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  1. Same here. I could tell a huge difference in my atlas compared to just about every powder I tried. AA7 was the closest
  2. Mine spills a little once in a while when I index the press. Nothing to crazy tho
  3. I just got finished testing 5 different powders. Hs6, WAC, Silo, AA7 and Shooters World Major pistol (Lovex). In the end, Lovex came out on time with AA7 a pretty close second. If you’re interested I have my data on all 5. Send me a PM if you want and I can send it to you.
  4. Out of my Chaos (3 holes) 9.6gr was a 172PF w/ a 124gr JHP.
  5. Sign up for Everglades email list as well. They don’t overdue it with the emails but if they have a deal going on you’ll know about it.
  6. In my humble opinion a thumb rest should be used as an anchor point but a majority of people use it as a pressure point. This will effect how the dot tracks quite a bit. Instead of straight up and down you get a slight sideways wave. I don’t use one because I think a proper grip won’t be made better with a thumb rest present.
  7. Glad you figured it out. Maybe investing in a beam scale just to double check with when things start looking weird would be a good idea. Better safe than sorry, especially with something like charge weights.
  8. Yeah doesn’t sound right. 7gr of autocomp has me at a 169pf and 9.7gr of Lovex is the same. I’d compare with your friends chrono if you can. Also are you sure your powder scale is accurate? Do you have a weight to test it?
  9. Actually that isn’t even where mine cracked. I know that’s the normal spot but mine was on the bottom where the comp meets the barrel. You can kind of see it in this pic. Only reason I knew something happened was because I had rounds hitting like 5 feet high while practicing... I was skipping them off the comp on the way out.
  10. Yes they gave me a new in the plastic gun. It is the newer DVC model as well. Different comp design, RTS2 optic and a different charge handle.
  11. I sent mine in about 3 months ago and it was about 2 months to get it back. My frame was cracked as well though so there was no fixing it.
  12. I read about it being temp sensitive somewhere but I can’t remember where now. Probably a forum. I think I put that there just to remind myself to test the theory, which I should do this weekend.
  13. Probably hard to tell here too but Lovex is certainly finer than Silo.
  14. 13.8 to the rim. Just like AA#7 Here is a pic of 9.7gr. There’s still some room left...
  15. You’re welcome. I hadn’t even heard of it until maybe a month ago. I loaded up another 100 rounds last night to run a few drills with but my initial thoughts are very positive.
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