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  1. S&W686

    Merry Christmas Dad!

    Very nice looking build. Enjoy!!
  2. S&W686

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    I shoot a JP GMR-15 in PCC and use Precision Delta 124gr FMJ. My load is 4.1gr VV N320 C.O.L 1.125-30. So far it has worked well for me.
  3. S&W686

    M&P Mags

    Have you checked out Greg Cote. They have some of the best prices on magazines. Here are two links to their M&P 17rd Magazines. http://gregcotellc.com/cart/smith-wesson-magazines-c-108/sw-mp9-sw-mp9-20-9mm-17-rd-full-size-actmag-mpb917-49176-p-1348.html http://gregcotellc.com/cart/smith-wesson-magazines-c-108/sw-factory-mp9-mp9-20-full-size-17-rd-9mm-194400000-p-845.html
  4. S&W686

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    I have been using Precision Delta for close to nine years and have never had any issues with them. I use them in my Open guns, PCC rifle, Stock, and ESP division guns. If you buy 2000 or more you will also great a better price.
  5. S&W686

    Akai 9mm Major

    Those are two of the most beautiful handguns these eyes have ever seen!!! Enjoy!!
  6. S&W686

    dot size

    I started out with a 8 MOA dot on my Open Gun and PCC rifle, but changed over to a 6 MOA dot. I like the 6 MOA dot a little better.
  7. I have a new CK Arms Hardcore 38 Super Comp and I have been using Atlanta Arms. I am getting around 170 PF out of the ammo and it shoots very flat. So far I like it a lot.
  8. PM sent on the 3 CZ magazines

  9. S&W686

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I have both my 650 and 550 setup to reload while sitting. I will usually reload 300-400 at a time and sitting is much more pleasurable at my age.
  10. S&W686

    Debating a new PCC

    I use a C-More Slide Ride with a Tactical Spacer Plate on my JP GMR-15 and I really like it.
  11. S&W686

    3rd Place Open Nationals

    Fantastic shooting. You have a great future in the shooting sports to look forward to. I wish I was able to start shooting when I was 18. I started shooting at 55 and I am 65 now, but can still keep up with some of the local big boys.
  12. S&W686

    What laser for your PCC

    I have a JP GMR-15 and just purchase the Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Green Laser. From what I can see most are mounting the laser on the top of the hand guard. Is this what most are doing or it there other options.
  13. S&W686

    JP GMR15 mags

    I use regular Glock 33 round magazines with Taylor Freelance and MBX base pads.
  14. S&W686

    Best 1911 Mags Yet? Gun Pro Surefire

    I will do that. Once I get a chance to get to the range I will check back in. Thanks!
  15. S&W686

    Best 1911 Mags Yet? Gun Pro Surefire

    I have been getting nose dives in a new 1911 I purchased recently. I was able to run FMJ bullets in the gun, but JHP's would nose dive. I purchase two of these magazines to try out and I am still having issues with nose dives with JHP bullets. They have not helped me with this issue.