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  1. This is the only one I have on my phone, I can take some more later if you like.
  2. I run TTI sights on three of my glocks with and without optics. I just cut them with a dremel as you pictured above.
  3. Just get the Benelli, it’s an awesome gun. If you go the cheaper route you’ll always wonder what you’re missing out on.
  4. Excellent advice, this should be the first play in your playbook to get new shooters in the sport.
  5. Glockstore makes one with an aluminum button that screws into a stock plastic mag catch.
  6. Just slide them off. Don’t try to compress the spring, just let it bend.
  7. That’s normal, it’s your buffer spring. Best way to eliminate that sound is to get a JP silent capture spring. They’re a little pricey, but think they are worth the money.
  8. Using .308 version with JP bolt.
  9. I’ve had a couple razors, they are certainly very good scopes. The Kahles has better glass, a wider field of view, a nice mil reticle w/ mil wind holds, and is quite a bit lighter. The only downside to the Kahles that I’ve found so far is cost. I never thought I would spend that much on a scope, but after looking through one I wasn’t left with much choice.
  10. Wind holds are just as important to me. Holding off into space sucks. The 3GR reticle in the K16 is very clean and isn’t distracting at all. This may be the best 3gun scope on the market currently.
  11. Personal preference. If you don’t hate the factory shoe, then it’s probably best to stick with it. I hate the wide flat triggers, much prefer the factory shoe.
  12. Agree. Thankfully Kahles picked up the 1-6 and updated the brt reticle with the 3GR reticle, currently my favorite scope for this sport.
  13. Have both, prefer the Holosun. I like the circle dot reticle, it’s easy to pick up even with a bad index. These are on competition guns, not carry.
  14. Johnny Glock is the way to go. Night and day difference between other kits.
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