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  1. At “not looking to spend $150” you’ve obviously been looking at the Speedbeez website. I have that rig, well my wife did get one. I’ll probably use it someday to try out limited 6 like you.
  2. All of our 929’s have had the nipple taken off and re-crowned. I always thought brass threaded rod would be a nice aesthetic touch to fill in the hole. Just a thought
  3. Trust me, having a lot of loaded moons maximizes range time. and as loading/unloading at a match I used to unload partial moons to make complete ones UNTIL I had one cost me seconds at a L3 as it wasn’t chamber checked and wouldn’t load. Just forgot or got distracted, who knows, the mind isn’t sharp after 7+ hr matches. I now go to matches with 2x the loaded moon clips I need for the match count. As for the bmt mooner, it kills my hand unloading 80+moons at a time. I’ll take the pipe anytime.
  4. What the **** are you talking about with the participation ribbon talk? I get squat from shooting revo in ipsc. There are not enough revo shooters @ L3’s to even get ranked or anything, I go to have fun and to practice for ICORE. That’s more our game. I just don’t see the issue with removing divisions. Up here IPSC keeps on adding more, like PO (prod. Optics) and PO light for those with plastic guns.
  5. My wife is always first, and I'm second. It stops bothering you after a while. In fact I hate on stage 3 when I'm now last. and have to paste, set, paste, set...zzzzzzz
  6. That's a lot of squats. I've gone back after lifting for 25 years to a whole body workout 3-4 times a week with a strength emphasis. I like staying lean all the time so I'm a lot smaller than I was in my 20's so with making gains in strength I am at least getting somewhere. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not just working out to maintain what I've got. I'm results orientated so I need to be on a path to somewhere. I'm also training with more work on the forearms. Some specialized work, some incorporated into other exercises by making the dumbbell handle thicker. http://sportsco.sg/oem-silicon-dumbbell-grip.html I like rear heavy dumbbell lunges for legs too. My grip with the handles on gives out before my legs. The rear motion is much more forgiving of the knees than a forward step and lunging back. One could also do walking lunges like this too. Not the most fun exercise. I will throw in a shoulder set right after legs to keep the heart rate up and gym time short. After 4 sets of legs/shoulders it's chest/back/abs/calves. So for instance I'll do dumbbell press, then immediately to chin ups, then abs then donkey calf raises. 1-2 min rest repeat. Then tri's/bi's and some extra forearm work. 10 minutes of stretching and I'm done. Dinner then back down to dryfire. We built a nice basement gym 17 years ago. I couldn't work out a regular gym. I also don't do cardio, I've been meaning to do hill sprints HIT but where's the time for that? I keep the rest periods short so there is my cardio.
  7. Along with the brake clean is a roll of paper towels. I'll make little swabs with the paper towel, soak in brake clean and send them down the primer tube with the black primer rod. No real schedule but every few months. I'll also take down the entire primer assembly every few months and brake clean the entire thing. I will also wipe the case feeder with it and send swabs down the case feeder tube. Yes non-chlorinated. I love the stuff. It's also great for wasp nests and killing ants. The wasps just drop dead instantly. I buy skids of the stuff.....not all for my uses. I sell it at my biz.
  8. A can of brake clean never leaves my reloading bench.
  9. For those like me who decide to train their grip strength and dryfire you'll need Chad Reilly's shooters elbow "fix" https://spinalflowyoga.com/shooters-elbow/ I've adapted some of his exercises as I'm a regular lifter. I was getting lazy last year and not training certain forearms muscles commended with lot of dryfire/shooting was giving me crazy left forearm tendonitis. It's still there somewhat but I'm going to have to lower the amount of forearm training once I get back into regular dryfire and range time. I have small wrists and hands so I need all the help I can get.
  10. Neat! I use a Birchwood Casey black paint pen. Didn’t know black fiber existed.
  11. https://www.soundgearhearing.com/collections/custom-fit/products/custom-product-silver My wife and I each have a pair. We paid $799 a pair, I think others here paid $699. It’s negotiable, contact a few nearby hearing clinics and see what u get. I went to a clinic in Buffalo as there doesn’t seem to be any on our side of the border that carries these.
  12. Might want to ask MWP what he does, he's over that way.
  13. I took out the decapping die and put a Lyman M die instead. I’m putting a .358 coated bullet in a 9mm case. The powder funnel expander is set just to dump powder only.
  14. Keep in mind S&W used .358 barrels in 929’s From my research here .355” copper plated can be quite inaccurate but it depends on the gun. I went straight to .358 coated. When I finally received 2 brand new full tuned 929’s this August past I just kept using the same .358 165gr N320. And they worked just as well.
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