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  1. So a magnet falls into "allied equipment"? Seems a stretch, especially if it's not used to hold a magazine.
  2. Need to ask as RM, not as CRO. As CRO, I make the call. If shooter disagrees, I offer to call RM and pull target. If target pulled not an issue, keep running the squad and let the RM score it. In order for any CRO/RO to make a call, they need to be 100% certain and able to explain how they made the call. If RM orders a reshoot, not an issue.
  3. Can she tear it down? Send the upper and mags and use friends lower.
  4. Just received a staff letter from Steve H confirming the cancellation. It is s shame and will be missed.
  5. Rio has plenty of Sunday matches too. Second and third Sundays of the month if I recall correctly.
  6. Thank you for the updates and videos, nice to see. Are you aware of any other feeds for the other teams?
  7. I see your warm Texas and raise you Arizona. My mags have been in the car for multiple summers and function fine, to the point I use them for SD and games.
  8. Just finished the staff match. To those that were unsure about a "new" match and new facility, there is no need. First class range with a lot of potential. If you are in the area, come out and see this place. The staff are doing a great job, stages are good, and will only get better as they grow. Will be back next year, it's worth the drive.
  9. I disagree with this. None of the RO's business on what the shooter is going to do, which way they go etc. We are there for safety, equality and scoring. BTW, if you can't keep up or choose not to, then you should not hold the timer. My opinion, it could be deemed as coaching or unfair advantage asking what they are doing. Example, they say going right, oh really!? you say. They look at you and say, maybe I'll go left now. Also, guaranteed you did not ask every shooter in the match the same question, so it has potential to be different. There is a reason they say stick to the range commands when on the clock. As for PCC's I agree there is an issue. Some just do not register well on timers. Leads to another issue: Shooter goes half way through stage, timer is 0.00 and has a malfunction he cannot clear. Should be scored as shot, thanks for playing but because the timer never had a chance, he gets a re-shoot. Not exactly fair for the other PCC shooters.
  10. I am running one and like it but have a lot of Eotech experience. Makes for a nice transition for me.
  11. I run one on my G19 MOS. For PCC you should look at 510, getting good reviews on both open pistols and PCCs. 507 would be small for PCC IMO.
  12. Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  13. Playing around in CO with G19 Gen 4. Looking for advice on guide rods and recoil springs. Stock spring pack needs to go, what all do you recommend? Do I need slightly higher spring rate since optic is on the slide compared to irons gun? Shooting 124 gr over 4.6 WSF at 127 PF. Will kick that up a little for chrono matches.
  14. Agree with first part, poor RO'ing. However, you failed to listen to the command of the RO with Muzzle up in the second example. Yes, your choice to unload, but its a waste of time. There is nothing "unsafe" with that command. RO can maintain control of the shooter while 2nd RO or other resets the fallen steel. Major matches, you do not have time to unload and reload, especially when the elements are hitting.
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