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  1. nice soft load. This use to be my go to load when I started shooting production with a glock 35. I was using the Aussie clays though. I think I made 134 PF with this load.
  2. Use to be my go to load until I ran out of Aussie clays. Nice soft load.
  3. blue magic. and Dremel polishing wheel. http://www.bluemagicusa.com/500-06-metal-polish-jar/
  4. No, 9 is cheaper o shoot. I shoot a 40 because that was the only stock 2 available when they were a unicorn 3 years ago.
  5. It’s what I’m using for production with 165 BBIs and wst. Gun is a stock 2.
  6. I thought a baseplate keeps them locked in . Ben stoeger sells aluminum ones .
  7. Try an 11 # hammer spring.
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