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  1. I just order 5000 Large Pistol Primers from Midway and they charged me $36.49 per 1000 primers. A little higher than they normally charge, but still a good price.
  2. Sportsman Warehouse in Southhaven, MS has been getting in primers just about every week when their shipments come in. They also are given out only 1K per customer. My wife comes with me and we both each get 1K. I picked up 5K Large Pistol Primers from Midway USA a few days ago. Every once in a while I receive an in stock notification. Powder and bullets have not been too difficult to get, but primers are a premium when you can get them.
  3. I always install a 17lb spring in all my 1911's and 2011's. It has worked well for me without any issues.
  4. I did take the shotgun out yesterday. The little bit I did shot it the shotgun functioned very well. The next time I go out I will run it a little harder to see how it shoots and will give another update.
  5. I have a new Mossbreg 940 JM and will be bringing it out to the range tomorrow. I will let you know how mine runs.
  6. I received my order this afternoon.
  7. I placed an order on July 24th. I just received a tracking number this morning for my order.
  8. I currently own an STI Eagle 45 acp that I recently purchased, but have not shot any semi wad cutters out of this gun. Years ago I do own a Hard Chrome STI Eagle in 45 acp that I shot 200gr semi wad cutters that I purchased from Missouri Bullet Company. I do not remember having any issues with shooting these bullets out of the STI Eagle, but I do remember that they made very big holes.
  9. I placed an order back on July 24 2020 and have not received any shipping information yet. It sounds like is may be a little bit longer.
  10. I am currently running a C-more Slide Ride on my JP GMR-15. I went with this sight because I was running this optic on my Open Guns. I recently purchased a Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight for my CZ Shadow 2 to use for Carry Optics. I like this sight so much I am going to purchase one for my JP GMR-15.
  11. I have a Dan Wesson PM9 and the weight should not be an issue. As far as spring weight I run a 10lb ISMI spring. The only other item I added were Techwell grips and magwell. The Dan Wesson is one of my favorite handguns to shoot.
  12. Had my Gunsmith fit a new Nowlin barrel and bushing on my STI Eagle 5.0 45 ACP Bull Barrel and it is working great.
  13. I like to others have been using Small Rifle Primers in my 9 Major Open gun for years without any issues at all.
  14. Since I have not been able to find any on line I stop by Bass Pro in the Memphis area and I have been able to pick up a few 100 pk Small Pistol Primers. It's just going in at the right time.
  15. The Barrel lenght is 6 inch.
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