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    Mbx pistol comp

    I don't see the similarities.
  2. Fo0

    Mbx pistol comp

    mbx pcc comp has the same ports
  3. Fo0

    Mbx pistol comp

    There is one review on MBX website.
  4. Is the ball detent less effective than a set screw or is it because the Brazos is designed to only be cut half way into the slide?
  5. only the sao 9mm 75b has d style 75b 40 has hole for guide rod - round mag release - only da/sa for 40 s&w
  6. Does anyone have problems running major PF in Glock aftermarket barrels? SJC states drop-in fit barrels for major 9mm loads do not have the proper chamber, throating, and threads for an open gun. they say drop-in barrels don't have true fully supported chambers. KKM website says they have "fully supported SAAMI spec match chambers" is SJC info correct or out of date
  7. How many rounds do you get with the Taylor Freelance base pad
  8. What is the best manufactured major PF ammo to buy for 38 Super Comp? The only two places I found were AtlantaArms and BigCountryTactical Atlanta Arms doesn't give out what ingredients they use - JHP Big Country Tactical says they use CCI primers and VV 3n38 and Montana Gold CMJ Anyone have tried any of these or which would be better to try? Thanks
  9. you shouldn't need to but I backed out the over travel screw some to make sure I wasn't getting skewed results while fitting.
  10. I fit a new BOLO to the Tanfoglio (the other BOLO was one that was originally fitted to a CZ and I just stuck it in the Tanfo). I have zero pretravel now. You can get less (no) pretravel with a BOLO than using Henning trigger pretravel screw.
  11. will 14lb wolff spring light off cci primers or need something heavier? if the stock hammer spring 16lb - is there notable difference with the xtreme medium 15.5lb and stock? THANKS!
  12. what triggers are yall using with this grip
  13. That is the only one I found for 5" oal barrel
  14. how much trigger weight was removed polishing all those parts - 4oz? a gunsmith can fit a BOLO easily
  15. I guess a lot of manufacture flaws when adding pre and over travel screws to factory triggers
  16. yes, I know. I am saying is you suggesting to lower trigger pull weight like it is a great benefit but reducing the travel of the trigger is not worthy. You state one " doesn’t really matter although it feels sexy" and trigger pull weight is different.
  17. what is the difference in your suggestions to lower trigger pull weight
  18. I think Cylinder & Slide is Extreme Engineering too Brazos looks like Extreme Engineering Hammer but the Sear looks different - Brazos doesn't come with a Disconector
  19. This needed less fitting than a BOLO in my Tanfoglio Gold Team.
  20. Is it possible to get zero pre-travel with Henning Trigger and PD Bolo? It seems that for the trigger to reset it has to go forward further than engaging anything when pulling the trigger.
  21. What are the most expensive open guns you can buy?
  22. whats the oal of that CFD comp
  23. I measured the knob of my 38 super extractor to around .0640 depending on where you measure - Henning says file to .045 until it can hold a live round. It holds a live round without filing - should I leave it?
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