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  1. need to remove some material from this part that many call it wrongly "disco"
  2. in my opinion no need this part for 1911/2011 guns. for CZ type guns it's different story. this guns don't have big slide area like 2011 guns.
  3. looks perfect with very good q. parts. and fast delivery.
  4. yigal


    only time will tell. the Trigger G. in ts2 more better for comp. holsters. and the green one remind me color of some popular french food
  5. I saw his videos. It is definitely a F. machine
  6. yigal

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    I understand that this is the echo.
  7. yigal

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    You received shares in Skoda.?
  8. and check that hammer don't hit ejector notch and fully hit the firing pin.
  9. saw on you.t. how they done this with jigs by hand. looks very pro. job.
  10. probably u will need big lathe with ~100mm spindle nose .
  11. check that over travel screw adjusted properly and hammer don't hit the sear nose.
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