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  1. I have this exact same viewpoint... I thought I was alone on it! Like many things, it isn't a good/bad but more pros/cons. I think some added grippiness is good, but as you ramp up, you lose the ability to easily shift your grip when needed.
  2. Going to try out cowitnessing. But mainly because I dont want to take irons off and put then on all the time. I dont really care for cowitnessing, esp for competition, but it wont hurt to try! P.s. sights
  3. I also use Glock ISMI springs in my P10F on a G17 Guiderod.
  4. 92 shooters in IDPA?!!! Whoaa that's a lot of old white guys. XD What made you take a 9 year break?
  5. I agree with you. I waited a year after I pre-paid, to get the serialized ODG full size frame. I see both sides; that USPSA wants people to buy "factory" pistols, but I do think they should amend to allow POLYMER-only frames (not weighted, etc.) into Prod/CO. I don't have skin in the game; I don't plan on using the P80 frame in USPSA. But I think they should amend it to allow all the firearm enthusiasts to shoot it; it would encourage more to come out and shoot.
  6. Great questions. Steel ammo isnt crap when you compare it to mass produced brass. Youll find you can get about 2 to 3 moa with m193 mass produced ammo and 3 to 4 with steel cased. Use case: Hoser matches, matches under 100yds. Any match w paper targets present. The point isnt steel vs brass. It is operational window/reliability. Steel introduces increased friction, this helps us test gear for brass and steel cased ammo. I mainly use brass, so you're preaching to the choir.
  7. Does it work w steelcased ammo ie have a larger window of operation?
  8. Thank you for your initial review! It looks like it's working, well, even with the fast rate of fire and fully loaded (a lot of us usually download one, so that's great info). Really looking forward to seeing how steel-cased affects it. Surefire mags do not work reliably with steel-cased, as a direct comparison.
  9. A+. Could you test steelcased ammo to see if the friction will make it fail?
  10. Sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing this data.
  11. Great q. 10k+ on the G34MOS factory mount and over 1k on the FsN, which likes to break everything. Acquaintance's open gun likes to break CMores (which Open shooter doesn't know another that has broken one) and Leupold DPPs. RMR type 2 is what I hear from the tactical guys who wish they were SF. I ask them, "Before after the emitter plates fell off?", and get blank stares. Maybe it wasn't proliferated akin to the echo chamber of a prominent tactical black gun website. I'm sure Trijicon has fixed this. I like that company. I like their magnified optics. I don't like gre
  12. I heard it doesnt work reliably.... looking forward to your review.
  13. Hory crepes you are seriously my hero. My hat is off to you, sir.
  14. I use red, a lot (Rudys, Oakleys), but recently have been using my purple, more. They are close in function, but I can wear the purple on and off the range without the harshness of the red. The red agitates my brain.
  15. Yeap. These all work really well for me. With the bright Texas sun, I prefer Prizm Trail and Road. However, Oakleys scratch incredibly easily. Just looking at them wrong will make them scratch, haha. Rudy's are scratch resistant. In the end, I have succumbed to the fact that they are disposable.
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