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  1. this design looks good. my limited 2021 Bul don't require mag tuning too. and the price is almost the same.
  2. yigal

    Bul Armory?

    my great computer skills don't allow me to show it in this forum. very flat gun. with factory ammo minor loads. this gun belongs to member of this forum . i hope he can do it.
  3. great. i hope it will be made slide/frame from steel that use all 1911 manufacturers.
  4. the difference in metal is huge .totally different grip.
  5. yigal

    Bul Armory?

    try their shorty open gun .we have one in ours club. perfect gun for this mission.
  6. from the pic. this gun has 1911 frame rails not cz type. gun looks perfect. DW quality is very good . i hope that they will not use steel that cz use for cz guns .Otherwise it will be a new model of recycled Skoda
  7. yigal

    Shadow 2 + optics longevity

    I thought they would hold more than your shadow 2 .
  8. very nice gun. but I have the opposite situation. My wife is my best toy.
  9. yigal

    CZ TSO holster

    i asked nicely (not Blad.....) and now it's fit shadow1 ,TS, TSO, CM, SH2 and probably it will fit shadow3
  10. The credit card is pictured from the wrong side
  11. You may have talked to someone in the factory who understands English like me.
  12. yigal

    AO1 LD Review

    You would be surprised but it was said in a positive way because I liked it.
  13. 74eu for this part . That's a big hint, that it's not made in Finland lathes and milling machines can't work in Finland .weather too cold. ITAR caused that copies now much better than the original.
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