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  1. the last 2 new that i saw didn't work out from the box. we use only 9mm 115 and 124gr. factory ammo pf 135-142. fiochi ,magtech, s&b. R.S 8 -9lb after tuning both of them run 100%. first shot over 20k and second ~5k . the only thing that was broken it's the cocking handle after 1k. that hit hard shooter's face.
  2. for my limited stainless 9 minor. slide glide lite in winter and SG#1 in summer.
  3. with minimum changes u will need only new extractor, ejector and new slide.i think that u can find enough producers in your small island that can make all this parts in less than 2k. and mag catch for lefties is already exist.
  4. don't forget all sh2 da trigger and other internal guts to make it 5.5lb da production gun .
  5. B. good gunsmith but he can use only 1 extra power trigger spring like the original. no need to make this simple gun more complicated.
  6. maybe u order their prototype with wireless trigger system .
  7. yigal

    New CM case contents?

    I hope they do not deteriorate into anything worse like TATA from India next step is to make CM shorter to save 2 oz of this special unobtanium metal
  8. the last stock 2 aus. extreme that i opened trigger bar was only polished .no coating. 90% of the work was done. i only finished the last 10% that E.G. custom shop forgot to do.(probably he was concern about switch to his new CZshadow2)
  9. as i posted in past :cz engineers need to learn something about strength material . it's base in mech. eng. profession . it's from cz official site: It is known that the top Česká zbrojovka shooter Martin Kameníček, who participated in the development of this model, fired more than 150 000 rounds over five years from his CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE and only had to replace the barrel once, since after such a trial, its accuracy did start to decrease. and it's not a joke.
  10. u always need to check ss pin for flatness . if it has small curve it can break right side of the frame during recoil. i heard about few TS guns with over 100k in 40" and over 150k for 9mm minor (slide/frame). in ours club we use 9mm factory ammo and few TSO over 35k with no problems. TS platform it's the strongest cz from all cz guns. and shadow2 is the weakest what cz shooting team told u about yours problems with CM? that only u in this planet have this problems? or told u that for your frame they used recycled Fiat instead of Skoda?
  11. yigal

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    all posts from the 1st. best comedy in the desert.
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