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  1. Maybe, I don't know what all is available overseas. I just said EAA is only importing lower end models with the wonder finish. Maybe that is all that is available, it is hard to tell stateside. Is Wonder Finish for sure nickel-plating? It sure looks like electroless nickel to me but I've never seen anything firm on that.
  2. I always "wondered" about the Wonder Finish as well. I see the same mixed reports---some saying it is durable as hell, others saying it sucks. Then for whatever reason the only ones imported here are on the lower-end models.
  3. I still want to see a hard chrome Stock III. The bluing on them is kind of thin, if one of mine ever gets looking really ugly I might send it into CCR or Ford's or whoever does the best work for the HC treatment.
  4. Dan Wesson is in Norwich and they stated on another forum that they were getting very little from CZ for these guns and were mostly made in-house. So yes, the governor of NY shutting them down had to have affected them. Maybe it would have been a few months delayed anyway. At this point we will never know. However, a mandatory closure of your only facility for a few months is certainly going to hinder operations to a large extent for some time yet.
  5. New York shut everything down
  6. FALAR

    CZ Shadow 2 SA Blue

    Since it comes with the competition hammer it should be even a bit better than a standard S2 in SA.
  7. Ahh, that makes sense. Getting into some really, really good triggers outside of 1911s (CZs, Tanfoglios are doublestack) made me dump my remaining polymer guns never to return. I'm a "life is too short to suffer polymer triggers" kind of guy, which is why I've always hated striker guns.
  8. So when they advertise them as extended, that is false? wow
  9. Interesting. I started off with an XL650 as my first press (which I bought from Brian Enos, which is why I have an account here) and didn't keep with it for long due to the powder throw not being accurate enough for me with stick powders for loading .308 but also due to the primer seating issue. I can see the difference you're talking about in my PD tuned Stock III. The DA hammer travel seems very short and abrupt. Thankfully, for now I don't have any issues since I'm only using one type of ammo and I have a 5 3/4lb DA and a 2-2 1/4lb SA with no pre travel with a 15.5lb hammer spring. It seems that the window for correct function is small with this combo, glad they have a lot of experience with it and can "nail it". I've seen a few posts here about the Unica DA/SA hammer (and the SAO hammer) and it intrigued me as it seems to go the other way---increased arc, more mass, harder hits while still providing great triggers. I wonder what would be the optimum disco/interrupter to use with it though---unless it comes with one. I haven't seen many reports here on what the xtreme interrupter does since most are running PD bolos.
  10. Interesting that an extended firing pin would have light strikes when compared to the standard. I wonder if it is lighter? It would be interesting to measure the length of and get the weight of the 3 extended firing pins that are available now: Patriot Defense Tanfoglio Xtreme Tanfoglio Unica To see which one was the longest and heaviest.
  11. FALAR

    CZ TSO 2016

    Every broken extractor I've ever seen a picture of was MIM. That's why Colt went away from it pretty quick on their 1911s. Every broken extractor I've ever seen in person was from a MIMber (aka Kimber).
  12. FALAR

    CZ TSO 2016

    Trigger and rear sight being MIM doesn't really matter but man, I gotta say a MIM extractor has proven to be a bad idea on other guns. I had no idea CZ went to them on all their guns now but I've never removed one so have never seen the telltale marks. I've not heard of them failing so I guess it is a non-issue.
  13. IFG is supposed to be bringing in Limpros now, I THINK some got out there already, don't know for sure as I haven't seen one. The kicker is that they were supposed to be bringing in both large AND small frame versions unlike EAA which has only imported large frame for a long, long time now. I think the way it works is that if EAA isn't importing it, then IFG can.
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