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  1. A friend of mine that is a machinist is actually who found his bolt to not be tall enough and told me. When I measured mine I had the same issue. Most companies I think copy the old colt design spec and roll with it. The problem with that is that the colt 9mm originally used a different hammer that was a little taller but very similar height wise to a milspec hammer. Most of the aftermarket triggers are made for a standard AR-15 bcg and not the colt 9mm bolt that has a shorter cocking area. I'm glad to share the info so people don't have to spend a bunch of money on trying to find a trigger that works like I did when the problem is more than likely the bolt.
  2. Mine is the 308 version.
  3. I have had a similar problem before with a AR gold trigger in one of my pccs. What I found to be the issue wasn't the trigger its actually the bolt. Most of the 9mm bolts on the market are made to the spec of the people selling them instead of a set standard. So you see lots of variance in them. The issue with the ones that won't reset the trigger is due to the area that cocks the hammer not being tall enough. I have four different bolts and they are all different heights. I have two bolts that will reset any trigger that I have tested. A Lead Star Arms and a Brownells. Both are almost Identical to the faxon gen 2 bolt. There are a few guys on the forums that have added a weld to their bolt to make it reset the trigger. I don't remember exactly where I saw it but they posted pics and explained what they did. Hope this helps.
  4. Impressive! Not too far from 100%
  5. Will you post your USPSA # CalTeacher? I'd like to look you up.
  6. Nice! It took me a few years to make GM.
  7. What class in pcc are you?
  8. Also I did say if it would have shot the way it does now out of the box it wouldn't be a issue. I refer back to my results post.
  9. All that is irrelevant now and in the past. I am simply sharing my results.
  10. You will have to explain that one to me? I don't understand why you would think this?
  11. MBX posted their results and didn't get hammered for doing so. I think it's only fair that I get a chance for the same. I am just posting my results. As far as I understand that is not a crime or against any rules. I'm sorry if some don't agree with the results.
  12. Yes I did shoot all the brands they did and some others. You will have to go back and read my results post because it has all the info you are asking for.
  13. Why all the agression towards me? I never said it is or was impossible to get the results that mbx did. I did say that I would post my results with a similar setup and test as mbx did and that is exactly what I did. I can't help it if you disagree or don't like my results.
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