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  1. MikeyScuba

    Shooting First in squad....

    Same here, but my wife’s name starts with K so she’s usually first followed by Michael.... I’ve seen some names like Aran Anders lol. And on the other end Xiabo Zheng.... I wish they would mix things up instead of being so lazy with the shooting order alphabetically by last name.
  2. MikeyScuba

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    With 929’s DAA sells good stainless moons quite inexpensively compared to others. We show up to a match fully mooned up. during the IRC I demooned from stage to stage, saved a big job later that night.
  3. MikeyScuba

    N320 sensitivity or chrono off?

    Got chrono'd at the IRC last week, last squad to chrono @ noon with temps 102? (or more....). Both of our guns were 132! We use 160gr with N320. I've never got that high, 128&123 at a match early Sept, temps ~50. I think the IRC was a few thousand feet higher too. At home range on a Labradar ~124-126.
  4. MikeyScuba

    Flying with Guns

    We’ve flown into LAS from Toronto twice in the past 3 weeks. Pretty easy other than the hour long wait in secondary in US preclearance in YYZ. Wasn’t the agents fault, whoever is responsible for recalling our bags off the line took forever.... Our process involves declaring firearms at check in, filling out the form declaration saying a) the guns are unloaded and b) no more than 11lbs of ammo then the bags go off with the regular luggage. It isn’t until we get to the border agent 15-20 minutes later that we tell the agent we have guns they show me pictures of our bags and then recall the bag. Both bags inevitably get recalled. Problem is the last time we went was an 8am flight and it’s really busy so we took longer to get to customs and our bags got further down the line. So we wasted an hour. Thankfully at a match I was told to give an extra hour when flying with guns. Getting to the airport at 5am is a drag though. This time the customs agent was cool and let us go once he did a quick serial # check. Last time they “let” us through even though claimed our ATF NIA6 form was incorrectly filled out. They had old info. The 2nd time I had printed email correspondence with the ATF agent just in case. One thing I’m not sure of is if the TSA opened my 2 packs of 3 MTM ammo boxes (in 2 separate bags) I duct taped together in LAS.The tape sure looked cut.
  5. MikeyScuba


    Hats off to Mark given that he practically held and set up the 2018 IRC single handidly. A big THANK YOU Mark!
  6. MikeyScuba

    2019 IRC

    Beautiful time of the year up in this part of the world. I did get some bad info from some NY state shooters at the CDN Regionals when they said it was Nov 4 and the upcoming 16th East coast match was a trial run to see how bad the weather might be in early Nov. It’s not, obviously, and my wife took the $100US ICORE prize instead of a free 2019 IRC ticket. A 7hr drive is a huge plus! Mesquite was a haul, fun, but too much effort for all the other Canadian shooters.
  7. MikeyScuba

    Are we really Revolver “Enthusiasts?”

    I think it depended on which squad you were on. A few in ours were using 38 special, however everyone was using moonclips. Made for a fast moving squad. We were back at the Casablanca by 1:35 yesterday. And with 929’s we can leave our brass here and not care.
  8. MikeyScuba


    Thanks, Does Smith's have a coffee bar? The Starbucks in the Virgin River isn't in a great location. Any other coffee place between the Casablanca and the range? Don't recall seeing anything during our recon last week.
  9. MikeyScuba


    How is the food situation Saturday? It says snacks served throughout the day, just curious as to what that entails. No time Sat morning to get anything and pretty sure there isn’t a fridge in the hotel room.
  10. MikeyScuba


    For those with an hour to spare (or less really) head just north of Mesquite on the I15 and drive through the Virgin River Gorge and back again. Beautiful drive.
  11. MikeyScuba

    Coated bullets indoors - any health concerns?

    Primers are a perfect delivery vehicle for atomizing lead so it’s easily inhaled and coats everything.
  12. MikeyScuba

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    It goes back to the distributor in Toronto I would guess. My POS 41 did. It was a Wednesday before thanksgiving special. Bullets tumbled out of it from the 1st shot. Slide wasn’t finished properly grips were different colors and the case wouldn’t close. the smith who ordered it for me was a cranky old dude who got me a replacement in days.
  13. MikeyScuba

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    Like TK, and any US smith getting the gun back won’t work. From what I understand they have to send the gun to a FFL? Up here in Canada I get the gun sent directly back to my home address. I take it a FFL won’t give a gun to a non US resident? Not to mention that idiotic ITAR business. It would be easy for me to cross into the US with my revolver as I have the NIA6 form approved and send from the UPS customer care like my ammo.
  14. MikeyScuba

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    I can’t speak to the quality issues you speak of, but don’t assume the PC moniker means anything. I think we’ve spent $800 on upgrading ours for ICORE competition already. We never had any issues but better to think of buying the gun as platform for necessary upgrades. Ours went straight out to BC for fiber optic front & rear sights , cylinder release, polishing and lightened trigger. I then sent the cylinders to TK for champhering later on. Not sure if the gunsmith could have done them but I learned later about the champhering.