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  1. Grizzly Targets has some interesting steel challenge packages, may be worth a look.
  2. Neither myself nor @BritinUSAhave said the RO was within the 180 or down range, as far as match is concerned. We simply feel that it’s too close for comfort for our personal taste. We wouldn’t stand there, that is all.
  3. Completely agree. Take the stage and what is considered down range out of the equation. If that was a single target you were training on at the range, would you shoot if your buddy was standing there, or would you stand there when your buddy is shooting? Nope!
  4. Bullet feeder is absolutely worth it. You can load about 500rnds in 30min with it.
  5. Contact Texas Shooting Academy in Bertram.
  6. The V1 puts the slide at the same weight as the Glock 17 I was shooting, but with a heavy steel frame, not snappy at all.
  7. Check out the new Harbinger V1 cut from Primary Machine, it’s a good middle ground on slide weight, and it looks good too.
  8. The Leupold Freedom red dot W/ BDC turret is intriguing to me.
  9. One possibility is the hammer could be a smidge too short, not allowing the bolt to reset it. A change of upper, lower, or bolt could fix it, or you may need a new trigger. You can check it by pulling the trigger, keep it pinned to the rear, cycle the bolt by hand very slowly, then allow the trigger to reset. If it doesn’t reset, then that may be your issue. If you cycle the bolt quickly the momentum of the hammer will allow it to reset.
  10. That Jager rod has a spacer just the same as other gen4 or gen5 rods, it’s just captured by a screw. Spacers work fine, don’t worry about it.
  11. The 147 Blazer I had was pretty hot, not a fan. I would look at companies that sell reloaded ammo such as Precision Delta, NC Shooters, or Peak Performance. If you truly want factory then Federal Syntech in 150g or even the 130g PCC stuff. Not sure you can be too picky right now though, buy what you can.
  12. I have small hands and have the reach reduction kit, it’s great. $100 is nothing when you think about everything you put into the gun. Well worth it to me.
  13. The Kahles 1-6 was great, but the 1-8 is amazing. It has brighter illumination and a larger center dot, and a slightly more defined reticle. The reticle is the least cluttered of the 3 gun scopes with useable wind holds. Best in class field of view and glass clarity. It is pricey though.
  14. Agree with all of this, and it’s cheap.
  15. I would go with an 1100, that way you can automate it later on. 50,000 rounds a year is worth automation. Also, cleaning brass is really not that big of a deal. Buy the big Dillon tumbler and dump in 1,500 cases at a time. It’s really that easy dump them in and turn it on.
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