hand re-seat match rounds anyway.
  14. They aren’t different. Made in the same factory.
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