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  1. blueorison

    Filtering Out Distractions

    This is, if anything, more spot on than anything I've read in respect to distractions, and it makes me VERY HAPPY that I read this, today. I have been enacting this advise, subconsciously/consciously, and have seen myself improve in this field. I'm actually very Type A in many circumstances and take lead, even though I don't prefer it, but because I have to. I'll highlight the ones that I think are important, in no particular order; 1. Believe in yourself (this is the arrogance he speaks of) - know that it doesn't matter the kind of distraction - you will do as you best will, stop being a weakling in mindset/thoughtset. 2. Nothing is a big deal - I'm blasé to many distractions at comps. All (not a typo) comps I go to - I have to RO the entire day. It's exhausting. Does it affect my performance? Yes, forsure. Same way an MD as a competitor cannot compete to their max because they have to worry about other things. But I'm not going to let this hinder me. I'm still going to push to my max. What I did do is only go to 2 comps a month instead of 4. Because I'm so exhausted from ROing, feel bad for when I don't and things go awry - this isn't ego speaking... I have not-good stories. Also because I wanted to focus on my other hobbies (art, music, nature). 3. Don't readily attribute (esp without logical evidence) results with affect/effect. This is BS thinking that I see unwise shooters do - one of them is a Prod Master that is a good shooter. We make fun of him because he'll blame his sights very often at matches, when he misses. 4. Avoid the rituals - stop with your superstitious bs and be dynamic in thought; don't let one method of doing things anchor you to your notion of success. In summation - I stopped trying. So far as to not dry-fire at all - I never really did. I also stopped practicing. I used my matches as practice. Obviously I don't recommend this/can't as most pros will tell you to dryfire and train and to separate practice from matches. But I went to the extreme with not caring and started beating really good shooters that practiced and dryfired. Most likely because of the way I'm wired. I'm weird. Most won't ascribe/shouldn't ascribe to this. The reason this worked for me was because I didn't differentiate and didn't see/allowed myself to act differently in practice/performance/matches. Hear me out; every action/every opportunity, I treated as final. We all can do insanely well when there are no others around - we can draw super fast, hit super fast, etc. I ignored all pressure/distractions at the match and enacted the above advice every time - everything was equal, all the time. That's why I say I treated matches like practice. They were one and the same to me. and did a lot better.
  2. blueorison

    Jack Ryan-Prime!

    I haven't read the books; I don't watch TV, usually, because they are just like news - they chase $ and can/will kill chars off just for $ (exceptions to the rule exist in the form of GoT, etc.) Firefly was the last and best TV series, to me. I have tried diff TV series since then (watched 4 seasons of Dexter, couldn't like it, stopped), but most have horrible acting. Stranger Things/Black Mirror was one of the few good ones. I tried Jack Ryan. *SPOILERS AHEAD* I really like it, mainly/only because of the main character and the actual character development (I don't care of explosions - I care about the characters, hence Firefly). There were huge plot holes - "Oh look, I chased that guy for 10 feet, I guess I won't chase him, anymore" "We send regular police and swat instead of GIGN to work with the CIA in the most threatening of terrorist cases; police that have jack nuts for training" "We suddenly stopped checking incoming flights for wanted terrorists/terror lists" "We don't monitor the WIFI of the terrorist family we are hosting, while their dad is the #1 threat right now" But besides those glaringly HUGE plot holes, I liked it and hope there will be a season 2. Honestly, if they just have Jim/Jack Ryan and Cathy, and some action (guns and otherwise), I'd be ok. The middle-eastern actors/actresses were better than many others.
  3. blueorison

    Any love for the new Stock 1 ?

    Ya'll, besides the cosmetic changes, is the largest change to the new Stock 1's the small frame?
  4. blueorison

    Burt Reynolds

    What?! Noooooo I guess now I'm in that time period of seeing all the late actors/actresses pass away and their names are mentioned, the kids these days will go, "Who is that?"
  5. blueorison

    Stock G19 Sight Upgrades

    There are many options to choose from great FO mfg's; Dawson's, then there's this other great company, Dawson's; then there's a local company that takes care of its customers - Dawson Precision. I might/definitely favor the first mfg over the last, but only by a little bit! Joking aside, TTI/Warren/Dawsons. Black, serrated rear, FO front. Every time, for competition. TTI places the FO closer to the top of the front sight if you're into that. I shoot with either, no preference. I don't magically ignore the top of my front sight blade and suddenly use the FO to aim at my targets, so it doesn't matter to me.
  6. blueorison

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    Great post, ya'll. The lesson that was reinforced from this thread, for me, was, "it ain't over till it is". Never give up.
  7. blueorison

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Great job, sir! Thank you for following up on this thread. Keep being open to learning; see what works for you, and see what doesn't. Everyone is different.
  8. blueorison

    TSO 9mm praise report.

