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  1. Mine had the same problem, I had to change the striker spring.
  2. I preface this comment with the fact I used to shoot an XDm in L10, and continue to use a 5.25 in .40 for 3 gun. My first CO gun was an XDm, and my backup is an OSP XDm now in case the CZ goes down. If you look at this forum as a place to gauge firearm interest, the last comment was November 9th. Pretty bleak for a topic that is a mainline subject. Unfortunately, Springfield Armory has missed the boat in recent years. They provide great support for the USPSA matches with guns as prizes, but actually seeing one in use by many shooters is becoming increasingly rare. For awhile SA made inroads into the Production world, and does seem to have some use in the med range SS competitions. Usually shooters gut a SA before using it in SS. So I have to wonder, where is SA recently? Most gun makers understand that in order to keep afloat, change is required to capture new sales. The two new products released by SA were certainly nothing to get excited about. Another AR platform, and a revamped carry pistol does not set the world on fire. Walther even got a good new idea and jumped into the competition game. Hopefully the designers at SA have some new competition firearms coming out. I really enjoyed the old XDm platform, but it has run its lifetime. Glock came up with the Gen5 and sold a boatload. Maybe the engineers in the Czech Republic have something new up there sleeves. A new CO ready metal/hybrid pistol would be fun to see.
  3. mont1120

