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  1. S&W686

    JP or MBX for new PCC rifle.

    I have a JP GMR-15 with the side charger and I could not be happier with it.
  2. S&W686

    Shock buff or ney

    I run a Wilson Combat shock buff on all of my 1911/2011 style handguns.
  3. S&W686

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    I have a GoGun Opposable Extreme Thumb Reset on my Open Gun. I have very large hands but short fingers and this rest has worked well for me.
  4. S&W686


    Shot this today: 10-13-18 1st Gun: Division - PCC Rifle - JP GMR -15 Time 10.27 Points - 80 Hit Factor - 7.7897 2nd Gun: Division - Open Gun - CK Arms 38 Super Comp Time - 10.14 Points - 78 Hit Factor - 7.6923
  5. S&W686

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    I currently own three CK Arms handguns and they are very well built. They are built to very tight tolerances and most need up to 600 to 800 rounds to break-in before they run well.
  6. S&W686

    JP GMR 13 Broken firing pin

    I also had my firing pin break on my GMR-15 round 600 rounds. I found my pin broken in two pieces while cleaning the rifle. The rifle functioned fine with the broken firing pin. Since replacing the firing pin I have around 2500 rounds on the rifle without any issues.
  7. S&W686

    M&P 2.0 FDE - what front sight height?

    I use Dawson Precision competition sights on all of my Glocks and M&P's.
  8. S&W686

    GMR 15 magwell

    I have a Techwell on my GMR-15 and so far it has worked for me.
  9. S&W686

    Good 124gr FMJ load?

    For my CZ 75 SP01 Shadow this is my load. 124gr Precision Delta 4.2gr VV N320 C.O.L. 1.125-30
  10. S&W686

    Open Gun Pictures

    I switched from 9 major to 38 super comp and I could not be happier. Here is my new CK Arms Thunder 38 super/comp Open Gun.
  11. S&W686

    1st IDPA Match in over a decade, and ...

    You should not have been penalized. You should only have been penalized if you took the shot with your foot over the fault line. As long as all shots are taken within the fault lines you are fine.
  12. I have one on my Dillon 650 and I believe it does help smooth out the press.
  13. S&W686

    Guns than run.......JP GMR-15

    I love my GMR-15. I first purchased one from Shooters Connection and it was a basic model nothing to fancy. The gun looked great and ran great. I decided to have JP build me an upper with the side charger and add a few fancy parts. I also added the Modular Armageddon trigger, but ended up changing it back to the Modular curved trigger. Nothing wrong with the Armageddon just liked the curved better. I could not be happier with my purchase. I have not added a laser yet, but I do see were they can be beneficial.
  14. S&W686

    Wisconsin...frozen north!

    Wisconsin is a great place to fish. When I was younger my father and I would go Muskie fishing at lake Chippewa in Hayward.