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  1. Thanks Neil! Hoping the borders open up soon, we miss Rochester and the ICORE gang!
  2. I prefer a little movement. I imagine WIN in TK moons would be perfect. I use DAA .040 moons with Blazer brass. Half the cost. FC works well too. I get Dave Olhasso to work on all our guns, TK does a similar action package. There is Mojo as well. I prefer to get guns ready to go. Being in Canada has its challenges as far as revo smiths go. In like i know zero places to send one of my 929’s to if it cacks out.
  3. Clean the primer tubes clean by sending a wad of paper towel soaked in brake clean through them -with the black low primer rod. And don’t forget the main tube inside the assembly as well. The tubes get dirty with priming compound over time.
  4. 2.9gr N320 165gr .358 Ibeji’s @1.185 Fed100 Blazer brass = 128pf
  5. When I was loading on a 650, I used the Arredondo bar with micrometer. Don’t need much powder with a 165gr projectile. i use N320 as well and load long.
  6. I’ve been shooting revo mostly these past 2 years. I’m itching to see how all the practice I’ve been doing translates to my limited gun. And it’s all L10 up here. Sucker for punishment lol. i might shoot one of my wife’s Shadow 2 with optic for the indoor shooting matches. If we are allowed to shoot indoor matches this winter....
  7. Not with WMA 40 LE brass around you won’t. Crimped like hell that stuff.
  8. You were right, sorta. The tube's weren't going in all the way leaving a gap where the occasional primer would tumble. I polished my tubes so they would fit, that was 2 years ago! Strangely I tried to load regular Fiocchi primers on it recently and had to drag out the old dillon metal primer tray and load the old and slow way. They just wouldn't load.... I mostly use Federal primers for revo but needed to load for my auto's. Go figure. I never had an issue with the non-toxic Fiocchi primers
  9. ....it might just be a 9mm major round. It didn’t happen to me and thankfully for the shooter it didn’t cycle. He obviously had a jam so I looked to see where the round dropped and picked it up as the shooter went hot to shoot the next classifier. Turns out he picked it up earlier after UASC assuming it was his. We had 2 9mm major shooters on our squad.
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