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  1. Stealth division is the greatest thing to happen in 3gun. I would love to see stealth division at other matches. Actually, I think you could do away with tac-ops in favor of stealth. Or, perhaps an easier pill to swallow, keep the tac-ops name using stealth rules.
  2. Tungsten putty is a mess, I would avoid. Tungsten shot or lead shot works well enough. Taylor Freelance makes brass basepads.
  3. Redeye tactical makes the best one for the SJC frame weight. It’s not double layer, but it’s plenty stiff and has great retention.
  4. Very intriguing, keep us posted and let me know when I can order one.
  5. I would guess around 6moa. The 5moa SRO is pretty sweet on a pistol.
  6. I think he learned quite a bit about instructing while at TPC. His PCC class was well run and organized. He was able to fit a lot in each day. There are several things I learned from him that I incorporate into my shooting and training. I would recommend his class. I’ve taken several classes from the top guys and quickly learned that there is no magic bullet. These guys point you in the right direction and teach you how to train efficiently, the rest is up to you, but you already know this.
  7. No, You can test this yourself pretty easily. Put the gun in a vice or secure it someway. Aim it at a specific point. Now move your head around it up, down, left, right. You won’t see any appreciable difference.
  8. Primary Machine are perfectionists. Everything they’ve done for me is beautiful, and their turnaround time is extremely fast.
  9. Or, use these: http://primarymachine.com/cz-fluted-stainless-guide-rod/
  10. I have three AR gold, two have some wiggle. Other triggers to look at that are amazing are the Timney Calvin elite and the Triggertech Diamond.
  11. I moved my daughter to 9mm too early, she wasn’t ready for the additional recoil and explosion. She developed a flinch that took a long time to train out. My recommendation is to keep your son on .22 for as long as you can. Make sure he develops good fundamentals. Talk to your local uspsa match director, I’m sure he would have no problem letting your son shoot his .22.
  12. Just had a similar conversation with a guy the other day, and came to the same conclusion. There needs to be a balance though. If all the targets are “easy” it gets a little boring for the better shooters. By and large, people have more fun when they can hit the target. 4moa has been a pretty good standard for rifle targets. 4” pistol targets at 20yards gets a little silly.
  13. I hear people say this all the time about shotgun, but it’s typically from people that don’t shoot 3 gun. Once upon a time shotgun was a reloading game, but now everyone can load at least twins, and most stages have little to no reloading. Shotgun in 3 gun is more about not missing, then you don’t have to reload any more than necessary. The people that shoot 3 gun generally love the shotgun. People that don’t shoot 3 gun because of shotgun, think they don’t like shotgun.
  14. Holosun 507c because of the circle dot reticle
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