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  1. Friends that put in the order said it would come in Feb. Haven't heard from them. Will check.
  2. Many are worried that the same thing that happens every 4 years will occur to them if they spin up new factories or businesses; going out of business first from the lack, then from the abundance.
  3. *large qty, autocorrect I believe it was 9c a spp.
  4. Thanks sir! I heard they were stocking Ginex w discounts on large quiescent, just last month.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I read here just now that a guy's Glock wasn't setting em off. What pistols did you use em in?
  6. Are they any good? I heard someone say that they read on benos that they weren't great.
  7. ill text it to you in the morning. you still havent gotten it? i know usps is busy but damn......

    1. blueorison


      Got it today, thanks!

    2. bigkyle72


      perfect. USPS has been super slow lately! 

  8. Yeah, I get that you can tune it so it borderline will almost never come out, but can still be drawn if you are determined.... that's kinda how we set up our Bladetech level 1 holsters with the thumb screw when shooting 3G. I still will always recommend a level 2.
  9. That's awesome. Glad you didn't have to use it as your boat anchor... though it certainly would be heavy enough to do the job
  10. Awesome! I also load to 1.08 for the CZ. It does shoot long 115gr very well (1.150), but can get into issues with reliable ejection. I wonder if there is an extractor/more aggressive upgrade, somewhere.
  11. I really like the design, but unlocking on the clock might get clunky, more in USPSA, but also in 3G. Pretty much all use Lvl 2 retention in 3G. If you shoot 3G, some find it a good idea to also use the same Lvl 2 in USPSA so as to have the training be homogenous. It really doesn't slow your draw down if you train with it. You also aren't winning from a faster draw. Something to think about. I shoot a plastic fantastic, so I just crank down my Bladetech in USPSA or 3G and it doesn't even move. I don't want to bash, but I am not a fan of RHT even
  12. I have this exact same viewpoint... I thought I was alone on it! Like many things, it isn't a good/bad but more pros/cons. I think some added grippiness is good, but as you ramp up, you lose the ability to easily shift your grip when needed.
  13. Going to try out cowitnessing. But mainly because I dont want to take irons off and put then on all the time. I dont really care for cowitnessing, esp for competition, but it wont hurt to try! P.s. sights
  14. I also use Glock ISMI springs in my P10F on a G17 Guiderod.
  15. 92 shooters in IDPA?!!! Whoaa that's a lot of old white guys. XD What made you take a 9 year break?
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