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  1. Can't argue with you. But everyone chooses their own way to reach maximum reliability. The rim area of 9 mm is smaller than .45 so most manufacturers produce the extractor for 9mm as in the picture I prefer.
  2. i prefer this way for 9mm guns.
  3. What just do not do to earn a few more pennies.
  4. SS is much better solution. from brass too. 30 minutes work on bench lathe.
  5. yigal

    That new TS2

    In their new catalog he appears only in 9 mm. But the new catalog still has the old TSO model in .40 and 9. My fingers are not like those of the Czechs. They do not fit for TS2 slide .
  6. i started to use 2.5mm F.S. with FO. and 2.3-2.5 width and 2mm depth R.S. on my TSO and 2011. all R.S. i install 1mm fiber o.
  7. It's like catching 2 tuna on one hook
  8. start from the simple . check spring tension of the "trigger bar". this area must be clean and light lubricated. next what SouperMan say.
  9. i prefer use new sear with new hammer and remove metal from sear pad. (its much more work) and old sear with old hammer is back up set.
  10. With such a service it can damage the stigma of CZ Europe
  11. over insertion can bend and break ejector and make other few ugly things.
  12. You better not ask. Because I have a friend who shot with a CZ SH2 gun and was in regular conversation with one of the CZ pro shooter. One day he asked him if the third sh2 that cracked after less than 5000 rounds was his misfortune or was it all so. To this day they no longer speak.
  13. great news. I have already sent a fast courier to pick up the package
  14. You forgot to mention that the gun and 5 mags 50 round each cost less than $ 500
  15. After you have written it at least 1000 times you should ask the moderator to put it every day in the 2011 thread automatically before any question in any questions about 2011.
  16. Yes. Good to know, that you get a semi-finished product at this price and u found the reason.
  17. with special Chuck Norris never ending mag.
  18. This is not the tool, which is suitable for accurately measuring internal diameter. and i glad that now all o.k.
  19. Sometimes people need to think a few steps ahead
  20. i use 9mm minor PF 2011 with commander size slide. 5" threaded barrel and brass sight block . 9lb variable RS. use it almost 2 y.
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