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  1. And don’t put their hands in their mouths or rub their eyes which is pretty much impossible, but I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids.
  2. Make sure those kids wear gloves so they don’t absorb lead and chemicals and stuff
  3. And is there a difference between the black Hundo and the silver Hundo?
  4. Or do one better and sell it to a competitor who is desperate, haha so cold.....
  5. 9 major. I will usually reject for match use anything that doesn’t easily drop in my 100 round (Hundo) shockbottle black case gauge and sit completely flush, like not even a little bit sticking out the top. Obviously, there is stuff that doesn’t even come close, but there is a fair amount that is in between. Sticks out just a tiny little bit. I have used those all in practice, and I have to say they’re all 100%, which makes me question, am I too picky? What is your practice? Stupid ammo malfunctions over things like this make the Hulk angry.
  6. JP. You’ll use it for more than a couple of years, trust me. And even if not, you’ll find it a lot easier to sell and hold value than other things.
  7. Mike Seeklander has a training curriculum
  8. Loaded too short for my 2011.
  9. 1. Mine never had the dissipator in the first place. No issues. I think it’s just bling and is not needed for anything. 2. I don’t recommend a carbon hand guard. I have a Coda Evolution, it is not the lightest thing out there, and is a little wiggly. I hate wiggly hand guards, which is why I would just stick with the JP. It’s rock solid. 3. The Taylor Freelance magwell is the best one. tech well Delrin one is second best. 4. JP offset mount is by far the best one. I have mine mounted as far back as it will go minus one slot for a little room.
  10. I don’t know but I’d guess an OAL issue. What do the Syntech measure?
  11. i don’t see 38 Super comp listed on Black Dot or precision delta websites. How does one go about getting some from them? Call on the phone? How about 9 Major? I know black dot has theirs listed, but how about Precision Delta? Is there a specific person to call there?
  12. Sometimes the springs are crap from the get go......just something to ponder.
  13. Dang, dude you almost ate a half slide sandwich!
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