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  1. Get a regular stock 2 and polish, polish and polish. Tons of info in this forum.
  2. suggest you get the Titan hammer.
  3. Fast shipping too. I ordered 10K.
  4. Hope everybody is safe over there. I know their factory is in the Lombardy area.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Did you change your extractor?
  6. I shoot a .40 right now in production, so it will be a slide and barrel for me. I may just have to buy a new gun.
  7. https://store.apextactical.com/WebDirect/Products/Category?categoryId=77
  8. Defiant Stock Master is on the list. TANFOGLIO Website: www.tanfoglio.it Notes: (Stock Custom model is NOT approved for Production Division) Weights for some Stock II and III pistols changed 91616 Defiant Stock Master (45.5 oz.) Force 38 (30 oz.) Force 38F (30 oz.) Force 38F Carry (26.5 oz.) Force 38L (31.5 oz
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