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  1. I’m sure KKM could make one for you. Maybe give them a call.
  2. JP will help you with where to spend your money now that you can’t buy any ammo.
  3. Well, then I’m here to help educate you that although your personal definition may be different, it is considered a racial slur by literally everyone else in the world.
  4. In the meantime, you can do what I did and use plate #3, which is available, and an RTS2
  5. Need plate number 2, like all the rest of us right now.
  6. Gotcha. Dang, I was hoping for some kind of wizardry on the start, but I guess not, haha
  7. How are you able to get the first shot off so quickly? It seems like the rifle is already shouldered or pretty close to it? I can’t tell by the video.
  8. There is another thread about this somewhere in this forum that had some good tips.
  9. Maybe try to change the extractor to Suarez and play with recoil spring weights?
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