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  1. CharlieD

    Noob seeking help for 3-gun

    I agree. I've considered switching over to els, but I have very little real estate to work with, so tek loks allow me to move things around better than els would. Unfortunately most guys are running els, which makes it difficult to swap gear.
  2. I would stop stressing and go light contour. I think the bigger benefit is the shorter barrel, not necessarily lighter. For 3 gun 7.3 lbs is really light, I wouldn’t want anything lighter.
  3. CharlieD

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Price. There is not enough of a weight drop to make any noticeable difference. If you can get a non “E” cheaper then go for it.
  4. CharlieD

    Mag release cz ts

    Check the mag catch spring to make sure it’s seated properly. If it’s off a little bit it can add resistance to the mag.
  5. CharlieD

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Vortex Razor is an easy choice. It has the best 1x i’ve seen. The body of the scope virtually disappears. It’s as close to a red dot as you can get. I would steer you toward the MRAD reticle over the JM-1. The MRAD gives you more options, wind holds, and you can still run it like a ballistic reticle.
  6. CharlieD

    Tanfoglio witness limited elite vs CZ TSO

    This is the gun you’re looking for: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/262768-wts-cz-tactical-sport-9mm-amazing/
  7. CharlieD

    Glock 43 GSSF

    Most horribly frustrating thing I’ve ever done in shooting was shooting at G43 in a GSSF match. Good luck. I took a pair of sights off a G19 and put them on the 43, it was perfect.
  8. CharlieD

    Triggers- Good God!

    There are a ton of JP GMR PCCs out there, we have 6,000rnds through ours without issue. So a JP trigger is a pretty safe bet.
  9. CharlieD

    16inch ar15 barrel search

    Odin and stretch precision make 16” barrels with intermediate length gas systems. Criterion and SMOS Arms make 16” barrels with rifle length gas systems. I’ve been very happy with the stretch 16, but the Odin and criterion barrels look like a really good value.
  10. CharlieD


    Fenix or Peak Performance
  11. CharlieD

    Aimpoint’s new acro looks interesting

    Picatinny mount? Very odd.
  12. CharlieD

    Elite Force Glock 17

    Got one last week for my daughter. She’s put about 1,000 rounds through it without a hiccup. I’m impressed so far, we’ll see if it holds up.
  13. CharlieD

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    JP 3 port is pretty great.
  14. CharlieD

    How much of a jump is the Gen 5 34 from the Gen 3 34???

    If you have small hands then the gen5 may fit/feel a little better, but other than that I would say almost zero difference. if you're a lefty it may be better. Greater selection of aftermarket parts for gen3.
  15. CharlieD

    The never ending talk of Glock Sights

    I run Dawson on all my glocks, I like that I can select the height and width of the post and width of notch to get a sight picture I like. Unfortunately the Dawson’s rust, TTI won’t rust.