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  1. Is 2019 a year off to recover or is RM3G retired for good? Is He-man still a go?
  2. bishop414

    Warnings (Can I give the shooter the "finger"?)

    Might want to check 8.6.1 It is permissible to issue a safety warning which I will do if not 100% sure. If 100% sure, then DQ.
  3. bishop414

    Started Wet Tumbling

    For those wet tumbling without pins, do you still de-prime before or just dump brass in and go?
  4. I have an aftermarket guide rod for gen 4 and 13# ismi spring. Think from Dawson, not sure. Your method would work too.
  5. bishop414

    USPSA & Mark7 get married

    Have you asked Dillon to support your match?
  6. bishop414

    Schmidt Standards WSB

    Good info on the rule book and I agree. However, the stage in question is 5.7 sec par time. Therefore his penalties are correct.
  7. Good luck to everyone and get well Don. Gear has been gathered and hoping to give this heavy stuff a try next year.
  8. bishop414

    Wet Tumbling Without Pins

    Toss them into a dry tumbler for 20-30 mins.
  9. So I agree with Eric, especially coming off working SMM3G. The first day, one on one off, we started 40 mins behind schedule. Ended the day 20 min ahead. The only way to achieve that is with this format. The next day (1/2 day format), we stayed on time, until the weather hit. Half the range had target issues that required them to shut down briefly to fix, but backed us up and our stage paid the price in delays, and staying on range an extra 90 mins to get the last squads through. Also, with the delays, the shooters were not ready to shoot our stage. They were coming from a 2 gun stage, had to get ready for a 3 gun stage and were not in a rush to get briefed adding to delays. As a fellow competitor, I hate being rushed but cannot fault the RO's who are trying to get the stage back on schedule. Also, as an RO, I do not like yelling at competitors to hurry up, but it needs to be done when the stage is backing up. Regarding 3 gun matches, one on one off is the only way to go for both shooters and staff.
  10. Big thank you to all the sponsors who contributed to the match. The prize table was very deep by the looks of it and heard many complements from shooters. Thank you to all the wonderful shooters, positive attitudes and great re-setters. Hope everyone had a good time, and we will see you next year.
  11. bishop414

    Invictus Caddies on QLS?

    I use ELS for holster as well. Regarding the QLS, can you mount an ELS plate to the QLS plate in case you do not want to change your setup?
  12. bishop414

    Versamax slim forend

    For those saying it improves your quad loading, are you loading strong or weak hand? Any current pictures?
  13. It does say specifically, "4th gun and not to be a substitute".
  14. bishop414

    Vortex AMG UH-1

    The ring is around 6 MOA thickness, then a second ring at 3 MOA thickness or so. Hard to focus on the 1 MOA dot when shooting at range in my opinion. 400-500 yd shots with anything bigger than 2 MOA is tough, again, my opinion. Again, not looking for a PCC dot, but a 3 gun dot. I really like my Eotech, but have found the zero shifting due to temperature extremes.
  15. bishop414

    Vortex AMG UH-1

    Have a Spitfire and hate the reticle. Way too busy for me. If the rings were smaller, might be doable, but as is no thanks. Looking to replace my Eotech. Was hopping the redesigned Burris 1x would be worth talking about, but might as well wait for 12" of snow in Phoenix by the time they release, if ever.