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  1. Startingover

    What laser for your PCC

    For me it's the same as the red dot. So you can verify its till sighted in. They should overlap at whatever distance you have them set up for.
  2. Startingover

    Red Dot Riser Height Recommendations?

    Let us know how well it Works
  3. Startingover

    Remington double stack

    3rd time shooting it, the thumb safety came apart
  4. Startingover

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    The R.O. chuckled and said to me "now that's how you use a laser for your weak hand!" No matter what, it was fun, and that is the biggest reason I do this!
  5. Startingover

    I am diving into the PCC pool

  6. Startingover

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    We had an all classifier match on Sunday, it came in real handy for one string where it was: weak hand, one shot only, on four targets. I am still pretty awkward weak hand, so I just shot all four from the hip lol
  7. Startingover

    2 optics on PCC?

    I got my CMR 206 laser today
  8. Startingover

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    I got mine today
  9. Startingover

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    As I have been casually following this and other firing pin threads, I have noticed many of you replacing their broken pin with a new Wilson Combat pin, but I don't remember seeing anyone saying that their Wilson Combat pin has broken and needs replacing. Are they breaking just as frequently and I have missed it?
  10. Startingover

    2 optics on PCC?

    I was going to mount a 2nd offset, but then decided that a laser will fill those needs instead plus fill a couple others. I may be wrong, but I am going to try.
  11. Startingover

    Range Bag

    I just picked up this Browning large bag at my local sporting goods warehouse store for $70 I will let you know what I think after a few trips to the range.
  12. Startingover

    Remington double stack

    We have only been to the range once with my sons 40. We only had blazer brass and Remington umc ammo. It did not always want to feed the blazer, but had no problem with the umc. I assume that it will break in some and get better?
  13. Startingover

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Did you go green or red? I keep telling myself I don't want one because of the weight. I really just don't want to spend more money on optic right now is the real reason LOL
  14. Startingover


    Hogue with the finger grooves
  15. Startingover

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    Is this still available?