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  1. I shoot because I enjoy it. I hunted with my father when I was younger but that ended when I was 12yrs old. The next time I picked up a gun was in the Marine Corps in the early 70's. I did not pick up a gun again until 2008 when I got my license to carry. I wanted to do more than stand in a lane at the range and shoot at a target. Shortly after getting my HCP I discovered IDPA. A few years later I found USPSA. I enjoy the people I shoot with and the friendships I have made. The shooting community has some of the best people in the county. At 68yrs old I can still compete and hope to do so for many years.
  2. I carry a Colt King Cobra. 3".
  3. The last order I have received from Montana Gold was back in February.
  4. At our range in Memphis in the past several people would get to the range on Friday afternoon and setup the stages before we shot Saturday morning. The only thing we had to do Saturday morning was staple the targets to the target stands. This was how our matches were setup for years. For the last two years we have change match directors and have been setup matches Saturday morning before we shoot. To help speed things up are our match director started setting up stages which had two different starting positions. With one stage setup we are able to shoot two different stage scenarios. We started doing this for our indoor matches which really helped speed things up and we were able to get six stages a night instead of only four. With our outdoor matches we only do this for one or two stages.
  5. I have a Dan Wesson PM9 and it is my favorite handgun. I have been using it in IDPA competition and it has ran perfectly without any issues.
  6. See if this helps you out. https://www.sigsauer.com/parts/slides.html
  7. Yes I believe that shooting with someone that is better than you can make you a better shooter. I am a A shooter and shoot with several GM's and Masters. One of the GM's I shoot with is a 7 Gun GM. At our local matches I try to be the first shooter. That is not hard to do since not too many people don't want to be first. After shooting first I can watch the better shooters run the rest of the stages ahead of me. This help's me move through a stages much smoother and quicker. Also shooting with better shooters pushes me to get the best performance out of each stage I shoot.
  8. I have shot both IDPA and USPSA for several years and have never had any issues going back and forth between either. I shoot different guns for for each sport and able to compete without any issues. I like to shot and have fun shooting both IDPA and USPSA.
  9. My draw from the holster is much faster than my reloads. I need to do a lot more dry fire and reloads.
  10. Most of the time I am sighted in at 15yds. I shoot both IDPA and USPSA and between distances at local matches range from 5yds to 25yds. If I am shooting a National IDPA match I will keep it sighted in at 15, but if I will be shooting a National USPSA match I will sighted in at 50yds.
  11. Here is a few more for you to check out. https://reloadinginnovations.com/collections/dillon-650 https://lvl10i.com/collections/dillon-upgrades https://www.db-shootingsupplies.com.au/reloading/reloading-press-enhancements/
  12. I have used Federal Small Rifle primers for my 9 major Open Gun and 40 major limited gun for years. Not one issue.
  13. Before I started shooting in competition I went to several matches asked a lot of questions, watched and learned about the sport before shooting any matches. I also went over the rules before shooting my first match. I also took great from my match director. He said that I will see shooters that are very fast and others who are not. Do not try to keep up with the fast shooters your first time out. First learn how to move through the stage with your pistol in a safe direction at all times, make sure your shots are on target, make sure you are following the rules of the sport, and last have fun.
  14. Your choice of belt my also be determined by which sport you are shooting. Most people who shot USPSA go with a two piece belt like Double Alpha, CR Speed, or Shooter Connection. If you are shooting IDPA you would want a single belt choice like Safariland ELS, Blade Ultimate Carry, or the belt you wear everyday.
  15. The last time I shot a long classifier was two years ago and it was the PCC classifier.
  16. Midway USA had a Comp-Tac in stock. Just placed my order. Thanks again.
  17. Thank you all very much for the information on the holster that helps me out.
  18. I have purchased a new Sig Sauer AXG Pro and ready to order a holster for the gun. For anyone who has this handgun does it fit into a holster for a full size P320 or does it need a special holster the the gun. Thanks
  19. I have been thinking about getting a Sako S20 in .308. I was wondering if anyone has this rifle in any caliber and what they thought of it. Your feedback would be helpful. Thanks
  20. I belong to a private club in Lakeland, Tn which is a suburb of Memphis. The range is 11 miles from my house. It is a great range and I am lucky to be able to have this range as close as it is.
  21. Shot this classifier this afternoon. HI'er Love (19-03) Class - PCC Firearm - JP GMR-15 Time - 7.58 Points - 54 Hit Factor - 7.4689 Classification Pct. - 80.0397%
  22. I have been meaning to ask this same question. I will get 1-2 per 100 in my 650. Not a major problem, but would like to correct it. I may be putting in too much brass.
  23. Like several members I have used HP-38 for the last ten years and it has worked will for me.
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