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  1. It is a gun I am currently building so no live fire yet. I just tried dummy rounds and it won't even feed without a rerack. Going to try to return to MBX. Magpul works fine.
  2. I heard the Timney trigger reduces fire out of battery (no experience)
  3. I'm at sub -2lbs with a Ghost 3.3 Pro Connector. The trigger shoe won't reset on it's own with a MBX magazine inserted. I have to push the trigger shoe forward. No mag and other brands work fine. Any Ideas to fix this?
  4. now there are 170mm Magpul magazines ; 170mm ETS magazines and 170mm MBX magazines for Glock
  5. Maybe he doesn't prefer the "full race trigger"
  6. Do you have to use STI Trubor barrels?
  7. not sure a bull barrel with no threads will shape in the right spot where the slide is. You might be able to make a cone compensator work.
  8. what year was that? and wasn't KC winning matches back then
  9. His difference from Gen. 3-4 to Gen. 5 is ; 3oz, 4,oz, 5oz, then final 10oz on the minus connector
  10. Does anyone know what connector this article is using to achieve 1lb 6oz full race trigger?
  11. Does anyone know how the SVP IMM and KKM 5.0" OAL compare? Thanks
  12. I just got my Tanfoglio 38 SA rimless extractor but have not test fired yet - 'knob' measures 0.53" whereas Henning recommendation from long ago is 0.45"
  13. anyone have experience with Tanfoglio .38 SA Rimless Extractor with super comp ?
  14. 9mm width is larger than 38 super / comp
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