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  1. it doesn't matter gun produced for Aliens on Mars it's legal.
  2. probably he use 75b slide on his TS for open.
  3. great. let me know how this new bushing change the point of impact. one of mine TSO have 0.564" id hole. it came with target in the box of 2.75" group spread. i checked this with pin 0.563" that pass thru the bushing.
  4. u need to pin it on both sides. more accurately than in this pic.
  5. of coarse. i am in same profession but i am leaving in desert
  6. there is a color table for thermal treatment . and check the metal with file. it's not accurate but for experienced worker it works.
  7. tanfoglio don't use cheep metals that need quenching in water . they use oil steels. but i couldn't promise that they complete the all hardening procedure in mondays
  8. for 250 million US citizens 15 replies it's not a storm. try post : about oil and grease if u have demands for your product good lack what good for me will not suit for somebody else.
  9. i can make it DA if u want. or striker
  10. Weigand jig is the best solution for regular extractor type for u. for this type extractor only without damaging the jig or slide . i don't like to bend extractors in slides. now 21 century
  11. the hd less flexible than regular extractor.so fitting must be more accurate . all this type extractors (leaf spring type) need to be tuned/checked periodically for 100% reliability .
  12. i prefer install and forget jig system
  13. i have jig for proper use for both types of extractors, because i think that weigand jig not suit for egw extractors.
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