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  1. That makes sense to me. Brandon told me that's why they use 4340 instead of 4140 like the rest of the industry---Open guns take a lot of abuse and stainless won't hold up.
  2. That must be a part vs gun thing because if you spec out a build, stainless is an option. They must limit the part only sales to 4340.
  3. You can get a stainless grip. SVI makes them in 4340 or stainless. They may even do titanium and aluminium, I can't remember if they only do the frames in those materials or frames and grips.
  4. Don't the MBXs have a large capacity advantage in .45?
  5. The capacities I listed for MBX and SVI is with lockback followers. Add 1 to those MBX numbers for a non lockback comp follower.
  6. I just checked their site, no clue as to who is actually doing the manufacturing but at least in 9mm they are down 2 in capacity compared to SVI and MBX in both 126 and 140.
  7. Really? A new player entering the game is surprising. I wonder who is actually going to do the manufacturing too, maybe checkmate?
  8. Having only recently taken the 2011 plunge I've come across things that I've found interesting. Mainly with mags----I assumed 2011 mags were 2011 mags, but I've learned the hard way now that isn't true and not all are compatible with each other (no, I'm not talking about Para/Armscor/Caspian either) and found out that not one fits all as my SVI mags won't work in the current STI/Staccatos. Here are some comparison pics I took of the current gen/gen 2 of each of the mag types, from L to R SVI, MBX, STI. I guess there is a limit per post so I'll post a second pic below. When I read many of the threads here via search about which mag works best I'm not surprised the responses are so varied---look at how different the feed lip designs are. The MBX in particular has a much higher presentation and a much shorter total feedlip length. I guess I really don't have a question----I kind of just wanted to post this visual because in all of the threads I've been digging up on the various "mag vs mag" threads I never saw anything that really illustrated the difference. Time will bear out for me personally if one works better/lasts longer than the other now.
  9. I'll bet around 48oz. I have one on order similar (5.4" full dustcover) and that's what Brandon said it would be in the ballpark of.
  10. Didn't even know you could skip that.
  11. I kind of wish I hadn't got out of .45 last year since the ammo prices were so good. I was never drawn to .45 in the 2011 pattern since the STI and SVI mags both are only 11 or 13 capacity (126/124 and 140 respectively) and now I see the MBX mags are 16 and 18 (126 and 140). If I still had the thousands of .45 ammo I sold I definitely would have ordered a caliber conversion too. I had given up on finding an all steel doublestack .45 with decent capacity.
  12. Their current single stack gun-the Staccato C----uses 1911 mags also. So did the R but it's been discontinued. They used a purpose built plastic grip this time around though.
  13. I just ordered my first one and the wait is going to kill me. I pulled the trigger for all the same reasons you mentioned, just wish I would have picked up the phone and called sooner. Brandon is the most knowledgeable person I've ever talked to ever when calling a company and discussing their product. He also dispelled a lot of rumors as the gun I ordered cost nowhere near what I had assumed it would based on what I heard and the lead time was only quoted at 6-8 months. I had also had similar thoughts to the earlier poster that said they look too "blingy". Well the nice thing about a true custom build is if you don't want bling, you don't have to get bling. My gun will be all black with traditional front and rear serrations. I think building all of the open guns and warrantying them and standing behind them for years has really put them in a unique place in the market. They are the only ones I'm aware of actually going to the next level with the materials they use (like 4340 in place of 4140, breech blocks that can be replaced due to wear from primer flow) vs being just another "me too" maker.
  14. I don't understand your question---the "opening" is in the grip module, which is obviously different. As for the metal frame itself 2011s were designed from day 1 to use 1911 top ends which is why the magazines taper so much, so at the top they are the same as a single stack mag. If you're thinking about buying a single stack gun and putting a double stack grip module on it that would entail a lot of work. The single stack grip modules are attached differently which includes the use of an adhesive and the single stack guns come with a card stating removal of the grip module voids the warranty.
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