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  1. I like mine. It's slow as **** for 38sc however. But that's only an issue when I'm rollsizing a batch of supercomp. Don't think I've ever had an upside down case.
  2. Those prices for 124's jhp are spot on to what I'm paying north of the 49th.
  3. 165dB's? I've shooting 38SC 4 holes, 2 ports. Probably louder.
  4. This open thing is soooo much fun, but not when I forget to put on my ear muffs. I have the in ear custom earplugs which are great in the summer. It's just that now I'm shooting open I need to put the ear muffs as well when I'm on deck. Forgot on one stage Sat and on a longer stage Sunday. I still remember thinking right after UASC "that was loud". I have to be be more careful or I'll end up like my old man. but boy it's fun. I do think the 3 years I spend shooting revolver helped IMMENSELY.
  5. I never got consistent at matches or at shot calling with irons. Could be I'm target focused like 100% of the time so the transition to the dot was life changing. I'm currently having a blast like literally (shooint 38SC, super comp -not short colt lol) We were having fun shooting matches in the US. Did last year but the new current rules make it costly in money and time.
  6. Once I shot a match with a dot, that was it for irons. Come over to the open dark side, it’s way more fun over here. I did put a dot on my 929 but covid killed icore north of the 49th and the border is still closed so it’s been locked away in the safe.
  7. I don’t notice anything when I shoot a stage with just my Soundgears. I know it’s not good and I’ve made it a point to try to remember to put my Pro Ears when I’m shooting my open blaster. I’m just so used to the freedom of the soundgears, revolvers are so quiet. But open is so much fun.
  8. One benefit to 38sc I'm only just discovering is keeping the RO's at bay. Got 2 ports, 4 popple holes. And boy is it fun, just don't get lazy and use whatever is handy (aka motor oil) to lube things up a bit the night before without actually cleaning the gun properly. Arg..... Would have come 2nd in open as I had 2 stages where I got malfunctions, threw me off big time. But still for my first official match in open I can't complain. Like you Mike I transitioned from revo. Pretty sure nobody expected me to come out of the gate like I did, I've already set a new goal for this year. fun times.
  9. I FART with just soap and lemi. Then I rollsize to make life easier on the press and autodrive. I then decap and size and FART again with brass juice and pins. I let the brass sit on a dry towel both times and run my fingers through listening for cracked or wrong sized cases that snuck in. Super clean shiny brass.
  10. When I went to deliver parts years ago to a scrap yard I got the front of my car ran over by a truck. Ok I was an impatient 19 yr old at the time but I'm never going to a scrap yard again. \
  11. Not really. Just get a Lee Univeral Decap die with squirrel daddy pins and you are good to go. I also use a Lee U die for 9mm and 40. Clutch needs to be set at 6. I decided to go the 650 route for processing as I was comfortable with the 650 and got a used Mark7 autodrive. It's currently up to 201,000 cycles. I don't need swaging so that was never an issue. And yes you do break indexing rings. I just set the decap as low as possible now without super enlarging the flash holes. The military 9mm is a *****. All I have ever broken is index rings and case feed springs wear like mad but at 200,000 rounds what do you expect? I did have an issue recently but I'm sure that was normal wear and tear,.
  12. One your local competent smith can/is willing to fix. I bought mine from a local builder for this reason. Switched to open from revolver. I have a revolver that is currently useless as all the good revo smiths are in the US and I can't get there or get the parts or the service I need to fix it. So when I went to Open I made sure I had local support. He built it so he can fix it.
  13. I've been running a Lee U die forever. Could be the "click" the shellplate makes that moves the case out position. You could try the kits out there to dampen this (i do) Given its a new press everything should be aligned. When you break a index ring dillon will send you an alignment tool. Oddly though on my automated 650 (for decap and size only) I've broke a f88k tonne of index rings but since I don't have the priming system on it,I've never re-indexed it. And I've run 150K though it with a Lee U die. My main issues are the case feed spring, when it's about to go cases get crunched. But that's at 30K+ rounds. I think you might want to play with the case feed as well but I don't know it that is different on a 750? Anyone know how long a die will last? I use a fluid film type spray oil on the brass (I get it cheap)
  14. Is alcohol a good thing with electronics? Just after I started using alcohol wipes on my custom sound gear ear plugs one died. Thankfully with one month left of warranty. Stopped using the wipes and they are still fine.
  15. The Mark 7 FB owners group is pretty good. A lot of my recent issues are bolts coming loose. The recent %$%^^%%^ was from the 5 primer assembly bolts coming loose. John sent me instructions on how to realign the primer assembly, when I went to loosen the bolts turns out they were not tight. It is one hell of a learning curve. Forgot the #1 rule that all sh*t loosens up, make sure everything is tight before each session. I had that too on my 650. Brand new to reloading and after a few thousand I'm chugging along. Then stuff loosen up! I skipped the 1050, went straight from a 650. I did have the 650 working ok but I was never 100% happy with it. Thing is I 100% believe the UniqueTek funnel is what currently makes my setup work flawlessly. But I ordered that for the new press and never had in on the 650 (which I should have). I did try the Lyman M dies on the 650 but that didn't work (I ran pre-sized, processed brass). I even switched expander plugs between the 9mm and 357/8. And when an expander plug gets stuck in a case.. not a fun time. Use loctite!
  16. I had a pretty good run of revo rounds the other week. Made like 10k and even my primer orientation sensor was working. I do have to say their customer service isn’t too bad. It’s not for the faint of heart however. Someone the other day asked me how I liked it. My reply was it depends when you ask. When it runs it’s a thing of beauty, otherwise it’s a source of major frustration.
  17. Lee 9mm U die UniqueTek .358 for 9mm funnel (in a Lee universal expander die) Lee Seating die with custom made insert for ibeji 165gr .358 round Lee 9mm FCD I’ve got my setup tuned that a non blazer case will set the digital clutch off (it’s at 2). Military brass or s&b require a 4 to run it through. It’s one way to catch the ones that sneak through the hand sorting.
  18. Definitely! True life crime drama. None of the fantasy land woke garbage that seems to be the rage these days.
  19. Nothing on the video about upside down primers? Like Rob asked I would love to see a retrofit to detect upside down primers and drop them out before they hit the wheel on the revo/evo eq. collators. It would leave the primer orien. sensor to detect missing primers.
  20. Swap the srp’s for SPP’s. Wonder how hard they are? are you seating deep enough?
  21. I’ve got an Evo pro. Didn’t use it from Sept to just recently. Only this Friday past is it finally at 99% and I can leave it on its own for a few minutes. 2 days last week were not fun, one day I was mad as @$&$ the other just defeated. Glad it’s only for us 2, I’d be bankrupt if I were using these for commercial loading purposes. I still don’t run it past 1550 actual rph. Any faster and you risk primer problems. At the end of Fridays happy loading I had a missed primer. Kicked up the clutch to 4 or 5 as it kicked in -set normally 2 (probably not the best idea but the idea taking off the shell plate…yet again arg). I got it running but there was an unhappy klunk. I was done anyway so ran it out, recalibrated and it was fine -no Klunk. I do have to figure out how to clear a clutch issue that is probably primer disc related. Just forcing it maybe not a good thing
  22. For me bullet sense is #2 most important. I hate pulling bullets. I just need to make sure it’s calibrated before each session. #1 powder sense #3 primer orientation sensor
  23. I’m happy with anything under 50 thou. That is +/-.0050 Hmm now that I think about it it’s actually +/-.0025, the deviation (or spread) is .0050 For my revolver rounds i aim for 1.19 but get them deviating between 1.1875-1.1925. Not bad for coated lead.
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