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  1. https://www.ipscstore.com/en/cz-shadow-2/9894-eemann-tech-large-ambi-safety-for-cz-75-ts-cz-shadow-2.html
  2. al shooters from the club that have CM very happy. but only for minor loads only . for shooting open with major loads find good new 2011 .
  3. yigal


    this is base model with fixed sights. like old TS but with perfect checkering.
  4. Someone cleaned the burr that formed after machining. It does not look the most beautiful but I do not see any mechanical problem. just cosmetic.
  5. i used 6" barrels on tanfoglio and j941 with comp. for old cz 75 i shorten them to 5.25 "
  6. what parts u broke? except rear sight loose and bad extractor in ours club all sti guns never broke any part .few of them over 50k (9mm factory ammo only) 1911 properly tuned is very good platform.
  7. You have to start from something.
  8. It is good that 80 years ago the German army did not know this in the Russian winter.
  9. after shooting the case expand in chamber and need much more force to extract it out from the chamber .
  10. more stress on smaller area cause deformation . if 9 mm case groove was deeper i would tune extractors your way. please forgive me for my English
  11. The rim area of 9 is smaller than 45 and exerts more effort on it, causing crushing so it should be covered as much as possible. that's my opinion and i tune all 9mm guns this way. 0 extracting problems with all 1911 that i tuned.
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