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  1. What are you trying to put on it? Bill J has an MBX on his. Looks like a good way to go to me
  2. That will be a great starting point
  3. Isnt there two different settings Solar or batt.? I dont remember
  4. Hmmm I guess I may try that, nothing to lose at this point. Thanks
  5. I am running a Faxon gen.2 BCG and Blitzkrieg HD buffer. Its a very common problem of the Elftmann I am finding out.
  6. The adj screw at the back is for trigger pull weight. You need to make the bottom/side screws are adj. or it won't run. This is number 2 from them, it's typical of these triggers to not always reset if you dont take your finger off in between shots.
  7. I am just about ready to take the Elftmann out of my main gun, and switch it for the CMC in my other gun for a while. Tired of it not always resetting if I dont get my finger off the trigger in between shots. Happened 4 or 5 times yesterday.
  8. Crimson trace 206 here also. Works well for single shots from hip, hard leans, or weak side stuff.
  9. 125 yards Blazer brass 115gr on steel half metric. my 16" Rainer Arms barrel is easy peasy. My 13.5" Taccom tension barrel struggles
  10. The offset optic is probably ok, it's the extra magwell that isn't happy.
  11. I just use Lucas, and probably not as often as I should.
  12. What spring are you using? Lighter one maybe?
  13. I typically have mine longer than most. I use a A5 tube and always pull it all the way out. But my program can definitely be improved on by most! LOL
  14. Probably about 500rnds on my CMC AR9 trigger in my backup gun. Really like it so far. If I see them on super sale, I may buy another for my main gun, and move the Elftmann to my 556
  15. In my opinion a 5" barrel is better for steel And and a longer barrel 14/16 is better for reg. USPSA type shooting. I am noticing a difference in ease of follow up shots on my heavier gun. In my mind there are only 2 choices 1) go buy an MPX or 2) go with a blowback type AR9, build it yourself.
  16. I prefer lower 3rd height. I use the additional riser.
  17. The problem with this theory is that he said it's just started. Not that it has always done it, so something has had to of changed.
  18. Yesterday I went out shooting with a buddy, (mostly to zero a dot on a 556 pistol build) but I realized that I haven't shortened up the stroke on my main gun (gun #1) so I added a spacer and another wave spring. It's still much harder for me to keep #1 on target with the current setup. #2 still seems to shoot nicer to me. May be the difference in weight of the gun? I am going to try and switch things around some, and see what happens. Also out of curiosity I was shooting them both out at 110yrds on a steel half metric, and #1 was tough, but #2 was loving it! Might be the difference in how exact the dot is sighted in? They are both set for 15yrds. #1 I had to hold high and left, but it didn't seem very consistent. (I might have been the inconsistent part of the equation) #2 put the dot on the target and ding! Didn't matter which ammo 115g Blazer brass or 124gr Winchester NATO, (I thought the hotter ammo would help). I forgot to try the hotter ammo in #1
  19. Another one has gone to the dark side! If you ever start to miss your Kronos, you can shoot one of mine, then you will remember why you wanted the mpx. LOL
  20. The biggest thing I see new pcc guys do is stand too close to stuff, requiring extra steps, or movement to get around walls or through ports. Seems pretty obvious, but it happens. Stand back a few steps farther than you would shooting your pistol.
  21. I try to avoid shooting them! LOL It just makes my Kronos feel like a bazooka everytime afterwards!
  22. This comment kinda surprised me, because the NLA is actually cheaper than most of the other charging handles I had originally been looking at.
  23. Got my gauge, but haven't checked yet. Has anyone had, or heard of one failing yet?
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