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  1. Good to know, I didnt like the palm swells in my S2 because of the DA reach so we played it safe on our Walthers with the thins. Hopefully that's your goldiloks solutions.
  2. We have 2 SFs, one has the Lok thin checkered, one with Lok thin bogie. I think we both agree the bogie is better. Angle is the same, just better gripping texture. I did NOT like the SF without the grip change, the OE grip just made my knuckle rub the point on the beaver tail and felt weird.
  3. First easy fix was stop running sub 140pf ammo. After the OE spring/pistol broke in which took at least 700 rounds, it started started accepting 135pf ammo too. To completely fix it, per recommendations from a couple guys here that happen to be on here as well, I installed a ZF guide rods on them with 13lbs flatwire 1911 5" springs. This sorted out everything and so far it seems to like 130pf ammo again. I liked it so much, I bought a second one so my GF and I can both run SF's in carry optics and I dont have to tinker with two different pistols types. The X5 was never this picky, If you were at 130pf, you ran the 12lbs spring it came with though I thought a 13lbs spring was better (faster action).
  4. I have both, I like both. The tipping point as been now the the SF is reliable, which it wasn't at first with low PF ammo, was the lok grip thin grip which changed it to more familiar and changed my grip so my thumb knuckle doesnt dig into the beaver tail angle. The X5 Legion is just dead reliable, isn't picky about anything, uses 1911 springs right out of the box so easy to tune to your PF. Only thing I hate about the Legion is the round indication notch in the barrel vents dirty gases into the optic even its its pretty rear mounted like mine is. In short, neither is perfect out of the box, and I think you could make either work just fine.
  5. Yes on the yellow spring. I went thru a 3rd party, took a long time to get a reply and the answer was basically either it didnt fit due to the bore differences (which doesnt appear to be my case) or my pistol needs to go back to Walther. I opted to move on.
  6. I have that sprinco setup, it was worse for me than the OE setup for FTE. I'd gladly sell it for a major loss since I'm never putting it back in. I bought the ZR guide rod and plan to go that route instead.
  7. Probably not a many people have tried them all. I have two Smoke's and love them and would buy another from them in a heartbeat. As for length, we are using the 12", I grab right out to the end but never wish for longer.
  8. This. I load to 1.120 with 124gr and never had an issue with my Goliaths. I had thought to test longer OAL but I'm so happy with the loads I have, I lost interest to tinker for now.
  9. I bought my first JP before the Gen3 MPX was out with any feedback. After locals struggled with Gen 1/2, I thought it safer. I then bought a 2nd and made sense to stick with JP. So far the Gen3 MPX sounds reliable and if thats the case I'd say its just personal preference. Only two data points I can provide is both my JPs have been 100% reliable and I recommend them to anyone that asks.
  10. Like you, I don't think it's meant to be truly rude or harassment. However, its so strange as a new person that it's so persistent. I came from car racing where they introduced new classes and new people running that were not ribbed like this at all. I certainly see teasing comments about anyone running SS and L10 but its much more friend to friend instead of stranger to stranger. That said, the amount of things I learned in my first 6 USPSA matches in terms of PCC articulation for various ports, leans, etc is amazing. The things that just were so hard to deal with at the first event are so much easier now and I wonder if some of those that move on don't put the effort in to work those.
  11. From talking to locals a lot of people try PCC and realize it's not quite as easy as one might think compared to a pistol, results driven disappointment. They eventually go back to the pistol mechanics they are comfortable with so it makes sense for that crowd especially CO would be a likely division to try. I find CO very interesting myself but built my GF a Q5 SF for her to try it first and me keep working on my PCC and on occasion Limited.
  12. One thing I don't get because I came into USPSA for PCC is the butt hurt. So many and I do mean many passive aggressive comments about rifles at a pistol match, magazine size, etc from people I've never met before but within two matches I realized the comments had little variety but just a lot of repetition. I have thick skin so I just ignore them as excuses for their performance but I wonder how many people find that to be a turn off or is it that much of a local phenomenon that only I deal with.
  13. I bought mine originally for gaming, then realized I just enjoy them more than my .223 AR. I like them so much I've had 4 variants and I think I might eventually try a 5th.
  14. I have two Taylor Freelance magwells on our GMR15s. We love them and they work perfectly.
  15. Talk to a JP team shooter and see if they'll give you a discount code. If yes, direct from JP. They have amazing customer service and support. I'm a very happy customer.
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