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  1. Holosun 507c because of the circle dot reticle
  2. This combo from Fortis looks pretty interesting. https://www.rainierarms.com/fortis-control-shield-and-muzzle-brake-5-56-bundle-pack/
  3. TTI is now making a version for the MOS that doesn’t hang off the back and doesn’t cover the MOS plate. https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-ultimate-fiber-optic-sights-set-for-glock-with-optic-cut/
  4. Primary Machine was able to mill the receiver on this Benelli. Perhaps that’s an option.
  5. Primary Machine really does an incredible job, and quick too.
  6. One side had a distinct ledge that prevents the striker from going forward until the plunger is depressed.
  7. Primary Machine is doing some amazing work on CZs, and they are the best in the business for slide work.
  8. The guide rod for the 34 extends to the end of the slide.
  9. The Swaro is bigger and brighter. The Kahles is red, not orange like the Swaro.
  10. I did find the second dot distracting at first, but you get used to it, and in some instances find it useful. As as far as fov goes, more is better. When I have a long range stage with targets spread out, I have a better chance of picking up the next target in the scope, vs picking my head up, with the 6x vs 8x. Out to 400yds or so I prefer 6x. I’ve considered the Z8i for longer range matches, just not sure it’s worth it.
  11. I have both the Kahles K16i with 3GR reticle and the Swaro Z6i with BRT reticle. Both are amazing, but I prefer the Kahles reticle. The second dot I’m not as crazy about. I’ve also used a Z8i, the extra 2x is nice, but at the expense of field of view. For most 3gun distances I prefer the 1-6.
  12. Welcome. Keep an eye on smsps.com for some local matches. 3gun in poplarville, ms starts back up in September.
  13. Macon Armory makes some affordable 9mm stuff, and stand behind their product.
  14. I don’t run ISMI springs, and I’m not a spring expert. I run wolf in my glocks and have learned that spring length is dependent on weight, and springs compress with use. FWIW I run 12lb wolf in all my gen4 and gen5, change them every 3,000 rnds.
  15. I would recommend the Double Alpha belts. Their current inners are thin.
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