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  1. i think its a bull barrel - but a trubor so the compensator is attached to the barrel and if you have an aftec extractor you will need a new one
  2. Fo0

    STI 2011 Right Side Mag Release

    Lone Star Innovations mentioned something about it after they release their grip
  3. Fo0

    DLC v. PVD v. Nitride for CZ CTS

    PVD is the process to apply the coatings - DLC is the highest quality PVD coating
  4. Fo0

    KKM lead time?

    Also, how long are these expected to be in stock - I am saving for one
  5. Fo0

    MBX buffer system

    my bolt with mbx buffer still travels approximately 2" after trigger rests - of course, it would still need to be cut down
  6. Fo0

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    what's the length measure on yours
  7. Fo0

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    how much comp is needed for a 16" 9mm
  8. MBX says their buffer can work with 9mm 40s&w and 45acp - can also get 3 different internal springs
  9. Fo0

    MBX buffer system

    i changed the yellow buffer spring to the JP rifles 308 Tuned and Polished Buffer Spring, 308 Carbine - much smother
  10. Fo0

    MBX buffer system

    has anyone tried to put the rifle length spacer in a carbine buffer tube to short stroke
  11. Fo0

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    has anyone tried the [NERD] NC NANO 9mm Brake - it has one up port. 1/2×28 and 1/2×36. weight is 1.84 ounces
  12. Fo0

    Fitting BOLO Disconnector in CZ 75

    my CZ hammer disco hole is definitely smaller than my Tanfoglio Unica hammer but the BOLO in the CZ hammer - the pin slides in and out - no hammer - just push in and push out. The BOLO in the Unica the pin moves around a little.
  13. Fo0

    Best budget lower

    I use MBX buffer with blue spring and JP rifles 308 Tuned and Polished Buffer Spring, 308 Carbine
  14. I use Wolff 18lb mainspring and Wolff Variable Power Recoil Spring 12lb for 40s&w
  15. Fo0

    Nationals Survey

    are fliers a problem with 115gr or any problems is there a shorter bearing surface