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  1. The basic Stock 2 and Limited Custom are the best looking guns in the lineup. And those slide serrations are a big part of it for me.
  2. I need one. E: not a big fan of the new slidecuts
  3. How is the new steelframe Walther already on the IPSC producion list? Do they count it as the same gun as Q5 polymer, just a variant? I thought they updated the list in April? Not complaining, just wondering.
  4. Any other stores that sell CGW stuff? I didn't find a website for the Mulekom.
  5. Not interchangeable between CZ and Tanfo. The K12 looks like a Tanfo. Never heard of them before. I have a Limited Custom HC (Non Xtreme) in 9mm. It's really accurate. It's also really heavy. I'm weak as f* and now that I've been toying around with few club mates shorter lighter guns I'm thinking about moving to production. I've never done any practical shooting with anything other than Glock 17 and the Tanfo. I've shot 2011's and CZ Shadow 1 and 2 for accuracy. Until yesterday I've preferred my Tanfo over anything else but the single action Shadow 1 I tried yesterday just felt super good. The snappier faster feeling (emphasis on the feeling) recoil felt nice. It felt faster. I'm gonna try a heavier recoil springs on my Limited next to make it feel faster.
  6. He means buy a new small frame lower. Don't know if it's possible or how much it costs. Tanfo doesn't really sell spare lowers and uppers. AFAIK a new complete Limited upper is in the 2000eur ballpark what I heard.
  7. People need to understand that no trigger job will ever replace training.
  8. Have fun! Remember to engage and disengage the safety! My first match in standard I kept yanking the trigger first. Then hit the safety
  9. And this is factory ammo.. not pf scraping hand load.
  10. I just started training and competing in IPSC Standard minor. So far it's fine when I'm just learning fundamentals, movement etc but I'm pretty sure I'll migrate to production sooner or later. Right now in our club matches where 7/10 standard shooters are shooting minor it's fine. But as soon as I go to a major match and come to a stage with partials or no-shoots covering most of the A zone I'm gonna be super pissed because I know while I'm slow, I'm gonna be extra slow on those targets compared to the major guys. But I like shooting standard. At this point I don't have to do as many reloads and I only need to master the nice single action trigger. I have enough just learning with grip, stance and manipulating the single action so I kinda like it as a beginner option. I'm a complete noob so take my "advice" as it is. If you feel like you have to work on your fundamentals and want to cut down the distractions like the DA first shot and 10 round mag limit I think it can be a good idea. Just shoot it like production in the sense that you need to take your time to get those A hits.
  11. You should check F&K Sport and J.M Works in Sweden. F&K is a shop and J.M. works is a certified Tanfo gunsmith. I would check Henning or Unica Grips.
  12. Shoot the gun you have. Save up for a new one on the side if you feel like it. If you're anything like everyone else in this sport it won't be your last or only gun. Don't know what the used handgun market is like there or how fast you can get a second license but you can always upgrade if the opportunity presents itself. Besides some nice new grips will give the gun a whole new look
  13. You need to change both parts. The ones from the left.
  14. Quick search on the forums tells you can't mix large and small frame bottom and top. Source:
  15. You need new magazines if you get a large frame. You need minimum of 3, preferably 4 or 5. That's 500e. Also you need trigger bar and firing pin. Don't know about the slide.
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