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  1. The 2019 Walking in Memphis Regional IDPA Shootout will be held Sunday September 1 at Memphis Sports Shooting Association in Lakeland, Tn. Registration for the match will open February 16, 2019 @ 6:00am on PractiScore. Match Fee is $105.00. Link to Registration: https://practiscore.com/2019-walking-in-memphis-regional-idpa-shootout/register
  2. I have a Crimson Trace Rail Master with green laser on my JP GMR-15. I have used it in several matches and it has been very useful on very close targets and hard leans.
  3. S&W686


    Powder Valley has quite a few available right now.
  4. You might also look a JJR Ammo for 9 Major bullets.
  5. The Pro model comes with three 17 round magazines with base pads and the standard SF comes with 15 round magazines. For magazines extensions you can get them at Taylor Freelance. I purchase my extra magazines from MidwayUSA.
  6. There are several to chose from. Blade-Tech, Comp-Tac, Master Tac or Red Hill Tactical.
  7. My Open Gun has a 2.5lb trigger pull. My JP GMR-15 has a 4lb trigger pull (red spring) and most of my other guns which I use for IDPA are between 3.5 and 5lbs.
  8. Does anyone know if the Mec-gar 17 round magazines for the CZ 75 SP01 Shadow will work in the CZ Phantom.
  9. I have been shooting my JP GMR-15 for about a year now and I am having a blast.
  10. I received my new Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame today and I can tell you that it does not fit the polymer PPQ Q5 holster. I have my order in with Red Hill Tactical for the steel frame holster. Anyone need the polymer holster?
  11. As I do with my Open Gun before each stage I spray a little bit of Dillon Case Lube in the compensator. This helps some in the cleaning of the comp.
  12. In my JP GMR-15 I have been using Montana Gold 124 JHP and Precision Delta 124 JHP. Both have worked very well in my rifle. I read your post a little closer and see you wanted live ammo. I have used Precision Delta Pro 124 JHP and Freedom Munitions 124 JHP.
  13. These are some great ideas. I will have to look into trying something like this.
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