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  1. Thanks for telling me what works and doesn’t work in MY gun
  2. After a little bit of dry fire, I didn’t even notice
  3. You can only compare apples to apples Liquid grip and pro grip are not the same and may not leave the same residue on the gun. I’ve tried a lot of them, and they’re all pretty much the same or very similar to me that I don’t have a preference. I’ve also tried the Eric Grauffel clear gel-like grip product, but it tends to really dry out my hands especially in the Spring. I’ve also tried the dry powder rosin grip which I believe is more of a Tennis type product, that works well too, but leaves things a little sticky as opposed to the chalk products. Currently I am using mostly pro grip but that’s because it seems to be easy to find from multiple places and I will typically tack on a bottle or two when I order stuff and things from different places online to save on shipping. The bad part is that occasionally I will have a bottle get to me that is all dried out, especially if you buy it from a place that probably does not sell very much pro grip and it probably sits in their warehouse drying out before anyone orders it.
  4. Same can be said of a regular Shadow 2.
  5. Ouch. No thanks. Even the regular Non aggressive grips don’t move around in my hand with no pro grip, I can’t think of why I would need or want more. All you need is that the gun is not moving. Anything more is a waste. If your hands hurt, you ain’t gonna shoot. Simple as that.
  6. I use all MBX without an issue. Haven’t tried STI mags, didn’t see the point, if it ain’t broke.
  7. Shoot it in limited!
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