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  1. Will a 2.5" compensator pin and welded to a JP 14.5" barrel meet regulation length? Thanks
  2. where can I buy a 170mm pro mag for $45? where can I buy a 170mm welded mag for $65? (link above shows $131 before shipping from overseas) where can I buy 170mm ext cz mag for $80?
  3. the 170mm extension + spring and follower + magazine will still be around $100.
  4. I wonder what his web site store will change
  5. Fo0


    Does the Gold Team come with a cmore mount from the factory?
  6. 2011 magazines don't work in this CZ
  7. EAA Witness 9MM 25RD Small Frame #101921 Magazine Armory Craft CZ75 Base Pad Grams Spring and Follower Holds 27 Reloadable Building an open gun so haven't shot it yet but the slide cycled fine by hand with ammo.
  8. Fo0

    CZ 75 Function

    I used the same sear and same factory sear spring. Is the CGW sear spring any different than factory that it would lower trigger pull?
  9. Fo0

    CZ 75 Function

    What does the sear cage do other than house the sear and sear spring? I changed from the tumbler sear cage to the 'D style' sear cage and trigger pull went up 4 ounces. Is it the different safeties since the sear spring sits on it?
  10. currently sold out at luckydelta
  11. Fo0

    SVI Slides

    Interchangeable Breechface?
  12. Have you seen the new Bul Armory Radical
  13. @ B_RAD Which guide rod and length are you using
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