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  1. yigal

    What happened?

    9mm in 40 barrel? it can be count as major
  2. yigal

    What happened?

    maybe i wrong but sig barrel looks like somebody remove more than 1mm from the back.
  3. I always thought the quality there was much better.
  4. Couldn't know what's going on in this company, but I saw this video too i can only check sometimes their guns in the club . sometimes the level of work is very low . not like on old STI models. No problem getting them back in a half year in top place.
  5. i tried to order X Vario trigger from Germany and they didn't sell me ,There was no choice but to do everything alone. i have bench lathe and mill at home ,so it's not big deal.
  6. i agree with u. from this reason they start to fit them properly. and i hope they will continue to fit them properly.
  7. i hope u wrong. i know few companies that ALL workers has 150 IQ. together.
  8. i use trigger with interchangeable shoe . i made 10 different shoes for this to find what form and length is best for me. it can be changed in 20 seconds.
  9. from desem. 2018 they started to fit barrel lower lug by machine.and add much better QQ. it's totally different gun now.
  10. DW DWX still didn't born and has to prove himself like old EDGE before u can take him account.
  11. awesome workmanship. exactly type of gun that i want. 3 rd pic. beaver tail finish can be better for this type of gun.
  12. don't worry about slide stop. it's normal. in sh2 of one of ours club members it holds more than his 3 sh2. now it's breaks in his new shadow4
  13. so now u know how convert SVI to Karl Gustav.
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