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  1. Matches are a lot less fun if you’re the only one shooting them....
  2. Buy new MBX springs and followers and start there.
  3. I’m using a smaller reflex sight for the offset. I have Vortex Viper and RTS2 on some of my guns. 6 MOA to find it a little quicker, usually the lean shots are closer in distance. I switch eyes for leans when using an offset. I normally use my right eye and switch to the left for leans. I’m right handed but left eye dominant. I can use either eye with the dot very quickly/easily. When I shoot pistol, I usually bring up both iron sight guns and red dot guns up to my left (Dominant) eye. Hope someone finds this interesting or helpful.
  4. Another quick way to tell them apart is that one is stamped 9mm/38 on the side and one is stamped 155mm on the side. I have a few of both kind, but both work fine with the new followers. I don’t use the older followers anymore.
  5. 3 of my new open guns this year are using EGW HD extractors and all 3 are running like a champ so far.
  6. Yeah. I’d send it back too. Totally unacceptable for a carry gun.
  7. Every fraction of a second counts. The shorter the stage is, the more important that reload is (like classifiers). In terms of mag sizes, I have a full range of 140,155 and 170, and use whatever is most appropriate for the course of fire. 140s change faster than 155s, which change faster than 170s. I would say most of the time I start with a 170 and reload to a 155, but there are times I may even start with a 140, take 4 or six shots and then change to a 170. It depends on when the mag change is most efficient for the particular stage. I routinely change springs on these ma
  8. No. I also don’t wear my dress shoes to play basketball.
  9. @hammerandsearAsk them to set your trigger to 0.5 lbs. Post videos to Instagram, please.
  10. Hmm...it may be the grip and not the frame? My guns that don’t work great with the 015 have the Cheely E2 aggressive. The Everglades didn’t work with these grips either but did work fine with one of my other guns that has a standard Cheely E2 grip and a standard width STI frame. Maybe it’s the SV grip that makes the 015 work well.
  11. My two guns with the Cheely extra wides are already really floppy AND they bind occasionally. Plus, the locking lever is too short and does not work with my mag release paddle. I received an email from Safariland just today saying they do not have any plans to make a different locking lever to accommodate extended mag releases. I also wish they would release a muzzle support, but I have yet to see that either. This combination of things made me go back to the Alpha X. I tried the Everglades for a while. It releases great but it digs in my thigh and I don’t like the way the rollers mark up the
  12. My Cheely Extra Wide is the one that binds a little. Fits for the most part, but occasionally binds. I’m back to the Alpha X.
  13. You know that if it’s bothering you that much, you can have it re-coated, right?
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