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  1. Sounds like you need shade, either an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat should work. High volumes of sugar can negatively effect hydration, all that fruit has a lot of sugar. Not sure how big of a role this may be playing, but perhaps something to consider. Look for something better than Gatorade, I like the nuun tablets. They also make some with caffeine, so maybe you can reduce your coffee intake a little more.
  2. This is what I would get: https://www.gladiatorgarageworks.com/collections/workbenches/products/4-adjustable-height-hardwood-workbench I have the 6’ version, it’s very stable. You can get an 8’ 2x12 and cut in half to make a shelf underneath. This is where I store bullets which adds weight and stability to the bench. I don’t think anything with wheels will offer enough stability.
  3. I’ve been using Handle-it Grips skate tape on glocks for the past six months. My training gun has seen a lot of use in dry fire and live fire without any peeling. I sanded the factory texture smooth and then cleaned the grip well. Use heat to activate the adhesive to really stick. This will be much easier to replace as the texture wears over time. I expected to change every 6 months, but think it will probably make a year.
  4. The Apex extractor fixed weak ejection in my Gen4 guns.
  5. I guess it really depends on how competitive you want to be. I shoot open with a benelli m2, so here are my thoughts. You already own the m2, just start with that. Skip the speed loaders and learn how to quad load. If you have no interest in quad loading, then buy a box fed shotgun.
  6. Could be a little slow, but sounds good enough. It’s important to understand that CS is reverse temp sensitive, so if it was a hot day or you left your ammo in a hot car, then your velocities will drop. If it helps, I use 135g blue Bullets with 3.6g CS, and get 990fps from a Glock 17 (4.5” barrel) on a 70 degree day. When the temps get into the 90’s, then velocity drops to around 965fps.
  7. The break on the Timney is pretty nice, but the reset is where it goes south. I much prefer the Johnny Glock triggers.
  8. You can buy stainless shim stock from McMaster carr, perhaps try .0015
  9. Zack Smith is making brass battery adapters, I believe he actually filed an application for a patent.
  10. Plain and simple it’s an advantage on a lightweight gun. I’m not a fan of the rule change, but I will run a light because it reduces muzzle movement. A tungsten guide rod adds about an ounce over a factory guide rod, a light adds 4x that. It makes a difference. It may not be a huge difference, but we’ve all spent more for less.
  11. I don’t, and would not recommend. With a good brake you’re not going to get a whole lot of movement at close range. I want the smoothest recoil for when I’m shooting long range to help spot impacts/misses. You will also run into problems when you have to go prone in the dirt.
  12. Not familiar with it, but I don’t see how to adjust cant with it. I’ve never had an issue with the boss, and typically stick with things that work.
  13. No need to cut the shims, just put the shim between the barrel extension and the barrel nut.
  14. I believe they use loc-tite on the barrel but, so you may have to put a torch on it.
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