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  1. CharlieD

    Aluminum carriers

    From personal experience and from others it appears that JP and Whiskey arms have figured it out, cheaper alternatives i’d give a wide berth.
  2. CharlieD

    18” vs 16”

    No. The JP works great with gas open with a steel LMOS bcg, and I have to dial down with the aluminum BCG. The voodoo needs the gas block dialed down a bit with steel LMOS. Shoot various factory ammo to include fiocchi, PMC, Federal.
  3. CharlieD

    mill glock slide for red dot services?

    Primary Machine! Quick turnaround, the most precise cuts with recoil bosses, and some of the best cerekote i’ve seen. I’ve been impressed with the fact I can take the optic off and put it back and it retains zero.
  4. CharlieD

    Does this look right? Guide rod

    Jager is extended, goes to end of slide. TTI will go to end of 17 slide, but is perfectly fine for G34. Either is fine, extended makes installing a little easier.
  5. Just too much recoil
  6. Love it in my pistols, didn’t care for it in the PCC.
  7. CharlieD

    18” vs 16”

    No, it’s a JP 18” that was cut to 16.5”. My daughter shoots the 16.5” voodoo, that’s an amazingly accurate barrel.
  8. CharlieD

    Gas Valve Spring Compressor for 1301??

    I would just keep shooting it and reassess after 1-2k. What load are you having issues with?
  9. CharlieD

    Armalite Brake Weight?

    The hole is a 9/64” hole approximately 1/8” behind the first port. I have found that you need to make sure the muzzle is far enough away from the port that the gas doesn’t blow past it. I use 2-3 accu-washers from brownells to space and time the brake. JP makes their 3 port in titanium.
  10. CharlieD

    Armalite Brake Weight?

    Brakes will feel different based on how the gun is held, so feel different to each shooter. To me the Armalite felt like it was making a figure eight pattern. Perhaps due to two hp ports. With the JP I drill a small hole (5/32” I believe) on the right side before the first chamber to counteract the L-R movement for right handed shooter. This works great for me resulting in minimal movement.
  11. CharlieD

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    I don’t think you’ll be happy with that for 3-gun. It’s missing a good brake, adjustable gas, and I would prefer a low mass carrier. Adjustable gas doesn’t require a whole lot of tinkering, it will take less than 5 minutes at the range and then you can forget about it.
  12. CharlieD

    Armalite Brake Weight?

    There are a ton of good brakes out there. Had an Armalite, prefer JP 3-port, and you can get it in titanium if weight is a concern.
  13. CharlieD

    18” vs 16”

    I have found I prefer a long for barrel length gas system, there is a perceptible difference from mid to rifle length. Stretch 16 is a great barrel, I would choose this over a mid length barrel all day long. Recently i’ve Been shooting a 16.5” rifle length barrel, this may be the sweet spot for me. It doesn’t require any super light parts to run, and every brand of ammo that i’ve put through it has functioned well.
  14. CharlieD

    Leupold Delta Point MOA dot size?

    I had a 7.5 triangle, thought it was horrendous. I was fortunate enough to trade for a 2.5, and i’m much happier. The 2.5 is brighter.
  15. CharlieD

    Extended mag release

    https://www.glockstore.com/Checkered-Extended-Mag-Catch-for-Gen4 I’ve tried a bunch, this is my favorite: