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  1. So you guys mean like NP3 coating? http://coatingtechnologiesllc.com/np3/
  2. Honest question. What are you hoping to get out of a Limcat or Akai magwell that you cannot get out of a Cheely XL magwell? Have you tried any of them?
  3. Cheely XL brass. Because it’s the heaviest, and it’s the one that fits and works the best with a Cheely grip.
  4. No the angle is different. You have to use the ones labeled steel, unfortunately.
  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way, so here goes....It’s 85 bucks, dude. Just buy another one. Welcome to Open. $$$$$$$$$$$
  6. I guess my question was more “not major” rather than open. After I posted this question I went to Atlas’ website out of curiosity and it stated “Open minor only” for USPSA, so I guess that answered my question.
  7. Are you shooting Uspsa open minor with this gun?
  8. Coincidence, and laziness. Haha I bring it up because I use both layouts and I prefer Ambi, that’s all.
  9. Also, the time I would usually flip it up is when gripping the gun after the hand change on single sided. True, it doesn’t happen a lot, but when it happens, kiss that stage goodbye.
  10. I run shielded Ambi safeties on open 2011. My 1911s are all single sided.
  11. Also, it would be awesome if they made these mags in .40 to level the playing field for Glocks shooting limited major from a mag standpoint, anyway.
  12. Haha in typical Internet forum fashion, the people who are talking smack are all the people who haven’t tried them, and the people who have tried them offer only praise. As someone who owns literally 12 of these mags between 2 PCCs and 1 Glock CO gun, I can tell you these are awesome and will definitely speed up your classifiers. They go in and out of all guns WAY better, and come out of all mag pouches I have tried way easier. That’s worth something to some people.
  13. It sucks when you inadvertently flip up your single sided safety by accident while shooting weak hand only.
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