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  1. Yeah, these new prices suck. I never got around to getting a second Limited Custom in .38 Super, I was watching the last one on GB and it was listed at a great price, like 1050 before the auction disappeared. Fast forward a few months and now they are back, but pushing 1400. Ouch.........
  2. I've always removed the overtravel screw from my DA/SA guns because I was surprised at how fast they dig into the frame. However, I recently got my first SAO Tanfoglio and found out you can't do that. When I removed the overtravel screw it will no longer reset. So I had to keep it in. I've noticed that after just a few dozen presses there is already a sizeable gouge. My thoughts are as the round count adds up and it digs in farther and farther I'll have to continue adjusting it inwards---but how deep can it actually cut into the frame eventually? I know there are people here with extremely high round counts on gold teams and the like.
  3. And now I come full circle.......they are off to PD for the works! Goodbye for now.......
  4. But look where you can put your hands....sure the this figure is accurate as to how the gun's parts relate to each other but with the slide being inside of the frame on the CZ and the backstrap running "in" more you can get a higher hold.
  5. FALAR

    Shadow 2: 2018 vs 2019?

    And I thought the "issue" was limited to 2017s and resolved for 2018 production. Learn something new all the time.
  6. I'm sure the trigger itself will be a proprietary part so the bow can fit around the mags. Hopefully most of the upper parts are standard 1911 or CZ though.
  7. You can always buff down the cerakote on the frame rails where it is too thick, that's what any good cerakoter does before giving your gun back.
  8. That's a proof mark. On some of my Tanfoglios it is a little bit more legible and easier to see that it matches the proof mark on the barrel.
  9. That description defies the laws of physics.
  10. Huh? In what way. Legions have been out a while and are really overpriced for the "features" you get.
  11. I was watching some stock III auctions on GB thinking I had a month (listing ended in 25 days) to buy them at 746 but then they ended it and relisted at 826...
  12. If you want small frame check the IFG variants. I think EAA was or is doing some polymer frame small frame guns though.
  13. I'm interested in what the Unica SAO trigger and Unica sear combo is like.
  14. I noticed they are really good about getting back to you with info like that if you email them directly, even considering the language factor. I had always read that Tanfoglio barrels were "chrome lined" but they confirmed for me that just the OD was plated, not the chamber on bore like a "chrome lined" barrel. I mean, looking at the barrels it seemed obvious to me but several people still INSISTED that they were "chrome lined" so I emailed and got an answer immediately.
  15. The Lothar Walther barrels are not exclusive to the Xtreme pistols. Ever wonder why so many models of Tanfolgios use Polygonal rifling? Because Lothar Walther does.
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