    SP-01 locking up

    I think the mag got stepped on and it was out of specs. I reset the lips, bought new springs, but it has been retired because I feel it is still not quite right in the way the body is shaped. With the new springs it seems to work OK, but a $30 mag is not worth jamming the gun up in a match. It is relegated to back up when the mags get so full of mud and crap I find I dont have time between stages to clean and reload mags properly. (A lot of times I am the RO also.)
  4. It seemed to me that after shooting 1911's for 30 years, the grip on the Glock was the issue. I would draw and always end up with the sights going high, then trying to adjust for the change, I ended up with shots going low. I just could not get used to the feel of the grip angle. One thing I will admit, if I had to carry everyday, or was in combat, I'd take the Glock. Seems like it fires no matter what, even in freezing cold, wet times when the rain is icing up everything. They are reliable 100%.
  5. Well, I'll probably incur the wrath of the Glock Gods, but I went the opposite way. I shot L10 with an STI, then felt the move to CO was a great idea. So I bought a Glock MOS 34 to get into it. The Glock platform just drives me crazy. I replaced the trigger, and even that did nothing for me. I was constantly shooting low. I tied an XDm, then bought a CZ SP-01, and have never looked back. What I learned from all the $$$$ spent, is that it is not the perfect gun you are seeking, but the gun that works for each individual. I got to shoot with the Glock team at Area 1 in Missoula, and they swept the field. G34's beat the open field even. So, it might take some fiddling to find the right "feel" to a platform, then after that its a bunch of ammo and practice. My back up gun is a CO fitted XDm which I shoot far better then a Glock. It would seem that if you are doing well with a certain platform, modify the platform to work with the division you want. Of course for some of us the fun is buying different guns, and then wondering what all the hoopla was about.
  6. I could not agree more. If everyone thought the last round of shortages was bad under Obama, hold my beer. The Supreme Court, supposedly leaning to the conservative side just allowed the green light to suing Remington Arms, the Federal government is embroiled in noting but insane partisan politics, and the next presidential election looks more and more like it will go anti gun. Insurance companies are dropping coverage's, credit card companies will not work with firearms related businesses, and trouble seems to be brewing everywhere you look. I am not going to get into a buying panic, (still have 8 lbs of 800X.....????) but I am picking up extra components as they come on sale. Be ready friends.
  7. As a matter of fact I own an STI Edge in .45 and love it. I have used it in L10. 3 Gun, Steel, and Limited. Using MBX 140 mags I get 18+1 which would leave me with a reload on a few short stages, but for me personally that is not going to make or break a match. I felt no disadvantage shooting against the .40 crowd, and much prefer the recoil impulse of the .45. Go ahead and shoot .45 in whatever division you like. Most of us will never win a big match, so I don't see any big deal. It is about fun too, not just competition. I don't shoot it anymore simply because my eyes have betrayed me, and I have moved to Carry Optics. With the long mags in L10 it was just a real blast to shoot.
  8. I will bet you are over crimping the new plated bullet. I do not know what you were using previously, but the crimp issue seems to usually be the culprit. Back off how tight the crimp is and see what the results are.
  9. Black Scorpion belt, Comp Tac International holster, and the boss hanger. The hanger really was a game changer. I thought it was a bit expensive. but after I got it the stabilization and position I gained showed it was well worth the money.
  10. I am always one to admit when a company goes beyond expectations and goes out of its way to fix an issue. Leupold did just that, and more. I had a new replacement dot in 3 days, and a pretty good discount on a 2nd. Not much more I can ask then that.
  11. I have three of them, never had an issue with them. I prefer metal ones but for the price the Arredondos work fine. Make sure you measure them before a big match. They will not meet the 141mm rule without filing some plastic off of the heel.
  12. Too bad, I got to go to my first Desert SS match last year. I live in Montana so what a treat to escape the cold and snow in February and go get warm and shoot. LOL, it snowed in AZ, we did not even bring a jacket. But it was a great match, even the 50 yard stage was great fun. Too bad it is cancelled. Maybe Vegas can pick it up.
  13. No spring in the front.....
  14. That's exactly why I always take my back up rig, the XDm. What I found out was going from a 7.5 MOA triangle to a 2.5 dot is not a good idea. When the wind came up and started blowing dirt like a blizzard, the dot washed out in bright sun. I will be changing that. Now I have to decide which handgun I like better. The XDm felt really good in my hands, and I lost nothing in accuracy or feel compared to the CZ.
  15. The DDP battery contact came loose from the dot itself. Apparently gluing it to the dot system seemed to be someones idea of quality. When the dot heats up, you know, like sun hits it, the battery contact just starts moving around inside the dot housing. Now who would think a dot might get hot in the desert or after a bunch of rounds being fired. It quite seriously seems to be a moronic idea if the glue lets go that easily.
  16. At the CO Nationals my DPP failure at one largest high point stages, and I went from a CZ Shadow to my back up XDm. Well, the XDm worked so well, I think I will use it next year over the CZ. It felt good and worked great. I only had a 2.5 MOA older Burris dot on it, and it washed out in the dust storm and bright sun, but still it held up. I will never use a DPP ever again (the company was well aware of the known failure) , so I would like to know how the SRO works also.
  17. Well, I did not even get that many rounds. I am at about 7K, and the DPP (AE) failed right in the middle of one of the biggest stages at the CO Nationals. Nearly zeroed the stage. Had to press the button on after every shot, so between that full stage and a partial loss at the stage before, I really placed low. (Not that I did not have another issue.) The reason I am so incensed with Leupold is this failure is a known problem. To lose the dot at an event that costs about 2K to attend is totally unacceptable. One of my fellow CO shooters walked up, opened the dot and let see exactly what the failure was, and how cheaply it was made. That Leupold knew about it, and failed to notify users of this issue should let potential buyers make informed decisions. Almost 6 days later I still have not heard back from the company.
  18. Assume a WSB as states that a "pistol is loaded, placed on table with trigger centered on X." If there is no wording stating it could not be supported by something, is it not legal to do so? If the WSB did not forbid the action, like stating it should be unsupported, is there a rule that would automatically deny supporting the firearm on the table? I have gone through the rules twice and find nothing that would forbid such a start.
  19. Get a chamber gauge for sure. A stuck .45 round is not fun to clear.
  20. Thanks for the info. Tap time to get it running again. I was worried about the live rounds still in the cylinder.
  21. Well, after thousands of rounds, my sons .44 Magnum Blackhawk finally had a squib round go off. The big problem is it is lodged between the barrel and the cylinder, locking up the cylinder. To add to the misery, there are loaded rounds still in the cylinder. How does one safely get the bullet out of the barrel? I wanted to get some expert opinions before proceeding. If the barrel needs to be unscrewed to get this done right, off to the gunsmith it goes.
  22. I reload CBC and some other low grade brass with 115 grain bullets only. That way they will pass the case gauge and are usable. Otherwise they show a nice bulge in the case that causes all sorts of bad troubles right in the middle of a stage.
  23. Does this happen with all of your mags, or just one in particular. If it is one or two I would suspect the mag spring is weak. I have shot XDms for years. I did have a nasty problem with a case head separation issue, which turned out to be a combination of PMC brass, 180 grain leas cast, and Unique powder. It would blow the head off the brass 50% of the time, powder load was well below max. Never got the answer as to why. Use a.40 for 3 gun and have an OSP for back up to my CZ.
  24. I went from an STI Eagle in .45 (Limited 10) to a CZ SP-01 for Carry Optics. I can assure you there is a noticeable difference between loading mags with the magwell STI as compared to the CZ. Now the Gen5 is supposed to have a larger flared magwell, but I do not like Glocks (I know, heresy). I will be shooting the next match with the Eagle for fun, and we will see if it is that much different. I have had 2 years to adjust to the CZ.
  25. mont1120

    SP-01 locking up

    On the CZ mags.the 2nd bullet does sit slightly lower at the nose. Is that the issue you r talking about? How would you correct that problem? Can the tubes be reset?
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