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  1. I haven't but they look pretty cool. Too bad they don't make one for the 40 round pmags.
  2. I use 3.8 grains with 125 bluebullets at 135pf from glock17 and 150pf from pcc. OAL 1.127
  3. Cleanshot. Its a very clean burning powder. When I finish a match it almost looks like I just cleaned the gun.
  4. Mac-pcc

    MBX buffer system

    I have shot all the buffers that you mentioned and I much prefer the blitzkrieg over the others. It's a much softer recoil impulse and seems a little flatter shooting.
  5. Mac-pcc

    Help with build

    Disconnector broke on milspec and 2 timney 3lbs, timney cavin elite (went 3 round burst), hyperfire 24 3g (quit resetting) and a 308 AR gold (quit resetting also).
  6. You might take a look at the Aguila 115 or 124. Its pretty accurate and for factory ammo is fairly soft shooting. At least softer than Winchester,Federal or Remington in my rifles.
  7. Mac-pcc

    Help with build

    Your parts list looks pretty good to me. I'm not familiar with your bolt but your set up isn't too far off of what I am running. I've run over 20,000 rounds through my build. Main issues I have had is breaking triggers and have broken 2 blitzkrieg buffers. (Both replaced under warranty) ( Trigger wise have tried a ton of different ones and the KE arms slt trigger has run 100% for 6 or 7 thousand rounds. Most of the others broke around 1k or so)
  8. What is your build?
  9. Nice! Glad yours is working out. Thanks for posting and letting us know.
  10. Mac-pcc

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I agree. I want to understand what the problem is. That is why I am going to test it in a similar manner when they return the barrel to my father. It's a totally head scratcher to me how the results are so different.
  11. Mac-pcc

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I'm at a loss for what it is. But I have 4 different pcc bolts and about 7 different Ar buffers to test with. I also have just about every strength Ar spring to try also. Have 3 different uppers to try too. I'll be using a 1-4 power scope this time too instead of a red dot. Just need them to send the barrel back to my dad so I can start testing.
  12. Mac-pcc

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I personally shot one of the barrels and it most definitely wouldn't shoot better than 6" five shot groups at 25 yard in my father's rifle. I don't doubt the results that Adrian shows in his video but when I installed and shot the barrel my results were totally different. I'm M class shooter in USPSA and a four category GM in steel challenge. I also compete in 600 yard F bench and 3 gun. I don't appreciate him insinuating that I can't shoot or that my results are invalid. I don't know what they did differently than what I did to get the results with some of the same ammo I tested. When the barrel comes back I will be testing it personally and good or bad I'll post the results. I never wanted this to turn into a pissing match when I started this thread. I just wanted to know what the results that others got out of the same barrel. The others two guys that have the barrels that I personally know had similar results. I just am trying to figure out how or what caused the issue for the barrels in question. Anyone else that has one please let me know how it does for you and what your setup is so I can try to get this figured out. Thanks Seth
  13. Mac-pcc

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    Yes it did. You should see the emails it's much worse on those.
  14. Mac-pcc

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I haven't set down and shot groups at 50 yard since I installed it. At that time if I remember correctly I was able to shoot about 1.5 to 2 in group with a red dot shooting 135 freedom munitions match HP. I'm sure I could have gotten a tighter group if I put a scope on it.
  15. Mac-pcc

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    Thank you for sharing this information