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  1. bishop414


    Chuck beat me to it. No per 10 5 3
  2. bishop414


    I would quickly correct any RO that feels the need to place their hand on my shoulder or any other part of my body. Why think that's ok?
  3. bishop414

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    Where is this other thread?
  4. bishop414

    Open Rifle red dot

    That's me, walking heartbreaker.
  5. bishop414

    Open Rifle red dot

    Thanks all for the replies. Seeing how I can load a shotgun still, I'm going stealth for the time being. Shooting a scope and actually hitting long range is a fun and new experience.
  6. bishop414

    Open Rifle red dot

    Building a rifle to suit open rules. Only issue I have no experience with, the 2nd sight, i.e. red dot. Which dots do the open shooters recommend? Thinking 3 moa or close to it. What mounts to use, and will I need a riser on the mount? Where to mount the dot? Thanks for the insights.
  7. I agree, it was always a "fix it" before you run the next stage.
  8. Yes. It is a skill for 3 gun, real world, not so much but for our game yes.
  9. bishop414

    Should Rule be Updated?

    +1 Agree.
  10. Is 2019 a year off to recover or is RM3G retired for good? Is He-man still a go?
  11. bishop414

    Warnings (Can I give the shooter the "finger"?)

    Might want to check 8.6.1 It is permissible to issue a safety warning which I will do if not 100% sure. If 100% sure, then DQ.
  12. bishop414

    Started Wet Tumbling

    For those wet tumbling without pins, do you still de-prime before or just dump brass in and go?
  13. I have an aftermarket guide rod for gen 4 and 13# ismi spring. Think from Dawson, not sure. Your method would work too.
  14. bishop414

    USPSA & Mark7 get married

    Have you asked Dillon to support your match?
  15. bishop414

    Schmidt Standards WSB

    Good info on the rule book and I agree. However, the stage in question is 5.7 sec par time. Therefore his penalties are correct.