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  1. FALAR


    I had two of the latest "2019/2020 model" TSOs that updated the safety, mag release, and trigger guard. Both had the same unblended magwell seen in this thread and elsewhere. You must have good luck.
  2. FALAR


    This is a TS replacement. The TS2 Bronze looks like the TSO replacement.
  3. FALAR


    These hit faster than I thought they would.
  4. Wow, that is a lot of money to only get a 3.5 to 3.75lb trigger in a 1911.
  5. Nice. The only thing that I could think of to improve the Bull uppers would be if you guys worked with Dawson to license a CZ version of their tooless guide rods.
  6. This is correct. If you look closely at the barrel hood/ejection port area it is visible to the eye how 1911s and CZ75s and their derivatives are slightly angled down at lock up. When you lock the slide to the rear and the barrel is free then it will be perfectly horizontal. This is in contrast to all the later pistols using the Browning Recoil Operated principle that forego locking lugs on top of the barrel and instead cut an angle there and have a locking piece in the frame for the barrel to interface with. This is the style seen in the SIG P22X, Glocks, HK USP/P20
  7. FALAR

    Resale value once milled

    If you haven't milled yet then the ship hasn't sailed.
  8. FALAR

    Resale value once milled

    I would never have a S2 milled vs getting the OR. The Shadow 2 slide profile will leave a goofy ledge where the plate/optic sits. Probably more cosmetic vs a snag issue but my OCD would own me.
  9. I vote SP-01 frame. I had a Bull Shadow 2 and didnt like how mismatched the slide and frame were, it seemed even worse than a TSO since the ledge isn't even beveled.
  10. Sounds like you're looking for one of those limited release "Witness Pro" models that came out 2 years ago. It was like a blued Stock with the Match rear sight.
  11. I don't load 9mm because outside of panic times lik we are in now it is too cheap to be worth the time and trouble to me. Before getting my first Shadow 2 I had heard about CZ's reputation for short chambers. I had already owned 9mm Tanfoglios which have the same reputation and had plunk tested my CZs since my Tanfoglios did fail with some ammo. Seeing as I only buy heavier/longer subsonic 9mm now I made sure to test any new gun for a short chamber. I have plunk tested and successfully fired the following without issue in the SP-01, Shadow 1, and Shadow 2:
  12. FALAR

    Accushadow Parts?

    Yep, all parts are the same minus the front sight and bushing.
  13. When I pencil tested my SP01 it was never as strong as a S1 with the same weight spring.
  14. I set up some mags with CZC basepads (Mec Gar 17 body) and with the stock spring and follower get me 21 rounds. No malfunctions yet but I would like to go to 10% extra power springs for peace of mind but wonder if that would reduce capacity. When you go for 23 +1 doesn't that require a weaker spring along with the thin follower? I'd like to set up my CZ 18s with basepads to make them reliable 21s as well but can't tell how to differentiate what springs are for this body vs the 16s or Mec Gar 17/19s. I'm thinking a spring upgrade is a must because of how weak the ones
  15. I would think an SP01 would always need a stronger spring compared to a S1 or S2 due to the FPB.
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