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  1. Here is another site that has brass available. https://www.diamondkbrass.com/home.php
  2. I just checked Powder Valley and they are showing 48 1lb jugs of VV N320 available at this moment.
  3. You are correct on the amount of VV N320 that was available. I have several 4lb jugs, but did order two more 4lb jugs just in case there is a shortage. Grab a few primers also.
  4. There is one 4lb jug available at Powder Valley at this moment!!
  5. Shot this classifier today. Division - PCC Classification - B Gun - JP GMR - 15 Time - 15.65 Points - 114 Hit Factor - 7.2843 USPSA Classification Pct - 84.7297%
  6. I use Techwell grips along with their magwells on my 1911's and they have worked very well for me. I like their thin grips the best.
  7. I have a 6 MOA Cmore Slide Ride on top and I am looking at placing a 6 MOA Cmore RTS2 on the side.
  8. I personally zero mine in at 15yds, but many of the other PCC shooters at our club zero theirs at 25 yards.
  9. Shot this today. Division - PCC Class - B Gun - JP GMR-15 Time - 5.19 Points - 28 Hit Factor - 5.3950 Percentage 75.6789%
  10. S&W686

    What size moa

    I have found the 6 MOA has worked best for me on my Cmore Slide Ride for my GMR-15 PCC and Open gun.
  11. I like shooting my JP GMR-15 but shooting Open is another world. I will be putting down my PCC rifle and going back to Open Division this next season.
  12. I have a JP GMR-15 and the Glock magazines work great.
  13. S&W686

    Red dot for G17

    I have been running a Cmore RTS2 on my Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS and it has worked very well for me.
  14. After each match I pick up several used targets. I have done this for years and have never had to purchased any new targets.
  15. Shot this over the weekend. Need to push a little harder to break out of B Class. Division - PCC Gun - JP GMR-15 Time - 7.54 Points - 52 Hit Factor - 6.8966 Percentage 74..6022
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