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  1. Agree with first part, poor RO'ing. However, you failed to listen to the command of the RO with Muzzle up in the second example. Yes, your choice to unload, but its a waste of time. There is nothing "unsafe" with that command. RO can maintain control of the shooter while 2nd RO or other resets the fallen steel. Major matches, you do not have time to unload and reload, especially when the elements are hitting.
  2. This is not correct. You should be bumped to open per D4.21.7 and D4.7.
  3. Interesting thought Kurt. Is your thinking the scores posted should still count towards standings, and potential prize table/awards earnings? Side question, the matches that have "stage DQ's", do their rules also have "match DQs" or no such thing? How do they compute the finals, basically a zero for the stage DQ and the rest of the scores count towards final placement?
  4. Curious to hear more about the match and what others thought. 180 for total shooters seems light, especially for a national event.
  5. Like many have said, take the gear you have now and go shoot some matches. See what others use. I guarantee if you have ammo, they will let you shoot their guns. Most will even let you shoot with their ammo to get you hooked into the game. After a few matches, you will have a better feel for what division you like, what gear you need, along with chances to see and talk to others why they do what they do. Personally, save your money for ammo and play time. It's hard I know, we have all been there but you will be buying a lot of stuff 2 or 3 times if you're not 100% positive on the gear you "need" vs. want.
  6. Which other matches or rule sets have "stealth"? Originated in AZ with IMA-SMM3G. Hoping it has spread East, would be nice to see.
  7. 12 is the only way to go if loading quads. If you're not, then 10 works very well.
  8. Call you local PD or Sheriff office would be cheapest. We have a lot of 3rd party "safety" type retail places. A lot of professions need fingerprint cards, not hard to find, just need to shop for prices. $8/card is cheap, $20/card sucks, but common.
  9. Yes, every time you want to get a stamp. Was told by LGS on last transfer, 6 month time from when fingerprints are taken to when they will be accepted. Beyond that, you need new cards with recent dates.
  10. I have a Glock certificate burning a hole in my safe. Would like a new G19 for CCW but thinking MOS to play around with CO. Currently shoot G34 in production and 3 gun. Not sure milling a slide at this time is warranted, since I may not care for CO. Any thoughts on the mid size gun running a dot vs G17 or G34? Is the Delta Point pro still the dot of choice? Appreciate your thoughts or opinions.
  11. bishop414


    Chuck beat me to it. No per 10 5 3
  12. I would quickly correct any RO that feels the need to place their hand on my shoulder or any other part of my body. Why think that's ok?
  13. That's me, walking heartbreaker.
  14. Thanks all for the replies. Seeing how I can load a shotgun still, I'm going stealth for the time being. Shooting a scope and actually hitting long range is a fun and new experience.
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