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  1. To each their own Joe. I’ve designed/developed numerous pistols (amongst many other platforms) that are currently on the market and in the hands of top shooters and I had my own line of 1911 frames and slides for a while. I’ve owned and used the guns you’re mentioning, very underwhelming and I don’t lack the tools in the form of a complete CNC shop to do what I want with them. The stories of cobbling, yeah, I laughed. I choose what I choose because I don’t dabble (or cobble), if you’re hung up on this 6000 rounds thing, whatever, I guess you win the internet today.... MB
  2. Yessir, sorry for the hard left exit, maybe the thread is back on track now. MB
  3. And you somehow think I care what you think is laughable? So you get on your soap box, throw a few buzz words around and brag about cobbling guns together in your garage after reading a book and digging through a catalog and of course, your creation will run with any gun on the planet....good for you, Dude, great job. One thing you haven't done is read/understand the OPs question and post anything valid and on topic. The question was: "Which gun would you guys buy, the John Wick 3 STI Combat Master $3,899 or Atlas Gunworks Titan $3,900" You apparently read it as: "W
  4. I'm not representing 6000 rounds on the TITAN as a lot of rounds for a 2011, it's a simple comparison to my experience with the DVC3G. If you were to utilize the skills and tools you say you have to build your own high-end 2011 and sell into a competitive market, what would MSRP be? MB
  5. I had a DVC 3G. What you're not getting for $2500 is a pistol that won't shoot loose within about 3000 rounds. You also don't get a pistol that's been given a level of attention befitting the price tag. Ultimately, this lowers confidence....I have well over 6000 rounds through my TITAN and it feels as tight and precise as the day I bought it. MB
  6. Yes, the Dawson Ice does fit the PT Evo. MB
  7. Definitely ATLAS. Had two STI's, they don't come close to anything from ATLAS. MB
  8. Based on my experience and after four Atlas pistols now, I can't imagine any issues Atlas is unwilling to work through, if they truly exist. I've been in their building numerous times and don't think I've ever heard such claims from them. MB
  9. There's a wide variation of what you'll experience based on numerous factors. When I ordered my GMR-15, JP had not introduced the short stroke kit. As it shipped, the kit was introduced so I ordered one. I initially shot with the standard stroke and then switched it out; it was definitely a different "feel," but I was new enough to PCC that I decided it was best to develop a good baseline by shooting a season with the standard stroke. With a bit of experience under my belt, I started testing with the short stroke, varying the weight as I tested. With my load, five tungstens get me where I
  10. It'd be hard to start with better parts in my Atlas Titan. My Hyperion has a Cheely grip, so, still very hard to start with better parts, same with my Helios and Carry. Workmanship/quality and customer service from Atlas is at the height of those building high end 2011's. I have no first hand experience with a Cheely, but I'm quite certain what he turns out is superb. MB
  11. Tested four tungsten and one steel, the snappiness was reduced, still no perceived dot bounce and splits mostly at .16. Went to five tungsten and this is where I'll stay. No snappy impulse, no dot movement, same splits and runs great. MB
  12. After shooting a few matches with the stock stroke buffer, I swapped it out for the short stroke. The stock stroke was three steel and two tungsten, so I left it at that weight to compare. With the stock stroke and my new 147 load, it was soft with no dot bounce but it was slow. Same weight with the short stroke, it was definitely faster with a considerable impulse that didn't necessarily show up in the dot. I increased the number of tungsten to four and will test tomorrow and report back. MB
  13. I experienced the same thing, bought my TITAN and realized my STI's just weren't in the same league. I looked for ways to make the STI's more ATLAS-like, but ultimately sold the STI's and ordered a HYPERION. Even my ATLAS CARRY outshot the STI's by a wide margin. MB
  14. I have the earlier version Nyx with the smooth grip and alloy frame; it seriously shoots like my Titan. I’m contemplating having Atlas change the grip to that of the current Nyx. I ditched the DVC Carry, didn’t like it. MB
  15. I have a TITAN and CARRY, recently ordered a HYPERION, sold my STI's. Have never experienced any issues as described above; the TITAN runs flawlessly and the ATLAS crew has been outstanding. MB
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