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  1. Silverscooby27

    best factory ammo for 9mm PCC competition

    Does that ammo make power factor?
  2. Silverscooby27

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    This is exactly what happened to me...my wife stole my GMR-15 so I had to buy another one for myself.
  3. Silverscooby27

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I would vote for a DPP with Duracell battery.
  4. Silverscooby27

    Lube for 1911?

    I use weapon shield for the larger areas and Lucas gun oil for the rails and little spots and it seems to be running great.
  5. Silverscooby27

    Wilson combat ETM mags

    I have an STI trojan in .45 and I have many Wilson ETM mags (Like a dozen) and they all feed all ammo perfectly. I would exchange them and try again. Also one thing to try is to load and unload them to capacity 6 times before using them, as sometimes that settles the Spring and follower. I have to do this with my MBX 2011 mags, never had to do it with the Wilsons, but worth a try. Have the mags been loaded and unloaded 6 times each yet?
  6. Silverscooby27

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    I’m running t1 ammo, but it’s a little expensive. They load with TMJ ammo, 30.4 cents per round for the bulk stuff. TMJ so no exposed lead base so you won’t have to clean lead out of your comp. Loaded longer than regular factory stuff, around 1.155 compared to 1.123 for Atlanta Arms, for example, but still functions fine in the mags, feeds fine. I used it all last year for both my wife and myself, thousands of rounds, only ever got one round that was a dud, a short 1.112 ish long round. I plan to only use T1 brand PCC ammo this year. You mght also consider Federal Syntech is making a new PCC round in the coated red bullets. I personally prefer copper bullets, though . i zeroed everything to 12 yards last year, primary optic, 45 degree secondary optic and the laser. It worked fine, but my area (area 8 has a PCC specific match, level 2 for which I’m expecting some long distance shots. This year, I zeroed to 25 yards for the primary optic, 12 for the side dot, and 12 for the laser. Hope this info helps.
  7. Silverscooby27

    Walther new steel frame competition Q5

    Are plastic STI grips obsolete? No. Everyone has different preferences. It’s good to have options.
  8. Silverscooby27

    Laugo Arms Alien

    If.....it’s actually good. I agree that expensive stuff that is good flies off the shelves. Expensive stuff that is junk, however, goes the way of the dodo. We know it’s expensive. Now, we can let some of the early adopters figure out if it’s crap for us.
  9. Silverscooby27

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    Also, if you want your mind blown, my wife and I are going to start next season with a hybrid...GMR-15 lower with short stroke buffer, and FM9 upper. That lightened up the front end by a full pound, made the gun a LOT more maneuverable in transitions, and also has the forward charging handle, which is more convenient. Food for thought, more options.
  10. Silverscooby27

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    That’s the best magwell currently available for GMR-15, and I’ve literally tried them all and then some.
  11. Silverscooby27

    Preferred Single Stack pouches?

    All you DAA guys...do you mean the racer? I’m using safariland, but I think it’s time to go bullets out.
  12. Silverscooby27

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    Well, if they made GM with them, I’d say they doin alright. Max Leograndis and Josh Froelich aren’t using MPXs, and they’re doin alright too, just sayin’.........
  13. Silverscooby27

    Ear Protection Upgrade

    Bro, don’t feel bad. I’m a Thoracic Surgeon and it’s out of my price range. I just went the Peltor 500 / Gel Cup route from Amazon. I haven’t used them to shoot yet or to make calls yet while shooting, but so far they turn on at least,
  14. Silverscooby27

    Magpul 27 GL9 Magazines - Update

    Ordered 4. 2 for me, 2 for my lovely bride.
  15. Silverscooby27

    ICE Magwell singlestack

    I shoot an STi Trojan in .45 acp and I use the Wilson ETM mags with the Dawson No Gap Basepads and the insert. You have to make sure you have both the correct insert and the correct basepad.