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  1. Agree with all of this, and it’s cheap.
  2. I would go with an 1100, that way you can automate it later on. 50,000 rounds a year is worth automation. Also, cleaning brass is really not that big of a deal. Buy the big Dillon tumbler and dump in 1,500 cases at a time. It’s really that easy dump them in and turn it on.
  3. I bought one from Shooter’s Connection a few months ago, the numbering on that one is correct, just like your 2nd picture.
  4. It’s so hard to tell just from a pic, could be a jentra. Looks like it might be too large of a diameter for ismi springs, so stick with Wolff. If you’re shooting +p then go for the 15lb spring, if not then you can go lighter. So many variables, just experiment and see what you like.
  5. Johnny Glocks are very nice, about as good as a Glock trigger can get.
  6. CharlieD

    85 combat trigger

    If you didn’t use the disconnector that came with the reach reduction kit, I encourage you to try it. It will shorten the double action.
  7. CharlieD

    85 combat trigger

    The disconnector is a big part of reducing the reach of the reach reduction kit, it’s not just a trigger with set screw.
  8. Magpul makes snap on cheek risers for the CTR stock.
  9. CharlieD

    85 combat trigger

    Cajun gun works reach reduction kit.
  10. Two things to try. 1) loosen the screws that hold the black plastic plate on the bowl. Just loosen them a tiny bit, it creates just enough clearance for the primers to get through easier. 2) put at least 200 primers in the bowl. I haven’t used Winchester primers, but everything else ran great, except federal until I did the above. Now federal run just fine.
  11. If the barrel has an extended feed ramp it may not fit due to the LRBHO on the JP.
  12. Another vote for Hunter’s HD Gold. Their lenses are pretty great, photo chromatic so you don’t need to change lenses for different light conditions, and no extra charge for prescription.
  13. Buy processed brass, or pay someone to process your brass.
  14. Just got one of these, motor gets surprisingly hot, is that normal on this unit?
  15. Their work is amazing, and turn around time is pretty quick.
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