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  1. Doing some testing with 180 BBIs temp at 94 degrees and humid as hell Powder: Clays @ 3.2 grains OAL: .1.125 145 Power factor. 806 813 805 811 794 809 816 806 789 811 SD: 8.4 Looks like 2.9 or 3.0 grains maybe the sweet spot. I Will test again next week. I hardly notice any smoke.
  2. as far as I know the newer clays are supposedly sourced from Canada. The factory that produced the Aussie Clays burned down years ago if my memory serves me right. I haven't used clays for a long time so I am not sure, Aussie clays were more "energetic" from what I understand.
  3. 8 pounds. Temp during chrono session was about 89 degrees and humid as hell. 1.120 oal
  4. 3.8 grains of WST with 165s BBIs 134 PF in my stock 2. Nice soft load and very accurate.
  5. Legal for Uspsa, ipsc and 3 gun but wont make weight in IDPA. Get the Limited pro if you are planning to shoot IDPA with it.
  6. I highly recommend them. I order my tanfog parts from them and from the Ben stoeger shop.
  7. nice soft load. This use to be my go to load when I started shooting production with a glock 35. I was using the Aussie clays though. I think I made 134 PF with this load.
  8. Use to be my go to load until I ran out of Aussie clays. Nice soft load.
  9. blue magic. and Dremel polishing wheel. http://www.bluemagicusa.com/500-06-metal-polish-jar/
  10. No, 9 is cheaper o shoot. I shoot a 40 because that was the only stock 2 available when they were a unicorn 3 years ago.
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