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  1. sight block better choice. stronger commander slide and heavy weight on the end of the barrel. my gun weight 48 oz with standard polymer grip and brass magwell.
  2. in SS slide and frame. excellent small frame gun.
  3. You are absolutely right. In my opinion in the late 70s the Czechs did not know all the right concepts in English when they published the list of parts for their customers abroad and so it remains until now. part that they call trigger bar is the real disco. and part that everybody call disco u can call it what u want because in all SA cz guns most shooters don't use it.
  4. yes .CZ in EU. CZC far away on some island. And I do not know if there is any connection between them
  5. A member of the club who used to shoot at a good level was a Facebook friend of a pro shooter from the CZ group .after reporting to them about some defects and embarrassing malfunctions in the weapon was blocked forever. during one season he cracked 3 shadow 2 frames 3 years ago he started to shoot 1911 .now he don't has any problems. cz knows about all problems in their guns but they don't want to hear about this and They deny everything. smart company.
  6. Yes. For a plastic toy. Imagine how much money they would want for a real gun
  7. it's not like on GC. it's total weight like medium standard alum trigger. i use different trigger system like svi ,but i can change the shoe in 30 seconds for narrow or wide type without any changes to the adjustments. trigger pull is 1lb 4 oz.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of wide versus narrow trigger. standard 1911 is 5.7mm-6.4mm wide ~8 mm like on cz.
  9. I checked close to 20 springs supplied by the CZ importer with the TSO guns and it is impossible to trust what they declare. We ordered springs from CESAR shop and that's most of ours club use.
  10. and radius of back side of one of your mags hit near disco channel during insertion.
  11. yigal

    Glock 34 Trigger

    it's not the arrow that wins.
  12. yigal

    Glock 34 Trigger

    You're right. Save money and buy a real gun and not some plastic toy
  13. 13lb main s. on first gun and 14lb on other gun .use only factory ammo PF 136-145 trigger 1lb 4oz on both of them . 20k firs gun 6k second. 100% ignition with all factory ammo that i tried .
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