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  1. You can buy stainless shim stock from McMaster carr, perhaps try .0015
  2. Zack Smith is making brass battery adapters, I believe he actually filed an application for a patent.
  3. Plain and simple it’s an advantage on a lightweight gun. I’m not a fan of the rule change, but I will run a light because it reduces muzzle movement. A tungsten guide rod adds about an ounce over a factory guide rod, a light adds 4x that. It makes a difference. It may not be a huge difference, but we’ve all spent more for less.
  4. I don’t, and would not recommend. With a good brake you’re not going to get a whole lot of movement at close range. I want the smoothest recoil for when I’m shooting long range to help spot impacts/misses. You will also run into problems when you have to go prone in the dirt.
  5. Not familiar with it, but I don’t see how to adjust cant with it. I’ve never had an issue with the boss, and typically stick with things that work.
  6. No need to cut the shims, just put the shim between the barrel extension and the barrel nut.
  7. I believe they use loc-tite on the barrel but, so you may have to put a torch on it.
  8. The Priority One joe farewell holster holds a shadow 2 pretty securely for 3gun.
  9. Noticed the same thing, even the 13 is too weak to be reliable in gen5 with 4.5lb striker spring. Try a 15, if that doesn’t work then dump it and get a Jentra.
  10. Love the V1 cut from primary machine. I’m not a fan of windows that go all the way through, especially on the shadow 2. Windows that cut through the front serrations make them a little too sharp.
  11. I would think illuminating that giant circle would shorten battery life significantly, other than that I don’t see a down side.
  12. Pure speculation, but my guess would be Atlas.
  13. Wad up a blue shop paper towel and push it through with cleaning rod.
  14. These TCS jags with orings work well. https://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/cleaning-rods-amp-accessories/cleaning-rod-jags/o-ring-cleaning-jags-prod24842.aspx
  15. Grizzly Targets has some interesting steel challenge packages, may be worth a look.
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