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  1. Shot this today. Firearm - JP-GMR 15 Division - PCC Time - 2.91 Points - 32 Hit Factor - 10.9966
  2. Great video. It looked like a very challenging match.
  3. I have owned several CK arms/Freedom Gunworks firearms and you should not have any issues whatsoever.
  4. The StormLake barrels are drop-in.
  5. I did not know anything about Red Hill Tactical holsters until I read it on this site when I purchased my Sig P320. I have since ordered two holster and mag pouches from them. Everything I have received from them has been very high quality.
  6. I started shooting USPSA three years ago and did very well for my first match. On my first match I shot Limited with a Glock 35. Before shooting my first USPSA match I shot IDPA for about 8 years and had an expert ranking in three different divisions. I still shoot IDPA but like USPSA much better.
  7. Other than the KKM barrels I have also used the Stormlake barrels and they have work very well for me.
  8. Then go to Dawson for a great set of competition sights.
  9. KKM barrels of barrels worked well for me. No fitting required.
  10. For coated bullets I go with Blue Bullets. For FMJ and JHP I go with Precision Delta or Montana Gold.
  11. I have a CK Arms Hardcore Single Stack in 9mm that I have used in competition that has ran flawlessly for me. I am thinking about having another one built.
  12. I also started 10 years ago with a Glock 17 for self defense and competition shooting. Over the years I gone from M&P to CZ thinking it will help me shoot better in competition. I am now back to my Glock 17 Gen 4. The Glock 17 is a great self defense handgun and works just a good as the M&P and CZ for competition shooting. I could have saved myself a lot of money buying different guns, but I have had fun doing it.
  13. I have the new Ruger competition 10/22 rifle and have tried the 25 round magazines and I have also had nothing but major problems with them. I’ve tried the YouTube fixes on them but still continue to have problems. Going to stay with my 10 round magazines.
  14. At our local matches we will shoot the match two times. I will shoot PCC for the first shoot and Open for the second. In most cases I place higher with Open mainly because of the major power factor points. As far as time there pretty much the same.
  15. At our club we never seem to shoot the longer IDPA classifier anymore. It is much easier to just set up the 5X5. I feel the old 90 round classifier and the newer longer classifier is much more challenging and more skill is needed to make Master.
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