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  1. Hory crepes you are seriously my hero. My hat is off to you, sir.
  2. I use red, a lot (Rudys, Oakleys), but recently have been using my purple, more. They are close in function, but I can wear the purple on and off the range without the harshness of the red. The red agitates my brain.
  3. Yeap. These all work really well for me. With the bright Texas sun, I prefer Prizm Trail and Road. However, Oakleys scratch incredibly easily. Just looking at them wrong will make them scratch, haha. Rudy's are scratch resistant. In the end, I have succumbed to the fact that they are disposable.
  4. Well said. I shoot anything from S2s to Steyrs; very few handles and manipulates as effortlessly as the G17. Lots of slide to grip when you need to; balanced; lightweight. That said, just as with proficiency in flowing with recoil etc., the level of manipulation between diff pistols may be equilibriated by the shooter. But you have to decide if you would like to place what might be unnecessary focus and effort into that bucket of manipulation focus. Everything has pros and cons.
  5. blueorison

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    ...but I believe it is just a drop in....
  6. If you have no bites on the 1400 CZC mags I might be interested. Are they stock followers or grams internals and price please


    1. blueorison


      Grams, they are completely from CZ Custom so it's the full kit and very reliable on holding 23rds. I've only used them for 2 matches. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

    2. lstone


      I just saw this . Yes Iam interested  Price shipped please and quatity




    3. blueorison


      Sent you an email, thanks!

  7. Ok... haha.. many of the posts of the first page that seem "negative" - they are joking and being sarcastic! Just wanted to FYI you... they aren't being serious, if you were wondering. Yes, the G17 is great for production; it handles faster and more balanced than the G34 (front heavy), for me. I'm always faster at manipulations, etc. with the G17; many feel this way. If you have big(ger) hands, the G17 G3/G4 works great. Recoil with 130PF minor loads aren't bad enough to warrant you going to more expensive guns, IMO. Heavy guns sometimes have less felt recoil, but that pales in comparison with handling characteristics, ease-of-use, etc. "Felt recoil" isn't everything, nor should it be even at the top of the list, especially for minor loads.
  8. blueorison

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    If you don't mind used (I pretty much only purchased used guns when I can, YMMV), you can easily get a used DA/SA and drop the SAO trigger in there. Would save you a lot in terms of...everything. Just a thought! I did this with my DA/SA SP01.
  9. Big window > SRO (though it is fairly new and not proven. RMR type 1 and 2, I don't trust; seen too many break). I have broken many MRDs, as many of our competitor friends, here, have - even brand names. The tactical community can have their marketing tell them one thing, but RMRs break, all the time. LPP, Venom (pretty much every new one at the range broke), FF1, FF2, Shield, etc. I own CMore, L3, etc. I exclusively use Burris FF3s. I have not one break. I have waded through ponds and rivers with them fully submerged, uncovered, powered on. They are probably the most inexpensive. Hope that helps.
  10. THIS! I love that others have mentioned that they are now BACK into being enthusiastic about USPSA, because of newer divisions being more friendly towards sight-challenged seniors!! I'll always make fun of PCCers for bringing a carbine to a pistol match, but I'm also all for it because of everyone having fun. It's ok to have mixed opinions! We don't have to be TO or AGAINST it. We can see the pros and cons of everything, because, ultimately, that is always the more accurate way of developing perspective. And healthy! NO, you are NOT tool old. Of COURSE not. That isn't even on the table. We all compete with people we are 80yrs or older in Highpower, etc. If you love to reload and be accurate at it, I highly recommend not only looking into USPSA but also Bullseye shooting, Highpower, and Hunter Pistol Silhouette!
  11. Always against yourself.
  12. I hear up there in the clouds they have ROs who dont +2 you... ; D
  13. Dammit, wish I saw this, earlier. I JUST put in an order for one. I waited a while because it was so expensive (to me).
  14. Decided to buy one. Thoughts?
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