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  1. FALAR

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    They are incredible guns, especially for the price.
  2. Wasn't there also a "chop shop" thread in the classifieds? I can't seem to find it.
  3. Well this one certainly had different circumstances.
  4. FALAR


    Well this is the entry level gun, the TS replacement. It isn't meant to be on par with the TSO. The TS2 Bronze is the new top of the line version with hand fitting, better trigger, etc.
  5. Didn't pull the trigger fast enough on the one at that German store, sold out now. Not listed on the other sights.
  6. Thanks, I'll give them a try. I've ordered stuff from Europe before (Armanov grips, Czech Holsters) and have always been pleased with the speed and cost of shipping, it isn't nearly what some would assume.
  7. I really like the Shadow 2 style safety my Shadow Orange came with and when the current version came out (this safety was a new part) I saw other people expressing interest in that part for their other Shadows. I've been asking around and those parts still haven't made their way stateside but I was told some have had luck sourcing them from Europe. Does anyone know where this might be available from a European CZ parts house that is willing to sell to the US? My searching so far has come up with nothing.
  8. I don't get posts like this. There is no "excuse", the governor of NY shut down the state for many months. In a lot of states these orders carried no weight. Not so in places like CA and NY. DW is not "inept" and perhaps spring of 2020 was ambitious and could have stretched to Q3 but now the situation has totally changed and not in any way they could control.
  9. Honestly I'm glad to see the peanut is different. Shadow 1 slide is 12.3oz Shadow 2 slide is 13.7oz That will require different timing, glad to see CZ didn't just make a beefier slide and leave it at that.
  10. FALAR


    I had two of the latest "2019/2020 model" TSOs that updated the safety, mag release, and trigger guard. Both had the same unblended magwell seen in this thread and elsewhere. You must have good luck.
  11. FALAR


    This is a TS replacement. The TS2 Bronze looks like the TSO replacement.
  12. FALAR


    These hit faster than I thought they would.
  13. Wow, that is a lot of money to only get a 3.5 to 3.75lb trigger in a 1911.
  14. Nice. The only thing that I could think of to improve the Bull uppers would be if you guys worked with Dawson to license a CZ version of their tooless guide rods.
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