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  1. We will definitely be back next year and stay for the shoot off!! Fun shooting with you all and nice to put faces to names. And Lance, wow, I hope to shoot like that when I get to his age.!!!
  2. Mine came with a spare motor, but I have one of the last made.
  3. I do. Even though I’m basically running it through a U Die a second time (I preprocess by decap and size then clean) Lube just makes it easier.
  4. Bristlecone was a very nice range! Going to check out Liberty/Scheel’s on Friday. Denver is a Beautiful city..... but the driving here is scary!
  5. Give N310 a go. 4.3gr ibejhead 190gr 1.22 oal.
  6. Thanks!!! Might just swing on by to Liberty on the way up Friday to pick up my ammo I shipped to the range. Weather looks awesome.
  7. Highland park but will travel (that's part of the fun)
  8. Anyone know of a range in the Denver area we can get some practice in? We are flying down Monday (that sneaked up quick!!!) Holster would be nice but from the bench is better than nothing. We are shooting an IPSC L3 Friday at out home range, but that's it. It's going to be a gong show there on the weekend-so no practice.
  9. I've had zero issues with MBX mags in my SVI 2011. They were well seasoned mags (40).
  10. Mine keeps evolving. Currently I grip gun with weak hand thumb up against blast shield, strong hand thumb over the weak one. strong hand thumb hits the release as strong hand rotated out 45 degrees over and up. Weak hand cups the barrel while travelling upward. Weak hand thumb hits ejector and then goes for a moon clip while strong hand dips gun down and brings gun to belt. Regrip It’s a little tricky as I’ve got smallish hands -a lot of revo shooters I see have huge mitts!
  11. Our ammo is on it's way. I'm not going through that BS again flying with it out of Toronto. And besides I managed to get a UPS account allowing US-US 3rd party Canadian billing. I had to pay retail rates for the IRC, ouch!!! Going to shoot with the Rochester ICORE gang has its benefits. Their UPS depot is in a much much much nicer area than the Buffalo one.
  12. Technically..... but as you know everyone uses the makarov 9mm die. I was until I read it’s going to crack eventually and you won’t know it. what is everyone using for an oal? I’m at 1.185 using a locking tool head kit with blazer. Doesn’t vary much 1.185-1.1865 i have found variation with different headstamps, WIN loads longer.
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