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  1. We love travelling down to the USA to shoot matches. Much cheaper than remote scuba trips. Covid has put a damper but we will be down twice this year. Made lots of friends.
  2. Nickel. I make sure loaded nickel rounds first aren’t cracked then shoot them at matches to get rid of them. Nickel cracks way sooner than straight brass. sooner than later practicing with nickel brass will involve having to get out the bullet puller and start whacking. AND WMA military crimped 40 is a royal pain in the ass. I used a primer pocket reamer and swage and some still had high primers.
  3. I went straight to a 650 after learning for a week on a single stage press. And with a Mr Bullet feeder. There are press enhancements that make life easier like case feeder & primer on/off devices. Vs the 550 I did generate a few squib loads. And they always went in my wife’s guns - of course they did. We couldn’t figure out why her brand new STI DVC would not go into battery. Oh yea, a bullet was stuck in the barrel but just enough to save my a**. And a round came out in her new 929. Had to hammer it back into the cylinder with the squib rod. Revo rounds need lots of crimp. My guns were spared. Squib loads are 99.99% from when something goes wrong and you get distracted fixing the problem and pull the handle when things are fixed. I once knew there was a squib and shot it. Its valuable to know what it’s like. Not recommended for a double charge. I’ve heard stories of guys picking up 9 major rounds thinking they were regular 9mm. It’s never good. off on a rant here but powder check dies take up valuable space on the Toolhead. Never used one. Well I did but ditched it early on. After deciding to upgrade I skipped over the 1050/1100 as if memory serves gives up something too to powder check. I went to a Mark7 Evo, not giving up anything and the powder check die is awesome.
  4. We are all shooting 10 rounds up here. my observation is CO (Prod Optics) has taken shooters out of both open and production. The older long time shooters who had to go to open for need of a dot have switched over. It’s simply $$$$. A few I can think of aren’t short of funds either. PCC took a swift kick to the balls when our govt banned 90% of rifles used in PCC. The FX9 is one that is still legal to leave the house.
  5. What isn’t...lol
  6. Is there any upside to N340 over N320? The fact you use more powder is one major downside both $ wise and given the shortages....
  7. We are limited to 10 rounds up here, limited mags aren't any cheaper though. So stage planning involves just as much "where to reload" no matter which gun I use.
  8. ???? Not at any IPSC match around these parts.
  9. It doesn't flare on the powder measure. It simply dumps powder.
  10. Anyone got dimensions of a roll pin? Would be nice to have a simple fix.
  11. Yea. I’m debating on just shooting that f@@ker until it breaks. I don’t have a gunsmith up here I trust yet importing it to Mojo might not be a possibility right now due to Covid?? Something about US gov’t being short staffed... like really?!? I’ll call the import/export place tomorrow. I did get Dave O to start a 3rd 929 for each of us. These things are worse than potato chips lol. Easy to import a gun into Canada. We have no shortage of civil servants up here.
  12. Well that’s a first for me having the pinned front sight come loose. Explains why I’m constantly adjusting the rear when I’m shooting groups. I’m getting good groups just in a different place each time I go to the range. How do I tighten it? I’m not overwhelmed with choices of decent revo smiths north of the border. thx
  13. I saved more $ from buying from DAA than Mark7 during last years Black Friday. DAA had a % based sale vs Mark7’s fixed $ off Plus shipping from PA was only $180 to Toronto via my own freight carrier (Mark7 is in FL) DAA does give rebates on your next order depending on what’s bought. Given what I spent on an Evo Pro it wasn’t much. DAA also gives discount codes when they sponsor matches but only on their products, but you’ll need a Mr Bullet feeder so its something.
  14. You’d have to have moons cut tighter to shoot RP brass with TK. TK moons are looser than DAA and before I knew better and used range brass occasionally a RP round would fall out of a TK .04 929 moon.
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