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  1. They could definitely stand to be a little less ridged
  2. I think this may work out ok Either way, I needed a few new flags.
  3. None of my handguards have a full length rail, so I will just slide it on by the front of the reciever/rear of the handguard.
  4. Well what's the thoughts on the Holosun 512? Hows it working out?
  5. I may have to check these out
  6. It's for hard leans on your weak side. I currently use a laser instead, but can see the value in a 2nd dot
  7. I run 206 at the end of the barrel at 12 o'clock. I run the extra lower 1/3 spacer on the 510. I love having the option of the laser, but don't always run it. You will get used to it being in the bottom of the 510 glass to where you won't even notice it after a while.
  8. I definitely prefer it with the riser
  9. Same boat on eyes 510c isn't too bad.
  10. If the RO doesn't immediately reach for it, I just stuff it in my back pocket.
  11. The weight thing has me thinking Because I am now running the HD Blitzkrieg buffer with the extra additional weight in front of it.
  12. Triggers are swapped and both guns got scrubbed! While I was at it, I noticed the buffer tube nut was a little loose, so I switched it out for a Aluminum/Titainium setup from Ascend Armory that was leftover from my sons AR build. Nice upgrade
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