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  1. Lol. I have a match gun being built with this grip. My practice guns have the standard rectangles, I don’t callous much.
  2. I’ve modified a few of these with a Dremel sanding bit then finish with a buffing bit with a jewellers red paste. i had Pat make me a few with the butt made out of rubber, I have an odd grip and the rubber works great for my support hand grip.
  3. Back to the original post, I crimp the living £##£ out of the finished case. I do leave an indent with the FCD but 50k+ rounds made and zero issues.
  4. I found the UniqueTek funnel got rid of a)sticking and b) shaving the odd coated bullet. I got the one for .358 in a 9mm case.
  5. Politics. What was the exact reason anyway? I see something about submitting stages but give me a break, it’s ICORE not an IPSC L3.
  6. Ibeji makes a 165gr .357 or .358. I've thankfully a decent supply left that will last a while as I’m not shooting revo much. Funny how the skills don’t deteriorate much. Did really well at a match last weekend.
  7. It won’t be hard to sell the 750. I went from a 650 to a 2nd automated 650 (decap & size only) then a Revolution.
  8. Wife and I did a 2 day private course and loved it. Went back last year and did a 3 day private course and loved it. We could fly into the USA, just not drive. Now with the new restrictions and ammo issues down your way we won’t be making it down any time soon. (bummer) downtown Newark OH is beautiful and a private 2 or 3 person only class is money WELL spent
  9. Not to beat a dead horse but I think TK on their moon clip size page (38SPCL/357) mentions that there isn’t really a Sami spec for the groove or maybe the tolerances are too high?
  10. Before my I got my guns from Olhasso I was having light strikes. One day I was hammering out the rounds and I notice there were no Blazer in the pile. It was all win and fc. Just so happens Blazer is the most common brass around here. I stopped sorting out Blazer at 27k, not including 9k I loaded about 11 times and sold off. And with .040TK moons Blazer is just perfect
  11. I get it. I just had RP fall out of DAA moons when I first started this game. TK are even looser. Odd side note RP must use some nasty priming compound, they are hard to get clean.
  12. RP? What’s a TK pocket? I found the UniqueTek funnel for .358 works great on my automated press. I should have got it earlier but on my 650 I just lived with the occasional scrape.
  13. I've never ever had sticking/bulging issues (not with my loads anyway). I do rollsize, use a Lee U die with a FCD all with blazer brass 1.19" with N320 (165gr .358) And it's fine across all 6 929's we have.
  14. Pelican vault cases. Bought 2 then covid hit so they have gone unused.
  15. It’s not sanctioned by icore but same scoring and divisions. Icore in all but name. Mark runs a good match, and he helped me out last year with ammo as I was limited by the airlines for the AZ matches.
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