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  1. Is there an off button on the dpp? any problems with the battery life with the auto on?
  2. does it reset if you pull the trigger and hold the trigger back while racking the slide and then release the trigger - just wondering for myself also - if by wedge you are talking about the wing on the disconnector - that is for the DA. The hook is for SA
  3. If you are asking about the Grams spring/followers - then you need to purchase the model with no spacer for the Gen 2 STI tubes
  4. Fo0


    I guess that is how it is supposed to be
  5. Fo0


    How would you feel about this safety fitment? Is it the safety or the safety/sear engagement fitting?
  6. Which one is more aggressive texture?
  7. what is the difference with this and Sig Romeo3 XL?
  8. How would you describe a STI Trubor barrel vs KKM - quality accuracy etc
  9. Is the slide with Brazos racker any harder to rack with the hammer up than the middle gun?
  10. I think they only reason more people using tool steel extractors is there are multiple companies making them and I think there is only one company currently making the spring steel extractors. Atlas is supposedly making a spring steel version similar to the Aftec. Atlas said the original 1911 extractor was spring steel but only one manufacturer currently.
  11. I don't see them listed on the site anymore
  12. anyone fit a 'sti style' magwell to one of these grips
  13. ok, I was thinking the minor compensator with the second port opened and the four holes in the compensator. thanks for clarifying
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