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  1. Yes they just released 140mm mags for .40! I have 4 of them, they are great.
  2. I’d recommend MBX. Make sure you get a steel mag release. There are some nice machined/lasered ones out there like this one. https://www.jstacticaldesigns.com/product-page/extended-magazine-release-stainless Although you can cram 24 into some of them, I’d say really they hold 23 reloadable. They fit the USPSA mag gauge.
  3. If it’s for home defense, you may change the sights, but don’t mess with anything else. Don’t change the trigger, don’t mess with anything. Don’t make a critical failure your fault.
  4. Duracell is where it’s at.
  5. We’re getting way out into the weeds now......
  6. What do you like about this sight “so much better” than your Sig? And what Sig red dot are you comparing this with?
  7. The thread just became constructive. Thanks for sharing this photo. Now, you just have to decide whether or not a heavy frame is something you would want or not. I personally am currently using Cheely extra wide frames on my main open guns and like the extra weight.
  8. To be clear, these are the 21 round VP9 mags. 9mm.
  9. I think Troy is saying it IS legal, and is not listed specifically in the production list because it is considered a Shadow 2, and is not distinguished separately as a “Shadow 2 OR” because it is a variant of a Shadow 2. I don’t see in that email that he answered the specific question of “Is a Shadow 2 OR legal for production division”. You only asked why it wasn’t on the production list, which is not the same question.
  10. Submitted to increase the knowledge base, as of this post, the 21 round ETS mags easily fit the USPSA gauge. In case anyone was wondering, like I was.
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