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  1. It has the option of two sizes - and one is 7.5 moa - i think it is a triangle though
  2. Fo0

    CZ 75b extended safety

  3. Fo0

    CZ 75b extended safety

    those come stock on 75B SA buy them at CZC "CZ 75 SA Tumbler Safety RHS LHS"
  4. Fo0

    CZ 75b extended safety

    CZC has one that is not in stock
  5. Fo0

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    Will an 8.5# Hammer Spring work in a CZ 75B - Even if I was limited to Federal Primers only what Extended Firing Pin and Reduced Power Spring is recommended for 8.5# spring - CGW or CZC I think the CGW is a little longer at 2.490" and the CZC is 2.475" Thank You
  6. Fo0

    Tactical Sports to Czechmate Conversion

    I bought this Czechmate Barrel from CZ-USA a few months ago - Does the barrel lower lugs need fitting where the slide stop goes through like 1911 so slide stop won't break?
  7. it is not designed to auto lock back on empty if that is what you are asking
  8. Fo0

    Fitting BOLO Disconnector in CZ 75

    From what I understand the CGW T3 disconnector is semi fit and a BOLO disco is full fit - even less pre-travel and reset - breaks like 1911. Not sure if it is true or if there is a noticeable difference?
  9. Anyone have experience fitting a Patriot Defense | BOLO Interrupter/Pin into CZ 75B SAO with a removed firing pin block What will the function of the angle two 'wing' have in SAO? Does angle one just need to be fitted over the trigger bar? Is this different than fitting a T3 Disconnector? Is the thickness of the BOLO Disconnector similar to a CZ or will it be a problem? (besides fitting inside the hammer) Thank You
  10. Fo0

    SVI Sight Tracker vs Atlas Nemisis

    how about combine the two = STI Omni
  11. Fo0

    Grip Safety Differences??

    Ed Brown has a machined Memory Groove also for $70
  12. Fo0

    2011 aluminum grip

    Last time I checked Phoenix Trinity had the best price for Aluminum Grips - Classic Grips 7075 Aluminum Textured $375 - Not sure if they still sell those or if they are outdated now?
  13. Fo0

    Iron sight skills vs dot skills etc

    the same guy won Open Nationals and Limited Nationals this year
  14. Fo0

    Sti mag follower selection

    STI has their Gen 2 follower for sale on their website.
  15. I got the MBX Tuning/Rebuild Kit when I ordered the MBX Recoil Reduction System. The internal spring the buffer system comes with installed is the heaviest spring set up for major PF. At least I think it is for major PF as it just says "high power ammunition" - There are two other springs for "medium power ammunition" and "low power ammunition"