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  1. Someone in the factory rushed home on Friday and did not finish work. For what, being paid to workers there in a factory is reasonable. add buffer.
  2. If you need to strike each primer 3 times you can "prepare" them twice at home before training
  3. both sti dvc limited 9mm and shorty 9mm in ours club after 60k with minor factory pf144 ammo . still works perfect and almost no wear . they use recoil buffers from the first mag.
  4. glocklover My guess ??
  5. u forgot parrot/ carrot model and new green frog too .
  6. somebody solved similar problem
  7. i use this Antonin Z. bushing .very tight tolerances . it can be used with longer barrels with no problem. and tight fit. https://www.ipscstore.com/en/cz-75-tactical-sport/2401-eemann-tech-precise-barrel-bushing-for-cz-75-01-shadow-cz-shadow-2-cz-75-ts.html in my TSO it improved accuracy from 3" at 20 y. to less than 3/4" . with only minor sight zeroing change.( 2 clicks down only) (gun was supplied with almost 3" spread factory target at 25 y.)
  8. I see you are not using the front screw and bushing on metal grip
  9. i prefer eliminate too much over travel . too long no need .to short dangerous and problems.
  10. shorty is better for shooting metals with minor factor .
  11. check disco lower area. contact area with trigger bow and sear. remove all sharp edges from trigger bow and polish it from all sides. adjust over travel correctly .its very important too. when u pull trigger hammer can be lowered free without contacting half notch.
  12. i use only variable recoil springs on my 2011 and on TSO. they have both coil ends closed.
  13. 19111 ? You're too excited
  14. i saw few svi and only 1 sti with metal grip and all of them has perfect fit without any problems. i saw only on this forum pic. like this with broken frames.
  15. poor fitting can cause this or different manufacturing companies with different tol. can cause this problems to frame/grip set When the 2 screws come loose it immediately breaks the front thin part with the bushing. With a plastic grip it is usually less sensitive because it has a flexibility that does not exist in a metal grip.
  16. saw few frames in this condition. bushing was installed . In mechanics to achieve accuracy between 3 holes is impossible. Which causes effort at one point. And of course the weakest area will break
  17. try zev oz9 . it's already CO version. and later u can compete with this gun too.
  18. yigal

    CZ buys Colt

    Maybe because there are not enough used Skoda cars in the US
  19. TSO first version is my vote.
  20. and don't forget the proper hammer
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