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  1. MikeyScuba

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    This is from the last page of the rollsizer manual.
  2. MikeyScuba

    Let's solve your biggest problem first!

    Adjust your subaru lol. mine is always in match..er sport mode
  3. MikeyScuba

    Thumb Hitting Slide on 2011

    Not sure. Doubletap is just 15 minutes from me so I get all my work done down there.
  4. Learn how to churn credit cards applications for the signup bonus miles. We’ve flown business class from LA to Sydney twice on United and back all on points. Majority of those points cost me next to nothing. For instance we are flying to the SAN Francisco Match next month. 100,000 Points and $400 in “fuel surcharges” for 2 Biz class lay flat seats on a 787 I can get 30,000 if I apply for a new free (first year) Aeroplan credit card if I spend $1000 in 90 days. My wife gets one too. 60,000 right there. I cancel this card 4-5 months in, wait 6 months from the application date and reapply for 2 cards Now it’s 120,000 points in 7 months time add other cards from other banks and get points from hotel branded cards and traveling isn’t so expensive anymore And the credit cards offers are far, far more lucrative in the USA.
  5. MikeyScuba

    Thumb Hitting Slide on 2011

    I have one of these https://www.doubletapsports.com/doubletap-custom-products/dts-ambi-thumb-safety-with-shield
  6. MikeyScuba

    SVI wait time

    Surprise! Still no gun. Not surprised, nothing happens quickly in the gun biz..... Had 2 Shadow2 slides milled for optics. Sent Dec18, should be delivered next week? 2 revolvers for fully tricking out ordered mid-nov. has not responded to emails since mid-December. Good reputation so I’m confused as to what to do. Even my limited gun has a rear sight nobody around here has so I had to order one from the east coast.
  7. No idea. I’ve been told it’s quite complicated just flying within Australia with guns.
  8. MikeyScuba

    2011 rear sight issue

    Mine self destructed Monday. Oddly it’s on a 10mm 2011 I had rebarreled in 40.
  9. MikeyScuba

    Blazer brass okay for 9 major?

    In found Blazer the best for our 929’s. WIN was too tight for DAA moons and got some light strikes. Odd
  10. MikeyScuba

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    It’s a great machine.
  11. The dates do work for a few of the Perth shooters who are heading over to the IRC after.
  12. MikeyScuba

    Hundo Reject Rate

    I would use an empty case in between loaded rounds, unless others have found there isn’t any setback from the 2nd round onwards.
  13. MikeyScuba

    Brass Catcher for practice?

    I use a photo backdrop my wife bought years ago when she was into photography. It was a pos on eBay that wasn’t what was advertised but the seller was a real piece of work who would retaliate if we left a negative review. It’s around a 14’ x 24’ cloth blue tarp -not slippery. Great for a dry or snowy range. Wouldn’t use it when it is wet though. Simply fold up and unroll in the garage.
  14. Look up the user snowshooze on ebay. I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post links.
  15. Just thought I'd post my thoughts about snowshooze latest gadget. It's awesome. I've automated a 650 to deprime and size brass. And with 40's when a nested 9mm round (or 10mm) gets stuck this case feed "switch" will get pushed back "off" and not strain the case feed mechanism. The only issue is when I need to pull a round from the sizing station I'll grab it and pull it off. 5 seconds later it's back in. I have no been asked to post this btw, just really impressed. ....and still amazed that Dillon has not released a 650+ that doesn't incorporate all these aftermarket gizmo's.