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  1. remove the burrs from the corner. gun don't need to suffer another 20k. u are really lazy
  2. yigal

    Disco revisited

    it works better for the frame
  3. yigal

    Disco revisited

    sear cage have movement .it's not fixed in same place.
  4. yes. i heard about such race cars.
  5. what all this f signs on trigger guard?
  6. SA trigger with shape that u want. lighter trigger spring lighter sear spring don't forget to remove disco/bolo part from the hammer. and gunsmith polish work for best results.
  7. I got shot in competitions with a group from the Philippines and 250 lbs was the weight of the whole team together. and despite the wind they shot well.
  8. yes . big guys with limited small guns.? i hope it fit ipsc box.
  9. Do a scientific experiment. If you could stretch your wife to 6'.5" you will see if there is a change in her draw times. If there is no change then it is definitely a physical force.
  10. great work. best gunsmiths came from ipsc world. unfortunately we don't have gunsmiths on high level and the only one that was works now in US. AKAI owner the only HQ custom guns we have it's BUL from the factory. and best businessman is DAA owner .
  11. nice slide work and finish. and I thought that besides growing cows and making wooden shoes in the Netherlands, people don't deal with metal. is DAA do custom work in his factory for his clients ?
  12. unfortunately limited version not legal for ipsc.
  13. almost like open. it has weight on dust cover.
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