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6/28/18 New high hit factors and retired classifiers

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8 minutes ago, Just4FunLP said:

I figured it would be good to run my own numbers so, for what it's worth, here it is...   I basically took my original HF and used the calculator on the USPSA website to come up with my new percent, then I simply subtracted the pre-update percentages from the post update changes.  I'm not a mathematician, so there's probably a better way of doing this.  When I saw this a couple of days ago I looked at about 3 of my previous scores and it looked like I'd get a 9% hit, but maybe it's not quite as bad as I first thought.  My goal is to make Production Master.


Paulie.  How did you come up with your numbers?


If this data is too out of whack I'll delete it.  



Classifier Percentages before and after June 2018 HHF update.pdf


My data are for limited. HHF from USPSA site. Barring a typo, they should be correct. 


As far as ranking- I took several factors: number of metric, partials, no shoots, poppers, walls, barriers. Also the setup width and distance.


Each one starts at 100% and declines for the number and weighted PITA factor, resulting in a final %. 

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