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  1. The compact slide on a full size frame used to be commonly refered to as a semi compact. Here is a pic of one from a search here:
  2. There are no small frame .38 super guns. Not sure where this is getting confused.
  3. If you're getting it milled anyway you could pick up a steel pro for less than a stock 2 and then have it finished after the machine work.
  4. Mecgar is the supplier for more factory mags than any other company I am aware of. Most oem pistol mags I am aware of are actually mecgar. The exceptions are mostly the exteme high volume stuff you'd expect.
  5. Hadn't shot enough of it to really tune for it, as I was going back to 38 super two boxes after. It was just a 16#.
  6. If they let this link post, it contains pictures of current models. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/820845296 Yes, the website pic, and most listing pics are far out of date.
  7. Modern tanfos are not round tops anymore, haven't been for almost 5 years. Not that there isn't still old stock out there. The lightest for the slide length 10mm modelsI am aware of are the poly match models.
  8. Although it functions fine and is plenty accurate, my father's 5-7 just doesn't feel like my stock III.
  9. 9x23 Chambers and fires great in my .38 stock III.
  10. I need more people on board to get 22 tcm barrels made. Any interest?
  11. Looks like an update on the original stock, which was not available with a rail, but otherwise had the same specs, but was hard chromed.
  12. The pics above are small frame. Here's the cone-lock large frame. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/811670669 I guess I should note I have no idea who's listimg that is not am I affiliated in any way. It's just the right pic.
  13. A polymer carry models has to be close. Could you swap the upper from a carry to a compact?
  14. While I can't disagree, there is also no reason that sig should use one sight dovetail, Glock a totally different setup, a Beretta another, and at least two major types used for 1911s. There is no standard in the industry, so it makes no sense to complain about one manufacturer not sticking to something that doesn't exist. I have the same argument about mags. I'd really like my double stack 9mm 92 mags to fit Glock, a sig, etc.
  15. There is no reason you couldn't have a standard dovetail added to most of the slides. There is a lot of meat there.
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