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  1. THIS! I love that others have mentioned that they are now BACK into being enthusiastic about USPSA, because of newer divisions being more friendly towards sight-challenged seniors!! I'll always make fun of PCCers for bringing a carbine to a pistol match, but I'm also all for it because of everyone having fun. It's ok to have mixed opinions! We don't have to be TO or AGAINST it. We can see the pros and cons of everything, because, ultimately, that is always the more accurate way of developing perspective. And healthy! NO, you are NOT tool old. Of COURSE not. That isn't even on the table. We all compete with people we are 80yrs or older in Highpower, etc. If you love to reload and be accurate at it, I highly recommend not only looking into USPSA but also Bullseye shooting, Highpower, and Hunter Pistol Silhouette!
  2. Always against yourself.
  3. I hear up there in the clouds they have ROs who dont +2 you... ; D
  4. Dammit, wish I saw this, earlier. I JUST put in an order for one. I waited a while because it was so expensive (to me).
  5. Decided to buy one. Thoughts?
  6. Ah, yes. 33 is young. GM in a year is not rare at your age, AT ALL. hope that serves as encouragement! Also there are many paper GMs as all you have to do is practice the classifiers over and over again and many pay to reshoot them at a match, itself. So, you have a LOT of leeway
  7. Depends on what you define as top. JJ and Eric started as kids. Some have insane natural ability and might not need the early age advantage, but of you speak to sports trainers, they might tell you it has its perks. It all depends. If you will only play if you can get to the top, you are probably missing most of the fun staring at the sky.
  8. Thank you for this input. Ive always used sjc's; I got an APA LB a while back and was very impressed; I then noticed their baffle designs were akin to that of sjc's... I have not seen that design anywhere else on any other brake. I found that the sjc apples to apples shot softer than the LB. However, with lightweight parts in my AR and a midlength gas, some snappier is to be expected vs another heavier build. Further/more importantly, less movement far outweights softness of felt recoil. Ill be trying out this brake when I get a chance.
  9. Im awaiting feedback from an sjc user...
  10. Not sure any DQ can top 24 mikes in 4 stages.... haha.. that is insane. These stories are amazing and appreciated.
  11. Thank you for this insight! My club didnt have one but that is pretty neat.
  12. Well... I mean either way, it's fun to have options. Close hoser targets? Yes pls. Far targets? Yes pls. In between the two distances? Yes, pls.
  13. Disagree with yall on this. Do any of yall cc your rifle or pcc? There are practical reasons to have a 50yd target at a match. Some people live on big properties and some might take a 50yd shot. Good guys that are CIV have gotten into justified gunfights at 30yd to beyond 50yds. The LE couldnt hit the bad guys, but the CIV did. If you need references, you can google. Bottom line, it has happened, it isnt that odd, and 99% of people do not cc a long gun or carbine. The frequency at which these longer targets turn up in matches (almost never) is darn fair. Just because you can, doesn't mean you always should. But sometimes, you need to.
  14. Every CZ I have has a tighter chamber than any Glock I have (I dont care for aftermarket "match" bbls, my glocks have factory bbls). So my experience mirrors yours. CZ wont shoot it? Will go bang in the glock.
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