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Eric Graufel is a CZ Team Member now


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I thought he wasnt going to shoot a World Shoot again!? Im sure I heard JJ say that. Maybe this is not for World Shoot status, just general branding. I guess we will see.


So I wonder what divisions he will shoot....!? Production Optics maybe.

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39 minutes ago, Fasthenk65 said:

Yigal, Stock 2 Aus model is not available in Europe??

why not.

u can order this model. only u need to mention this in the order : stock2 AUS model with 4.75 " bull barrel.

i ordered one like this for somebody from the club.

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On 3/9/2019 at 6:52 PM, emjei said:

Eduardo de Cobos also switched brands8cecb29846284e4ee7f328c46cc0227b.jpg

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That one hits a little closer to home....turf war in Gardonne, V.T.?



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