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  1. That one hits a little closer to home....turf war in Gardonne, V.T.? Haha
  2. 3mm is the stock width for the regular fixed sight. I measured mine at .118" which is what made me go with the Dawson .125" x .115" since the .120" tall was only .100" wide. I thought about the Xtreme sights but it seemed every post I could find people preferred the Dawson.
  3. You think with him being gone that will affect the parts availability for Tanfoglios? What was the extent of their relationship on the "Xtreme" parts?
  4. I went with .125 since it was the lowest one closest to the factory width as I like a "full" sight picture. I think the .120" was .015" thinner. I don't "Shoot through the dot" like a lot of people, I "cut the bullseye in half" so I still had to raise my rear just a little bit to hit POA/POI at 15yds. I actually installed two, one in my Stock II and one in my Stock III. Had a hell of a time with the Stock II, both getting the factory sight out and the new one in. When the new one went in it shaved the side of the sight the full length and I had a metal "peel" to throw away. Stock III came right out and went right in.
  5. PD did a hell of a job on my Stock II. They put all of their springs in it (15.5lb on the hammer spring) and I think a firing block too since I got an extra one back along with the Xtreme 1 piece sear, titan hammer, BOLO interrupter, and Xtreme Trigger (I couldn't stand the location of the overtravel screw in the factory trigger) and it was 5lb DA 2 lb SA when I got it back.
  6. I love topics like this. I've seen the rankings too: 1. Federal 2. Winchester 3. Remington 4. CCI But also always wonder where S&B, IMI, Fiocchi, and even M882 primers fall. Depending on who you talk to these primers are all harder than CCI or somewhere in the middle of the pack.
  7. They made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
  8. The bogies are more than aggressive enough for me. The o-rings worked a bit better than with the Xtreme grips as the screw head is more shrouded. The still bulge out a bit at the rear where they are not though, but not so bad I'll remove them like with the Xtreme grips.
  9. Damn, I already ordered bogies and they should be here tomorrow. I thought they'd be more aggressive because they look like the "golfball" texture that is really aggressive in VZ grips, like the back half of their Operator IIs. EDIT: Now that I go back to the site and look.....yeah, the circles are more "full" than what VZ does so there won't be the same sharp edges.
  10. I have a set of LOK thin bogies on the way to me now, can't wait to check them out on my stock III. I noticed they ship with CZ screws and O-rings---do those work with a Tanfoglio? I've never seen that CZ screws are the same thread pattern. Also, I tried O-rings on my Xtreme grips but because the cutout is open at the rear the ring just gets bulged out and over and can't be used.
  11. I just got two Tanfoglios back from Patriot Defense myself that I requested tuning on. I wanted them to be 100% reliable with any primer and they test fired them with CCIs. THey installed all of their proprietary springs (they told me the 15.5lb hammer springs are in them now) as well as: BOLO Xtreme Sear Xtreme titan hammer Xtreme trigger It also appears they replaced the firing pin blocks too. One of them came in with 6-7lb DA and 1.75lb SA. The other is 4-5lb DA (also with almost all of the "stacking" gone from stock, it is EXCELLENT the other gun still feels like most of the DA is in the beginning) with a 2.5lb SA. I also noticed on gun #1 is SA there is some take-up and strangely once you take it up it will not automatically rebound if you let off but you can do so manually. The safety on #2 takes a bit of force to get in the fully upward position but I have no intention of ever using it. The DA is simply amazing on gun #2; beyond anything I expected and hard to believe based on everything I've read here. I did notice that unlike my other DA/SA guns that Tanfoglios seem to not have nearly as much DA travel relative to SA. Finally got them to the range today (got them back on Friday) for just a little bit and had no light strikes of any kind with WWB. I ordered some Dawson front sights and some grips for both guns and probably won't make another trip until they all arrive. I wasn't too crazy about the throat reaming but after Tanfoglio replied that they only chrome plate the OD and not the ID and PD insisted I figured why not. 147 grain Federal HST passes the "plunk test" now and before they did not and were the only cartridges I had on hand that would fail the test in the guns. Next time out I think I'll take some Fiocchi and IMI. I hear mixed things about Fiocchi (and S&B) primers with some saying they are hard and others saying they are like Winchesters but it seems that IMI has a solid rep for being pretty hard. Once I see those ignite I'll feel even better. Not having a decocker though I don't feel very enthusiastic about doing a whole bunch of "will it ignite?" testing so part of me just wants to shoot and enjoy since they already tested them with CCIs for me. I just don't know for sure where Fiocchi and IMI fall in the Federal to Winchester to CCI scale.
  12. I decided to try both. I ordered a set of LOK thin bogies for my Stock III and some Xtreme aluminum grips for my Stock II.
  13. Do they ever get too hot to touch? An acquaintance of mine had black aluminum grips on some sort of CZ racegun and he got rid of them pretty fast in favor of some G10s because they were so hot to the touch in the summer. I can see them becoming a heat sink with the frame and slide both being steel and if you wear the gun on your belt in the direct sunlight on a typical 108 degree day for a bit prior to shooting I bet the temperatures on those things get plenty warm.
  14. No one for the Xtreme grips? My Stock 3 is getting the PD treatment right now too. One of the things I opted for was the Xtreme trigger because I have no use for overtravel screws and the placement of the factory one irritates me. However, it will have a longer reach so I was thinking about going to some slim grips to even things up again. I guess "thin" grips really come down to Unica, Xtreme, (aluminum) or LOK. I must say I have misgivings about Aluminum as a grip material as it gets plenty bright and hot where I live. It seems there is some question abotu whether or not LOK grips are plug and play though. Those "palm swells" sure look uncomfortable.
  15. Looks are highly subjective. I think slides with windows, ports, etc look goofy as hell.
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