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  1. I noticed they are really good about getting back to you with info like that if you email them directly, even considering the language factor. I had always read that Tanfoglio barrels were "chrome lined" but they confirmed for me that just the OD was plated, not the chamber on bore like a "chrome lined" barrel. I mean, looking at the barrels it seemed obvious to me but several people still INSISTED that they were "chrome lined" so I emailed and got an answer immediately.
  2. The Lothar Walther barrels are not exclusive to the Xtreme pistols. Ever wonder why so many models of Tanfolgios use Polygonal rifling? Because Lothar Walther does.
  3. Is it really that common to have a gun come out of the box with an incorrect barrel fit? I know I saw one post here where a guy showed a picture of maybe 4 or more.....
  4. Yeah, I'm leaning towards 16 or 18. I know most people here go light as possible for more of a competition feel but my concern is more long-term durability with hot loads. The only factory .38 Super ammo I have (or will buy) is the Geco load that is supposed to be 124 gr @ 1411fps. Other than that I'll throw in some 9x23 and when I get set up for it some handloads in starline brass that are at or above 9x23 levels. I know the harsher springs can prematurely wear the gun too (closing "hard" wearing lugs/slide stop) and ejection can't really be a good judge since large frame guns have a "universal" ejector that is longer than it should be for the full length cases like .38 Super, 10mm, and .45 ACP.
  5. What recoil spring do you use with 9x23?
  6. The slides would be nearly identical. I didn't include the barrel in my measuring because that would be retarded. Again, I would only use full-house 10mm loads in the 6" Hunter.
  7. And I thought 1911s couldn't handle the full power loads....I know I've seen a bunch of "my Delta Elite is bulging cases" and/or frame cracking, but not from more specialty 6" models. At least 1911s have I believe up to 24lb recoil springs available from Wolff. If I ever jump into a 10mm it will be a Hunter. I like the guide rod extension they designed that makes contact with more of the frame too.
  8. Especially the Hunter. I can only imagine what that slide weighs, I've weighed the "Limited" in at 13.3oz. With an extra 1" I'm sure it is more than stout enough for any 10mm load.
  9. No, because that would require switching barrels AND I have two Five SeveNs already. Here are my new .38s right out of the box: I have grips and front sights coming already. I'll be removing the magwell from the Limited. Strangely the Stock III has the much more positive safety (and it will never be used) and even a lighter SA trigger (3.75lb vs 4.5lb) than the SAO gun. Since .38 Super isn't very popular anymore the Limited was sitting in a warehouse a while....it is a 2016 make/import. Both guns have better checkering and overall fit and finish than my 9mm Stock II and IIIs. I need to order a box or two of Buffalo Bore 9x23 and see if it will chamber. I'll definitely get some trigger work done at some point too, just undecided what yet.
  10. I ended up pulling the trigger. Sadly I don't think any range time will be possible within the next few days but after getting them cleaned up (man, one had been in the box/baggie for at least 2 years and the preservative was really thick and gunky, took a bit to get it clean and smooth) I was able at least run some 9mm dummies from the mag. Looks like 9mm may be a go even from the .38 Super mags. Being able to potentially fire three separate cartridges (9x23, .38 Super, 9x19) from the same gun would be pretty cool.
  11. I also wonder about the Unica SAO hammer and Unica sear combo vs the standard Titan DA/SA hammer, BOLO, and 1 piece or 1 piece xtreme sear combo.
  12. I've never handled a SAO Tanfoglio. How is the trigger out of the box on the Limited? Looks like it is as variable as the DA/SA guns from what I can find on youtube videos---anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 but some of the guys didn't seem like they knew what they were doing. That Stock 3/Limited hybrid looks great, who drilled the holes for the *thumb rest [generic]*? It would also be cool to have just the holes on the left side......
  13. Due to the relative obscurity of Tanfoglio in the US (thanks EAA!) it is nice to have a "one stop shop" like Patriot Defense.
  14. On the 5th of July I was quoted 8 weeks as well for a custom gun. It shipped today.
  15. The mags themselves are in stock at a few places but yeah, the magwell specific baseplates seem to be out of stock everywhere. How about aftermarket baseplates like Henning or PD?
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