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  1. CharlieD

    Best PCC trigger?

    24 3g is the same as the 24c but with a curved trigger.
  2. CharlieD

    What sights for gen 5 17 and 19?

    I use Dawson on all my glocks, but it absolutely drives me nuts that they constantly rust. TTI are made of stainless steel and won’t rust, they are probably the better option if you don’t need an adjustable rear.
  3. CharlieD

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    If it’s in budget I would check out the vortex fury.
  4. CharlieD

    Vortex venom or viper for PCC?

    Me too...initially, but then I discovered the viper window was bigger and easier to pick up the dot. Maybe not a big deal on a PCC, but on a pistol I found a bigger difference. Had both, now only have the viper.
  5. CharlieD

    Vortex Razor 1-6

    I would much prefer have the option to choose magnification and not forced to use the 8x. The reduced field of view can have you hunting for targets that are spread out.
  6. CharlieD

    Vortex Razor 1-6

    Only if they made it in FFP, definitely don’t want a 8x SFP.
  7. CharlieD

    JP or MBX for new PCC rifle.

    We have a JP with 6,000 rounds through it, it’s been more reliable than any of my glocks.
  8. CharlieD

    Glock 34/35 holster for production USPSA

    I like the blade tech with the boss hanger from the Ben stoeger pro shop. The blade tech has a much smoother draw than the comptacs I’ve had. The boss hanger will allow you to adjust the height and cant to fit him best.
  9. CharlieD

    Syntech 150 gr tumbling.

    Do you have the lot number? I have a bunch of this ammo from various lots, I would like to compare.
  10. CharlieD

    Syntech 150 gr tumbling.

    No issues out of Glock 34 barrel, as well as KKM 1/10 twist. I’ve shot 1,000 rounds, with quite a bit at 25yds.
  11. CharlieD

    Stretch 15

    I’m willing to bet you will have a really nice shooting rifle without having to use an adjustable gas block with this barrel. I would run it with non adjustable, and i’m OCD about my how my rifles shoot.
  12. CharlieD

    Stretch 15

    Same size port as 16. Should be great with non-adjustable gas block.
  13. CharlieD

    Vortex Razor 1-6

    It really depends on what you’re going to use it for. The Razor has arguably the best 1x of any scope out there, with the biggest eye box . The NX8 has probably the smallest eye box of any scope i’ve used. If you’re shooting 3 gun, then I think the Razor is better.
  14. CharlieD

    Noob seeking help for 3-gun

    I agree. I've considered switching over to els, but I have very little real estate to work with, so tek loks allow me to move things around better than els would. Unfortunately most guys are running els, which makes it difficult to swap gear.
  15. I would stop stressing and go light contour. I think the bigger benefit is the shorter barrel, not necessarily lighter. For 3 gun 7.3 lbs is really light, I wouldn’t want anything lighter.