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  1. Should be USB powered, saves all the custom power supplies etc. But looks nice! Linky Mr Engh?
  2. Durability is the key metric. Doesnt really matter what the features are or what it looks like if it busts. Lets hope she is a robust fcuker But if it ticks the box, Im in for PDO/CO
  3. Needs redesigning. Once loose it's all over the place no control at all. Needs sprung detents and like a locking clip/catch/pin etc. For click adjust with numbered dial and lock. Should be easy.
  4. I thought he wasnt going to shoot a World Shoot again!? Im sure I heard JJ say that. Maybe this is not for World Shoot status, just general branding. I guess we will see. So I wonder what divisions he will shoot....!? Production Optics maybe.
  5. I wouldnt bother with the collator at present. You need to hang around the press when its running anyway. Depending on what brass you use you will get "ringer's" where the center of the primer comes out not the edges. Also dented, cases, stones, 380's, bulged etc so filling primer tubes manually or with the RF100 doesnt slow the press down. You just let it run and clear the random stops as you load tubes. Im sure with preprocessed brass you might struggle over 2000rpm, but at 1600rpm I can just about keep up. The filler tubes will ensure no upside down primers as well! Id also stick with the Evo and/or Evo Pro as I hear some interesting issue with the revolution via the forums and owners. Im pleased with mine though. Other than the teething issues as outlined in the tech thread mine runs well.
  6. Just finished 16lb of Sport Pistol, before that N320 for a couple of years. Sport Pistol is a little dirtier, but you need to shoot loads to notice. I mean thousands. They seem very comparable to me. But Sport Pistol is half the price. Powder Valley said they are expecting to be restocked some time this month (FEB19) as they are all out now.
  7. Ive used much the same load with N320 4.1g and 125g at around 1.12 COL. Sport Pistol also works just as well and is cheaper.... but most places are sold out at present. Both clean and smokeless. I prefer jacket/plated over coated. Seems like less smoke.
  8. Ok index pawl adjuster found ok. I think I didnt have the tool head in the up position! Thanks to those who helped me there Cranked out 200 rounds no problem now manually. Only issue is pesky range brass where the top of the pimer cap comes off leaving the primer sides stuck in the case. Bad news for swage. But you can feel that manually. Im guessing in auto mode that will be a clusterf**k Hopefully it will torque out. I dont fancy preprocessing brass. Kind of defeats the point. I would probably just run the whole lot manually that being the case. Which is the benefit of the Evo model over the Revo. In summary, the press is a solid monster. I did pull it apart (tool head off) initially to check things out and QA some index issues. That was a learning experience. The tool head needed to be torqued back on in the down position as when it was up it locked up the press and would not index. As a Lee Loadmaster user for a number of years Im used to fiddling about, diagnosing and tweaking. The Evo needs a little of this, but not too much. Im hoping once its set up its off to the races. It would be good if the manual said to make sure you have a FULL set of SAE/Imperial allen keys. Also a schematic showing all the parts and gears in the press would be good. It helps with diagnosis as well as lubing etc. Its a bit of a black box at present. But so far, so good and I rate the press as much better than the Dillon 1050 and of course the flimsy Lee Loadmaster. I have 1 x 1050 and 3 x Lee Loadmasters, plus now 1 x Evo Pro.
  9. Cool, Ill see how I go tomorrow.
  10. Well I got my Evo pro up and running in manual mode. Id like to tweak the index, but for the life of me I can not see where to adjust this. In the video is shows an allen key on the left side next to the main guide pin. BUT its just a black dark hole aka abyss. Does anyone have a pic/video etc of how where to put the allen key. Also what size key? Basically I need a tad more index as the guides end up doing a little alignment rather than the index going to the right place. Thanks
  11. Slide stops usually bust around 30,000 I have done 2. I just cycle them from match gun into practice and put a new one in the match gun. Had one extractor die around 40,000 tip broke off. Easy fix. Always have a spare gun on hand though. Prevents disrupted practice sessions
  12. Well the primer collator is available to order with a new press again. Price is now up around $1700 over the standard primer system. Maybe Ill keep the RF-100 on the job for the time being.
  13. I recently bought 20k of the 124g HP and they shipped same week. I had them within 10 days, if not sooner. This is post chap 11 or whatever. It was only like 2-3 months ago. There is a link off the main page to check what is in stock. I think I got 7% off at the time too. They shoot very accurately for me out of the CZ. Almost a good as Campro https://www.xtremebullets.com/In-Stock-Now-s/48075.htm
  14. Its all mindset IMO. I usually shoot the first stage better than the rest. So Im backwards! Im pretty focused on sights for the first stage and zeroed in on the A zone.... Later stages, I start going too fast and trying ... focus moves from sights and target to speed and effort = fail. My 2c
  15. Ok, cool, obvious now Was kind of hoping you could hook the collator up as well...
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