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  1. They have been keeping a good supply of bullets and brass over the last few weeks.
  2. I also was running a C-More Slide Ride on my JP GMR-15 and wanted to put an offset mount on my rifle, but there was no room for it. I ended up doing exactly what ChuckS did and it is working get for me.
  3. Summers Enterprises is back up taking orders at this time. https://summersenterprisesllc.com/
  4. Thank you Ranger. I was able to pick up two 1lb Jugs of Leverlution last week. Also thanks for the heads up on HIDE I will check that out.
  5. I recently purchased a Uintah Precision Bolt Action AR in 6mm ARC. This will be my first attempt at loading rifle loads. I have been on the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center and acquired some information on reloading the 6mm ARC from them. I would like to know if anyone else reloading this caliber and if you had any information that might be helpful. Thanks
  6. I have both the Dan Wesson PM9 and the Ruger Koening 45. Both guns for the money are an excellent choice. My Dan Wesson PM9 is my favorite hand gun. I added Techwell grips and magwell to the gun and use this firearm in IDPA ESP Division. The 9mm Ruger Koening comes with the Techwell magwell and grips, but the 45 does not. I changed the grips on the Ruger Koening 45 to Techwell grips and Magwell.
  7. I was in Bass Pro in Memphis this morning and picked up a box of CCI Small Pistol Primers. It was the only one they had and the second one I have picked from them in the last two weeks. They are selling them for $54.00 per 1000 box.
  8. I was shooting IDPA for several years before going into USPSA. I had a Glock 35 so my first time shooting USPSA was in limited. I went from a Glock 35 to an Akai limited and continued to shoot limited for about four years. Got the bug to shoot Open and sold my Akai and had a Freedom Gunworks 9 major built. Then shoot Open for about five years and switch to PCC which I have been shooting for about two years, but I am getting the Open bug again. I really enjoyed shooting Open.
  9. Thank you both for the information.
  10. I picked up a Glock 20 Gen 4 last week and have been able to find a little bit of ammo for the gun. I do want to start reloading 10mm and wondering what powders all of you find to be the best for 10mm. It is difficult to find powder at this time, but would like to get an idea what would be the best to pick up when available. At this time the only two powders I have available are VV N320 and HP-38. Thanks for any information you can offer.
  11. I was able to pick up a 1000 box of Small Rifle Primers for $54.00 at Bass Pro in Memphis this afternoon.
  12. I have been using the green dot Holosun for little over a year and the optic has never failed me. I also like the price.
  13. I currently run the RTS2 on my Glock 34 Gen 5 for carry optics and it has worked great. When I was shooting Open Division I ran the RTS2 on my Open gun and never had any issues. I have read about the issues some people have had with the RTS2, but I have had great luck with them.
  14. Like the rest VVN320 is the powder I use.
  15. I have been using VVN320 for years and has worked very well for me.
  16. I ran Federal Small Rifle Primers in my 9 Major Open Gun for over five years without any issues.
  17. I have a 1301 Competition. I did not know this was available. I will pick one up. Thanks for the information!
  18. I had a Dillon 550 that after 9 years broke on me and they sent me a new press. I always recommend Dillon to everyone who ask me questions about getting into reloading.
  19. I have always gone with Dawson sights for all of my competition Glocks. For my carry Glocks I use Truglo TFX Pro.
  20. In the past I went with Storm Lake Barrels but switch over to KKM Barrels. Both were great barrels, but I liked the KKM a little better.
  21. I live about an hour from Chandler at BBI and was able to pickup a couple of cases of 135gr 9mm the other day.
  22. I had an extra CK Arms guide rod that I put on my PM9 and it has worked great for me.
  23. I have been using Techwell grips and magwell for several years and really like this setup. The grips are nice and the magwell fits tight.
  24. There price was around $75-$80 normally.
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