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  1. I like shooting my JP GMR-15 but shooting Open is another world. I will be putting down my PCC rifle and going back to Open Division this next season.
  2. I have a JP GMR-15 and the Glock magazines work great.
  3. S&W686

    Red dot for G17

    I have been running a Cmore RTS2 on my Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS and it has worked very well for me.
  4. After each match I pick up several used targets. I have done this for years and have never had to purchased any new targets.
  5. Shot this over the weekend. Need to push a little harder to break out of B Class. Division - PCC Gun - JP GMR-15 Time - 7.54 Points - 52 Hit Factor - 6.8966 Percentage 74..6022
  6. In IDPA the CZ SP-01 Accu Shadow is only ESP legal. If you shoot USPSA the Accu Shadow is production legal.
  7. Shot this today. Firearm - JP-GMR 15 Division - PCC Time - 2.91 Points - 32 Hit Factor - 10.9966
  8. Great video. It looked like a very challenging match.
  9. I have owned several CK arms/Freedom Gunworks firearms and you should not have any issues whatsoever.
  10. The StormLake barrels are drop-in.
  11. I did not know anything about Red Hill Tactical holsters until I read it on this site when I purchased my Sig P320. I have since ordered two holster and mag pouches from them. Everything I have received from them has been very high quality.
  12. I started shooting USPSA three years ago and did very well for my first match. On my first match I shot Limited with a Glock 35. Before shooting my first USPSA match I shot IDPA for about 8 years and had an expert ranking in three different divisions. I still shoot IDPA but like USPSA much better.
  13. Other than the KKM barrels I have also used the Stormlake barrels and they have work very well for me.
  14. Then go to Dawson for a great set of competition sights.
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