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  1. DAA .040 moons are good with either Blazer or Federal. Winchester is too tight for DAA but works well with TK .040 moons. I use .358 165gr coated in all 6 929’s I reload for. Never had an issue as I added guns. I had Dave Olhasso do all our guns. As for creep, over crimp. Like really leave a really good indent. Doesn’t effect accuracy. and POI can wildly change on 929’s with different ammo. I use a Lee U die and roll size. Never had sticky extraction even with a moon with several cracked cases (in practice)
  2. https://practiscore.com/2021-world-revolver-championship/register just a typo
  3. MBX have always run flawlessly in my open and limited guns.
  4. Brad, didn’t you get the TK email last week? https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/handgun-tools/hones-files/38-357-cylinder-polishing-hone-medium-course-sku080608138-61384-2771.aspx?sku=080608138&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-IR-_-60594&utm_content=60594&aid=2698580&utm_source=ir&utm_campaign=itwine&utm_medium=affiliate&source=ir&clickid=QpA2s5SToxyLWDlSds206W%3A4UkBUbiyFrXkgz00
  5. I’m never convinced skipping cleaning is such a good idea. I get a lot of sand in my brass.
  6. It was fun. I did see everyone managed to survive in 115 degree heat, the crazy winds at 2-3pm were wild. This was at the Southern Utah range. I guess it would depend on your physical shape and whether you were doing a lot of running drills. I'm a gym rat so didn't have any issues. We were REALLY new so I got limited use from it as I might have a year or 2 later. Still I'd spend the $ for a 2 on 1 private (it was my wife and I) One on one will probably tire you out. After the 2nd Anderson 3 day private class my shooting improved immensely. I would use someone else next time as I've now got a strong mental and shooting foundation so I'm now chasing the seconds so it's all about exits & entry, shooting on the move, stage planning etc. But for a D-B class shooter he's excellent.
  7. We’ve taken 2 one on one classes with Steve Anderson, well worth the $! I did a class up here with a very prominent USPSA pro. Total dick, too many guy’s and the host brought his wife who could not shoot. Learned squat. did the 5 day TPC course which was fun but value for money…eh. Meh. If you can get a friend or 2 and go for a 2 or 3 max with a good instructor.
  8. As per lead exposure I’ve thankfully 4 cases of Fiochcci non-toxic primers that hopefully last until next year.
  9. I like mine. It's slow as **** for 38sc however. But that's only an issue when I'm rollsizing a batch of supercomp. Don't think I've ever had an upside down case.
  10. Those prices for 124's jhp are spot on to what I'm paying north of the 49th.
  11. 165dB's? I've shooting 38SC 4 holes, 2 ports. Probably louder.
  12. This open thing is soooo much fun, but not when I forget to put on my ear muffs. I have the in ear custom earplugs which are great in the summer. It's just that now I'm shooting open I need to put the ear muffs as well when I'm on deck. Forgot on one stage Sat and on a longer stage Sunday. I still remember thinking right after UASC "that was loud". I have to be be more careful or I'll end up like my old man. but boy it's fun. I do think the 3 years I spend shooting revolver helped IMMENSELY.
  13. I never got consistent at matches or at shot calling with irons. Could be I'm target focused like 100% of the time so the transition to the dot was life changing. I'm currently having a blast like literally (shooint 38SC, super comp -not short colt lol) We were having fun shooting matches in the US. Did last year but the new current rules make it costly in money and time.
  14. Once I shot a match with a dot, that was it for irons. Come over to the open dark side, it’s way more fun over here. I did put a dot on my 929 but covid killed icore north of the 49th and the border is still closed so it’s been locked away in the safe.
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