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  1. yigal

    Glock Holster Question

    s#!t. u could leave your little island and come to shoot in Europe.
  2. yigal

    Slide lightening on a TS!!! Whatcha think?

    only both sides.
  3. yigal

    Slide lightening on a TS!!! Whatcha think?

    Very cooooooooooooool
  4. for 1 000 000 eu. per y. it would not mind.
  5. Tanfoglio afraid that if he has 2 wings he will fly away to cz
  6. R. Rest is like shoot with open gun . scope on frame and slide have some small flex up and down .
  7. ransom rest hold securely only the grip of the gun. all 2011 platform has some flex . too much pressure with full mag will force hit first round down . if u will aim thru sights u will find that gun shoot better group and first round will hit exactly in same place. check this with red dot scope mounted on slide and i will find that this" issue" not exist.
  8. yigal

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    lately saw 4 new STI guns 2 DVC limited silver finish (not island barrel) and 2 STI EDGE in black. both dvc worked out of box. one of them has tight fit and the other has fit like regular 1911 gun. one EDGE has tight fit and the other not. the second edge with bad fit didn't worked at all.and the workmanship was terrible .only barrel was fit properly. it looks like bad amateur work . didn't expect this from STI. 3 of 4 works. (this not problem to fix it perfectly.) best choice if u can buy sti edge with good tight fit. and finish it yourself. this simple gun works better than dvc.
  9. yigal

    Know what sight this is?

  10. sight block only. free advice from mech. eng.
  11. yigal

    Humor Me Please: Silly Glock Build?

    put STI dvc slide on your glock and this will solve all problems.
  12. yigal

    Broken rear TSO sight. Again!!!

    i thought that u fixed and customized it.
  13. yigal

    Hoster for gen4 g34

  14. yigal

    Drilling frame

    what exact type of the gun ?