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  1. I did this with just a flat file. Take the sight plate off so you can test fit so you don't go too short. I just used vice grips and a soft buffer to hold the screws then just file carefully flat until it's flush with the bottom of the mount plate with sight installed. I put some double sided thin celotape under the sight as a vibration buffer and help seal it down. I'm at about 20,000 on it with zero issues.
  2. The interview on the steel podcast was interesting in regards to the audio filter. Mr AMG spent time explaining why all other timers do it wrong and why he was proud of his. Apparently the filter hardware and algorithms mean its the best out there for picking up the right shots. You can adjust it in the timer for echo etc. He says nobody reads the manual and there are some semi hidden settings in there for optimal use. Ill have to get my order in at some point
  3. I have maybe 5k through the SRO and at least 50k through DPP. The DPP has a wider window while the SRO is taller. Arguably sro taller is better as recoil is in that plane. As for reliability. I have the moving contact with DPP. But re center it and all is well. Either works fine. The dpp 7moa looks more like a 20 moa dot vs the sro 5. But the SRO buttons are also better placed. With the new dpp board and contact setup it's a close call. Though if push comes to shove I'd lean towards sro as the window "looks" bigger. Both have good warranties. Which is more than can be said for the 2 year aimpoint acro.. Fwiw Ive won level 3 ipsc matches with both sights.
  4. N320 is ideal. Ive used N310 with a 124g and while its nice and clean. You have to work up slow. Pressure builds fast with N310. It will make Minor PF ok 130 etc, but if you go too much more you will flatten primers. Thats why most/all recommend N320 it fills the case well, a double charge will usually spill over making it obvious. Well with 124g anyway. Plus its more forgiving of a grain either way
  5. SAAMI Spec is 0.380 I believe. I go ~0.378 basically as little as i can while still holding projectile firm.
  6. Yep. Apparently -0.006 is about the right depth below the rim for primers.
  7. Ill send mine off when the new board is being installed for repair. The old sticker ones kind of work if you check regularly enough to recenter the contact before it slides totally off centre and cuts out.
  8. Should at least be an easy fix for Trijicon but im tempted to wait pending fix. I hope the issue was logged with them for warranty/update/repair etc?
  9. Base S2 is easily obtainable under $1100 actually. So yeah thats the cheaper way. BUT for competition gun must be stock. (Well in IPSC anyway, not now in Micky Mouse USPSA anything goes daily moved goalpost game)
  10. Ok yeah, just saw 21.4 So how did the retards get the rule to allow thumb rests though rule 22.2? "Non-OFM grip modifications (addition or removal of material) that provide function, such as a beavertail or thumb rest are prohibited."
  11. So why can't the grip panels be extended down to create a magwell? Its just grips. And if it fits the box...!? Leave the frame as is and make the grip so it creates a funnel... Still the OEM magwell, but grip panels are just "extended for large hands". Boom, precedent has been set, there should be zero reason in USPSA why this is not legal. It fits the box and whats more simple than aftermarket grips! Surely a minor part or accessory..
  12. Slide is machined to take the spring and new plunger. Quote from CZ webpage talking about... the standard shadow 2! So will be interesting to see if this is the new short reset, or the new new short reset "The innovative trigger mechanism has a smooth action, a low resistance and a shortened trigger reset."
  13. How long till clubs start shooting IPSC rules and bin the USPSA ones? .. also the 15 vs 10 round discussion is pointless. Moving to 15 as per the rest of the world, yes all 100+ other countries shoot 15, would screw nobody! Sure s#!t states like NY/CA etc will have to get a grip and deal with it exactly the same way Australia and Canada do now. Yes shoot 10 rounds at home and HORROR, shoot 15 at the rest of the matches. Nobody suddenly feints and actually the guys shooting 10 most of the time have an advantage as they have 33% more mag changes of practice over their sports career. The argument of that being a problem is disingenuous. All classifiers are 10rd friendly so who cares!?
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