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  1. There is a hill 50' from my front door that I've wanted to do interval sprints on. Basically start at the bottom and go balls to the wall until the top, slowly walk/light sprint down and tear a** back up. repeat 2-4 times. Studies show interval training is very effective. it's just really unpleasant. Just never got around to it. I train weights only and have for years and now with a 1hr dryfire routine after dinner which follows 45-60 mins of weights... it's a nice thought! I'm doing tri-sets in the gym with shorter rest periods so I'm getting some cardio. Enough but there is always more that can be done
  2. There are 5 of us Canadians coming down, not a bad turnout. My wife loves steel and is looking forward to the match.
  3. Just wondering if we can take a look at the stages around 3-5pm on Saturday? Should be there around that time, I don’t foresee any major delays. The 9 hr drive to Albany wasn’t fun nor expected (should have been 6hrs)
  4. I've found WIN brass loads longer. Or looked at another way, needs 1/8" turn down of the seating die to get the same OAL as Blazer and FC.
  5. Tell your wife you're shooting for a long life! http://www.ergo-log.com/a-life-with-a-purpose-lasts-longer.html
  6. Sweet! I saw 7am on Practiscore and wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 5am. see u soon.
  7. Mainly start time (we are staying 40 mins away) and is lunch provided? Thanks
  8. I got into revo shooting after only 6 months in IPSC. I found it much easier to shoot well so I stuck with it. I still have issues with my limited gun so it sits in the safe.
  9. MikeyScuba

    shooting instructor

    Nice, my wife and I are going down in a few weeks time. super excited!!
  10. I'm betting sales of the 1050 dipped soon after the 1100 was announced and have not recovered to normal levels. Hence the surprise announcement of the 750!
  11. When I was doing martial arts when I was younger I had a hard time stretching on the Sat morning classes. The evening classes weren't an issue. It takes time for the body to warm up and loosen. Given that most matches start early I would heed Matt's advice. Just be careful.
  12. Ammo in carry-on ???? I was talking to a shooter who was given grief for just brass in his carry-on by the TSA. I've stopped locking my checked in luggage, they NEVER EVER put them back on. lazy #%$#$&
  13. Mind you I do fly internationally into the US, but we HAVE to have the ammo and gun in separate bags. I ship our ammo down well in advance when we cross into NY on our way to a match and hit up a UPS center on a Friday afternoon. I've never had an issue contacting whoever is running the match and shipping the ammo down to an address they've given me. It's been 2/3's to their home the time other to the range. UPS isn't consistent but I did have to provide ID the first time this year along with a question "Cartridges" ? The other time the guy was too busy staring at my wife's bosom to care about anything. I also managed to get a US based UPS account so I don't have to pay retail like last year. I ship a decent amount for a small biz. I do use the plastic boxes. I also bought the nylon reinforced packing tape. I usually tape 3 boxes together wrapping around all 4 sides. The cardboard box can't be too big and I usually double box and then wrap it in brown paper completely covered in clear packing tape. With the ORM-D printed on orange paper. Never had a issue. Getting the nylon tape off can be a bit of a pain. The ammo boxes are breaking as they are shifting around during transport. Pack that sh*t tight!! You should see the conveyor systems the big companies use, it's not delicate by any means.
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