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  1. 9mm width is larger than 38 super / comp
  2. starline list small pistol primer size - can you use other sizes
  3. are you going to use the Unica comp with a few ( less than 12) V ports it doesnt come with a cone
  4. looks good, is that how it came or did you add anything to it
  5. If you haven't found a solution yet, I used a 15/64 drill bit on the slide ride
  6. Henning Trigger; well under 2lbs with 16lb Wolff hammer spring which caliber did you choose
  7. new owners went hollywood
  8. There is a local shop that has made to order .355 barrels for the 17/34 frame I was curious about a 38 super / comp gun + if anyone knows the max OAL of the MBX steel magazines. Thank You
  9. anyone know if the guide rod tilts the same angle as the barrel?
  10. Do SVI magwells go on the Cheely Grip with no fitting
  11. I'll probably try the Carver Tungsten 34/35 since its not recommended to extend into the comp. it looks like it weighs more than the glock store one
  12. i think these are limited editions
  13. Atlanta Arms 9mm major ammo is 147 gr
  14. I am looking for a guide rod that is long enough to go into the bottom hole of the Carver Compensator in Gen 3 Glock 34. I have the Jager Heavy Extended G34/G35 Guide Rod right now but am looking for something around an 1/8" longer so it will go into the Carver comp. +1 if it is tungsten not sure if this is a good idea or not thanks
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