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  1. Same here, I just eat healthy and reduce the time between sets. Cardio - who's got time for that? I ain't slow though but I did make the choice years back to stay lean all year so I have been getting lighter on the scale every year. I use 3-5 rep ranges mostly now since I got into shooting, strangely I'm not getting the same aches and pains like I did 15yrs back when I went the low rep route. Getting close to the weights I used in my 20's is neat.
  2. I blacked my rear fibres out. Did a course with Steve Anderson and I was having issues with a drill. He suggested I black out the Xmas tree I had going on on the top of my gun. I did and it worked! i only had those sights as I saw them on a gun of a shooter who helped us when we were brand new. Thought they were cool.
  3. Same, I've got a slowly increasing pile of light strikes, upside down projectiles and upside down primers that I need to start playing whack a mole with.
  4. It's a never-ending process. I use the same headstamp brass for practice/matches and my brass is up to 7-8 loadings. I've got a second batch going but I'll need to get ~10k before I can use that pile for 7-8 times. I then can combine the whole lot for ~24k pieces. Should be good for a few years. There is a difference when I loaded the newer once fired brass for the IRC. I did have to adjust the seating die a little.
  5. They do. I got a hold of the last squad pic and yikes. But then I've got the wide brimmed old man hat, tight shirt, white arm sleeves and hunter's gold glasses. I probably would have cared how I looked when I was 20 but now I'd rather not get sunburned and see what I'm shooting at. Coolness be dammed!! That being said I don't think I'll be rocking pink knee high socks with matching shirt anytime soon (Hi Luigi.... )
  6. I saw a lot of photos with guys in jackets from previous years. brrr lol
  7. my 2cents Doing group shooting with Steve Anderson I got incredibly small groups with smooth trigger pulls and not prepping. I was way more likely to quickly jerk the trigger if I prepped the shot. -and miss the steel or throw one wide. The pro's here can prep and get a good shot off, I'm learning I can't lol. at least not yet.
  8. Is this for the NRA-D1 targets time plus scoring match? It's ICORE in all but name, for what I understand to be political reasons only....
  9. No, I took mine off. the 3D one moves and requires constant re-setting. Waste of cash.
  10. We tried to train outside last winter but there never were any weekends that weren't crap weather wise. The weekday after work sessions are toast once the clocks go forward. I'll be dryfiring like crazy, I need to get out of B class!
  11. Same, my classifiers are worse indoors. What are you going to do up here in winter? Everyone is in the same boat.
  12. I've always had 4-5% of 40's not pass the gauge. Aggravating. I first pre-process my brass (decap and size), I could add the M type expander as I've got unused die space. I use a 650 (at the moment) When I then load I would replace the sizing die with a universal decapping die (just in case) Then what do I do with the mr bulletfeeder funnel? Is it possible to activate the powder drop without flaring?
  13. My experience is your guns will always get on the plane. A few times as soon as we board a call is made to load our bags. They don’t want the responsibility of taking care of them. At least that’s what we’ve found. On a cancelled flight out of SF -when I finally got to the desk for hotel vouchers (3am at this point) I asked what to do with my bags. She quickly replied, oh your are the ones with firearms. She showed me the notes on the booking screen. Interesting. A run down airport hotel never looked so good.
  14. Take a moonclip with some 4 or 5 round spaced out. I've occasionally found on the "9th" shot on my 929 I'll be jerking the gun anticipating the recoil. Much easier to see if you don't have a live round going off.
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