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  1. You are a big reason I now own two JPs.
  2. Congrats on the new rifle! What made you go to 4.2gr of Titegroup? seems like thats on the high end but I'm new to the reloading aspect.
  3. I had two Scorpions, wonderful guns but no way I'd shoot it over your other choices (MPX, JP, MBX). It simply moves the dot far more than your other options when shooting fast. If it's just for fun, it's fine and super reliable and tolerant of ammo.
  4. I shot both and liked both. You're in a great position that either is a great shooting gun out of the box. For me I ended up going with JP, twice, because I of the issues both Forum and local people had with their MPX. I'm sure there are plenty that haven't had problems but I didn't want to play the odds.
  5. Funny timing, they announced today they are including in with the regular kit: https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-pcc-adjustable-buffer-system/
  6. MBX or JP is how I would go, buy once and cry once and enjoy reliability without tinkering to get there. JP GMR15 Ready Rifle pricing with discount code isn't that much more than a MBX, that was enough to get me to buy a second one for my GF to use and be my backup.
  7. It's definitely worth the PM.
  8. Thanks for the tip, I might try this for my backup mag. For mandatory reloads I've liked the normal length DA with a 32 round mag without an extension so far. I have it at about a 35 degree angle which is the natural angle for my palm when I drop it from the hand guard to my belt. I'm surprised I didn't see anyone mention using magnetic pouches. I've been debating one.
  9. And it's done. Sold my FM9 to a friend who will just use it for fun and ordered another JP GMR15. I kept considering other options but in the end all I would do is hope they are as reliable and flexible as the JP.
  10. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Techwell-PCC-Magwell-CMMG-for-9mm-Glock-Mags-P5166.aspx
  11. JP sells complete uppers, you just have to run their builder: https://www.jprifles.com/rosmain.php?assembly_id=67 Barrels and everything else are on other sections for their site. I'm a huge fan of mine. We had an issue where the FM9 didn't want to run the 150gr Federal Syntech this weekend for my GF and I forgot to pack normal stuff so we shared the short stroked GMR15 all day. Guess what I've put in my shopping cart a couple times today.
  12. I'm in a similar boat and I work in front of a PC all day. It turns out the distance to a monitor is exactly the same as a pistol front sight or RMR so I had "computer" glasses made for PC and pistol shooting. So far they just happen to work ok with the PCC red dot though readers would be better with astigmatism correction but I didn't want a 4th pair, yet.
  13. I strongly considered this because I have astigmatism and they look crystal clear even with my condition. In the end I just had special glasses made to correct my issue and love how clear the HS510C is. If the glasses ever become an issue, a prism style sight is a no brainer.
  14. The 512C and 512T seem identical other than the solar backup power?
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