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  1. I don’t understand why anyone would want to hard chrome an extractor.
  2. @LordManHammerWe’ve all felt this way at one point. You’ll get it figured out.
  3. That was just the test fit before coating. There are screws in there.
  4. Go to D2 customs Instagram page there are a bunch of photos there.
  5. Nice, Josh! So that was yours with the 3 barrels and uppers? Congrats! Welcome to the club.
  6. Silverscooby27

    VP Match

    https://hk-usa.com/hk-models/vp9-match/ looks like optics ready, available in button configuration. Comes with 20 rd mags which still aren’t as good as the standard mags with springer base pads. Looks like sights aren’t suppressor height. Barrel length 5.5. That seems to be the biggest difference, barrel length on the OR is 5.0. I’m not sure what the extra 0.5 brings to the table when most “match” guns have 5 inch barrels.
  7. I never understood what that function was for. Can you explain when you would use it?
  8. I, for one, am happy that the ammo shortage has reduced the number of memory stages.
  9. I’ve had the same experience of distortion/warping/things not fitting well anymore after black nitride.
  10. I don’t think it makes a difference.
  11. Here is my list: Open (frame mount) Sig Romeo 3 max CO Trijicon SRO PCC Eotech XPS2-1 Open- Best glass with the least optical distortion. No magnification. Nice big window. CO-Best durability for slide ride PCC-biggest window, awesome glass with no optical distortion (no magnification), no color changes.
  12. I like both my AMG labs commander and my Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II
  13. That’s what I was thinking… very expensive, and why on earth would anyone in USPSA get anything other than the steel challenge version. The final thing I was thinking was that it was interesting they weren’t offering a short barrel version with the shroud. Maybe so they can sell you this one first then the short barrel version later?
  14. I waved at you like 2 times at Buckeye blast and you looked at me like who is this freak?
  15. This is probably why use of a metal grip with an STI frame voids the warranty.
  16. I also have an STI frame that broke in the exact same way when I put it on a steel grip. I still put the bushing and screw in it anyway, and the gun still seems to function fine.
  17. I’m with Charlie on this one. It seems that this incident proves that 10.5.19 needs to be worded to specifically prohibit looking into an optic at all, not just “sight picture “ if that is what is intended. The “e.g.” is what introduces different “interpretations” of the rule, and I suppose at that point it is up to the RM, but still should be clarified if it is something that happens often and is allowed in 3 Gun. We want to be inclusive, right?
  18. You’re right, but the giant font is obnoxious.
  19. I shoot USPSA and I use 3 different lenses depending on lighting conditions. 94HC, 54HC and 26ED. This is what was recommended to me by Max Michel for the conditions of shooting with a Red Dot against a mostly green background, and 94HC for indoor and very dark cloudy days.
  20. I have 2 sitting in boxes in my basement. For me, they were digging into my thigh, painful/very uncomfortable after a full day or multi days. I also didn’t like the way it scratched up the bottom of my dust cover. I also didn’t like the way the rollers which are magnets would collect metal shavings and bind up. I’m back to the Alpha X.
  21. Where exactly do you put the o-ring? Thanks
  22. Ok...can someone please explain to me what the O ring method is and what size O ring and where to buy them? Thanks.
  23. Special jam/misfeed prevention upgrade. You should be thankful. I guess the saying is correct, don’t buy an open gun from any company that starts with an “A”
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