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  1. tyman1876

    Can You Count (06-03)

    I shot this last weekend as well. HF of 16.10 got me 93% in Open
  2. tyman1876

    New to the lnl ap issues

    Are you using one of these stops?
  3. Just signed up for Saturday. Looking forward to it!
  4. tyman1876

    How do I fix this case bulge on a 9mm?

    That was exactly what I was experiencing. There was no problem with accuracy but I had a large % fail case gauge because of being seated crooked. Not to mention it just made the rounds look like crap.
  5. tyman1876

    How do I fix this case bulge on a 9mm?

    I posted a thread about this not long ago. My problem ended up being that bullets were being seated crooked with the hornady seating Die. I bought a Redding competition seating Die and 100% of my problems went away. Here’s the thread if you’d like to read it. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/263232-problem-with-9mm-bulge/
  6. tyman1876

    dot size

    2.5 DPP for me
  7. Sorry maybe my wording wasn’t the best but yes that is what I was trying to say. My opinion is that PCC should be a higher HHF than Open, for that particular COF anyway.
  8. The reload shouldn’t make 7% difference. The start position on El Prez is what should make the difference imo. Not having to turn then draw saves a lot of time on a 5 second stage.
  9. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    Little update. I bought the Redding seating Die and I’ll never use a different seating Die again. It completely fixed the problem, which was certainly the bullet being seated at an angle. I recently loaded up all my Ammo for Area 7 and 100% passed the case gauge and plunk. Well worth the money. I could put at bullet is crooked at say a 25 degree and the die straightened it out every time. I also purchased the MBF expander. It is smaller in diameter than my hornady expander so it will not work in my powder measure. It falls right out. Is there one for Dillon and one for hornady? Regardless, thank you everyone for the help.
  10. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    Originally it was mixed range brass. Thought that could be a contributor so I bought some new brass from Everglades but had the same results.
  11. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    Thank you very much for your help. This seems most logical to me at this point and time. I will say that I seat and crimp in 2 different steps. I use a Hornady die to seat and trust me I’ve spent plenty of time slowly watching the bullet go into the die and though it’s hard to see (obviously) it just seems loose in there. Maybe you’re onto something. As someone suggested earlier in the thread I swapped stems out but that didn’t seem to make a difference. I just went onto Midway and purchased a Redding Competition Seating Die. Even if that’s not my problem I think it’s still a good upgrade. If anyone else is looking for one they’re on sale right now. 9mm was $95 but they had a few different calibers on sale for around $50...
  12. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    The MBF expander fits right into the Hornady measure like the PTX does?
  13. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    Okay I understand. I missed that in your original post. I use a lee sizing die. I know they’re cheap, maybe it’d be worth trying a different one? Also I crimp using a Lee FCD. My crimp gives the correct dimensions around the neck (.355 I believe but I looked it up and measured accordingly) and no crimp mark on the bullet when I pull them. I can see the bulge after seating and it seems like the FCD takes care of some but certainly not all. Sorry I guess I should have included this as well. I’m shooting an STI DVC Open. 1.17 plunks just fine in my barrel so I don’t believe it’s a COAL problem.
  14. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    I believe I’m using the correct stem but I’ll swap it out to the other one and give it a try. It’s worth a shot, thank you. I double checked my resizing die and it appears to be set correctly. Also, I can see the bulge on the case neck where the bullet is seated. I also verified it with a micrometer. I’m using the PTX expander tip that goes in the end of the hornady powder measure. I do have a bullet feeder, it’s the hornady one. I certainly wish I bought a MBF but I’ll upgrade eventually.
  15. tyman1876

    Problem with 9mm bulge

    I’ve read every thread I can find on this topic but can’t seem to remedy the problem. I have about a 10-12% failure when I case gauge my 9 major reloads. Most of those also fails the plunk test in my barrel. All of these rounds have a bulge on the case neck where the bullet is seated but just on one side of the case. Seems like the obvious answer is that I’m seating my bullets crooked but I’ve made sure to pay special attention to them being oriented correctly when entering the seating die. I’ve also read that not properly expanding the case neck could cause this. Adjusted the expander in and out and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. (Expanding with a LNL PDX tip on my powder measure). I seat and crimp in 2 steps so I know I’m not starting to crimp before it’s done seating. Lastly I figured it could be something with the mixed range brass that I’m using so I purchased 1000 brand new cases but the problem didn’t seem to change at all. This is really getting to me and I can’t seem to figure it out. Any idea of something to try or something I may have missed? If it helps at all my load is as follows: 7.8gr HS6 124gr Precision Delta JHP 1.165 COAL