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  1. Has anyone looked at the Legion FCU parts if they are the same as the standard X5 (sear, sear springs etc) ?
  2. What is the wait time like on a LimCat
  3. I see lots of websites show in stock for 5moa
  4. Where do you buy PT slides from I don't see them on their website
  5. How often do followers need replaced
  6. is this going to be major PF
  7. Fo0

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is the Legion trigger going to be better than the Gray Guns PELT2 ?
  8. How do I order a Legion grip for $269.00?
  9. what is the wear like on your steel insert
  10. i think that is how it is designed to cause minimal damage the magazine and replaceable inserts instead
  11. Fo0

    P320 X5 Thread

    how do you get two legion grips?
  12. You shouldn't need to take any off the top of the disconnector although one post said he did because he had fitting issue with the sear cage
  13. Did you try a lightened firing pin spring with the Henning firing pin
  14. Fo0

    CZ Open Build Theory

    oh I thought the Czechmate reverse plug would be longer than the slide and stick out - plus they been out of stock all year
  15. 8.5# and CZ 75b the hammer doesn't even rest against the slide/firing pin 13# hammer spring I'm at 2.0lb trigger pull even
  16. Fo0

    CZ Open Build Theory

    @kneelingatlas What reverse plug are you using on a 75b if you cut the slide shorter and use a Czechmate/style comp? Thanks edit: can I just use the czechmate comp guide rod hole? still curious what you used on some of your builds
  17. you had to pay or was it under warranty
  18. unica hammer and sear with henning trigger
  19. I am using 15lb mainspring and have some loads with CCI primers to try - trigger pull weight still under 1.75lb
  20. i should note: mine is a open gun so i took out the fpb i use one safety same as my 2011
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