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  1. of coarse. only they know why they decided to do this
  2. I don't like short guns. Most people who are not skilled will be difficult to control them. i hope sig solved all theirs problems with their guns . i prefer g17 but with few changes. tried to produce one that stronger and better few years ago but The company I was a technical adviser at the last minute decided not to do this changes . Two years after that, generation 5 came .
  3. You are preparing for World War 3? both of them competition guns.not best choice for carry or military use.
  4. this holes will seat in the sunken part groove of the rifling .
  5. i don't use STI mags and guns . u are right about this problem . i use BUL 2011 with mags that reliable without any tuning more than cz mags .
  6. The agencies always want cheap equipment. If they had a generous budget they would buy a real gun. Glock has proven to be simple and good design . cheap maintenance with a longer service life than his other competitors. Their choice was right. Personally I would choose the Glock 17th and not CLOCK
  7. ok i will fix this: with properly adjusted extractor /ejector 2011/1911 it's the most reliable gun that i know. more than any CLOCK .
  8. 15k .good timing for 1911 platform . with properly adjusted extractor /ejector 2011/1911 it's the most reliable gun that i know. more than any glock.
  9. what do u mean "relatively flawless"? like g17?
  10. 100 SS screws for $20 it's part of some milling machine?
  11. i have few friends with old STI G.M. open guns that still tight and works perfectly in 9mm minor. now with new name who want pay $3500 such a price for a stuck gun?
  12. i think that she removed it from the wrong side.
  13. i knew this. i will remove this part from my 2011.
  14. yigal

    CZ TSO 2016

    in ours club few of them failed after 3k in 9mm and others still shoot after 20k It depends on the person using it correctly and not abusing it. not properly FTE training can cause this part to break .
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