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  1. Easier said than done for us in Yurop.
  2. Is that a custom option to have them full checkered?
  3. Can somebody with henning grips take a profile pick of them. They look flat in some pictures like here And in some they look like they have a hump like here I'd like to know how the profile and thickness compress to the LOK palm swells and thins.
  4. Production division has become bit of an joke.. was there a change to the process of approving guns to the list at the last GA? I mean the page still says it's updated once a year. Now the Walther Q5 Match SF and Laugo Arms Alien have been added separately to the list. Also the old FAQ says G34 is not on the list because it has 5 mm too long barrel and is a special sporting pistol with lighter trigger. WTF are Shadow 2, Q5, Alien, Sig X5 etc.. Sorry for offtopic. About the Alien I really want to try one. But I don't think I'd ever pay 3,2k eur for a production gun.
  5. 5000 sounds fine.. I'm now at a situation where I have to clean the extractor every 500 rounds. It's bit of a pain.
  6. So who has missed this thread? I'm having this issue. I'm installing new extractor and new stock spring. Where should I sand/file the extractor to make it work reliably. My gun is the Limited Custom in 9mm.
  7. Shame. Especially since the new European models are butt ugly.
  8. The word you are looking for is ugly.. They are ugly as hell..
  9. Wondering if these are US only models. Or 2020 models since they aren't in Tanfo 2019 catalogue.
  10. If that Stock master is better balanced than Shadow 2 I'm gonna have hard time picking between Stock 2 and that.
  11. Yeah I had that issue. Went full retard on both and started having reset issues when the gun got dirty.
  12. Always check overtravel by confirming that the hammer moves freely and isn't contacting the sear. To test: Hold the hammer back. Pull the trigger. Keep the trigger held. Move the hammer slowly back and forth. You shouldn't feel any steps. If you do you have too little overtravel and the hammer and sear are contacting.
  13. Find out what minor factory load works best with the gun and just have fun! That's amazing! No reason to change the sights and run it in limited. Only thing is you better start learning how to move fast, open is the fast guys division Congrats on an amazing present and amazing gun.
  14. I did. Apologies. E: Don't know if somebody moved the thread to right sub but here we are in tanfo section.
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