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  1. bulm540

    AccuShadow vs. Tac Sport Orange

    I'd get a shadow 2.
  2. bulm540

    I know where the Stock ll's are.....

    buds has it in stock.
  3. bulm540

    I know where the Stock ll's are.....

    Oak hill guns is showing in stock. https://oakhillguns.com/pistol/eaa-tanfoglio.html
  4. bulm540

    I know where the Stock ll's are.....

    Stock 2s are bull barrel and stock 3s are not. Stock 3 s are little longer but not by much.
  5. can you drill it out?
  6. bulm540

    Tanfoglio Limited Custom

    Good looking gun and the price is not bad either.
  7. Not limited but I'm shooting a stock 2 ( 40 cal) in production and I am using an 8 pound recoil spring with 165 BBis.
  8. bulm540

    TSO vs STI for limited major

    +1 on the triangle shooting sports guns. Ultra reliable guns.
  9. bulm540

    .40 S&W Minor Loads

    3.6 wst over 165 BBIs. I Havent chroned it yet.
  10. bulm540

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    Never had any problem with my blade tech with the boss hanger from The Stoeger shop.
  11. bulm540

    shadow 2 crack?

    That’s crazy.
  12. bulm540

    shadow 2 crack?

    Did they get a bad batch of scrap metal? Lol
  13. bulm540

    shadow 2 crack?

    Not in my stock 2 with about 15 k
  14. bulm540

    CZ P09 Extended Magazine Springs