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  1. Well I've been doing revo for a few years but being a prisoner in our own country has taken the fun out of it. We would travel to an ICORE regional match and spend a few fun days in whatever part of the US it was in. Shooting IPSC revo locally here was fun last year but I hit my goal of M. So I've gone to Ipsc Open for this year of endless lockdowns with no forseeable travel this year. I'm also putting an optic on my revo for ICORE open. Old eyes lol.
  2. Can’t login at all on the DuckDuckGo browser, have to use chrome
  3. Alva? He’s a damm good shooter but doesn’t stray far from Rochester. At least from what I’ve seen but I’m relatively new compared to you lot.
  4. The weighted DAA dryfire mags help, especailly with the unloaded starts. In that you don't start having dummy rounds all over the floor.
  5. Since we are going down that road....
  6. No, It’s for Plastic guns. I guess glocks and their ilk? I only have a few STI’s, otherwise my safe is full of metal.
  7. First thing that comes to mind re:IPSC is production optics light
  8. Push the case in and out a few times and see where it’s rubbing on the case. What you might see is wear on one side due to the bullets going in crooked. At least eliminate that possibility. I never did figure out how to eliminate that in 40. Yet those that didn’t pass always shot fine (except the cracked cases) in practice. never had issues with 9mm and yes I do use a Lee U die
  9. No worries. Guess who’s belt gets dragged around on the grass hoping to pick up a lost spring ?
  10. I just got an open gun, wondered how loud it would be. An RO friend said they HATE RO’ing 38SC shooters.. by the time I get mags it will be time for outdoor matches anyway.
  11. I’m one of those with 5 DAA magnetic mag pouches. It was pretty simple to turn it from a standard rig to open. IPSC though.
  12. There is a crippling semi-conductor shortage at the moment along with record prices in steel if you can find it. Covid shutdowns along with people spending more on STUFF is making a mess of supply chains. That being said there are going to be fire sales for boats, bikes, gym equipment etc in '22 and '23.
  13. Revo Majors? Zero Still not happy last years IRC got cancelled, we could have done that match. The Phoenix matches were fun though. There won’t be any I in IRC this year. It’s $2k per person for covid jail hotel + testing (before)/when we get home + 14 day quarantine for Canadians. For Australians it’s hard if not impossible just to leave. Hope ‘y’all have fun, see ya in ‘22. Will shooting a lot of IPSC locals. Seems to be a lot of L3’s on the schedule with decent supplies of primers and powder in stores
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