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  1. Next level Armament is bigger and easier to get ahold of, plus it holds the gun up a little higher off a table.
  2. I actually have a 4" piece of 3/8" pipe stuck into the make believe buffer tube. Between that, and the huge barrel nut assembly that came with the new handguard it actually feels like a real gun now
  3. I am sure mine needs cleaning also, I shoot it at least twice a month, and generally ignore it, other than dragging a bore snake through it. I did just buy a new handguard for it to try and add some weight and make it more like my other guns. So maybe I will start treating it a little better.
  4. I am pretty sure mine is ok, but ...... I really enjoy shooting mine. It would suck to be without it for a while.
  5. For what its worth, to anyone else trying to decide, I went with the Blitzkrieg for the 2nd gun also!
  6. You will be fine building it. Because you are taking time and doing the homework. Just spend the extra money on the important parts, and it will run.
  7. I have two rifles, and the heavier 16" barrel is easier than the lighter 13.5" to keep on target. I am thinking that, if you are not currently doing so, you need to try using some blue loctite on stuff to keep it from loosening up. Also, you might also consider a different muzzle device, because they will make some difference at the higher pressures of the factory ammo that you are using. (Maybe a VG6 Gamma or a MBX depending how much the gun is traveling, and in which direction)
  8. I would double check for interference with the safety.
  9. If yours runs good, with no hiccups. You have won 95% of the battle with these things. The rest is weight or ergonomics.
  10. I am a hotrodder, so I am all about the journey of the build I would like to have an mpx, but I really love doing the homework, building the gun, and creating something that works well and is exactly how you choose it to be. Plus if done correctly you might save a buck or two. (But two dollars is probably all you will save LOL)
  11. I think you are on the right track with a glock QC10 lower and the complete Taccom upper. Even though it cost a little more, I would go Blitzkrieg buffer and then save yourself a couple bucks on the trigger by going with the CMC.
  12. I haven't messed with it too much yet, but my new V Seven safety will go 57° or 90° Its pretty nice, with a Titainium center and aluminum levels. When I first got it, I put it in as 57° and my brain didn't like it, so I installed it old school 90°, with the intention of revisiting the shorter throw later. Oops sorry Fine print at the bottom says ambi not compatible with Hyperfire
  13. Next test, gets another spacer to shorten it up!
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