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  1. Agree. Thankfully Kahles picked up the 1-6 and updated the brt reticle with the 3GR reticle, currently my favorite scope for this sport.
  2. Have both, prefer the Holosun. I like the circle dot reticle, it’s easy to pick up even with a bad index. These are on competition guns, not carry.
  3. Johnny Glock is the way to go. Night and day difference between other kits.
  4. The Steiner is just as bright as the razor.
  5. The smoke is awesome, it’s light and strong. I think I get less flex out of this than my aluminum hanguards.
  6. I’ve tried several kydex holsters for a frame weight, and this was the best.
  7. Vortex razor is the best at this, nothing comes close. Adjust the diopter until it’s true 1x for your eyes.
  8. http://sckholsters.com/ This guy’s stuff is awesome, he can even customize to your liking.
  9. Sounds about right. I have found with many mag extensions for Glock you get one less than advertised.
  10. I can’t speak to the longevity yet as I only have 2,500 rounds on it, but I’m loving the Holosun 507c. The circle dot reticle is the main reason I use this optic, it’s very quick to pick up.
  11. From personal experience and from others it appears that JP and Whiskey arms have figured it out, cheaper alternatives i’d give a wide berth.
  12. No. The JP works great with gas open with a steel LMOS bcg, and I have to dial down with the aluminum BCG. The voodoo needs the gas block dialed down a bit with steel LMOS. Shoot various factory ammo to include fiocchi, PMC, Federal.
  13. Primary Machine! Quick turnaround, the most precise cuts with recoil bosses, and some of the best cerekote i’ve seen. I’ve been impressed with the fact I can take the optic off and put it back and it retains zero.
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