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  1. I doubt my SVI will ever see factory ammo. My STI ran 1000 Speer 40’s for its first rounds. Dirty as ****. I’d need to clean it every 200 rounds
  2. That's not possible on DAA moons. It is on the ranch supply one's. I'm loading blazer 9mm on DAA with a few TK's thrown in, all .04
  3. I like a tight moonclip and I was forever trying to get the moons to fit into the checker once loaded. I gave up after a while and went back to the TK It does work ok for de-mooning but I don't mind using the tube based tool. Kind of zen
  4. Not a legal one no. It's more of a safety issue. The BB course is considered a pass for all action sports- ICORE, IPDA, PPC etc. Not sure what those that want to shoot IDPA only do.
  5. In my new Infinity all the cali compliant 10 rounds MBX mags run flawlessly. Saved me buying new Infinity (pinned) mags. 10 round limit sucks but not much I can do.
  6. The only reason we started all this action shooting was because we wanted to use the 3 action ranges at our club. So we signed up for the bb course and went all in after realizing how much fun it was.
  7. I've shot a few polish plate racks. It really rewards those that can rip it before the counterweights slide off and weeeeee. That isn't me at this moment... The IRC had 4 texas stars, 3 from behind cover and the 4th in front, but one handed. Wasn't pretty. Still have nightmares about it so I bought one but still have to get it put together. However it needs to be shrouded so nobody could possibly get hurt-ever. Yes we have dumb rules up here. That's a job for next week. Death star
  8. http://www.ipsc-canada.org/training.html Basically a holster safety course and learning the rules of IPSC. If the instructor doesn’t think you are safe you don’t get admission. Also 2 DQ’s within 365 you have to re-do parts of the course. At least you know when you go to a match everyone at least has been vetted so to speak. It’s also a good way to make friends. It’s about 24hrs total over 3 days 2/3 range time 1/3 classroom.
  9. Do I use it-yes. Would I buy it -no. It seems to me the most likely cases to be cracked at the hunndo are nickle ones. And that is with only ~5% of my 40's being nickle. I'm sure a metallurgist could explain why.
  10. I'm a believer in training grip hard so I don't have to grip like crazy when I'm shooting. I like the rolling thunder deadlift handle, but I do find I need to take a break every few weeks. I also use a thick foam handle on my dumbells when I train. I also use other Ironmind tools I've collected over the years.
  11. Either email the MD of the match or Melanie Chan @ ICORE and she will make you one.
  12. And Pat had a big butt grip with a clear epoxy butt with a loaded moonclip inside the epoxy at the Hogue table after the match. Wouldn’t be able to fly with that on the gun lol. Wish I took a pic.
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