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best factory ammo for 9mm PCC competition

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I'm new to the PCC scene, have heard all the merits about reloading but won't be able to go down that path any time soon. Waiting on my lower and will be assembling a carbine with the following specs and wondering which factory ammo the community thinks would be good to test:

- QC10 receiver set and bolt

- Taccom short stroke buffer system

- kaw valley 16" barrel with linear comp

- rise armament 140 trigger


Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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In my JP GMR-15 I have been using Montana Gold 124 JHP and Precision Delta 124 JHP.  Both have worked very well in my rifle.   I read your post a little closer and see you wanted live ammo.  I have used Precision Delta Pro 124 JHP and Freedom Munitions 124 JHP. 

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Blazer Brass is pretty mild shooting as far as factory 115-gr.  Also pretty accurate, maybe because it has a fully jacketed base.  Interested in trying out the Aguila 115-gr as it is also listed rather low in velocity.  Freedom 124- and 147-gr stuff is even milder, but at least as far as the reloads go, accuracy doesn't seem that good and it can sometimes feel inconsistent.

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folks at jp said to just buy the cheapest 9mm you can find.  i've used blazer brass and aluminum 115, fed am eagle 115 and similar with zero issues.  just ordered a case of fed aluminum 115.  super cheap at targetsportsusa with free deliv and rebate.

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I’m running T1 PCC ammo (124 gr TMJ) in my JP GMR-15 because it doesn’t have exposed lead and then I don’t get buildup in the comp. TMJ vs. FMJ difference.  It’s loaded longer than most, around 1.15-1.16, so I don’t know how those will run in colt mags but they have been fine in all kinds of Glock an Glock style mags. They have been 99.999%, I did get one abnormally super short round around 1.11 out of literally thousands of rounds. I’ve also run Atlanta Arms 124 gr, and Precision Delta 124 gr, both of those ran fine too. Haven’t chrono’ed anything yet but I imagine they would all make power factor. All are fine in terms of accuracy. 



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