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  1. yes. i have small bench lathe and mill so i can play.
  2. i add plunger to safety spring like on glock extractor.
  3. welcome to the cz club. i add plunger to my safety after i fixed some cz worker monday workmanship.
  4. no i don't have pic.. i can send only by mail. very nice work. yes .sloppy work it's CZ trade mark. i fixed this problem on few tso guns with jig that i made.probably somebody without any mech. skills assembled this guns. on few of them both holes not concentric .but if u go down from, 10mm dia to 9.5mm it will go easily( on slides with not concentric holes) today i use this part from 303 ss .best results.
  5. now CZ will cast their frames from french recycled cars instead of Skodas? he will be the first to win with gun made from recycled car.
  6. it's the first thing that i do when i take from somebody his 1911/2011gun .only ones i find this on old "custom" para gun. in properly ( 2021 models ) fitted barrels this part don't has main function like on old 1911 guns that suffers from bad fitted barrels.
  7. at least u can buy DAA products close to home.
  8. i think that link and leaf spring is trouble makers parts. i removed them from my 2011
  9. standard size is #3 .(mine# 3 not marked) but i have spare #4 that i can fit to my 2011 barrel.
  10. it's best CZ that i have ever seen .
  11. if u love somebody u have to ignore his negative disadvantages. but don't hate it . if u don't like glock don't marry him. i think that better name for this post is: disadvantages of open glock.
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