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  1. I had a Dillon 550 that after 9 years broke on me and they sent me a new press. I always recommend Dillon to everyone who ask me questions about getting into reloading.
  2. I have always gone with Dawson sights for all of my competition Glocks. For my carry Glocks I use Truglo TFX Pro.
  3. In the past I went with Storm Lake Barrels but switch over to KKM Barrels. Both were great barrels, but I liked the KKM a little better.
  4. I live about an hour from Chandler at BBI and was able to pickup a couple of cases of 135gr 9mm the other day.
  5. I had an extra CK Arms guide rod that I put on my PM9 and it has worked great for me.
  6. I have been using Techwell grips and magwell for several years and really like this setup. The grips are nice and the magwell fits tight.
  7. There price was around $75-$80 normally.
  8. Precision Delta is selling 2500 pieces of .40 S&W for $100.00 at this time. It is in stock right now.
  9. Summersenterprisesllc.com in Batesville, MS will start taking orders again on January 1, 2021.
  10. I like many of the members here used AutoComp for all my 9 major loads. It worked very well for me.
  11. Here is a list of Gen 5 sights on Midway USA. https://www.midwayusa.com/s?userSearchQuery=glocl+gen+5+sights&userItemsPerPage=48
  12. Sportsman Warehouse in Southhaven, Mississippi gets a shipment of small and large pistol primers in every once in awhile. I stopped by this afternoon and they did not have any, but will be getting in a shipment in the morning and may have some on that truck. They do have rifle primers and magnum primers available at this time. You can pick them up at customer service. They have also not raised their prices on primers. They are only selling one box of 1000 per customer and charging around $25 - $26 dollars per box.
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