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  1. yigal

    Hammer falling to half cock

    what is the total weight of this trigger? i guess it's heavy and can make some delay. check that there is no friction with the frame. few days ago i installed in mine sas 2 sti short trigger after i polished it . i think it's the lightest trigger on the market- 6 gramm. awesome. 600 grams trigger pull with 1.1 mm total travel.
  2. very nice cz collection . i feel that i can recognize my old Skoda in few of your guns.
  3. cz tso is the best gun that cz designed. with sub 1.5- 2lb trigger out of the box. and very reliable. for same reliability for 2011 platform u will need good gunsmith.$$$$$$? but after it will run 100% u will never look back. redesigned 2018 ? 2011 platforms can work much better than tso .
  4. yigal

    1911 weaknesses

    if one of them has evo grip i will buy ticket to US to find it in the river.?
  5. yigal

    1911 weaknesses

    i think that properly designed and tuned 1911/2011 platform with 1.5 lb trigger can work like Swiss watch .
  6. yigal

    1911 weaknesses

    o.k mags problem: it can make problems with any gun even with cz and cz tso and tanfo type guns. i use 6 months for trial 9mm minor 2011 type limited gun with 1lb and 5oz trigger pull w. gun has similar to para mags. types. they looks better than sti mags. works good.
  7. yigal

    Laugo Arms Alien

    i always like new designs in handguns. specially with new thinking out of box.? i liked Alien design but not the price.?
  8. yigal

    1911 weaknesses

    what weaknesses u are afraid of when u shoot 1911 /2011 guns during competitions. i mean like: hammer drop doubles extraction problems feeding problems mags problems thanks.
  9. yigal

    Laugo Arms Alien

    i shot with version that have 128mm barrel and slide that looks similar to glock. not like in this pic.
  10. yigal

    Hand Fit or Mill

    hand fit by lapping. best results.
  11. yigal

    Laugo Arms Alien

    i think that Stryk 1 is the longer version.? and the trigger is o.k.
  12. yigal

    Laugo Arms Alien

    ask them if u can get example for free.? try strike1. same low bore axis and it's the most accurate gun that i ever tried. and price under 1k.
  13. i have half frame installed in plastic grip.(for my experiments) . after i saw this problem i added to leaf spring 1.5 mm to eliminate this problem.
  14. yigal

    Laugo Arms Alien

    yes it's very interesting design.