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  1. In January, I don’t care that I wait 6 weeks. Right now, I care a lot.
  2. It’s all the same to me. Just needs to work. Window size doesn’t seem to be a huge deal either within reason.
  3. Does the Harris and Son have a mic to make phone calls or is it Bluetooth just to listen to music?
  4. You can get to him on Instagram too. Bkmiller556
  5. I have some issues in JP GMR-15 at 1.15 with ETS mags, MBX mega extensions (Minis do OK), TTI lightweight +10 extensions. 1.13 does much better.
  6. I just noticed 2 cracks in my slide yesterday when cleaning for today’s match. CK slide, which I’m told is really an STI slide. I think a PT slide is next. Put a big dent in my savings for my next open gun, unfortunately.
  7. Does anyone have any chrono data on any of these brands?
  8. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop just put on Instagram that they have a few to sell
  9. http://bigcountrytacticalammo.com/9mm-uspsa-major-shellshock-1000/ not hollow point and no exposed lead in case you are concerned about feeding issues and don’t like to clean the comp. For a higher quality option, there is always Atlanta Arms, which I’m sure is awesome, never tried it, they use bullets that are 147 gr. There is also Orm tech, I’ve never used them. https://ormtechammo.com/index.php/competition-ammunition/competition-handgun-ammunition/bulk-9mm-luger-147gr-fmj-loaded-long.html Finally, for another option, you can also go with Universal Ammo. They can make you whatever you need. http://www.universalammo.com/about/
  10. Everglades runs short, OAL 1.14, jams my 2011. Probably better for open Glocks and Tanfos and stuff that need shorter Length to not bind up in the magazines. I prefer Black Dot Ammo, runs 1.16. Occasionally get a short one 1.11-1.13 with both brands, so if it’s for a major match, I’d still recommend case gauging each and checking for the rare short one. Check chrono too obviously.
  11. They sit pretty flat. They are not super rigid so they will conform. The only other glasses I found comfortable in this way are my Pillas but they are $$$$$$$$$$$$.
  12. https://www.smithoptics.com/us/Root/Men's/Sunglasses/Elite-Eye-Pro/Aegis-Echo-II/p/AECHABK15-2R
  13. @kujo929 the poly grip helps keep the teeth from shaking loose shooting that bad boy
  14. I bought 2 from Shooters Connection. No issues. Wasn’t configured exactly the way I would want, but that’s the price you pay for convenience if you’re impatient!
  15. Dot helps out those of us who are cross dominant too
  16. @waktasz Matt, what mounting system are you using? Great video and nice shooting!
  17. I’m interested to know too specifically which type of prizm lenses give you an advantage with seeing the laser...
  18. Thanks! I guess I still need advice from someone who has the Bluetooth version because I would hate to plop down $2500 and find out that it doesn’t last even one match. This has happened to me with the Peltor TEP-100s. I have 3 pair, not one of them will last a whole LOCAL match. The Ottos will last a match and get down to about 60 or 70% battery life. I have 2 pair of those, they are both the same.
  19. I have not found it useful for shots from the hip. Getting the first shot off is faster, yes, but I find that overall, if there are other targets to shoot from the same position, it is slower than shouldering and shooting everything normally. If you have doubt, set it up in practice, time it and do what is best for you.
  20. Crimson Trace 206 green color to distinguish laser from dot when looking through the optic, sighted in for 5 yards only used for close up stuff (especially close partials like head shots with no shoot underneath or target stacks) so I can shoot faster without needing to estimate distance and hold-over. Clubs that do not like PCC do this kind of thing to mess with PCC shooters. It’s pretty annoying to me, even when I shoot open, which is most of the time. Hard leans I use an offset dot. Hard leans super close like 3-5 yards I will probably use the laser because it loses accuracy when it is tilted and no longer lined up with the bore at longer distances. Both primary and offset dot I have zeroed to 25 yards, and know the offset for various distances.
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