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  1. yigal

    How to Learn the 2011

    in this profession many times u need to think few steps forward. youtube great teacher for beginning to understand any handgun platform.
  2. yigal

    Disconnector Hitting Sear

    F..... SCREW
  3. yigal

    Thinking about a 2011/1911 from a Glock

    few members of my group have 5 sps guns open and limited. most of them over 50k 9mm minor. works perfect .
  4. yigal

    Open Glock question... 34 or 17?

    open glock. 34 maybe better?
  5. yigal

    Bul black oxide trophy 1911 9mm

    i prefer sas2. much better.
  6. yigal

    Bul black oxide trophy 1911 9mm

    solid bar stainless steel slide , frame and barrel.
  7. yigal

    3 Shadow 2s after a season of shooting

    peanut lube secret lube for champions.
  8. if u can, keep all of them. but in competitions use 2011s much more options for this great platform.
  9. yigal

    shadow 2 crack?

    i don't accept the Colt solution .they had to change all cracked frames . maybe from this reason today nobody bye Colt handguns? CZ does change all broken frames. the world is progressing and what was "accepted" 30 years ago does not suit today's demands. about recycled Scoda it's only my joke. sh2 has small error design and it can be fixed correctly if cz want it.
  10. yigal

    TS safety? Fitting

  11. yigal

    3 Shadow 2s after a season of shooting

    what PF u shoot with the guns?
  12. yigal

    shadow 2 crack?

    please let me know when your sponsors will understand what they are producing .
  13. yigal

    shadow 2 crack?

    in old shadows there is no problem like in sh2 . they designed well.
  14. yigal

    Akai 9mm Major