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  1. It is my opinion that, the toughest "tactical" guys take the most coddling, perhaps because they've so much farther to fall, from the image they try to portray in their minds/to others. It takes longer to bubble wrap their giant egos. Cognitive dissonance is when you own NODs and a $3k Glock that barely functions but cant hit anything with it, so you shoot 5yd giant ipsc steel targets to feel good about it. Which is fine, you do you. You aren't hurting anyone, else. If you are angry because this represents you, dude, who cares what I think? My goal isnt to smirk or condescend. This post sounds disparaging, I get that. What is true is that I've poured so much caring energy and been burned out by such individuals. Literally, spoken softly to them to encourage them when they get so hot under the collar at matches that lead to very UNSAFE behavior. They honestly scare me, safety-wise. I'm not going to marginalize and lump everyone who comes out with a battlebelt and rmrd Glock with a surefire into one group. I'm not speaking of actual professionals like rangers etc. that do come out to learn and have fun and teach others really cool life lessons. You can almost immediately tell the difference between a tactical dude and a professional from their demeanor. Another poster above mentioned "show the it isnt a dick measuring match". Tactical dudes are the first to turn anything into a dick measuring match, at which time I want to recuse myself, because I am so worn from listening to braggarts. Again, in this day and age when everyone looks for ways to be angry; this isn't hate thrown towards a certain group of individuals. This my PERSONAL experience, and perhaps not just my own, shared in response to the OPs prompt, in order to illuminate a single perspective/answer. If you think of yoursels as ultra tactical, this doesn't mean I'm speaking of you. I simply lack a better descriptor except this common visual denominator I have come to be accustomed to.
  2. Wow, thank you so much for sharing. This is huge, because my experience mirrors yours. Ive tried everything out there. Most are very useable, but if I focus or use magnification, that goes out the window and they become smears or two pixels instead of one (to borrow your analogy). I will check out the 510C on your recommendation. P.s. I agree about not liking the blue tints. I thought I was the only one.
  3. Blue Bullets work fine. The Blue will come off on your hands, etc. so just be cognizant and act accordingly. Most use 124gr because many CZs and Euro guns like it/are optimized for that weight/more accurate with it. Another reason is because at the PF they are shooting at, they prefer snappy 124gr vs the pushy (think .45 recoil that is slow vs the snappy .40) 147gr. Then again many prefer the 147gr for the softer ".45" recoil. 115gr at minor PF vs 124gr, I'll take 124gr any day over it. Blue vs Berry's plated - to get the same velocities, you might see a slight difference in powder charge - or not. You also have to understand that it's not just bullet weight; the shape is also critical to how accurate each is out of your corresponding platform. The best way is to try them all to find one that works for YOU; everyone is different! Just ask around for a few bullets to load up (ask your buddies for the other blue bullet offerings to try recoil char/accuracy at 25yds, etc.) Hope that helps!
  4. This is a pretty ingenious idea. Also I didn't know CZ was launching an S2 OR!!!! Awesome. I'm kinda glad I waited for the S2... I plan to get a slide plate machined w/ a dovetail and adj rear so I can also shoot irons.
  5. Try not to heed people telling you, "USPSA is about this or that" They are usually IDPA people. IDPA is about certain things. USPSA is about opening your mind, shooting whatever platform you feel like shooting, whatever caliber, however you like. It is a sandbox in which you are given a medium to develop whatever and whichever skillsets you choose to develop. It is about transcending your platform (to shoot many and different kinds), ego, self, distorted, cognitive dissonance. It is free movement. Whether you choose to allow your movement to gain positive velocity or circular natures, it is up to you. There is no one to yell at you with old man breath, dictating what you are to do, with unsolicited advice. There is no one wearing obtuse, ugly-a$$, unpractical clothing that no fashionable person wears, IRL. The lines are only there because they are. You may exist outside of them for whatever period of time you'd like. They are called faults; think of them simply as the demarcation of the beginning of breaking apart ideology. You may look stupid (I often do), and that is fine. Feel free to be yourself. To conform is to waste opportunities given to innovate. Then feel free to go back to IDPA after a couple matches and beat everyone you thought was a good shooter. Or don't.
  6. Guys I'm just over here wondering how he is shooting double action on a striker-fired M&P
  7. I don't practice or dryfire - have other focuses. I go to matches 2x a month and just have fun and trial and error/practice on the courses. Obviously don't do this, because this isn't the way you should abstract practice/training/performance from each other. I'm just sharing because I want you to know that you can spend time on other focuses (in my case, art), and still have fun at matches. You don't have to dryfire or practice to still have fun at matches. I do ok at them. Shooting isn't everything.
  8. hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha I cannot stop laughing, mentally. Lots of hurt egos, forsure. Also, people are timid, because they are timid. Try it once, then don't waste your time trying to get the horse to drink. You have better things to do, sir.
  9. Obvious: will differ from person to person due to resistance on forces coming back, grip leverage, etc. But here is my experience: Once gas is tuned on JP ULMOS, I use the provided spring on the standard JP SCS (I believe it is black), and rifles will reliable cycle and lock back on PMags with SCS with all 3 standard weights... and get this, SCS with 2 tungsten + 1 standard. No difference in function. This is using very weak .223. Some rifle gas will prefere the 3 standard weight config to lockback reliably. That should give you a lot of what you need to get a headstart
  10. Hi! You're not kidding; I just saw Dillon themselves respond to a thread on priming! Hope to see you around!
  11. Sir, I also have astigmatism. May I recommend prism sights - I just got my first and it is superior in clarity/resolution to my red dots.
  12. FYI he has been around for a long time and just got back into USPSA. If you put in an order for pickup at a local match, there is a discount, I believe. He communicated he would be going to local matches. Send him an email and just ask for a code.
  13. Aw cmon you got to leave the easy ones on the table. I 2nd the 60yd, 2xVirginia count.
  14. Ya'll are getting awesome groups. Half inch is insanely awesome. Was this out of an Open gun? MGs JHPs in 9mm have been very accurate, for me, out of multiple platforms (Glock, CZ, 1911). Just tried a sample bag of 165gr JHPs in my 10mm and wow, got insane accuracy. Really impressed. The problem is I have like 10k of 180gr FP/RNFP bullets that I now need to figure out what to do with (they shoot great out of the Glock, but I don't shoot my Glock 10mm much)
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