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  1. The Mec-Gar 17/19 round body is very, very different from the CZ 18rd body. I've seen people say that Mec-Gar also makes the OEM 16 and 18s, but never seen anything definitive on it.
  2. FALAR

    Armanov Spidergo GEN 2

    I've been looking at these too but also was concerned about having to feel one of each size to see what truly feels best.
  3. If anything I would assume it would be a CIP vs SAAMI issue.
  4. Weird how both CZs AND the clones seem to have shorter than typical chambers.
  5. FALAR

    Mag Release Question

    The TSO ships with one now, but the part is different from the S2. Maybe the part # can be obtained and one can be ordered.
  6. Forge welded is still welded, two pieces were joined.
  7. That is because the SP-01 mags are 18rds officially, even if you can manage to cram in 19. The lowest witness hole should be labeled 18.
  8. If it was stolen from a Californian, ouch for the guy that got robbed. I read about a guy paying almost $2500 just to get one there.
  9. Poor gun.........gonna get destroyed because of those idiots.
  10. Interesting. On my chrome Tanfoglio slide stops there is a large circle easily visible on them (blued ones, a little less so) around where the base of the pin meets the part that stays outside of the gun. I always assumed this was just a casting flaw/mold marking. I had never considered it could be evidence of welding.
  11. With so many broken slide stops why hasn't any one in the aftermarket developed a replacement made from a shock resistant grade of steel? You'd think it would be fairly easy to do and it would be a popular upgrade.
  12. Wonder if they will make it standard on all the "elite" models eventually? I think it particularly makes sense for the large frame guns in .38/10mm/.45
  13. So, IFG spec'd these out a bit more than just mixing and matching it appears.
  14. Magazines often come new from the package with that reddish brown preservative gunk on them. I do like the others have already suggested snd disassemble and clean them when new.
  15. The Shadow 2 Orange bushing is different than the CZC Accu-bushing. The S2 Orange is a CZ-UB gun. I don't have a CGW to compare with but I own/have owned several S2Os and CZC guns with their newer bushing (the old one was threaded) and none have had any play and were fitted tight enough that even well lubed you need to use a tool to rotate it.
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