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  1. Loved it in IMAX. My wife quickly told me to stop it when I started hitting the gears once we drove out of the theater.... vroom vrooom ( I drive a 6 speed manual)
  2. Quit last year. I mean how can you completely do a 180 personality change from one episode to the next? It's truly the walking dead, the show doesn't know it dead it just keeps on going- brain dead style. the joke is on it's fans
  3. I like those lead cloths for my revo too, but they do have a super fine polishing compound in them. My 929 has gotten a little polished inside the frame.
  4. No it's not April 1 and I can't be only one who's on Hogue's email list to get this email 5 minutes ago. Far too funny. https://heatedtoiletseat.com/ For those of us in the Revolver world, where's the big butt seat option???
  5. Buy some bright flashy coloured duct tape and duct tape the **** out of your ammo box. I use a cardboard box with Dillon boxes that I’ve wrapped in nylon reinforced tape, usually 3-4 Dillon boxes taped together. I take that box seal it like I’m shipping it and put that in a tight fitting cardboard box that gets sealed with more nylon and duct tape with my name and address on 3 sides. you just want to make sure everything is tight and can’t shift and bust out during the abuse of the sorting stations. I’ve seen videos of ups and fedex facilities. Boxes can drop down 45degrees for 30+ feet. Not to mention the guys loading unloading the trucks. https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Scotch-1-96-in-x-21-8-yds-Extreme-Shipping-Strapping-Tape-with-Dispenser-8959-RD-DC/202077816
  6. For me I think I read MCO (Orlando) is the #1 most flown to international airport for Canadians. Probably because of the mouse. ie: easy to get flights
  7. I found this in the FAQ section. Q: Is the C4 Carbon Remover safe for use on chrome lined barrels? A: Yes, the C4 Carbon Remover can be safely used on chrome lined barrels, chromoly steel barrels, stainless steel barrels and any other commonly used barrel steel. .
  8. We don't have open guns but this stuff works for carbon crud https://www.boretech.com/products/c4-carbon-remover
  9. So true. it’s also more work to clean the gun and to separate the brass by headstamp. However that is a one time deal as you lose very little brass.
  10. I’ve a mix of Lee, Lyman and Redding
  11. I picked up some 12lb springs like SVI recommended for my 5.4” 2011Ipsc standard gun online. I got the Wolff variable ones. Can I use them? The factory spring isn’t a variable one.
  12. While not a Tango I had a fun STI 10mm gun rebarreled in 40 for IPSC. I never even shot one 40 out of the 10mm barrel.
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