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  1. anyone have a 18 round magazine they are willing to sell to me
  2. ok nice - i didnt read the fine print after the 'x5' headline I also just found one on thesigarmorer website too
  3. What tungsten guide rod can you use - will the model made for the x5 work
  4. does a supported guide rod plug make a difference
  5. i noticed that on this forum but every one have different areas
  6. Where are you supposed to measure from? Cars are rated at max horsepower usually at the highest rpm but you dont drive around on the rev limiter
  7. look up what JJ won limited uspsa nationals with last year - almost positive it was a tanfoglio
  8. it is true Tanfoglios dont have as much aftermarket items as 2011 if your looking to have a custom gun but: 2011 grip is held on with 2 and a half screws (STI even has 2 fake screws on their plastic grip) I think my Tanfoglio trigger is better than 2011 I like Tanfoglio assembly/disassembly better than 2011 2011 is a 1911 with 20 different grip/frame options to make it double stack you can follow the top level sponsored shooters but only one person can win a match
  9. I like my tanfoglio better than my 2011
  10. would something like this work using the v8 version compensator and having a gunsmith add the v4 in the comp and fitting to a v12 slide/barrel
  11. try speedshooters - i think they ship overseas under $100 for Atlas 510c mount
  12. $214.00 now on EAA website
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