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  1. Who else besides BUL is filling the market STI err Stokatto ..StakkAto..whatever...is abandoning?
  2. Fallon, what's and where's that? Good to see the Aussie's still have their regional. We ain't. Everything match related around here is cancelled until July1. And even when IPSC matches (there will be like 5 ICORE matches around these parts..if any) start up you have to wear a mask. I'm not sure people realize how hot they are in the summer. We use the vented N95's at our shop and they aren't fun in the heat. We have some P100's from when we first started shooting indoors and found out about lead. The big twin pink vented ones. IF we have to wear a mask for a match I'm wearing the P100 with a cowboy hat -mad max style.
  3. We spray the X ring black for groups. Oddly of the 2 targets I use for groups only 1 has a middle shot out.
  4. Are you showing up to any ICORE matches this year? I just booked flights to Arizona for the October match last night. We can fly into the USA just not drive. Does cut ammo a little close with the ammo weight restriction but if I have to fly to shoot a major match (and shoot factory at the last stage) so be it!! Side benefit of all this "chaos" is booking on points is now super easy and free to cancel (which I've been doing a lot of lately....). Before I could never get a direct flight to AZ on points.
  5. I’m starting to get a little pi**ed off as I’m missing a case feeder pole and a mounting plate (international unit). Not sure why Misty is having problems finding my unit (??) but the fact I had to load 1100 rounds on my 650 is getting tiresome. And my revo pro is sitting right next to my 650.....
  6. On one hand you didn’t mention if you were shooting groups or at speed. And you didn’t have anything on the target to aim at. My wife has taken over our training regimen. We now always shoot groups whenever we go to the range. Very helpful
  7. Sounds like a rabbit hole best not to go down.
  8. The swage it on a 650 loosens up every 20-30 rounds. I got a used Mark7 for a 650 and the guy threw in the swage it. Used it on a few hundrew WMA 40 brass some LEO had left on the range. Have not used it since.
  9. Also a check every now and then to make sure screws are staying put....or backing out. My wife noticed the her windage locking screw on her slide ride was about half way out the other day.
  10. Found that out too, on the highway! We’ve never seen so much bad driving in such a short period of time. Hoping the state is open for September, planning on visiting. Match and sightseeing, made a lot of friends there last year.
  11. Your story is missing a whole lot of details. Please feel free to fill in details, nothing that interesting ever happens up here. As far as I know anyway.
  12. Not sure how overseating is affected by either a MA die, Lee U die or rollsizing. I am missing something?
  13. Funny I get the odd case that’s too small and shaves the coating and some lead off. I think all 40 shooters shoot some dodgy brass. I’ll pick up any 40 I see on the range.
  14. I thought when I ordered my Automated Evolution (ITAR friendly) that that was how the digital powder measure worked. Duh... I’m probably going to order 2 more as I’m loading for 3 guns. How easy is changing the charge? I’m unfortunately stuck with a press that’s missing a case feeder pole and special mounting plate. Would have been so much easier if I could have got a Revo. I was all ready to set it up Tuesday but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out to mount the case/bullet feeder. Misty sent the manual for the initial instal and it became clear how to (and what was missing)
  15. We are exactly 2.5 years in - well and truly stuck in group 3. Which especially sucks #### this year as all the matches we cared about have been flushed down the drain.
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