    It's always nice to find a new love... it brightens and invigorates your existence. When that new love is really an old love... I shoot a lot of Glocks and CZs... you can't beat the ergonomics of a CZ; I prefer Glocks because I don't want to spend time case gauging, etc., when I don't really need to with the Glock - so I hear you on the switching between platforms. The P09 is actually my fave across the board for any competition style. I prefer plastic lowers over steel. I prefer practical guns that shoot very well. I think the next step up is finally a 2011... Your holster is gorgeous!!! Rock on; sorry to hear about the damage to your basement!
  9. blueorison

    Carry optics tips/advice?

    Yes to the other's advice; you HAVE to try it for yourself/personal preference on: 1. Dot size - I prefer small dots (1-3MOA), period. Even on pistols. On steel/paper. Near/far targets. Most other people prefer big dots (6-12MOA) 2. Offset is important. It affects biomechanics/comfort/whereandhowyouholdyourpistol/your personal ability to acquire the dot from draw and from target-to-target. Different sights sit lower/higher on different guns/slide cuts. This is VERY important, to me (I prefer CZs+irons but Glocks+MRD because of the higher offset/slideheight on CZs - I don't prefer it). 3. I've tried Burris FF1,2,3/RMR/Leupold/Shield, etc. Figure out what your purpose is. I prefer robust sights, comp or otherwise. Some of these sights (or even RMR gen 1 vs gen 2) are more robust than others. Price point doesn't necessarily dictate longevity. Different platforms break different sights more effectively. The FF3 and Leupold sights are both options to look at, esp if you have a Leup MIL discount. 4. Figure out if the tint will bother you. I like Triji scopes but not their MRDs because of the green tint in low-light (night matches, hunting, etc.). Yes to the above. G17 points/transitions/handles faster, G34 side by side with the same load has softer felt-recoil. Source: I shoot a lot of Glocks and other guns (lol how vague). Hope all of the above helps.
  10. blueorison

    PCC Interesting Chrono results

    @RangerTrace@Flatland Shooter@CTJer Here in TX; between 3G and USPSA; my experience has been more of the latter observations; I've not been on a squad that hasn't seen a PCC jam (but some brands/builds work really well). Now, before I meander into something off-topic, one reason for the jams is definitely ammunition selectivity of certain platforms/actions/builds/stacking issues that can be related to fps/burn rate/pressure. Now, the off-topic; whether in perfect match conditions with 0 dust, or with red fine dust, it doesn't matter; MPX/AR9, etc. I will say my observation (when malf's occur) has been what is typical of firearms/shooter relationships; that is, the shooter seemingly doesn't understand how to reload ammunition or build a PCC that works (AR9). With the MPX, I've seen some run really well and some jam, a lot, with factory/handloads, alike. I've seen that if you oil the crap out of JPs, they run pretty well on a wider ammunition range/PF vs MPX that was oiled. AR9s with quality, MATCHING/COMPATIBLE parts seem to work well. The AR9's I've seen jam (sometimes every other shot) were put together by your typical "tactical" guys. Many were FDE ... or should I say FTE hahaha TL;DR If you decide to go the PCC route; I recommend going with an established AR9 platform; QC10 and JPs I've shot work with super puffball loads; some other brands/mfg's certainly do not. I'm not a PCC guy *unless it comes in a roller-lock 10mm*.
  11. blueorison

    PCC Interesting Chrono results

    This is the reason I prefer other systems such as roller to blowback/delayed... sometimes I prefer to shoot hot loads out of the pistol vs the carbine. The comp load indifference in velocities/platforms could be attributed to the powder burn rate/barrel twist. But that is pretty cool that you can have one load that works to the same PF in both platforms. I shot a QC10 AR9 yesterday; with super light PF ammunition, and it was still cycling, surprisingly. The AR9s are definitely not all built equally.
  12. blueorison

    Best scope $1,000 or less

    You sound like a carbon copy of many new 3gunners I've met, word for word; I don't mean that in a mean way, just very factual. Except that they don't end up with a Cmore C3; today I learned that this scope existed, which is pretty neat! I like learning. For me, the reticle is a paramount portion of the decision-making; I like Vortex Razors and Trijicon Accupoint scopes for that price-range.
  13. blueorison

    G19 vs G17 Dot Movement In Carry Optics?

    This is one of those answers that will vary from user to user (because of the way Glock ergos are); A big factor is how your specific hand shape/size interfaces with the (odd) Glock grip of the 19 frame or the 17 frame. Some shooters shoot the 19 better than the 17. The reverse is also true. I recommend trying both out, for yourself.
  14. blueorison

    Whats your favorite coated bullet

    Bayou. I've tried Blue bullets, to some success. There are soooo many coated bullet mfgs. Some individuals even bake their own.
  15. blueorison

    Down side to plated bullets?

    Interesting! I've shot Xtreme 135gr at 25yds and have gotten great (2inch, 5 shots) groups out of a G34 and several CZs. My Glock (factory bbl) also liked Bayou coated and Blue bullets; you'll find more than a few mfg has gotten the coated thing down. I'm not picky as to what I shoot, to be honest. The coated will save you the most $; the pros and cons of others have already been covered by others, here.