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  1. I bought the smoke and love it , as Memphis said you control the gun through grip technique and practice. And as you know the beauty of the JP is the ability to tune your load or change the setup to reduce dot movement .
  2. We prefer clean shot powder, the title group is a hotter burning powder and can cause problems with polymer bullets .
  3. Buy the JP it’s the most gun for the money not even close, you can always get the lightweight barrel or change out the handguard . Dont buy the palmetto !
  4. I love my smoke it got me down 6 lbs and has been flawless, if you break it I would bet money they replace it for free unless blatant abuse. There customer service is awesome!!
  5. I go with the smoke, great product and customer service second to none!!
  6. Buy a JP they make and build there guns, customer service is outstanding.
  7. Buy direct there customer service is unmatched, and you will get the gun exactly as you want it.
  8. Another thing that will help is get rid of the titegroup , switch to sport pistol, clean shot , or another power .
  9. Bore snake ,clean gun after every event .
  10. We use clean shot will no problems, it’s the hotter powders .
  11. I like 14.5 , and lite, and accurate. Some of the ultra lite barrels are not accurate FYI
  12. I don’t see how you guys do it , I am glad I live in a free state, its UNAMERICAN .
  13. Nice looking gun congrats the fun begins !
  14. For me the JP just feels right , the support that is available to you with JP is not available with MPX . And the JP is all American and they do one thing rifles . But of course that goes back to the Ford VS Chevy .
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